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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Tim pulls up outside the country house in David's car, turns off the engine and climbs out. He starts heading sullenly over towards the back door. David suddenly emerges from the house and starts running towards him. He tells him, "We had to take Donna to hospital." Tim asks quickly, "Why?" David explains, "She started to have the baby and it looked like there could have been a few problems." Tim cries, "I want to see her."

Beryl is with Donna in a room at the local hospital. A nurse hands Donna some tablets to help her sleep and tells her to lay back and relax. She goes to head out, but finds David and Tim just about to come into the room. She warns them that she doesn't think Mrs. Palmer should have any more visitors. David, though, insists that they're family; they won't stay long. The nurse sighs, "Alright," and lets them past. David and Tim walk over to the bed and David asks Beryl, "Any news?" Beryl says quietly, "It was a little boy. He, um..." She breaks off, but Donna snaps, "He's dead." David, looking shocked, murmurs that he's sorry. Tim asks Donna softly if she's OK. He takes her hand, but she pulls it away quickly and snaps, "I'm tired." Beryl suggests to David that they should go. She kisses Donna and tells her to get some sleep and she and David head off. Left alone with his wife, Tim asks, "Did the doctor say when you can come home?" Donna retorts, "In the morning, if I'm OK." Tim tells her that he'll come and pick her up." Donna, though, growls, "Beryl said David would." She then adds, "I'm really tired. Please?" Tim murmurs, "I'll see you in the morning," and he goes.

The next morning, David pulls up outside the country house in his car. Donna is sitting in the passenger seat and she watches as Tim approaches slowly. David goes to help her out. Tim joins them and asks Donna how she's feeling. She doesn't reply. Tim asks if they can have a talk. He goes to put his arm round her, to help her inside, but she pushes it away and mutters, "I can manage."

A few minutes later, as Donna sits down in the lounge room, Tim asks her if he can get her anything: a cup of tea? Donna mutters that she's OK. Tim sits down as well and then says, "Beryl told me how it happened. I feel really bad." Donna snaps, "Why should you?" Tim replies, "If I hadn't gone off, leaving you to chop the wood..." Donna mutters, "Forget it." Tim, though, persists, "I've been really rough on you lately, Don. I just want you to know I'm sorry." Donna, however, snaps, "Don't lie to me. You can't wait to get together with Jess. Now that you've lost the baby, you can." Tim cries, "That's not true." Donna, though, goes on angrily, "I saw you with her - outside the school, in front of everybody. Stop pretending to be sorry, because it makes me feel like an idiot." Tim insists, "Whatever was going on between me and Jess, it's over; it's finished." Donna asks, "You expect me to believe that?" Tim tells her, "That's what we were talking about when you must have seen us." Donna mutters, "Looked like more than talk." Tim retorts, "It wasn't. Anyway, don't blame Jess. I did all the encouraging." Donna growls, "And you've decided to give me another shot - until you get bored again." Tim insists, "I'll make it up - honest. I'm going to make things work for us, Donna. I mean it."

Spider and Jess are at Beryl's, and Spider asks Beryl for the address of the doctor she uses. Beryl comments that she didn't know he was ill. Spider, though, explains that it's Jess: that's why she's not at school. Beryl goes to get the address. When she's gone, Jess cries to Spider, "Granddad, I don't need a doctor." Spider, though, retorts, "We can't take any risks, girl. How do we know you mightn't be having a brain haemorrhage and don't realise it?" Jess insists, "I've just got a small headache." Beryl comes back in and Spider says to her that she'll understand if they don't stay; he won't be able to relax until he knows Jess is alright. Beryl assures him, "Yes, I understand - I went through the same thing yesterday." Looking concerned, Spider asks if somebody's sick. Beryl replies, "Worse: young Donna lost the baby." A look of shock crosses Jess's face and she exclaims that that's terrible. Beryl nods, "Yeah - chopping wood, of all things." Spider asks why she was doing a stupid thing like that. Jess murmurs, "Probably letting off steam. She must have found out..." Spider and Beryl look at her and she tells them guiltily, "I'm not sick. I'm not at school because I thought Tim might be there to see me. We've sort of been seeing each other and I wanted to stop it." Beryl asks if Donna knows. Jess replies, "She must, don't you think? God, it's all my fault..." She then cries, "I have to go and see her, and try and apologise."

