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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

Beryl is back home in Melbourne when there's a knock on her front door. She goes to answer it and finds David standing on the step. He comments that he didn't know if she'd be back from Sydney yet. He then asks how Fiona is and Beryl tells him that she's still pretty weak, but the doctors are pleased with the way she came through it. David laughs that she's a tough old bird! He adds that the main thing is that she's alright. Beryl then tells him that Fiona's brother and niece turned up at the hospital. Looking surprised, David remarks that he didn't think she had anything to do with her family. Beryl explains that she doesn't - but Andy and Kelly tracked them down. David mutters that Andy was sticking his nose in again. Beryl goes on, "George is a Minister and Janice is pretty straight-laced. They both turned up determined to 'save' Fiona. You can imagine how well that went down!" David chuckles, "Like World War III, eh?!" Beryl explains, "It ended with George washing his hands of her. Apparently he's done it before; but Janice is determined to convert her!" David laughs, "I don't like her chances!" Beryl replies, "Neither do I, but I hope she stays round for a while." David asks why. Beryl explains that it'll be good for Fiona. David asks why. Beryl tells him, "She needs someone to stand up to; keep her firing. Wayne proved that - and Janice is just the girl to do it!" David, suddenly looking thoughtful, asks who paid for Fiona's op. Beryl explains that it was Gordon. David remarks that that was decent of him. He then asks Beryl how she's managing. She replies, "I'll be alright. At least I own the house; I can always rent a room if necessary, but I'm sure it won't come to that." David offers, "I can give you a hand." Beryl, though, insists, "I'll be alright, David. I'm not out selling matches yet."

Tim is driving Jess to school. She goes to climb out of the car but Tim asks her to wait, as he wants to talk to her. Jess reminds him that he has to go and pick up David. Tim, though, insists that a few minutes won't make any difference. Jess sighs that she's sure Donna suspects something: she saw the look she gave her when he offered to give her a lift to school. Tim, however, insists that Donna's only crook at him because he didn't offer to help her clean up. Jess insists, "We can't keep seeing each other, Tim. It's wrong." Tim tells her, "I can't help the way I feel, Jess." Jess murmurs, "I can't help the way I feel, but you're married to Donna and we've just got to forget about it." With that, she climbs out of the car.

David arrives back at the country house. Spider and Donna are in the kitchen and Donna asks how Beryl was. David replies that she was fine - and so was Fiona. Donna then asks him if Tim's with him. David explains that he took the car again; he won't be long. Donna mutters that he promised to chop some wood for her and now he's gone off somewhere. Spider - who's looking at the newspaper - suddenly tells David that there's an ad in the personal column asking Sarah to contact this bloke. He points it out and Donna comments, "He wouldn't be after the same Sarah, would he?" David points out that there's more than one person with the name 'Sarah'. Spider suggests that it's worth a 'phone call. David goes to the 'phone and dials. The 'phone at the other end rings and an answerphone message then starts and a male voice says, "Hello, this is Keith Garner. I'm not at home at the moment, but if you'd care to leave a message after the tone, I'll get back to you as soon as possible." The tone sounds and David then says, "The name's David Palmer. I wondered if you could 'phone me on 844 7677. It's about your ad in the paper this week. Thanks." He hangs up.

A while later, Spider is at Beryl's, and he comments that David tells him that Fiona is coming on well. Beryl nods that she's doing pretty good. She looks distracted, though, and she puts down some papers on the table and asks Spider if he'll excuse her, as she has to make a 'phone call. She goes to the 'phone as Spider picks up the newspaper from the table and asks if it's the new one. Beryl explains that it's actually last week's. She then dials a number on the 'phone. Donna answers and Beryl asks her if she'd mind looking after Robert; she'll shout the tab. Donna asks her when she'd want her to come over. Beryl replies, "A bit after lunch." Donna says that'll be fine. They hang up and Beryl turns back to Spider. He's looking through her sheaf of papers. She mutters, "Having a good read?" Spider murmurs, "I didn't know things were going so bad for you." Beryl retorts, "Well now you do." Spider suggests that David would help her out. Beryl retorts, "I'm sure he would - if I asked." Spider realises, "But you're not going to?" Beryl shakes her head. Spider asks, "What are you going to do?" Beryl explains, "I'm going for an interview this afternoon - that's why I want Donna to come over." Spider asks bluntly, "Why don't you just tell David?" Beryl, though, retorts, "I'm not telling anyone - and neither are you. You say one word about my financial situation, I will not speak to you again."

