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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Charlie asks Tom to excuse her and Leigh. The two of them walk off, leaving Tom looking surprised. A short distance away, Leigh pleads, "Charlie, please, can I take the cab?" Charlie, though, just snaps, "What are you doing? Adam's sick with worry." Leigh cries, "I have to get away. The police are after me." Charlie retorts, "The police think you're dead. The whole world thinks you're dead." Leigh cries, "Not any more - Wayne's dobbed me in. I have to get away; can I use your cab?" Charlie, though, glares at her and snaps, "You're not going anywhere." She then trots back over to Tom and suggests that he pop over to his sister's and call her later. She adds by way of explanation that Leigh's got a problem and she's the only one she can talk to. Tom, staring at her, asks, "Why was she so surprised to see you?" Charlie glances at Leigh and then tells him, "That was more delight than surprise..." Tom comments that she doesn't look delighted to him. Charlie just murmurs, "Off you go. I'll see you later." She then writes down her telephone number on a pad she takes from her handbag, hands it to him and says, "Bye bye." She walks back over to Leigh, who cries, "Charlie, the police are on their way. You've got to let me go." Charlie, though, retorts, "If they're on their way, they won't have stopped for a search warrant. I won't let them in. I'm not letting you disappear on me again, young lady."

Kelly is sitting in Fiona's apartment, reading a Braille book. Fiona joins her and smiles, "All unpacked. I'll give you a conducted tour of all the drawers later on, so you know where to find everything!" Kelly insists that she could have done it herself. Fiona smiles, "Oh no, that's what I'm here for: to look after you." Kelly's face drops and she snaps, "I don't need looking after." She then calms down and says more calmly, "I don't mean to be rude, but I'm feeling farmed-out right now, and I'd like to be as independent as possible." Fiona assures her, "You're not farmed out. I'm only too happy to be able to help you." Kelly challenges, "Because I'm blind, right? I doubt you'd take in any other girl my age if her mother was going in hospital." Fiona, though, assures her, "I probably would if I was asked. I've got the room." Kelly sighs, "Yeah - but the big thing is the fact I'm blind." She goes on bitterly, "I'm sick of people treating me like I'm... I don't know..." She then declares, "I think I may go and sit in the sun - there's not enough light in here to read by!" With that, she extends her cane and stands up. Fiona tells her, "I'll show you the way." Kelly, though, snaps, "Look, I've got my cane. I've tapped my way through life; I can make it to the front step." As she reaches the door, there's a knock on it and Irene opens it and comes in. She smiles at Kelly and asks her how she's settling in. Kelly snaps, "Fine. I'm going out into the sun." With that, she walks off. Looking surprised, Irene closes the door. Fiona immediately cries, "I don't know that I'm the right person to help. She's tense; I'm rubbing her up the wrong way." Irene tells her, "The main problem is she didn't want to come here in the first place; she wanted to stay home and look after herself. The only reason she agreed is to take a load off her mother's mind." Fiona cries that she offers to help before she even thinks. Irene insists that that will wear off. Fiona, though, replies that she'd say the girl is a pretty uptight kid all round - and the cracks she keeps making about her blindness... that's almost black humour. Irene explains, "She's adjusted to her blindness; that's why she can make the jokes. And the independence thing... let's face it: what kid her age doesn't want to be independent? Oh, it is a bit of a hang-up, but we'll help her through it. Fiona sighs, "I hope so..."

Andy is doing some gardening outside. Kelly is sitting on a seat nearby, and he calls over to her to ask if she's just moved in. Kelly asks in surprise, "Are you talking to me?" Andy points out that there's nobody else around, is there? Kelly tells him, "I'll take your word for it!" Andy then asks her what she's reading, and she replies, "Great Expectations." Andy walks over and joins her. Looking at the book on her lap, he asks in surprise, "Is this Braille?" Kelly nods, "Yes." Andy murmurs, "Sorry - I didn't realise." Kelly smiles, "You should try reading in Braille sometimes - you get the whole feel of the book, so to speak!" Andy laughs nervously, and Kelly assures him that it's a joke. She adds, "I figure if I can't laugh about being blind, no one else will."

