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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

At Hornsby Hospital, Barbara has had the bandages removed from round her head. Her cheeks are still covered, though. She's talking on the 'phone in her room, looking shocked, as she exclaims, "Dead?" Wayne explains that Alison doesn't know how it happened; she's going up to Quilpie tomorrow. Barbara murmurs that she can imagine how Gordon's going to feel about it. Wayne suggests that maybe they shouldn't tell him; they should leave it until he's a bit better. He listens and then tells Barbara, "Alison got the lot: the mine... the money... everything... It's going to make life interesting." He then adds, "Not to worry - I've got something up my sleeve." With that, he announces that he has to go, as he's late for an appointment. Barbara then explains, "That's why I rang: can you come and pick me up? I've already booked out of my room and I'd get a cab but I'm still feeling a bit shaky." She listens and then says, "Thankyou. Fine. Bye." She hangs up. She then turns to Fiona, who's standing next to her bed, and smiles, "He fell for it!" She hands Fiona the keys to the house, together with a piece of paper, saying, "I've written out the combination for you." Fiona tells her, "I really do appreciate what you've done, Barbara." Barbara retorts, "It's the principle of the thing, as far as I'm concerned. I mean, no matter how hard things get, I certainly wouldn't resort to stealing. Wayne shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. Fiona sighs, "I just hope we're not too late." Barbara asks her if she's going to tell Irene why she's borrowing her car. Fiona admits, "No, no... I'll just say I've got a few things I want to do and does she mind?" With that, she heads out.

Sometime later, Fiona pulls up Irene's car behind some bushes near Dural. May, sitting in the passenger seat, asks in surprise, "Is this it?" Fiona, though, explains, "No, no, no, it's a few doors down, but we don't want to park right outside the gate." She climbs out and suddenly notices Wayne's car roaring up the road towards them. She ducks her head back inside the car and he zooms past. May then climbs out of the car and the two women start making their way across to the house.

A few minutes later, Fiona lets herself and May into Dural. May looks around and murmurs, "Very nice." Fiona heads into the study, saying to May as she does so, "Don't touch anything. We don't want him to twig we've been here - at least, not until he finds the money's gone." May comments, "A house like this would have been beautiful during the War, Fiona." Fiona calls back, "The one we had wasn't all that bad." May wanders round the hallway, examining various objects. She eventually makes her way over to the cupboard under the stairs and opens the door. She looks inside, pulls out a suitcase and starts fiddling with the catch. Fiona suddenly calls outs, "There's nothing in the safe," and May quickly stuffs the case back under the stairs and closes the door again. Fiona emerges from the study and May comments, "I wonder where he could have put it, then." Fiona sighs, "I don't know." She then shows May a set of keys that she found in the safe and suggests that they'll have to search the place from top to bottom. She hands May some of the keys and tells her to find out what they open.

Barbara and Irene are walking along the corridor at the hospital, Irene asking Barbara as they do so how she's getting home. Barbara explains that Wayne is picking her up. Irene tells her, "You'll have to take things easy for a while." Barbara muses, "So they tell me." A nurse suddenly wheels Gordon up behind them, and he looks at Irene and acknowledges, "Doctor." He then turns to Barbara and murmurs, "You're the lady who was in my room yesterday." Barbara nods uncertainly, "That's right." Gordon goes on, "I really must apologise. I was so groggy from the drugs they were giving me, I really didn't know what I was doing." He then looks at the bag Barbara's carrying and asks, "Going home?" Barbara says distantly, "Yes, yes, I've checked out." Gordon comments, "We won't be seeing you again, then." Barbara, suddenly looking upset, murmurs, "Unless we bump into each other..." Irene chips in quickly and tells Barbara that she really thinks they should be going. The nurse wheels Gordon off. As he goes, he tells Barbara, "It's nice to have met you." Barbara murmurs a teary, "Bye..." Irene remarks sympathetically to her, "It must be hard." Barbara cries, "I feel so helpless. What am I going to do?" Irene comments, "For a minute there, I thought you were going to--" She breaks off and Barbara assures her, "No, no, I don't break down in front of Gordon. I love him too much." With that, she puts on a pair of sunglasses, to cover the bruises around her eyes, and walks off.