Caroline arrives back at the Morrell town house to find Wayne standing outside. He asks her where she's been, as he was supposed to take her to lunch before the meeting. Caroline tells him that she's sorry - she forgot about it completely. She adds that she can give him a sandwich, if he likes. He accepts. He then hands her a bottle of vintage wine and tells her that he thought it might help to cheer her up - and give her a little Dutch courage for the meeting. Caroline suggests that he open it while she gets the sandwiches. She walks off, leaving Wayne with a grin on his face...

Adam, Charlie and Alison are standing in the driveway outside Charlie's. Charlie is trying to climb onto a bike. Alison stands there laughing, but Charlie asks her indignantly if she hasn't got a meeting with Gordon or something! Alison laughs, "Have fun!" She walks off. Charlie complains to Adam that she'll never be able to stay on the bike. Adam starts pushing her along, as she yells out half-nervously!

A short time later, Alison is sitting with Gordon at Dural. She comments that she thought Wayne and Caroline would have been there already. Gordon sighs that Wayne left to pick up Caroline a long time ago. The front door suddenly bangs and Gordon remarks that that must be them. Caroline stumbles into the room, obviously drunk. She giggles, "Sorry I'm late - I thought you might have started without us." Gordon stares at her, aghast, and mutters, "No." Caroline laughs, "Then I officially declare this meeting open!" With that, she goes and gives Gordon a big sloppy kiss!

A few moments later, Gordon hands Caroline the agenda, but she asks drunkenly, "Do we have to talk about business?" Alison asks tersely, "What else did you have in mind?" Caroline giggles, "A party. I feel like a party!" Gordon asks Alison to take her out to the kitchen and get her some coffee. Alison leads Caroline out. Wayne sits down next to his father, who asks sharply, "Well? What happened?" Wayne lies, "Nothing. She was like that when I arrived. Apparently, she'd been drinking all morning. I've been trying to sober her up." Gordon snaps, "Then you should have suggested that she send her apologies and miss the meeting." Wayne tells him, "I did - but she insisted on coming. You can't argue with a drunk." Gordon mutters, "We're hardly going to get anything significant out of her in her present condition." Wayne retorts, "I know that, but what could I do? It's hit her hard, losing Amanda." Gordon murmurs, "That's understandable. I just hope she pulls herself together soon - for the company's sake, as well as her own..."

At Charlie's, Adam is tending to two grazed knees that Charlie has suffered. He tells her that they're going to be tender for a few days yet. Charlie sighs, "I know. Can you imagine what they'll look like after a month in Inner Mongolia?!" Adam asks her, "Are you sure you still want to come? I mean, let's face it, you are the five-star hotel type." Charlie insists, "If this is the way you want to see the world, I'll learn to ride a bike if it kills me!" Adam laughs, "I wouldn't go that far!" He then adds, "If you really do want to go to Europe, I'm sure I'd still be interested." Charlie, though, sighs, "We're not being very honest with each other, are we? I'm honestly starting to feel I'm getting in the way. We both like different things. I think we should accept that and not try to force our personal tastes on one another. You go on the bike tour through Mongolia with your friends." Adam asks her what she'd do. Charlie shrugs, "Might catch up with you in Europe. Shout you a meal when you're broke!"

