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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Back at home, Glen pours Charlie a drink. He then asks what that was all about. Charlie tells him, "Nothing really." Glen persists, "Tell me." Charlie hesitates and then says, "Er, er... she's living with my ex-husband. I know it must seem strange, but I was very young and the whole thing was a mistake. I had his baby - a little boy." She takes a sip of her drink and continues, "When we split up, he got custody. He said I was an unfit mother and refused to let me see my son." Glen asks how long ago all that happened. Charlie tells him, "Ages. Fifteen years. I've been trying to find the boy ever since. That's why I wanted to talk to the woman. I was stupid enough to think she might feel sorry for me and want to help. Now I'm back to square one..." Glen murmurs, "I wish I could help." Charlie sighs, "Thankyou, darling, but you can't. No one can."

The young woman from the market is driving along in her van when she hears a car horn behind her. She looks in her wing mirror and Craig pulls out to indicate that it's him. David is driving in the opposite direction as does this, and he bangs on his horn sharply to force Craig to get out of the way. In order to avoid one another, both cars pull into the side of the road. Meanwhile, the van carries straight on. David climbs out of his car, storms over to Craig and demands furiously, "What do you think you're doing? You haven't got a damn driver's licence." Craig mutters, "I suppose I didn't think." David snaps, "Leave the ute here and I'll come back later and pick it up." He adds angrily, "It wasn't exactly what I was hoping to come home to." With that, he storms back to his car. Craig continues staring down the road towards the van.

Back at the country house, David is snapping at Caroline that she ought to know better than to let Craig drive. Craig comes in and tells Caroline that there are flowers for her in the back of the ute. Caroline just snaps that he may as well burn them. With that, she storms off through the door to the hallway. Craig goes to the 'phone and dials a number. When the call is answered, he says, "I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the girl who delivers your flowers... er, Doug Fletcher to Caroline Morrell. Tall girl, light brown hair." He listens and then says in disappointment, "She was only filling in? But there must be something there: a name or a number?" He then hangs up, muttering, "Thanks anyway." David immediately asks him what's wrong with Caroline. Craig explains that Doug's been giving her a hard time. He then announces that he has to go and follow up some leads on Ruby that he got from Mr. Abbot's file.

A while later, Craig walks up the path towards a redbrick building. He goes and knocks on the door. There's no answer, though, and Craig starts calling, "Ruby?" A woman suddenly opens the door and snaps, "What do you want?" Craig explains quickly that he's looking for Ruby Hawkins. The woman tells him curtly that the place is a women's refuge; no men are allowed in. Craig asks her if she can tell him if Ruby Hawkins lives there. The woman retorts that she can't, and she orders him to stay out.

It's early evening, and David is dozing on the couch in front of the TV at the country house. Caroline walks into the room, clearly wanting to talk to him, but, finding him asleep, she turns the TV off and then heads into the kitchen. Craig arrives home and Caroline asks him where he's been. He explains, "Looking for mum." Caroline asks, "No luck?" Craig sighs, "One place might have known - except it was a women's refuge; I couldn't even get in." Caroline suggests that she try it for him tomorrow. Craig thanks her.

The next morning, Caroline is standing outside the refuge, looking smartly dress. The woman Craig spoke to is standing in the garden, and Caroline says to her, "Excuse me. I'm looking for a friend: Ruby Hawkins." The woman comments suspiciously, "You too, huh? A young kid was after her yesterday, as well." Caroline asks, "You know her?" The woman retorts, "No. Never heard of her, actually." Caroline suggests, "Maybe somebody else does?" The woman, though, mutters, "You're wasting your time. Apart from the fact that I don't think anyone does, what do you reckon the girls will think if you walk in dressed like that?" Caroline looks down at her dress and asks the woman in surprise, "What's wrong with it?" The woman retorts, "None of us comes here 'cos the tea's good, darlin'. We come her for support - from women who know what it means to raise a kid on nothing - and know what it's like having to struggle. Geez, look at you, all tarted-up. Straight from Toorak, by the look of things. They'll feel patronised - and I wouldn't blame them - so take my advice and go look somewhere else." Caroline walks away, sheepishly.

Charlie is talking to Alison on the 'phone in her lounge room. She's saying, "You can imagine how I felt when I found out Micky was a woman... She won't, darling - she just doesn't want to know... One mention of the police and she ran a mile... Oh, I'm alright: Glen drove me home... Don't panic, darling: he doesn't know - I made up some story off the top of my head... How are you going to find that out?... I must say, you sound very confident. At least it means I don't have to be involved anymore... Good luck with your mysterious helper - whoever it is... You too... Bye." She hangs up.

At the offices of Rapid Cabs, Micky asks the manager, "You got any info on that new snob who worked the radio yesterday?" The man asks, "What do you want to know?" Micky replies, "Name... address... all that." The man tells her, "You'll have to see Betty. She was on duty." Glen suddenly walks in and says, "Morning." Micky turns to stare at him and asks, "Do I know you?" Glen shrugs, "Maybe. I used to drive cabs a few years back." Micky mutters, "Yeah, must have been then." She walks off. The manager than asks Glen, "Are you the bloke who called about the job?" Glen nods, "Yeah."