A while later, Wayne is driving Barbara along the road back to Dural. Barbara suddenly spots Irene's car parked at the side of the road. Wanting to divert Wayne's attention, she quickly turns to the other side of the road and exclaims, "Good heavens! Look what they've done to the Wilsons' drive!" Wayne looks round and mutters, "Looks the same to me." They pass Irene's car without him noticing it.

Fiona is standing in the lounge room at Dural. She calls to May, "I've drawn a blank. How about you?" May - in the hallway - calls back, "I have two keys left and they look like suitcase keys." Fiona looks out through the lounge room window and suddenly spots Wayne's car approaching. She calls to May fearfully, "It's too late. We've got to get out." In the hallway, May quickly dashes to the cupboard under the stairs and opens the door.

Outside, Wayne climbs out of his car and tells Barbara, "I'll just drop your stuff in the hall for the time being. I'll take it upstairs later." He goes to the boot and opens it. Barbara suddenly slams her hand on the horn. The shock causes Wayne to bang his head on the boot lid! He looks at Barbara in surprise.

Inside, Fiona calls, "May!"

Out by the car, Wayne walks round to Barbara and mutters, "You alright, are you?" Barbara tells him quickly, "I'm sorry. I dropped my bag." Wayne growls, "You scared me half to death." With that, he opens the passenger door and tells Barbara, "Come on. We haven't got all day." Barbara climbs out slowly and shuts the door. Wayne closes the boot and they approach the front door of the house. Barbara heads inside first and looking around quickly, to find there's no one there, comments, "Home sweet home." Wayne mutters, "Yeah." He drops Barbara's bag and wanders off into the study. Barbara glances up the stairs and then creeps across to the lounge room.

May and Fiona and staggering up the road back towards Irene's car. May is holding the black plastic bag full of money. Fiona exclaims, "We did it, May! We did it!" May cries to her to slow down. Fiona takes the bag from her and, as they reach the car, tells her to hop in.

Wayne has opened the cupboard door under the stairs at Dural. He reaches in, takes out the suitcase and notices it's considerably lighter. He opens it and looks horrified to find the money gone. He does find a card in there, though. He takes it out, reads it and then growls, "Those..." He breaks off. Barbara wanders out of the lounge room and asks lightly, "You missing something?" She takes the card. Wayne snarls, "You knew, didn't you?" Barbara reads, "Thou shalt not steal." She adds, "Sound advice, don't you think?" With that, she walks off, grinning.

Back in her room at the mansion, Fiona is pouring glasses of champagne for her and May. May laughs, "I'd love to see his face when he opens the case!" Fiona hands her a glass and May toasts, "To a job well done!" They take a sip.

Samantha has turned up at Dural, and as Barbara escorts her into the lounge room, she asks what the matter is with Wayne. Barbara smiles, "I think he just got out of bed the wrong side!" Samantha then says, "I hope you don't mind me just dropping in." Barbara assures her, "Of course not - it's good to see you." Samantha continues, "I wasn't sure if you'd want--" Barbara interrupts her and tells her, "Before you go on, I would like to apologise - for not seeing you when you came to the hospital. I just wasn't in the mood for visitors. It was nothing personal." Samantha smiles. Barbara then asks her how long she can stay. Samantha replies, "A couple of hours." Barbara, looking pleased, asks, "You going to help me pack?" Samantha, looking surprised, asks, "Where are you going?" Barbara murmurs, "Just into the flat. Irene thinks it would be good if I got my things out of the way before Gordon came back - and I'm not supposed to see him for a while." Samantha asks in shock, "How long?" Barbara tells her, "A week... two... Until he starts to remember."

Caroline is walking along the track to the country house, holding a packed bag. Spider is walking with her, asking, "Do you want me to give you a hand with that?" Caroline retorts, "No thanks." Spider goes on, "It looks pretty heavy. Are you sure you can manage?" Caroline snaps, "Yes. Now will you kindly leave me alone?" She adds, "If you're going to walk on this side of the road, I'm going to cross over." Spider, assures her politely, "It's alright. I'll go." He crosses the track and they start walking in the same direction on opposite sides!

Sometime later, their paths converge again, and Caroline snaps at Spider, "Tired of that side, are you?" Spider retorts, "No - but I have to cross over 'cos I'm going to the house there." He indicates the country house, ahead of them. Caroline looks at him and sighs heavily.

