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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Chris Langman

Charlie tells Adam not to be silly: Leigh couldn't possibly be alive. Adam growls, "I don't believe you." Charlie, indicating the watch, blusters, "She gave that to me to get fixed - the day before the accident." Adam snaps, "You're lying, because I remember asking her the time on the way to the picnic. Now, what is going on and where is she?" Charlie stares at him but doesn't say anything. Leigh suddenly appears in the doorway and murmurs nervously, "You don't have to lie anymore, Charlie." Looking at Adam, she then cries, "Sorry, Adam..." Adam goes and throws his arms around her. As he hugs her, he cries, "Why? Did you know what it was doing to me?" Leigh sobs, "It was for you. I didn't want you waiting while I was in jail. I thought it better if you thought I was dead. It's not fair to ask you to wait." Alison and Charlie look at each other.

At the boarding house, Irene emerges from her surgery and goes to head into her flat, opposite. Fiona suddenly comes along the corridor and says to Irene that she knows she's finished surgery, but she wondered if she could spare a few moments. Irene opens the door to her flat and they head inside. She then asks what the problem seems to be. Fiona sighs that she would have thought that was obvious. Irene asks, "Depression?" Fiona sighs, "I don't like the idea of taking anything, but I just cannot pull myself out of it." Irene invites her to sit down. She does so, but then grimaces in pain as she tries to get comfortable. Irene asks in concern, "Sore?" Fiona replies, "Oh no, it's just a backache." Irene offers to take a look, but Fiona laughs, "Don't be so silly - it'll go; it always does." Irene tells her, "I was rather hoping young Kelly would be part of the answer: give your mind something to concentrate on." Fiona, though, sighs, "I seem to have mucked up completely with that girl; no matter what I try and say or do, it's never the right thing." Irene tells her, "You both have to get used to each other, you know. You're not the only one who has to adjust." Fiona, though, mutters, "She doesn't need any help - let alone mine." Irene tells her, "That's enough of that: you're not yourself at the moment, or you'd realise what a dumb statement that is." Fiona sighs heavily and then admits, "Kelly could probably be a big help if I can just stopping making such a fool of myself."

Andy pulls up in a yellow van outside a parade of shops. Kelly is sitting in the passenger seat and he tells her that he thought they might have some fish and chips. Kelly just says, "I think I should try and explain what's wrong." Andy looks at her and tells her to go on. She explains, "Living at home with mum was good - I felt independent. It might sound silly, but knowing where everything was, and being able to find my way round easily, made me feel sort of whole; comfortable." Andy asks, "And because you've moved somewhere else, you were afraid of losing that?" Kelly nods, "Yes." Andy insists that Fiona is only trying to help, not take over. Kelly sighs, "I know - but she's like all the others that don't understand that being blind doesn't mean you're totally helpless." Andy insists, "She only wants to feel needed. I think you're making mountains out of molehills." Kelly murmurs, "Maybe." Andy adds, "I also think you have to take her situation into account." Looking surprised, Kelly asks if something's wrong with her. Andy explains, "She's very depressed. See, she kind of feels responsible for a man committing suicide." He then adds, "I'll get the fish and chips and tell you about it later." He climbs out of the van, leaving Kelly looking thoughtful.

At Charlie's, Adam is sitting with his arms around Leigh, saying, "I can't tell you how I felt when I thought when you were gone." Leigh sobs, "Adam, don't..." Adam insists, "There was no way I was going to believe it. I just couldn't." Charlie and Alison come in and Adam snaps, "I should have been told straight away, of course." Charlie tells him that it was for his own sake, in the long run. Adam growls, "You knew what it was doing to me and yet you didn't say a word. I don't think I'm ever going to forgive you for that." Charlie looks at him in shock and then turns and walks out. Leigh cries at Adam, "She wanted to tell you; I thought it was better not to." Adam, though, retorts, "She knew how I felt. You can't pass the buck for her." The front door bangs as Charlie heads outside. Alison snaps at Adam, "The last thing that woman wants is to hurt you. It's a pity you don't feel the same way." With that, she walks out as well. Adam then tells Leigh, "The next step is to figure out how we're going to clear out." Leigh looks at him in surprise and says, "Sorry?" Adam explains, "You've got to leave Australia. We'll have to go away together." Leigh stares at him in shock and mouths, "Adam, no... I won't let you do that." Adam asks, "You love me, don't you?" Leigh replies, "Yes, of course, but I don't want to see you breaking the law because of me." Adam sighs, "Can't you get it through your head that I love you and I'll do anything to keep us together?" Leigh murmurs, "I've already ruined my life, Adam. I don't want to ruin yours as well." Adam insists, "The only way you'll ruin it is by not going along with me. I love you, Leigh. I'm going to get us out of this mess." Leigh gives him a warm hug.

