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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

Fiona is walking along the corridor at Hornsby Hospital. Wayne suddenly bursts through a set of doors in front of her and says, "Before you get stuck into me, the plumber's coming tomorrow and I've arranged for the wallpaper to be replaced." Fiona mutters, "So you keep telling me..." Wayne then asks, "Been visiting dad?" Fiona, though, explains, "No, I work here. I've got a part-time job in the hospital canteen." She adds, "Tell your father I'll be in to see him when I've finished, will you?" Wayne nods, "Will do." Fiona walks off and Wayne heads in to Gordon's room. He smiles at his father, "Morning." Gordon looks round at him and Wayne tells him, "I've got some good news: one of my investments turned up a real winner. How about you: are you sleeping well?" Gordon sighs, "I had a terrible dream last night, about the accident." Wayne asks what happened. Gordon murmurs, "I can't remember. Something I saw before I fell unconscious..." He then asks, "Any word from Patricia?" Wayne says quickly, "No, not yet - but I've sent a cable, so stop worrying." Gordon cries, "God, I miss her..." He adds, "As soon as I'm out of here and Patricia's back, everything can get back to normal, can't it?" Wayne murmurs, "Sure can." With that, he adds that he'll come in again tomorrow and he goes.

Fiona is standing next to Barbara's bed as Barbara asks curtly, "Is Wayne going to let you choose your wallpaper?!" Fiona laughs, "We haven't got that far!" Irene suddenly walks in and Fiona says she'll leave them to it - she's late to start making sandwiches. Irene tells her, "I still don't like the idea of your working, Fiona." Fiona, though, insists that she's fine, and she walks off. Irene then asks Barbara if she's feeling any better. Barbara just shrugs. Irene goes on, "I thought you might like me to whip around the house - make sure everything's set for the big return." Barbara mutters, "Why bother? Wayne's there." Irene points out, "The 'fridge is probably empty. We can't have you belting round buying groceries." Barbara, reaching across to her handbag, mutters, "I'll give you the front door keys." Irene comments, "You must be looking forward to going home." Barbara, however, retorts, "It won't be much of a home with Gordon still thinking he's married to Patricia, will it?" Irene insists, "He'll get his memory back. It's just a matter of time." Barbara snaps, "How much time, though, Irene?" Irene admits, "I don't know."

Alison arrives back at Charlie's to find Charlie sitting on the couch, painting her toenails. Alison smiles, "What a trip! It was around thirty degrees the whole time!" Charlie just carries on with her nails, not responding. Alison goes on, "I might just make a coffee and smarten up a bit before I see Gordon. I'm sure he could do without whinging visitors." Charlie tells her curtly, "It won't make any difference: he wouldn't know who you are anyway." Alison asks sharply, "What?" Charlie explains tautly, "He's had a memory lapse. Still think he's married to Patricia." Alison stares at her. Charlie then snaps, "You've got a hell of a nerve, Alison." Alison asks in surprise, "Sorry?" Charlie growls, "I had a visit from David. Seems you've been treating me like quite an idiot." Alison asks her innocently what she's talking about. Charlie retorts, "Telling me you were sitting in here when the accident happened." Alison insists, "You know I was." Charlie, however, snaps, "I was in the shower. How could I possibly know what you were doing?" Alison looks away. Charlie challenges, "You were driving the car, weren't you, just like Caroline said? How could you do that? Gordon's in hospital, a mental wreck, and all you could think about was saving your own skin. I believed your story because I believed my friends were decent people. You're not. You're despicable. I want you out of my house - now."

A few moments later, Alison protests, "I know blaming Caroline was wrong, and I don't expect you to forgive me, but you've got to understand: once I'd done it, I couldn't go back." Charlie points out, "There's nothing to stop you owning up now." Alison retorts, "I can't. It would make things worse - not just for me; for everybody." Charlie gasps, "How do you suppose Caroline feels? She's going to lose her licence... get an enormous fine... quite apart from the humiliation." Alison snaps, "I'll pay her fine. I'll do everything I can. It wasn't all my fault - she was hopelessly drunk. If she hadn't been pulling on the steering wheel, none of this would have happened." She then goes on more quietly, "You know what would happen if I confessed: I'd be arrested and fingerprinted. The police would find out I'm Patricia." She continues, "I honestly regret laying the blame on Caroline, but the alternative was to spend the rest of my life in jail for a murder I didn't commit. Charlie, please, you've got to back my story." Charlie hesitates and then says, "Alright. But as far as I'm concerned, it's only for old times' sake, nothing more. I still want you out of my house." With that, she storms out of the room, leaving Alison looking relieved.