A few minutes later, David closes the kitchen door of the house and comments to Spider and Caroline, "You both must have come on the same bus." Spider mutters, "We did." David tells Caroline that it's good to see her again, and he asks what brings her down there. Caroline replies, "It's a long story. I'll tell you later." Spider, though, mutters, "No, tell him now. I'll have a yarn with Tim; I know when I'm not wanted." He heads off outside and David says to Caroline, "Well?" Caroline sighs, "You told me that, if I ever needed help, to come and see you. Here I am..."

A short time later, Caroline and David sit down at the kitchen table with some cups of tea and David asks, "What's the problem?" Caroline just sighs, "It's so nice to be able to sit down with a friend - I don't seem to have many left, these days. I think that's the main reason for my coming: everybody seemed to turn against me in Sydney, and when Samantha started believing that I was guilty too, that was about the last straw." David offers to talk to Samantha. Caroline, though, comments that she doesn't think anything he had to say would make her change her mind. David accepts this. He then asks Caroline how long she's been there. Caroline tells him, "Just a day. I booked into a motel last night - just a cheap one. I tried to find a job this morning." She then laughs bitterly, "I spent half an hour standing outside an employment agency, trying to pluck up the courage to go in! And then I thought: what's the point? After I left school, I got married. I just have no qualifications. So, I started reading the Situations Vacant, hoping that something would leap out at me. I had a look at what was left of my money - there wasn't even enough to keep me in the motel for long - and then you came to mind. I hope you don't mind a house guest for a while." David smiles, "You stay as long as you like. I think you should have a rest for a few days and then we'll worry about a job." The back door suddenly bursts open and Spider walks in, muttering, "Excuse me. I thought I smelt a cuppa." He sits down at the table and Caroline tells him, "I'm sorry about how the way I spoke to you before: you caught me at a bad time." Spider assures her, "Don't worry. We all have our good and bad days."

In the lounge room at Dural, Barbara is showing Samantha the piece of nautical equipment that she and Gordon brought back from Bermuda, sighing, "It was our one holiday overseas together." Samantha comments, "I don't know why you had to pack everything up your first day out of hospital." Barbara points out, "At least it's done. And thankyou for your help - I appreciate you coming." Samantha tells her assertively, "I just wanted you to know how awful I feel about what mum's put you through. Frankly, I don't care if I never have anything to do with her again." Barbara, looking surprised, comments, "That's a bit hard." Samantha asks bluntly, "Is it?" Barbara tells her, "I'm sure she feels as guilty as anyone." Samantha retorts, "So she should - it was her fault." Barbara points out calmly, "Samantha, I'm the one who's suffering the consequences - and if I can see things from your mother's point of view, I think you should, too." Samantha asks in surprise, "Don't you hate her?" Barbara replies, "No - because I realise under a different set of circumstances I could be the one in the wrong." Samantha retorts, "Yes, but you wouldn't have put the blame on someone else, would you?" The front door suddenly bangs and Wayne comes in. He heads to get himself a drink and Barbara mutters sarcastically, "Opening up the bar, are we?" Wayne retorts, "I'm thirsty, so I'm having a mineral water." Samantha suggests that she'd better get going. Barbara thanks her for coming over. She adds, "You think about what I said, huh?" Samantha nods, "OK." She then turns to Wayne and smiles, "Bye, Wayne." Wayne just mutters, "See ya." With that, Samantha heads off. Barbara immediately turns to Wayne and growls, "My God, you can be so rude. Just because things aren't going your way, there's no need to act like a spoilt child." Wayne retorts airily, "If I don't feel like being nice, I don't have to be." Barbara snaps, "For heaven's sake, grow up. What's got under your skin is not the fact that you've lost the money, it's the fact that Fiona set it up, isn't it? You can't bear to be beaten by her. Well, you're going to have to live with it." Wayne, however, retorts, "She hasn't won yet." With that, he storms off again.

