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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Craig is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. Caroline joins him and comments that she thought he'd be looking for his mother as it's his day off. Craig explains that he's got to start pulling his weight at the house seeing as Tim's mate didn't front. He's looking at driving theory and sighs that things will be easier when he's got his licence. Caroline takes out a bottle of champagne from the 'fridge and tells Craig that it's a little welcome-home present for Doug.

There's a knock on Doug's hotel room door and, still adjusting himself as he emerges from the bedroom, he opens it to find Caroline standing there. Looking shocked, he tells her that she's caught him on the hop - he's due at a business meeting. Caroline comments that she gets the distinct impression that he's trying to get rid of her. Doug suggests they have dinner. Caroline, though, retorts coldly that she can't. Doug insists that they'll spend a lot more time together in future. Caroline just kisses him and goes. As soon as he shuts the door, Alison emerges from the bedroom and smiles, "Love is a many- splendoured thing..." She then asks him how he met Caroline. Doug mutters, "That's my business." Alison insists, "I'm interested. We're old friends." Doug growls, "She doesn't like you much." Alison smiles, "She's not going to be too impressed with you, either - not when she finds out you've been romancing me." Doug retorts, "She's not going to - 'cos if she does, I hand you over to the cops." Alison points out, "You're going to do that anyway, aren't you?" She then goes on, "It all depends how much you like Caroline, really. I don't have anything to lose, so if you'd rather she didn't know, I'd change my mind about taking me to the police." She grins broadly as Doug looks away in annoyance. As she then goes to leave, she pauses and adds, "By the way: I wouldn't take Caroline to the hotel bar, if I were you. I've booked a room here, just down the hall. Could be rather embarrassing if I ran into you two..."

Susan runs downstairs at Dural as Glen carries her dog inside. She cries, "Rags! Where have you been, you bad dog?" Glen explains that he found him caught in the drain. Susan thanks him for finding him. Glen insists that it's no trouble. Susan goes to walk off, but Glen quickly says, "Would you go out with me tonight?" As Susan turns to look at him warily, he adds, "You've got the wrong idea about me. Give me the chance to prove it." Wayne suddenly emerges from the study and asks if something's wrong. Glen asks Susan again, "What about tonight?" Susan murmurs that she doesn't think it would be a good idea. Glen walks off. Wayne asks Susan if Glen has been bugging her again. Susan insists that it's alright.

Wayne follows Glen outside and snaps at him, "Nice try. Too bad it didn't work." Glen asks in surprise, "What?" Wayne retorts, "Convenient, wasn't it, the dog going missing when it did?" Glen asks incredulously, "You think I put Rags down a drainpipe on purpose?" Wayne points out, "You knew Susan would be thankful when you found him." Glen snaps, "That's the sort of stunt you might pull, but it's not my style." Wayne snarls, "I wouldn't put anything past you." Glen retorts furiously, "Look who's talking. Who's letting Susan flirt with him just to keep me at arm's length?" Wayne snaps, "What's wrong with that? We happen to like each other." Glen snorts, "Huh! You mean you like her. You don't stand a chance with her if she got to know me better." Wayne snarls, "Take a tip and butt-out." Glen retorts, "She's too good for a creep like you." Wayne suddenly goes to hit him, but Glen grabs his arm and lays a punch on him, sending Wayne sprawling to the ground. Glen snaps at him, "You take the hint: don't stand over me - you come off second-best every time, sport." Susan suddenly runs out of the house and cries, "What's going on?" She looks at Wayne sprawled on the ground and an expression of disgust crosses her face as she then glares at Glen.

A while later, Wayne is sitting in the lounge room as Susan tells him that he'll live. Glen walks in and snaps at Susan that he wants to talk to her. He goes on that whatever Wayne told her, he threw the first punch. Susan asks angrily if that makes it alright. She then asks him to please go away. Wayne taunts, "Go on - go and find some weeding to do." Glen, though, snaps, "Do it yourself. I'm quitting." With that, he storms out. Susan sits down with Wayne and apologises for dragging him into her problems. Wayne, though, assures her, "It was worth a black eye to keep him away from you."