Donna is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house as Tim serves her with some lunch and enthuses that he'll turn the shed into a little mansion in no time! There's suddenly a knock at the back door and Tim answers it to find Jess standing there. She tells him that she knows about the baby and she wants to see Donna. Tim replies, "She's not really--" Donna, though, interrupts and instructs, "Let him in, Tim." He does so, reluctantly. Jess then asks him to leave her and Donna alone for a while, and he goes. Donna tells Jess, "I know what you're going to say. There's no need to; I'm not angry. When I first saw you with Tim, I wanted to rip your hair out - but then, when I settled down, I realised it wasn't your fault." Jess cries, "It was." Donna, though, insists, "Tim and I weren't in love when we got married. Something was sure to happen; it probably will again. I'm not saying I wasn't hurt, 'cos I was - but it's funny: I understood how you felt. I don't hate you, Jess. I want us to stay friends."

Wayne is looking up a telephone number in the index on the bar at Dural. He then dials the number and Samantha answers the 'phone in Irene's flat. Wayne says it's him and he tells her that he's trying to find Caroline. He asks Samantha if she has any idea where she is. Samantha sighs, "She didn't come home last night. Alison rang to say she'd taken her to Charlie's, apparently too drunk to drive home." Wayne thanks her, saying he'll try her there. Samantha goes on, "Wayne, it's getting ridiculous: she's not even trying to pick herself up." Wayne suggests, "Give her time." He then adds that he's got to go; he'll talk to her later. He hangs up and heads out.

Charlie is having a cycling lesson from an attractive young instructor when Wayne approaches them. He asks Charlie if Caroline is inside. Charlie, though, ignores him, saying, "Darling, you two haven't met, have you? This is Trent Harris. Wayne Hamilton. Trent's a professional cyclist. He'll be staying with me for a few days, teaching me how to ride. The poor darling's hurt his knee; he can't compete for the rest of the season." Wayne, looking disinterested, just repeats, "Is Caroline inside?" Charlie replies, "Yes, but I don't think she's going to feel like visitors..." Wayne walks off and Trent asks Charlie if she's ready for a few laps. Charlie flirts, "Whenever you are!"

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Alison hands Caroline a couple of painkillers. Caroline asks her suspiciously why she's playing the Good Samaritan all of a sudden. Alison replies, "You probably don't remember: we had a little chat about it yesterday. I've lost a daughter, too." She then asks Caroline how she's coping. Caroline retorts, "I thought that was rather obvious. Every time I think of Amanda..." She breaks off before continuing, "Samantha's the one who's copping it the most: when I'm not stumbling around the house, drunk, I'm smothering her with protection. I can't imagine what I'd ever do if something happened to her, too..." There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Alison goes to get it. She finds Wayne standing on the step, and he barges in, snapping, "Where is she?" Alison retorts, "If you mean Caroline, she's in no mood for visitors." Wayne ignores her, though, and he heads into the lounge room. Caroline tells him, "Alison's right: I'm really not up to visitors." Wayne growls, "It's business." Caroline insists, "It'll have to wait." Alison joins them and adds, "So why don't you leave?" Wayne glares at her and walks out again. Alison stands there, a grin on her face, and muses, "I think the poor boy feels threatened. Probably thinks we're plotting against him..."

That evening, Wayne turns up at the Morrell town house. Samantha is there alone, and Wayne asks her if he's come at a bad time. Samantha explains that she's having dinner with Alison and Charlie; she's got to dash in a minute. Wayne asks if Caroline will be there. Samantha replies, "Yes. Is that bad?" Wayne says to her, "Have you noticed how chummy Alison's been to her, lately? She's up to something and she's keeping Caroline too plastered to realise it." Samantha gasps, "Encouraging her to drink?" Wayne replies, "Practically feeding her from the bottle, I'd say." Samantha asks in disbelief why she'd do that. Wayne retorts, "Same reason Alison does anything: she's out to look after number one and she doesn't care whose life she wrecks in the process." Samantha muses, "If that is what she's up to, maybe she's going to have to start to care." A hint of a nasty smile crosses Wayne's face...