Wayne is talking on the 'phone in the hallway at Dural, holding the pound notes in his hand and asking, "Do you still accept them?" At the other end, a man tells him, "Yes - they're legal tender. We get people in here all the time with them - mostly little old ladies who don't trust banks." He listens and then adds, "Yes... yes, bring them in. We'll give you $2 for each pound - though, off the record, you should go to a dealer: better rates." Wayne smiles, "Thanks. I will." With that, he hangs up, looking pleased with himself. He dashes off upstairs just as the front door opens and Irene walks in holding a bunch of flowers. She notices a black sack sitting on the floor by the 'phone and groans, "Oh, Wayne... do you have to leave your garbage in the hall?" With that she grabs the sack and drags it outside...

Janice is talking on the 'phone in the hallway at the mansion, smiling, "Yes, dad... yes, of course I will. Alright. Bye bye." She hangs up. May joins her and comments, "It's nice to hear a young person speaking respectfully to their elders. That must be Fiona's influence." Janice smiles, "Hello, May. Do you want to see me?" May murmurs, "Yes - I was going to ask if I could borrow a slice of bread to make some toast." Janice insists, "I can give you the whole loaf." May, however, assures her, "That won't be necessary. I can buy some when my pension cheque arrives." They head into Fiona's room and Janice goes to the 'fridge. May suddenly spots the hole in the wall, where Wayne removed the brick. She cries in shock, "Where is it?" Janice asks, "What? The pound notes?" May gasps, "You had no right to take them: that's my life savings." Janice tells her, "I didn't realise they belonged to you - but don't worry: no one's going to take something that's yours." May demands, "Who has them?" Janice insists, "It's alright. Calm down. Wayne Hamilton has them."

Irene is arranging the flowers in the hallway at Dural. Wayne - who has changed from his old clothes into a smart suit - creeps up behind her and asks, "Am I interrupting a burglary?!" Irene jumps in shock! She then explains, "I thought I'd whip round the house before Barbara gets home. Just as well I did, too." Wayne asks indignantly, "You're not suggesting it was anything less than spotless?" Irene retorts, "You'd probably call it 'lived in'!" She then asks him where he's off to and he tells her, "A business meeting. I had a windfall. Made enough to play Alison at her own game." Irene suggests, "Why don't you use some of it to get a housekeeper?" Wayne, however, insists, "We'll manage." Irene laughs, "You've got to be kidding: you can't even take your own garbage out." Wayne suddenly looks down and notices the black sack isn't there. He demands in horror, "Where is it?" Irene explains, "I gave it to the garbos, of course. I only just caught them--" Wayne interrupts her and snaps furiously, "I don't believe it..."

A short time later, Wayne is talking on the 'phone, saying, "When do they usually get there? OK. Thanks." He hangs up and snaps at Irene, "They're on their way to the tip." Irene asks in surprise, "What's wrong? It's only a bag of rubbish." Wayne retorts, "And if I don't get it back, you'll be cactus." With that, he storms off.

A while later, Wayne pulls up in his car at the tip. He turns off the engine and climbs out. A look of horror crosses his face as he stares at the piles and piles of garbage heaped up in front of him. There's a scavenger climbing over some of it. Wayne removes his jacket and starts walking towards it, rolling up his sleeves as he does so. He approaches a black sack but then throws it down again, looking annoyed.