Back at Charlie's, Glen tells Charlie that he's done it: he's scored a job at the cab company; now he'll be able to get all the information she needs on Micky! Charlie protests that he doesn't know anything about driving taxis. Glen, though, explains that he did it for two years when he was at university. Charlie cries that it's too much of a risk. Glen, however, tells her that she deserves it. He heads out again, leaving Charlie looking worried.

There's a knock on the back door at Beryl's and David's voice calls out, "Beryl?" Beryl goes and opens it and asks David curtly when he got back. David explains, "Last night. I was going to come over then but I fell asleep." He then asks Beryl if she got his letter. Beryl retorts that she didn't. David explains, "It was about Craig. Seems I got you wrong. I felt pretty bad about it when I found out." Beryl mutters, "I wish you'd believed me at the time." David sighs, "I just lost my head; didn't think." He adds, "I tried to put it more 'properly' in the letter: basically, I said that I'm sorry and I knew you wouldn't lie about a thing that important." Beryl smiles, "That's OK." David goes on, "I did a lot of thinking when I was in Adelaide - that mate of mine I was filling in for died on the operating table." Beryl tells him that she's sorry. David goes on, "Should have been there to see how tough it was on his wife and son - nothing to look forward to; didn't even own the house they lived in. So it's made me more determined to build more security - get that trucking business back on its feet again." Beryl smiles, "You will." David, though, explains quickly, "Not for me. For you and Robert: I don't want to see you two like that." At that moment, Robert starts crying in his bedroom. David suggests, "Why don't you bring him over to my place for the day? We can enjoy the racket together!"

In the kitchen at the country house, Caroline is talking on the 'phone, snapping, "I'm not telling you again, Doug: it's finished. Goodbye." As David and Beryl walk in with Robert, she slams the receiver down. She then starts to put the negatives that she's retrieved from Alison back in an envelope. Beryl offers to make some tea. Caroline tells them that she'll leave them to it and she walks off. David goes after her. Beryl puts the kettle on.

In the lounge room, David asks Caroline what's up. Caroline sighs, "I've made the most dreadful hash of trying to help Craig find his mother... I've broken off with Doug - between champagne and pearls, he was two-timing me..." David tells her, "You're better off without him, then." Caroline mutters, "It wouldn't be so bad if the other woman wasn't P--." She breaks off and corrects, "Alison." David, looking annoyed, comments, "Should have told me last night."

Beryl is preparing the tea in the kitchen. She heads out to the lounge room just as David puts his arms around Caroline and tells her, "Don't worry - it'll come good." She stares at them.

Craig arrives back to find Beryl in the kitchen. He asks if Caroline is about. Beryl explains curtly that she's in the lounge room but David's with her and she doesn't think they want to be disturbed.

In the lounge room, David is sitting with Caroline, asking, "And Doug knows too?" Caroline nods, "He was the one who found out - by accident, really. He hired someone to dig up information on Alison and came up with Patricia." David comments, "It won't take him long to tell the whole world." Caroline asks, "Why did you and Beryl stay so quiet about it? I would have thought you'd have gone straight to the police." David explains, "If they found out, we could have been nailed as well." Caroline asks in surprise, "What for?" David replies, "Withholding information." He adds, "Going to the police is up to you, though. I would have gone if Beryl wasn't involved. Alison's had it coming." Caroline muses, "It puts a different light on things." David continues, "I don't want to sound like I'm putting pressure on you; I just want to tell you the situation." Caroline comments, "I didn't realise the implications. Of course I won't go to the police." David smiles gratefully, "It might sound selfish, but thanks." Caroline, though, assures him, "Hardly selfish. You and Beryl need some peace."

In the kitchen, Beryl is standing sipping her tea, staring out of the window...

Glen joins Micky at the Rapid Cabs office and says, "Hi!" Micky asks him if he's going to be working for them and he explains that he starts tomorrow. He then asks if the radio guys are on the ball. Micky retorts, "The guys are. Lady Muck yesterday wasn't. Still, I don't think you'll have to worry about her - just got a little bit of info. on her; think she might be resigning tonight..." She walks off. The manager suddenly appears and tells Glen that Betty will take his details. Glen asks if she can hang on, as he's just got to make a call. He goes to a 'phone and dials a number. The 'phone rings at Charlie's. She answers it and Glen tells her, "You've got to get out of the house: Micky knows who you are and where you live. She's on her way over." Charlie asks sharply, "How did she find out?" Glen explains, "The cab company files." He repeats, "Look, just get out." Charlie, however, sighs, "You're as bad as the rest of them: you don't think I've got two brain cells to rub together. I didn't give them my real name and address. In fact, I called myself after Isabella. Isn't that sweet?!"