Charlie is standing outside, picking petals off a flower. Alison joins her and says, "Come on, buck up." Charlie, though, asks, "What's the point? Every time I get close to him, he slaps me in the face. I sometimes wish I'd never found him and Sally..." Alison assures her, "You don't mean that." She then suggests, "How about we go out for a nice high-calorie dinner?" A look of horror suddenly crosses Charlie's face, though, and Alison asks her what's wrong. Charlie, looking into the distance, cries, "It's Tom. Oh no... he's going to see me." With that, she dashes off back inside.

A few moments later, Tom joins Alison and, indicating the departing Charlie, asks, "Who was that?" Alison tells him quickly, "That was Agatha. She owns the house." Tom comments that she seemed a bit agitated. Alison tells him that she had something on the stove that she thought was boiling over. She then asks him what he's doing there at that time of day. Tom explains that he thought he'd have a word with Charlotte, and he asks if she's inside. Alison replies that Agatha is telling her he's out there. She then takes his arm and leads him for a walk round the garden!

Inside, in the lounge room, Charlie is putting on her wig as Adam watches. He remarks that he's never seen anything so ridiculous. Charlie just mutters that it doesn't seem she can do anything right. She goes on curtly, "It might seem strange to you, but I've finally met a man I really like and I'll do anything to hang onto him - and that includes making a fool of myself." With that, she puts on her glasses and storms back out. When she's gone, Leigh snaps at Adam that he's not being fair. Adam, though, retorts, "Was she fair not telling me about you?" Leigh growls, "Look, if you don't hold it against me, I don't see why you should hold it against her. I'm the one who pretended do be dead, don't forget." Adam retorts, "You had good reason to: you were scared." Leigh insists, "I'm still the one that asked her not to tell you." Ignoring this, Adam mutters, "I'm going to have to go to Melbourne; organise some cash; get a passport for you." Leigh asks, "What about me?" Adam suggests, "It might be a good idea if you came with me - then we can leave together as soon as I set everything up." Leigh, looking downcast, murmurs, "Whatever you say."

Outside, Alison - standing with Tom - asks Charlie, "How's Agatha going in the kitchen?" Charlie looks at her blankly and she goes on, "Did she burn anything? She went in thinking she might've." Charlie says, "Did she...?" She then finally catches on and smiles, "Yes, I think she did!" Alison says she might go and help her rescue the remains, and she heads off to the house. Charlie suggests to Tom that they go for a walk. Tom comments that he's already been for one - with Alison! Charlie, though, flirts, "It's not the same as with me, though, is it?!" They start walking. As they do so, Tom muses, "That girl yesterday... you seemed terribly touchy about her." Charlie explains quickly, "Leigh... oh, I thought she was overseas. It was a bit of a shock." Rapidly changing the subject, she says, "I wonder what Agatha's cooking up in there." Tom suggests that they go and look. Charlie, though, says quickly, "No, let's leave her in peace!" She then asks, "Did you catch much of her?" Tom replies, "Not really." Charlie goes on, "You know, I've always rather admired the way she presents herself. I've been thinking of getting my hair cut and tinted a sort of reddish colour. Do you think it would suit me?" Tom, though, retorts bluntly, "Frankly, no. I like you the way you are: no nonsense. I can't stand phoniness." Charlie assures him, "Agatha's not a phoney; she's as no-nonsense as I am." Tom quickly assures her, "I'm not out to insult her. Why don't we go in, then I can meet her?" Charlie, though, tells him quickly, "I don't think she'd enjoy having us looking over her shoulder. Why don't we go into the village and have a cup of coffee instead?" Tom, looking bemused, queries, "Village?" Charlie smiles, "Dural, not Greenwich!" Tom muses, "I can meet her some other time, I suppose." Charlie assures him, "Yes, you will - sooner or later..." With that, she slips her arm through his and leads him off.