At the corridor at the mansion, May is holding the telephone in her hand as Janice stands next to her, a telephone directory in her hands, and says, "It's hopeless, May: there are hundreds of 'Hamiltons' in the book." May retorts, "We'll try every one if we have to. Now what's the next number?" Janice sighs, "Try 412 19--" She breaks off as Fiona comes in through the front door. Looking surprised, Janice comments to her, "I wasn't expecting you home so soon." Fiona explains, "I finished early. They're better off without me anyway. When I started buttering the bread with yoghurt, I knew it was time to come home..." They head into Fiona's room, where Janice comments, "You're not looking well, Aunty Fiona." Fiona retorts, "Aunt Fiona. How many times have I got to tell you?" They sit down and Fiona then asks, "Did you get in touch with your father?" Janice replies, "I'm going over there tonight." They suddenly hear May out in the hallway crying, "Oh I give up. It's useless." Fiona asks Janice what that's all about. Janice explains that May is trying to contact Wayne. Fiona asks in surprise why on earth she'd want to do that. Janice tells her, "He found her savings. She's in a complete flap." Fiona laughs, "What savings? May hasn't got a cent to her name!" Janice replies seriously, "Maybe not cents, but she's got hundreds of old pound notes." She then indicates the hole in the wall and goes on, "She had them hidden up there, behind the wallpaper." Fiona, looking surprised, snaps, "Why, that old scrooge - and here's me worrying about her being down on her luck. Going out and getting a job so I can-- Ooo, you wait 'til I see her!"

Wayne is still tearing open bags at the tip. The scavenger is doing the same thing. They're gradually approaching each other. Wayne suddenly spots a number of old pound notes lying next to a black bag. He rips open the bag and starts laughing in delight. The scavenger suddenly runs over and snaps, "No you don't mate: you're working my territory." With that, he grabs the bag and runs off.

Gordon is lying asleep in his hospital bed when the door to his room opens and Alison walks in. She says softly, "Hello, Gordon." Gordon rouses and stares at her. He then murmurs, "I'm sorry. I don't know you." Alison tells him, "Alison Carr. I've just come to tell you the business is fine; you don't have to worry about a thing." Gordon looks at her blankly and then asks, "You're involved with Ramberg?" Alison explains, "There have been quite a few changes since Ramberg. The company's called 'Hamilton Industries' now." Gordon continues to stare at her and she goes on, "When you had the accident, you suffered a memory loss." Gordon asks in surprise, "Why hasn't anyone told me?" Alison replies, "I don't know - but we're partners now." Gordon asks, "Has anything else happened in my life that I should know about?" Alison tells him quickly, "No. Nothing important." Gordon asks, "How long has it been? How much have I forgotten?" Alison replies, "I don't know exactly. Before the accident, you gave me your Power of Attorney." Gordon asks in surprise, "Why?" Alison tells him, "Everyone felt you needed a rest from the pressure of business." She adds, "You might recognise your signature." She takes a sheet of paper out of her handbag and hands it to him. He stares at it. Alison adds, "I feel like such a stranger. If only Patricia were here..." Gordon asks quickly, "You know her?" Alison smiles, "Oh yes, for ages - both of you. I'm virtually one of the family." Gordon sighs, "It's so frustrating, not being able to remember." Alison assures him, "You will soon enough." She then asks, "Remember the day you and Patricia bought Angela a horse?" Gordon smiles, "Oh yes - a beautiful black filly." Alison adds, "She was thrilled." She then reaches into her handbag again and tells him, "I've got something else that might help you remember." She hands him a photo: it's of Patricia standing outside the front door at Dural. Gordon looks at it, but Alison tells him, "The other side." He turns it over. On the back is written 'To my dearest friend Alison - Much love, Patricia'. Gordon murmurs, "If only she was here..." Alison nods, "Yes..."

At the tip, Wayne is chasing the scavenger crying, "It belongs to me. Honestly. I didn't mean to throw it out." The scavenger snaps back, "Tough." Wayne insists, "It's just an old heap of play money. It wouldn't buy you a packet of peanuts." The scavenger retorts, "It's got to be worth something - otherwise you wouldn't be jumping around like a kid on a pogo stick." He then asks, "What are you going to do if I don't give it back to you? Bash me up?" Wayne tells him, "I'll give you ten bucks." The scavenger mutters, "Couldn't get drunk on that." Wayne hands over the rest of the cash in his wallet says, "I'll give you the whole thirty." The scavenger grabs it, snaps, "Sucker," and thrusts the bag back at Wayne. Wayne stands there, grinning broadly in relief.

At Charlie's, Alison is standing by the drinks cabinet, staring at the wall in the lounge room when Charlie walks in and says curtly, "I hope you found somewhere else to stay. Don't think I'm going to change my mind." Alison doesn't respond and so Charlie snaps, "You could at least do me the courtesy of looking at me." Alison turns round and Charlie notices that she has tears streaming down her face. Charlie sighs, "Don't be so pathetic. Don't expect me to feel sorry for you just because you--" Alison suddenly interrupts and says quietly, "James has been killed." Charlie gasps in shock, "Oh darling..."