Gordon is lying asleep in his hospital bed when Irene walks into his room and checks his chart. He stirs and sighs heavily. Irene comments, "Bad dream again?" Gordon grunts and tells her, "I wish I could remember. It's all so... muddied." Irene assures him it'll come back to him. Gordon goes on, "I just get the feeling it's important." Irene, however, insists, "Don't worry - it's not unusual. People who've been through trauma often have bad dreams." Gordon, changing the subject slightly, asks, "Have you heard from Patricia?" Irene says quickly, "No, no, we haven't had any contact yet - but you know what communications can be like in some of those countries." Gordon asks, "You will let me know if you hear anything?" Irene nods, "Yes, yes, of course. Now why don't you lie back and try and get some rest?" Gordon sighs heavily.

Wayne is walking along the corridor at the mansion. He knocks softly on the door of Fiona's room. There's no answer and so he opens the door gingerly. Fiona is lying asleep on the bed. May is sitting dozing at the dinner table. Wayne creeps in and pushes the door to behind him. He spots a black bag on the floor and checks inside it. It's apparently empty. He then walks over to the bookcase and looks at it. He moves over to the 'fridge before then spotting a large white sack containing clothes on the other side of the room. He picks it up and looks inside. He then creeps over to May: her left hand is dangling down into her handbag. He reaches down into the bag and takes out a set of keys. He then walks silently out of the room, looking pleased with himself.

A few moments later, Wayne heads into the manager's office and walks over to the storeroom. He uses May's key to open the padlock and heads inside.

Barbara opens the front door at Dural to find Irene standing on the step. She smiles, "Hello!" Irene asks her if she's got a moment. Barbara lets her in. Irene then tells her warily, "We have to talk." Barbara asks nervously if something's wrong. Irene tells her, "I've conferred with a few of the specialists and they seem to be of the opinion that Gordon's loss of memory could last for... well, it could last for quite a while." Barbara stares at her in horror as she goes on, "The immediate thing we have to face is what to do about his belief that he's still married to Patricia." Barbara cries, "Sooner or later we're going to have to tell him the truth, aren't we?" Irene nods, "Yes - but as you know, his condition could remain delicate for quite some time." Barbara murmurs, "That probably means 'later', in other words?" Irene agrees, "Yes - until he's ready." Barbara asks, "How much later?" Irene sighs and then admits reluctantly, "Six months. A year. Maybe longer." Looking horrified, Barbara squeaks, "What?" Irene tells her, "I'm sorry, Barbara, but until he starts remembering something... anything... we daren't risk it. And until then, if you love him, the best thing you can do is avoid seeing him." Barbara asks in shock, "Are you saying my marriage is over?" Irene just looks at her, guiltily.

A truck reverses into the driveway of the mansion. Janice walks past it and into the building. In the manager's office, Wayne emerges from the storeroom and puts the padlock back on. Out in the corridor, Janice raps on the door to Fiona's room and Fiona calls back weakly, "It's open..." Janice marches into the room and, looking at Fiona and May slumped on the bed and at the table, demands, "What have you been up to?" Fiona slurs happily, "Celebrating!" Janice snaps in horror, "You're drunk!" Fiona, though, groans, "Not now, Janice. Give me the lecture later on." A man suddenly walks in and says, "Mrs. Thompson?" Janice turns to him and explains that Mrs. Thompson is unfit for visitors. He asks if she can help and the man explains, "I'm collecting old clothes - it's the start of the winter appeal. She told us she had some." Janice smiles, "Oh yes, I'll get them for you." She walks over to the white sack full of clothes and drags it to the doorway. She then pulls it out into the corridor. She finds Wayne standing out there, and she asks him for a hand. He and the truck driver lift the sack up and start carrying it to the front door. Janice looks back in at Fiona and May, an expression of disgust on her face. She then walks off outside. In her room, Fiona suddenly comes-to and sits up, looking groggy. She looks around the room and notices the white sack is gone. She exclaims wearily, "Oh my God..." She stands up and staggers out of the room.

Outside, Wayne and the truck driver dump the sack on the back of the truck. The driver asks Wayne to hand him the rope to tie it up. Wayne does so. There are clothes sticking out the end of the sack and Janice mutters that it doesn't look safe to her. Fiona emerges from the mansion and looks on in horror. She cries, "Janice... the clothes..." The collection man starts the truck and it roars off down the road. Old pound notes immediately start flying out of the sack. Wayne cries, "Oh no..." Several people standing nearby dash into the middle of the road and start picking the money up. Fiona groans, "I don't believe it." As more people rush into the road and start grabbing some cash, Janice comments, "Oh well - at least they're going to the needy..."


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