Inside the house, Leigh walks into the lounge room wearing a headscarf and a pair of dark sunglasses. She smiles that she can't say her cover-up's as good as Charlie's, but with luck, she'll get away with it! A car horn suddenly sounds outside and Adam tells Leigh that it's the cab. Leigh says she's got to have a word with Alison before they go. Adam takes the hint and heads outside with his bag. When he's gone, Leigh says softly to Alison, "I just wanted to say thanks for your help." Alison assures her, "My pleasure." Leigh adds, "I'll work on Adam - try to get him to think differently about Charlie." Alison murmurs, "If anyone's going to convince him, it's you. He really does love you; there's no doubt about that." Leigh sighs, "A bit too much, I think. I only hope he's not going to get into trouble because of me - but there's no way I can talk him into letting me go by myself." Alison asks, "Do you love him?" Leigh nods, a smile on her face, and Alison tells her, "Then hang in there. Stay with him." Leigh asks, "Even if it means breaking the law?" Alison replies, "Even that - because if you don't, you'll always be wondering - and you'll be angry if you don't go." Leigh muses, "Sounds a bit like Patricia's story: David didn't go with her." Alison points out, "Only because she didn't tell him she was leaving." She adds sadly, "I think she always felt that was her biggest mistake..." Adam's voice suddenly calls out, "Come on, Leigh, we'll never make it." Leigh smiles at Alison sadly and says, "Well... goodbye." Alison wishes her good luck and she goes.

Rod walks through the gates at the front of the Campbell house, picking up the newspaper from the ground as he does so. He's also carrying a stack of tinnies. He heads inside the house and into the kitchen, where Jess is preparing the special meal. Looking surprised, he comments that she's going to town, isn't she? Jess tells him that it's going to be the best dinner he's ever had. She adds that she hopes he's hungry. Rod, though, tells her, "Listen, love, don't go to too much trouble 'cos I'm not feeling too bright. I might even go to bed early, I reckon." Looking worried, Jess insists that the meal will cheer him up. Rod, though, tells her, "I don't think food's the answer, love. See, I've got a feeling it's over between me and Beryl." He then adds, "No, no... it's more than a feeling. I reckon it is." The front door suddenly bangs shut and Jess calls quickly, "Doris, come in here. Let's have a look at your hair." Rod asks, "What's she done to it?" Jess smiles, "Wait and see!" Doris comes in: she's had her hair permed and she asks Rod, "What do you think?" Rod just comments, "Fancy you changing after all this time, eh?" Doris replies, "What do they say? A change is as good as a holiday?" With that, Rod says he'll go and wash up and get ready for this feast. He leaves them. Doris immediately mutters to Jess that she feels silly now: Rod couldn't have cared less. Jess, though, insists, "We're not giving up now. Go and change into the nicest dress you've got: that blue one." Doris groans, "There's no point." Jess, though, cajoles, "Yes there is. Stop putting yourself down. He's feeling cheesed-off about Beryl and he's depressed. If ever there was a chance for you, it's tonight."

Later that night, Rod and Doris are sitting at a candlelit dinner table, eating their starter. Doris comments, "She's gone to a lot of trouble, hasn't she?" Rod agrees, "Mmm... it's alright, too." Doris then asks how work was this afternoon. Rod, though, sighs, "I couldn't concentrate... thinking about Beryl." Looking disappointed, Doris stares at him and mutters, "Excuse me - I just have to see what Jess is up to." She stands up and goes to walk out. Rod, though, says, "Before you go..." Doris turns to look at him. He holds out an empty bottle of wine and, handing it to her, tells her, "There's another one in the sink." Doris takes it reluctantly and then heads into the kitchen, where Jess is preparing some lettuce. A look of surprise on her face, she asks Doris, "What are you doing out here?" Doris sighs, "I don't think I can go through with it, Jess. He's getting stuck into the wine." Jess suggests that that should make him relax properly. She adds, "Just go along with it. This is going to turn into the most wonderfully romantic evening." Doris murmurs, "I don't know..." Jess hands her a new bottle of wine and Doris heads back to join Rod.