It's early evening and the 'phone is ringing at the country house. Caroline is ignoring it as she lays the table. Craig comes in. Caroline tells him that she's not answering the 'phone because it's only Doug and it's about time he realised she's not a lady he can take for granted. Craig goes and answers the call. Doug comes on and asks if Caroline's there. Craig turns to Caroline, who takes it reluctantly. She comments tersely to Doug that she supposes he's ringing about lunch tomorrow. She then suggests they make it a picnic. She adds that she'll see him tomorrow and she hangs up. Craig asks her if she can drive him down to the markets tomorrow morning so he can take in the veggies. Caroline nods and asks what time they have to leave. Craig replies, "About five." Caroline gasps, "A.M.? That's barbaric!"

The next morning, Caroline is sitting asleep at the wheel of the ute. Craig joins her and wakes her up. She tells him that she's praying someone answers his ad today. An attractive young woman suddenly walks past, carrying a bunch of flowers, and Craig's attention turns immediately to her. As he stares at her, he sighs distantly, "She's magic. I wonder if she brings flowers through every day..." He then turns to Caroline and suggests, "Maybe I could bring some more veg down tomorrow? I've got to see her again..." Caroline, though, retorts, "I don't care how pretty she is: nothing short of an earthquake is going to get me out of bed at this hour." Craig continues staring at the young woman.

Alison is talking on the 'phone in a public 'phone box, telling Charlie that Doug can't go to the police otherwise she'll tell Caroline he had a fling with her. Charlie points out that she can't be sure Doug won't go to the police. Alison, though, explains that it's bought her some time. Charlie asks what she's been up to. Alison tells her, "I've hit the jackpot, Charlie. I've found out that Micky Pratt's in Sydney right now and he's driving for Rapid Cabs." She then listens and says urgently, "No, Charlie, don't do anything until I come back." Charlie tells her, "Alright, darling. See you soon." She hangs up, but then immediately takes the Yellow Pages out of her drawer...

Later that day, Charlie heads into the busy offices of Rapid Cabs. She approaches the manager, who's looking flustered and ordering other staff around. Charlie says to him, "Excuse me." The manager turns to look at her and snaps, "About time, too. The agency promised me a girl two days ago. Get lost on your way here, did you?" The 'phone rings again and he turns to answer it. A woman standing nearby beckons to Charlie and Charlie walks over to her. The woman tells her that her colleague isn't always a grouch. She adds, "Sit down; I'll show you the ropes." Charlie starts to protest, "No, no, you see I--" She then breaks off, looking thoughtful, smiles, "Thankyou..."

Doug opens the door of his hotel room to find Alison standing outside. He snaps at her that he'd hoped she'd be back in Sydney by now. Alison smiles sarcastically that she knew he'd be terribly hurt if she didn't come and say goodbye. Doug growls, "You've said it. Now get out." Alison just comments, "Expecting Caroline, I gather?" Doug retorts, "That's right - and you know what happens if she finds you here." Alison, however, muses, "She's a fickle woman. At the moment, I'm sure she finds you very attractive. That state of affairs won't last forever." Doug warns her, "You'd better pray it does." Alison, though, tells him, "I don't have to. I've managed to track down the one person who can clear my name." Doug suggests curtly, "It must have been an expensive exercise." Alison, though, assures him, "Not at all - he's a bona fide witness. His evidence will prove I didn't kill Luke Carlyle. So you see, it doesn't matter if you go to the police or not. I'm in the clear." Doug growls, "You're counting your chickens, aren't you? Your bona fide witness obviously couldn't care two hoots if you go to jail or not: he could have gone to the cops long before this." Alison mutters, "I'll convince him." She turns to leave, but then adds, "I'd worry about Caroline, if I were you. She couldn't care two hoots about latching on to somebody else - as long as he has a big enough bank balance and enough charm to get by." With that, she leaves. Doug stands there, looking frustrated.