Beryl arrives back home and apologises to Donna and Spider for being so late. She asks how Robert was, and Spider laughs that Donna has been getting in a lot of practice on what to do. Donna then asks Beryl if she got the job. Beryl smiles, "Yes!" Spider asks what it is. Beryl replies, "Nothing very exciting..." Donna asks her who she'll be working for. Beryl explains, "I'll be waitressing." Spider quickly asks, "Which restaurant?" Beryl, though, retorts, "You are not getting one free meal, Spider!" Donna asks, "What about Robert?" Beryl explains that Muriel's always happy to look after him; she'll pay her, of course. She then asks Donna not to tell David about the job. Donna says she won't. She then tells Beryl, "He called a little while ago; he said he wants you to go over there. He says it's pretty important, but he didn't say what it was about." Beryl asks her if she wants a lift back. Donna, though, says she's got to do some shopping and see Jess about a new dress pattern. With that, she stands up and hands Robert back to his mother. Beryl thanks her for the afternoon and Donna goes. Beryl suggests to Spider that it's time he got going, too...

Keith Garner is standing in the kitchen at the country house with David, who thanks him for coming over. Garner tells him that he just thought he should be put in the picture about things. There's suddenly a knock on the back door and David opens it to let Beryl in. He tells her that he's sorry to drag her over, but he just thought he needed someone. Beryl asks in concern what's happened. David introduces Keith Garner, adding, "Apparently, he's Sarah's husband." Beryl gasps, "Her husband?" David explains that Garner was just about to tell him the whole story. He and Beryl sit down and Garner says, "It's fairly complicated. We were married some years ago, but things weren't exactly happy. We used to argue a lot. Finally, after one big row, Sarah walked out and I lost touch with her. I looked for her, but all I found out was that she'd gone overseas. That was the last I heard of her until I saw your ad with the photo. Realising she was back in Australia, I put my own ad in the paper and she answered. She came home this morning." He goes on, "She could only still remember flashes - until she saw the house - and then she remembered who she was. She's told me everything: the nervous breakdown in South America... meeting Patricia Palmer... and how you married her, thinking that's who she was..." David sighs heavily and asks, "She staying with you?" Garner replies, "Yes, we've decided to make another go of it." David murmurs, "Oh." Garner goes on, "Under the circumstances, I'm afraid your marriage isn't really legal - and I think it's best if you don't see her again. It's what Sarah thinks, too." David assures him, "I only want her to be happy." Garner then hands him an envelope and says, "She asked me to give you this." He then heads to the back door, but pauses and adds, "Look... I am sorry." David assures him, "It's not your fault." With that, Garner leaves.

Donna is walking home from the shops when she stops by a fence near Jess's school. She sees Jess walking along the street with one of her friends. She also watches as Tim suddenly climbs out of David's car, which is parked nearby, and runs after her. He asks her where she's going. Jess retorts, "I thought I made it clear this morning: I don't think we should see each other any more." Donna looks on, sadly.

At the kitchen table at David's, Beryl is reading the letter from Sarah as David murmurs, "It's hard to think I'll never see her again..." Beryl points out, "It's obviously just as difficult for her - and if you had stayed together, sooner or later she would have got her memory back and by then you might have grown closer and it would have been that much harder to break apart." The back door suddenly opens and Donna storms in. Beryl asks her what's wrong. Donna snaps, "Nothing." She marches across to the kitchen, looks at the stove and then snaps, "Tim still hasn't chopped this wood. How am I supposed to make a meal?" She storms off to her room.

Jess is sitting with Tim in his car. He's telling her, "We've gotta make some arrangement. I have to keep seeing you." Jess sighs, "How many times do I have to tell you? It's not right." Tim cries, "I know. I don't want to hurt Donna, but I don't love her. I'm in love with you. Please, Jess - I know you feel the same..." With that, he leans in and they start kissing. Jess, however, suddenly pulls away and snaps, "No! Don't try and follow me around or see me alone. If you do, I'll have to tell Donna." Tim sighs, "Come on, Jess." Jess, though, snaps, "I mean it, Tim." With that, she climbs out of the car and marches off. Tim calls, "Jess!" after her. He eventually climbs back in the car and sighs heavily.