Adam and Leigh are walking along the corridor towards the front door of Adam and Sally's flat, Leigh saying as they do so, "I'm glad we're finally here." Adam insists, "We'll be right." He puts the key in the lock and opens the door. A look of shock crosses his face as he finds Sally sitting at the table, working, and he demands, "What are you doing here? You were supposed to be at Marion's place while I was away." Sally explains, "I couldn't stand the noise while I was studying. She played the stereo like she was deaf." She suddenly notices the young woman standing with Adam wearing a headscarf and dark glasses and asks, "Who's this?" Leigh quickly says, "I think I'd better stay somewhere else, Adam." Recognising her voice, Sally gasps, "Leigh! But you're supposed to be..." She then breaks off before demanding suspiciously, "What's going on?" Adam looks at Leigh.

At the dinner table at the Campbell house, Rod is telling Doris a story drunkenly as Doris sits there, looking embarrassed. Jess comes in and asks if they're finished. Doris offers her a hand. Jess, though, insists that the dishes can wait until tomorrow. She then adds that she's off to bed. Rod comments that it's only early. Jess, though, retorts, "For you, maybe. Not for me." She then kisses him goodnight and goes. Rod slurs after her, "It was a beautiful meal, darling." He stands up, but is shaky on his feet, and Doris quickly grabs him and says, "Watch it..." She places his arm around her and guides him to the lounge room, where she sits him down on the couch. As she does so, he slurs, "Hey... there's no doubt about the kid, eh? Doing that for me... that's sen... sensitive. She knows how I'm feeling about Beryl. You, too, Doris. You's have both been real good to me. I don't know how I'd do it without you, Doris." Doris insists, "I'm sure you'd cope." Rod, though, slurs, "Nope. You're a wonderful woman. A wonderful woman." Doris slips down on the couch next to him as he goes on drunkenly, "You're um... now this is true: you're sensitive... you're kind... you're generous. Now that's you: you're generous. You're the kind of woman to make a man feel needed, Doris. It's important for a man to feel needed..." He suddenly looks into her eyes and they lean in and kiss. Rod smiles, "You've really done yourself proud tonight, Doris. You're a very attractive woman, Doris." Doris smiles, "I've always been attracted to you, Rod - ever since we met." Rod slurs, "See what I mean? You know how to make a man feel needed. I don't want to be on me own tonight, Doris." Doris places the palm of her hand on his cheek and smiles, "You don't have to be..."

Andy and Kelly walk into Irene's flat at the boarding house, joining Fiona and Irene. Fiona asks them if they enjoyed the movie, and Andy smiles that it was good. Fiona comments that they must have gone somewhere else, being so late. Kelly explains excitedly that they went to a coffee shop and played some pinball machines. Fiona smiles. She then says seriously, "Kelly, I think it's time I said I'm sorry for trying too hard." Kelly, though, tells her, "No - it's mostly my fault. I get so touchy sometimes, that's all." Fiona insists, "I was being stupid. I should have known better. The first thing anyone should learn about blind people is that they need their independence." Kelly laughs, "We can be real pains in the bum sometimes, too!" Fiona suggests, "What say you and I start again?" Kelly smiles, "Looks good from where I am!"