As Alison heads down the corridor, she bumps into Caroline, who demands, "What are you doing here?" Alison replies that she was staying there; she's about to catch a 'plane to Sydney. She adds, "I'll see you when I see you," and walks off.

A few moments later, Caroline heads into Doug's room and snaps, "You'll never guess who I bumped into in the hall: Alison Carr. Of all the hotels in Melbourne, she had to take a room in this one." Doug asks 'innocently', "What's she doing in town?" Caroline retorts, "Something underhanded, I bet." Doug suddenly notices a small bottle on the table in the middle of the room and he tries to palm it without Caroline seeing. She notices, though, and asks him what it is. Doug tells her quickly, "Just some of your perfume." Caroline, though, retorts, "That's not mine. It must belong to some other lady you've been entertaining." Doug suggests, "It's probably my secretary's." Caroline stares at him furiously and then turns and storms out.

Back in Sydney, Alison is being driven along in a taxi by a female driver, who's making smalltalk about the weather. She has the radio to the office on and Alison suddenly hears Charlie's voice on it. The driver mutters, "Silly tart." Turning to Alison, she adds, "A new bird started in the office today; doesn't know the first thing about it. Can't even get the street names right." She adds, "Thank God her shift ends soon." Alison, looking shocked at hearing Charlie's voice, agrees curtly, "Yes. Thank God..."

Back home, Charlie asks Alison how she found out. Alison told her, "I heard you in action." She asks Charlie how she wangled the job. Charlie explains about walking into the office and the man there thinking she was from the agency. Alison sighs, "So much for your promise to stay out of it." Charlie explains that she's already made friends with one of the girls in the office and she's promised to sneak a look at the personnel files. Alison demands nervously, "What did you tell her?" Charlie, however, insists, "She doesn't suspect a thing."

Caroline walks into Doug's hotel room. She tells him, "I've had all afternoon to work out the obvious. Since when has Alison been your secretary?" Doug asks in surprise, "Pardon?" Caroline indicates the bottle of perfume in her hand and snaps, "'Joy'. Very expensive, but then again, nothing's too good for Miss. Alison Carr - she was wearing it when I met her outside." Doug sighs, "Alright, I admit she was here - strictly on business, though." Caroline glares at him and snaps, "You met her in Sydney, then she followed you to Melbourne. I can well imagine what 'business' it was." Doug insists, "I was only trying to help." Caroline gasps, "By having an affair with her?" Doug retorts, "Alright. I admit it was a bad mistake - but she was willing to do anything to keep me quiet." Caroline snaps, "About what?" Doug tells her, "She's Patricia Palmer." Caroline stares at him in shock and mouths, "What?" Doug explains, "I did some digging before I went to Sydney. Alison's Patricia - give or take a few layers of plastic surgery." Caroline stands there, looking surprised.

The 'phone rings at Charlie's and Alison answers it. Caroline comes on and says, "Hello, Alison. Or should I say 'Patricia'?" Alison's face drops. She snaps, though, "Is this some sort of joke, Caroline?" Caroline retorts, "No joke. Doug's told me everything." Alison asks, "Everything?" Caroline retorts, "Yes - including your short-lived relationship." She listens and then says, "I know - but you haven't found him yet. And until you do, I could go to the police any time..." She listens again before saying, "First I want the negatives that you used to blackmail me - and I feel it only fair to warn you, Patricia, that I'm not going to forget about the car accident, either. You never know when the police are going to turn up with a warrant for your arrest." With that, she hangs up. Doug joins her and asks, "Feel better?" Caroline tells him, "Much. I dreamt about something like this and never thought it would happen." Doug asks, "Am I forgiven?" Caroline retorts, "No." Doug insists, "Alison Carr never meant a thing to me; it's you I care about." Caroline, however, tells him curtly, "It's a bit late for that. In future, our relationship is going to be only on a business footing." With that, she turns and walks out.