Adam walks into the lounge room at Charlie's, a backpack over his shoulder. Charlie asks him if he's all packed. He nods, "Yep - and I've called a cab, so there's no need to take me all the way out to the airport." He then asks her if she's having second thoughts about the holiday, adding that if she really wanted him to go to Europe... Charlie smiles, "No. You'll have a much better time on the bike tour, and I'm not about to try and persuade you otherwise. That's one thing I learnt a long time ago: you're a very obstinate young man!" She then adds gently, "I also think it's a good idea you're going to be with people your own age. It might help you forget Leigh - and when you come back, things won't hold the same sort of sad memories they do for you now. You'll be able to settle down; get on with a new career..." Adam smiles warmly, "To think I used to think you were just plain scatty!" Charlie tells him, "Just because I look on the bright side, darling, doesn't mean I don't have feelings." Adam smiles, "I know. I'm a lucky guy to have a mum like you." He then adds, "I've got a present for you." He tells her to close her eyes and promise not to peek. Charlie does so. Adam heads out to the hallway and then returns with a pair of stabilisers! Charlie opens her eyes and Adam tells her, "I knew you'd be thrilled! I'm leaving you the bike and the training wheels. I think you could use them a bit more than me!" Charlie stares at him, open-mouthed, but then says, "I'm sorry to disappoint you, darling, but I don't think they'll get much use!" Adam just shrugs and suggests that he'd better get moving. Charlie hugs him and says, "Good luck." Adam whispers, "Thanks. Bye."

Alison carries a pot of coffee into the lounge room at Dural and offers some to Caroline. She declines, though, saying that if she has another cup she's going to get sick. Gordon hands Alison his cup, and as she fills it, mutters, "This meeting has been nothing but a complete waste of time." Caroline asks him if he's got any files that she can take home and have a look at. Gordon nods that he has. Caroline says she'll make sure she's well-prepared for next time. Gordon goes to get them. When he's gone, Wayne asks Caroline, "Why are you bothering to take them today? You shouldn't be worrying about business at a time like this." Alison looks on, intrigued, as Caroline insists, "I know what I'm doing." Gordon suddenly calls to Wayne from the hallway and asks him to come out there, as he's trying to find the surveyor's report on the Richmond development. Wayne gets up and heads out. When he's gone, Caroline murmurs to Alison, "Gordon's angry with me, isn't he?" Alison retorts, "Funny that. I wonder why..." Caroline goes on, "He just doesn't understand how 'empty' I feel. Wayne does; he knows how a few drinks can help." Alison, suddenly looking thoughtful, muses, "Yes, I bet he does..." She then tells Caroline, "Look, you may not believe this, but I know exactly what you're going through. I lost a daughter once. I think only a mother knows what it's like to lose a child - especially a daughter. I know we haven't been exactly on the best of terms lately, but there are some things that bring women together - and motherhood's one of them; don't you think?" Caroline nods. Gordon and Wayne suddenly come back in. Gordon holds out some files for Caroline and she thanks him. Wayne tells her that he'll give her a lift home. Alison, however, says quickly, "No, don't worry. I'm going into the city. I'll drop her off." Wayne insists, "It's no trouble." Caroline, though, tells him, "Forget it. Stay home. I don't mind going with Alison." They head out, Alison grinning at an annoyed-looking Wayne as they do so...

Donna is chopping wood in the grounds of the country house. David and Beryl emerge from the house and David thanks Beryl for coming over. Beryl assures him that any time he needs someone to talk to, she's always there. They suddenly spot Donna lifting the axe and chopping the wood. Beryl exclaims in horror, "What on earth's she doing? She's pregnant!" David mutters, "Silly girl." He calls over to her, "Donna, I told you to leave that. I'll do it later." Donna, though, doesn't listen. She thrusts the axe into some wood - and then suddenly collapses to the ground, clutching her hand to her belly in pain. David and Beryl rush over to her and Beryl cries to David, "Quickly. Get her inside..."


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