Alison and Caroline are talking to Trent in Charlie's lounge room when Charlie walks in and trills, "Samantha's here." She then introduces her to Trent. Trent shakes her hand and smiles, "Pleased to meet you!" Alison offers drinks. Samantha asks for a mineral water. Caroline says she'll have the same. Trent then tells Samantha, "Your mother's been giving you a build-up - you sound like quite an athlete yourself!" Samantha laughs, "I play a few sports, but I'm certainly no cyclist!" Trent comments, "That hardly matters. In fact, I prefer quite a few sports other than cycling. "Alison hands out the drinks and comments, "I think the Morrells are going to drink us out of mineral water tonight!" Samantha asks Trent what other sports he does. He replies, "Skydiving. Frisbee-throwing. Hang-gliding." Samantha exclaims that she's always wanted to go hang-gliding; it sounds fascinating. Trent suggests that she come out sometime. Caroline, though, quickly says, "I don't think Samantha knows what's involved in hang-gliding." Samantha mutters, "I know enough." Caroline insists, "It's really very dangerous. Honestly, I don't think you'd enjoy it." Samantha growls quietly, "Whatever you say." Alison looks on, a sly expression on her face...

The next morning, Donna is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, saying, "Don't say 'yes' just to be nice." Beryl, at the other end, insists, "I'm not. I told you the other day I was going to need a babysitter when I start work." Donna thanks her, adding that she wants to save some money to finish her education. Beryl comments, "That sounds a good enough reason for me." She adds that she'll call on Donna whenever she needs help with Robert. They hang up and Donna turns to David and Tim - who are sitting at the table - and announces that she's got herself a job. Tim asks whereabouts. Donna replies, "Babysitting for Beryl." Tim exclaims, "That's great! The money will come in handy with the renovations." Donna, though, snaps, "Who said anything about spending money on the shed? Weren't you listening? I haven't earnt a cent, yet, and already you're deciding how to spend it. It's going towards my education." With that, she storms off. As Tim watches her go, David says to him, "Give her time. She's been through a lot, lately."

Beryl is sorting out some old dresses in her lounge room when there's a knock at the front door. She goes to answer it and Spider walks in, carrying a black bag. He tells Beryl, "I don't want you to get embarrassed, but when I was short of a few pennies, you were always there to help me. Now that you're a bit strapped, I want to do the same. I've got some clothes here for young Robert." He tips the contents of the bag onto the living room table: they're adult-sized clothes! Beryl exclaims, "They're all too big." Spider points out that Robert needs growing space. Beryl mouths, "I... I appreciate the thought, Spider, but these clothes weren't meant for me; they were donated to people that really do need them." Spider comments, "You don't want them?" Beryl says hesitantly, "Let's just say there are people that need them more..."

In Sydney, Samantha is talking on the 'phone at the Morrell town house, saying, "Everything was fine." Wayne, at the other end, asks how Alison was. Samantha replies, "Perfectly normal, as far as I could tell. I get the feeling you're wrong about her: mum was in the best form she's been in ages. She didn't touch a drop all night, and I think Alison can take most of the credit for it." Wayne mutters, "I'd reserve judgement, if I were you." Samantha smiles, "We'll wait and see." Someone knocks on the door at Dural and Wayne tells Samantha that he's got to go. They hang up. Wayne walks over to the door to find a pained-looking Charlie standing there. He asks what happened. Charlie cries, "That beastly bicycle. I went for an early-morning practice ride so I could impress Trent at my lesson this afternoon." As he helps her into the lounge room, Wayne comments, "And you came here because you didn't want Johnny Jockstrap to know you'd taken a tumble?!" Charlie smiles, "You're a lifesaver." As she sits down, Wayne asks her where she met Trent. Charlie explains, "Marcia Coolidge introduced us. She said she found him very satisfactory - teaching her to ride a bike! - so I thought 'why not?'" Wayne, changing the subject, comments that he heard Charlie had quite a party last night. Charlie smiles, "It was fun. Of course, it's bound to be, with someone like Trent as a guest." Wayne remarks that Alison and Caroline have become quite friendly... Charlie smiles, "Yes." Wayne asks her what she thinks they're up to. Charlie, though, tells him, "Nothing, darling. They're just behaving like adults for a change. And of course, Trent kept everyone on the edge of their seats with his stories about this club he belongs to, called 'The Daredevils'. He said they do these terribly dangerous things--" She breaks off as she realises Wayne isn't listening. She asks him if he's alright. Wayne quickly says, "I'm fine. Hadn't you better be getting back? Trent might start wondering where you are." Charlie smiles, "I'm so glad I crashed in front of your place instead of someone else's!" They stand up and Wayne goes to see Charlie out. As he does so, Charlie tells him, "I think you'd better look after yourself. I think you might have high blood pressure - it runs in the family; look at your poor father." With that, she leaves. Wayne stands by the front door, looking thoughtful.