Craig is washing his ute outside the country house. Caroline arrives back and explains about her and Doug splitting up. She heads off indoors. A van suddenly pulls up and the young woman Craig saw at the market climbs out. He stares at her, open-mouthed, and starts to walk towards her. As he does so, though, he puts his foot in the bucket of soapy water in front of him! The young woman runs towards him, grinning and holding a bunch of flowers. She asks, "Does Caroline Morrell live here?" Craig nods, "Yeah. I'll take them for you." The young woman hands over the flowers and starts to run back towards the van. Craig suddenly calls over, "Didn't I see you down the markets this morning?" The woman calls back, "You could have - I'm down there most days." With that, she climbs back into the van. Craig quickly calls, "Hey! Wait! What's your name?" It's too late, though: the van drives off. Craig quickly runs to the ute - which has an 'L' plate attached to the front - starts the engine and begins to follow her.

Charlie is sitting in her lounge room when Alison walks in with a packed suitcase. Charlie sighs that she wishes there was some other way. Alison retorts, "There isn't." She then asks, "Any word from your friend at the Rapid Cabs office?" Charlie replies, "Not yet, but I'll try and sneak a look at the personnel files tomorrow." Alison thanks her. Charlie then asks, "Any idea where you're going?" Alison replies, "Yes - but it's best you don't; that way, you won't have to lie to the police when they come around." She and Charlie go to the front door. Glen is just coming in and, noticing the case, he asks Alison if she has another business trip. Alison, though, tells him that she just needed to get away for a while. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Glen goes to get it. By the door, Charlie asks Alison how she'll contact her when she's found Micky Pratt. Alison replies that she'll 'phone every day. She adds, "Don't let me down, Charlie - you're the only person who can help me now." With that, she heads off. Charlie closes the door behind her and returns to the lounge room. Glen is just hanging up the 'phone and he tells her, "That was for you - someone called Betty." Charlie asks in annoyance, "Why didn't you call out to me?" Glen explains, "She was in a hurry." He then hands her a piece of paper and goes on, "She left a message, though: she said it was the only address they have on file - and she said it's only a friend of the guy you want to know about." Charlie smiles, "It's all I need." She goes to head out. Glen gasps in horror, "You're not going over there?" Charlie insists, "I have to. It's important." Glen tells her, "It's a rough area. I'll come with you." Charlie, though, tells him, "No. You stay here. I'll be alright."

A while later, Charlie is walking down the pathway of a house, looking disappointed. As she steps through the gate, the female taxi driver who was driving Alison's cab earlier climbs out of a car parked at the side of the road. She says to Charlie, "Hey, excuse me." Charlie asks her, "Do you live here?" The woman retorts, "Yeah, why?" Charlie explains, "I have to speak to Mr. Pratt." The woman comments in sudden realisation, "Hey, you're the silly bird from the office." Charlie nods, "Yes." She then pleads, "Oh, please. Micky Pratt: do you know him?" The woman retorts, "Yeah, I might do. What are you looking for him for?" Charlie explains, "A few years ago, in Melbourne, he drove a boy called Jeff O'Brien from a hospital to a block of flats, waited and then drove him back to the hospital again." The woman shrugs, "So?" Charlie goes on, "It's very important that Mr. Pratt go to the police and sign a statement saying he saw Jeff that night." The woman, hearing this, says quickly, "No way I'm going anywhere near the police." Charlie stares at her in surprise and gasps, "You? You're Micky Pratt?" The woman nods, "Yeah. But you got your wires crossed, lady. I've never driven no cab in Melbourne." She turns to walk away, but Charlie grabs her arm and pleads, "Wait, you have to help me. An innocent woman could go to jail--" She breaks off as Micky snaps, "Rack off!" She then gives Charlie a shove and she falls to the ground. Micky runs off towards her car. Glen suddenly pulls up in his car, runs over to Charlie and asks her if she's OK. He helps her up as she cries, "Where did she go?" Glen points out Micky's car, which is just heading up the road. Charlie groans, "Oh no..." Glen asks suspiciously, "What's going on?" Charlie just cries, "Oh, I've ruined everything..."


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