Irene is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, telling the person at the other end that Wayne isn't there at the moment. The front door suddenly opens, though, and Wayne bursts in, laughing, "I got it!" He joins Irene, who tells him that there's somebody on the 'phone for him. He takes the 'phone and says, "Wayne Hamilton." A female voice at the other end says curtly, "This is May Walters. I believe you have something of mine." She listens and then retorts, "You know perfectly well what I'm talking about: the money you found. It's mine. You must give it back." Wayne, though, snaps, "I'm afraid it doesn't work like that, Miss. Walters. The money's mine - and the trouble I've been through this morning, I'm keeping it." With that, he hangs up.

Fiona is sitting staring into space in her room at the mansion when May walks in and tells her tersely, "Fiona, I need Wayne Hamilton's address. Do you have it?" Fiona, though, retorts, "I'm surprised you have the nerve to ask me for anything. You're a stingy old fraud, May Walters. Pretending you didn't have a penny in the world... Me going out making sandwiches to support us both." May points out, "I never asked you to make sandwiches. I never asked you for any help. You took all that on yourself." Fiona retorts, "Because I felt I owed you a favour." May asks in surprise, "What favour?" Fiona explains, "Way, way, way back, when Stupid Lucy almost had me arrested." May asks blankly, "What?" Fiona sighs, "Stupid Lucy putting the black market whiskey in my room and you talking the police into not charging me." May suddenly laughs, "That's right! Come to think of it, I owe you one, too." Fiona stares at her and May explains, "If it hadn't have been for the whiskey, I wouldn't have realised how much money you can make on the black market." Fiona asks her in surprise what she's talking about. May tells her, "That's where I got my savings: sly grog and nylons. I had a very nice little operation going by the end of the War." They both burst out laughing and Fiona grins, "You sly old fox. Is that how? I can understand why you had to hide it!" May mutters, "Now I have to work out a way to get it back. Wayne's decided that as he found the money, it belongs to him." Fiona, looking suddenly thoughtful, murmurs, "There might just be a way that we could pull Wayne unstuck..."

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, working, when Irene comes in and tells him, "I'd just love to know what's in that bag. You've been acting as if you won the Lotto or something." Wayne grins, "Close!" There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Irene goes to get it. She finds Alison standing there, looking upset, and she quickly asks her, "Are you OK?" Alison just walks in and explains quietly, "I've got some bad news." They head into the lounge room. Wayne stands up. Irene asks Alison what's wrong. She replies, "I thought you should both know: James is dead." Irene and Wayne glance at each other in shock. Irene murmurs, "I'm sorry." She asks how it happened. Alison shrugs, "I don't know. Some accident or something." Irene asks if there's anything she can do. Alison replies, "No thanks. I'm going to Quilpie tomorrow, to make some arrangements." She then asks, "Should Gordon be told?" Irene replies, "I don't think so - not just yet." She adds gently, "I am sorry." With that, she goes. Wayne tells Alison that he'll get her a drink. Alison sighs, "Why did it have to happen - especially now?" Wayne muses, "Must be rough." Alison replies, "Not just for me. Poor Gordon." Wayne looks at her sharply and growls, "Don't you talk about 'poor Gordon'. I don't care how you're feeling: it was you who put dad in hospital in the first place." Alison asks him, "What are you talking about?" Wayne retorts, "I'm talking about the accident. Caroline wasn't driving the car; you were." Alison insists, "No I wasn't." Wayne, though, snarls, "Don't lie. Everything about you stinks, do you know that? Grovelling to dad to get his Power of Attorney... crawling all over James to get control of his part of the company... And you expect people to feel sorry for you. Well that's all finished. I've got the one thing that can stop you: money. And you can't go to James for help, either, because he's dead, remember?" Alison growls, "If you think all James meant to me was money, you're wrong." Wayne mutters, "Yeah? Well it doesn't really matter. Once dad gives me back his Power of Attorney - which he will when he finds out you nearly killed him - you'll be legless." Alison, though, retorts snidely, "Always one step behind, Wayne. Another thing the solicitor told me when he called: James left me everything." Wayne stares at her, furiously.


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