Gordon is sitting in May's room at the mansion. As she pours some tea, he tells her that she shouldn't have gone to so much trouble. May assures him that it's a pleasure - so few people appreciate it nowadays. There's suddenly a frantic banging at the front door and May goes to answer it. Micky is standing there and she snaps, "I'm looking for Isabella." May asks in surprise, "Who?" Micky repeats, "Isabella. I know she lives here." May, though, retorts, "Young lady, I've lived in this house for forty years and there's never been an Isabella." Micky insists that there must be. May insists that there isn't. Micky eventually mutters, "Thanks for nothing," and walks off again.

Beryl is doing some washing-up in the kitchen at the country house as Craig ties his shoe lace at the table. David and Caroline come in and Caroline tells Craig that she had no luck at the refuge. Craig comments that at least she tried. David then thanks Craig for looking after the garden. Craig announces that he's going out for another stint and David tells him that he'll give him a hand and leave the two women to natter. The men head out through the back door, leaving Beryl with Caroline. Beryl immediately growls, "I don't know what he thinks we've got to natter about - I'm sure you'd rather spend your time with David." Caroline asks in surprise, "Pardon?" Beryl retorts, "You heard. I saw you." Caroline retorts, "If you're trying to imply in any way that David and I are involved--" Beryl interrupts and snaps, "Aren't you?" Caroline tells her, "No. David is a friend. How many more times do I have to tell you that?" Beryl growls, "So you just rush into each other's arms the minute you're alone? Some friendship..." Caroline mutters, "You are so wrong..." Beryl, however, persists, "You've been after him ever since you moved in. At least have the decency to admit it." Caroline glares at her and snaps, "I know it might be difficult for your paranoid little heart to comprehend, but David was simply trying to give me support." Beryl asks curtly, "Do you expect me to believe that?" Caroline retorts, "I don't care what you believe. Maybe you'd be happier if I did let my friendship with David turn into something serious? Then at least you would have something to abuse me about." Beryl snaps, "So - you're admitting it." Caroline growls, "At least I could make him happy. I'm sure the thought has crossed his mind - especially since he knows, now, that I've walked out on Doug." Beryl starts to snaps, "You insensitive--" Caroline, though, interrupts and warns, "I wouldn't say that, Beryl. If you'd like to keep David, back off." With that, she storms off.

Sometime later, Beryl steps out through the back door, pushing Robert in his stroller. Craig is standing just outside and he asks her if she's off. Beryl nods that she is. Craig then says, "Before you go, could I ask a favour?" Beryl asks, "What?" Craig replies, "Remember when you offered to help me find Ruby? Is it still OK if I take you up on it?" Beryl comments, "It's a bit late now." Craig insists, "I'd appreciate it." Beryl points out curtly, "You made it perfectly clear that you didn't want my help." Craig explains, "That was different then - I was messed up." Beryl tells him, "Now it's different for me. I'm sorry." Craig sighs, "That's OK. Just, when I heard Caroline bombed out at the refuge, I didn't know what else to do." Beryl, suddenly looking thoughtful, queries, "Caroline?" Craig replies, "Had as much luck as me: zilch. Couldn't even get in." Beryl muses, "Then maybe you could do with some help..."

A while later, Beryl knocks on the door of the refuge, carrying Robert. The woman that Craig and Caroline spoke to answers. Beryl tells her, "I'm sorry to bother you but I didn't know where else to go." The woman asks, "What happened?" Beryl murmurs, "It's hard to talk about... it's my husband." The woman asks, "Giving you a hard time?" Beryl just looks at the ground and says, "I can't take it anymore. It's gone on too long." The woman assures her, "You don't have to explain, love - I know exactly how you feel. Come on - I'll make you a cuppa." Beryl murmurs, "I'm sorry to put you out." The woman, though, assures her, "Don't be silly - that's what the place is for." Beryl looks at Robert and then heads inside.

David joins Caroline in the lounge room at the country house and asks her if she's seen Beryl. Caroline tells her, "She's left, I think." She then adds, "I'm sorry, David - we had an argument. It was my fault. These last couple of days have just been too much; I said a few things I shouldn't've." David comments, "She must have been pretty upset to leave without telling me." He adds, "I'll 'phone Beryl and try to calm her down." Caroline asks if he shouldn't wait and give her some time to cool down. David, though, tells her, "I think it's best to patch it up straight away. No point letting it stew." A look of concern crosses Caroline's face.

Glen is talking to Charlie from a public 'phone box, saying, "I followed her home from work. I found where she lives. It seems a bit strange: it's an old warehouse, or something." Charlie warns him, "Please... you'll get yourself into trouble. Micky's dangerous." Glen, though, tells her, "It's alright - she's not around. She went inside with some food and then took off again about half an hour ago. I'm going in for a sniff around." Charlie cries, "There might be somebody else there." Glen, however, insists, "I've been watching: there's no sign of anyone. Stop worrying." With that, he hangs up and emerges from the 'phone box. He then starts heading towards the warehouse...


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