The next morning, Adam pulls up in his car, outside a rackety old building. Leigh is sitting in the passenger seat, but he tells her that she should have stayed at home. Leigh, though, tells him, "You need me with you." She then adds, "You don't have to go through with it, you know?" Adam, though, insists, "Yes I do. Stop making me feel more nervous than I already am, OK?!" With that, he takes off his seatbelt and suggests that he'd better get to it. He climbs out of the car and walks round the corner of the rickety building. He goes and knocks on the front door. After a few seconds, a young woman answers it and demands, "Yes?" Adam tells her, "I'd like to see Joe Gibbs, please." The woman turns and heads back inside, calling, "Joe... someone at the door." After a few seconds, a man appears in the doorway and says, "Yeah?" Adam tells him, "I need a passport for somebody." Gibbs retorts, "What's that got to do with me?" Adam replies, "I know you can organise it." Gibbs, staring at him, asks suspiciously, "Have I seen you somewhere before?" Adam quickly says, "I don't think so." Gibbs, though, growls, "You're a copper. And if I remember, you're a straight copper." Adam assures him, "I'm not in the force anymore. I threw it in. You can trust me." Gibbs, though, growls, "Do you think I'm that stupid?" Adam insists, "I'm not trying to set you up; I need a passport for somebody." Gibbs tells him curtly, "You can talk all you like, mate. Blokes like you don't shove the law that quick." With that, he heads back inside and shuts the door, leaving Adam looking frustrated. He heads back to the car and climbs in. Leigh looks at him and, seeing the expression of disappointment on his face, murmurs, "You don't need to say anything. It's not the end of the world. I was thinking: we could go to Tasmania. There's plenty of places in Australia where no one would even look for us - and we wouldn't need passports." Adam just stares at her. Leigh then goes on in a more encouraging voice, "I don't know about you, but I'm a bit hungry. We sort of forgot about breakfast. How about going back to your flat?" Adam insists, "I've got more people I can try." Leigh, though, tells him, "Better to do it on a full stomach, I reckon." Adam smiles wanly, "Yeah, sure."

Doris and Jess are doing the washing-up in the kitchen at the Campbell house. Doris tells Jess, "We had a very nice night, thanks to you." Jess asks, "Did anything happen? I mean... was it romantic?" Doris smiles, "A bit!" Jess asks, "Did he kiss you?" Doris grins, "Quite a lot!" Jess exclaims, "That's wonderful - and it's just the beginning!" Rod suddenly walks in, wearing his pyjamas, and he asks Jess if she shouldn't be on her way to school. She replies that she is on her way, and she wishes him a nice morning and heads off. Doris then asks him what she can make him for breakfast. Rod, though, just asks, "Why didn't you wake me earlier, Doris? I'm going to be late." Doris explains that she thought he mightn't have been feeling the brightest; she thought he might have wanted to sleep in. Rod mutters, "You're not wrong there: I don't feel too bright. I don't remember much about last night at all, really, to tell you the truth." Doris's face drops. He goes on, "I remember having dinner and so on... and the other." He then sighs heavily and says, "Look, Doris, if you feel you can't hang around... well, I'll understand. I'll miss you, of course, but I know how you must be feeling." Doris mutters, "I'm alright." Rod murmurs, "If it's alright with you, it's alright with me, then." With that, he goes to get some coffee, leaving Doris looking downcast.

Adam and Leigh arrive back at the Tate flat, Adam telling Leigh as they do so to get something to eat; he's getting moving. Leigh asks him if he's not having breakfast. He's explains that he's got too much on his mind. He adds, "I'll have to go to the automatic teller. If being an ex-cop's going to make it hard getting a passport for you, then having extra cash might help." Leigh pleads, "Adam..." Adam, though, just gives her a kiss and heads out. As L closes the door behind him, Sally emerges from the kitchen and says to her, "I gather the passport is illegal?" Leigh murmurs, "He wants to get me a false one so we can get out of Australia." She goes and sits down as Sally sighs, "I don't believe it. Adam's never done anything wrong in his life. Now he's ready to break the law." Leigh murmurs, "I know." Sally asks, "Didn't you try and talk him out of it?" Leigh retorts, "Of course I did, but he wouldn't have a bar of it. Even suggested we go to Tasmania; hide out there." Sally asks what he thought of that. Leigh retorts, "He hated the idea. As far as he's concerned, our only option is going overseas." Sally murmurs, "I still don't believe it. Amazing what love can do, I suppose." Leigh, suddenly looking thoughtful, muses, "Yeah, it is, isn't it." With that, she stands up and heads out.

A short time later, Leigh is standing outside the police station, looking around her, miserably. After a few seconds, she heads inside...


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