Charlie groans to herself as she heads in through her own front door. She finds Trent sitting in the lounge room and he comments that she's up and about early. Charlie asks him, "No ill effects from the party last night?" Trent replies, "None." Charlie then asks him what he thought of Samantha. Trent asks 'innocently', "Samantha who?" Charlie retorts, "The pretty one, with blonde hair." Trent tells her, "She's pretty young for my liking. There's never anything to talk about afterwards with the young ones." Charlie looks at him in surprise and snaps, "I'm not that old." Trent points out, "But you're never at a loss for anything to say, either." Charlie looks at him and says uncertainly, "That is a compliment, isn't it?" Trent assures her, "Certainly meant to be." Charlie grins, "I'll just have a shower, then I'll fix you breakfast!" She walks out. Trent sits on the couch and raises his eyebrows, thoughtfully.

Samantha is having breakfast at the Morrell town house when Caroline joins her. Samantha asks her how she slept, and Caroline smiles, "Wonderfully!" She asks Samantha if she enjoyed last night. Samantha replies, "Loved it. I thought Trent was very impressive." Caroline grins, "I noticed!" She adds, "I think you'll have a fight on your hands with Charlie!" Samantha smiles, "Well, may the best woman win: he's invited me hang-gliding." Caroline, suddenly looking worried, mutters, "You didn't accept?" Samantha nods, "Yes." Caroline points out, "Darling, I told you how I feel about dangerous sports." Samantha retorts, "Yes, you did - but don't you think you're being a little overprotective?" Caroline snaps, "No, I don't. Hang-gliding has got one of the highest casualty rates in the country." Samantha insists, "It wouldn't have worried you before Amanda died." Caroline cries, "That's not true." Samantha, though, retorts, "Yes it is, and you know it. Look, I understand, but you can't let your feelings about Amanda change things. You've always let me make my own decisions." Caroline insists, "I'm sorry if you're feeling cramped, but you know how I feel. I really don't want to discuss it anymore."

Alison is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's, reading the newspaper, when Trent wanders in and comments to her that he presumes she's a lady of leisure. Alison asks why he says that. Trent explains, "You're not rushing off to some job; I just presumed you didn't need one." He adds, "I've always found women who don't need to work far more intriguing..." Alison stares at him and mutters, "You mean 'more profitable'." Trent insists, "I didn't mean that." Alison, though, retorts, "Really? I know how your sort makes your living. You should change your name to Rudolph Vaselino." Trent comments, "You've lost me." Alison, though, growls, "I don't think so. You squirm your way into any heart that can afford you and you get yourself bankrolled." She then asks, "What do they pay you for your cycling lessons?" Trent retorts, "Enough." Alison goes on, "It's peanuts, isn't it? Why don't you earn some decent money?" Trent asks her if she's thinking of taking up cycling. Alison smiles, "Don't flatter yourself." She then continues, "I might be able to use you for something else, though. It wouldn't be what you're used to - but then again, you wouldn't be paid peanuts, either. Interested?" Trent hesitates only momentarily before replying, "Could be." Alison muses, "Yes, I thought you might..."


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