At Charlie's, Leigh is explaining sadly, "It seemed the best thing to do at the time. Once I'd done it, I didn't see how I could undo it. I don't want to hurt Adam, Charlie - I love him. But I'm going to hurt him either way. It's probably better for him to keep thinking I'm dead; he'll get over that. If I go to jail, though, he said he'd stand by me, and what a waste that would be..." Charlie cries, "You haven't seen him: he's heartbroken." Leigh snaps, "It's going to be that either way. It's better to leave things as they are." The front door suddenly bangs shut and Alison calls, "Only me." She walks in and, seeing Leigh with Charlie - who's still wearing her blonde wig and glasses - asks what's going on. Charlie takes off her wig and explains, "It's only me, darling!" Alison stares at her and asks, "What on earth are you doing?!" Charlie sighs, "It's a long story - it's very romantic and dreadfully complicated. I'll tell you about it later, once we get Leigh's mess sorted out." Leigh cries at Alison fearfully, "Wayne's called the police." Alison demands, "Why?" Leigh explains, "He got into a bad mood about something or other. So I've got to get out of here. I've wasted enough time talking to Charlie as it is." Charlie suggests, "Let's get you stowed away and we can think what to do." Leigh picks up her bag and the three of them head out to the hallway, Charlie snapping as they do so, "I think you might have told me the truth, Alison, instead of lying to me." She goes and opens the front door. She then quickly pushes it shut again and, turning to Leigh and Alison, gasps, "Too late. They're here."

A police car is heading up the driveway outside and it pulls to a halt. Two officers climb out. Charlie's front door opens and Charlie emerges, a smile on her face. She asks the officers politely what she can do for them. One says, "I'm Constable Travis and this is Constable Phillips." He indicates this colleague. He then goes on, "Are you Miss. Alison Carr?" Charlie smiles, "No, I'm Charlie Bartlett. Alison's my houseguest." Travis continues, "We've been led to believe you have another houseguest, Mrs. Bartlett: a Leigh Palmer. She's on bail waiting trial for kidnapping." Charlie stares at him and then cries in 'shock', "Is this some sort of gruesome joke? Leigh's dead. She was killed in Melbourne." Travis tells her, "We've had a report she wasn't." Charlie demands, "Who from?" Phillips replies, "We were informed that she was staying here. Would you mind if we searched your house?" Charlie, ignoring this, just repeats, "Who told you?" She adds, "I'm not about to go hunting them. I just want to know." Phillips tells her, "Mr. Wayne Hamilton." Travis assures her, "It won't take long. If you've got nothing to hide, we--" He breaks off as the front door opens and Alison emerges. She asks Charlie what the problem is. Charlie introduces her to the police officers and then explains that the police are saying Wayne told them that Leigh is there. Alison snaps at the officers, "That's ridiculous. She drowned - three days ago. Mrs. Bartlett's very upset about it." She then adds, "Wayne lives next door. I suggest your verify your story before you start pestering us. It must be some sort of sick hoax." Travis asks her, "You don't mind us looking in the house, then, if Mr. Hamilton did make the call?" Alison assures him, "Of course not." She adds, "If he did, I'd be very surprised." Travis sighs and tells Phillips, "Wait here. I'll go and have a chat with him." Charlie and Alison glance at each other.

Inside, in the lounge room, Leigh is talking on the 'phone, saying tersely, "If they come across, say you didn't make the call. You've lied enough before now. It should be too hard." The front door opens and Alison and Charlie come in, Charlie asking Alison as they do so how they're going to smuggle Leigh out of there with the police watching the place. Alison, though, replies that, hopefully, they won't have to. They head into the lounge room, where Leigh snaps on the 'phone, "Just do it, Wayne." She then hangs up and nods at Alison. Alison explains to Charlie, "Just after you went out, Leigh told me Wayne seemed rather repentant earlier. He only did it to get at me, and then he calmed down, for some reason - so I told her to get on the 'phone. When the police arrive, he'll say he never made the call." Leigh goes and sits down and sighs heavily, "I should have disappeared somewhere and let everyone think I was dead." Charlie glares at her and snaps, "So we could have all been upset, just like Adam is? A lot of people care about you, Leigh, and you're putting them through unnecessary heartbreak. I'm going to tell Adam the truth; I don't care what you say." She goes to the 'phone. Leigh cries, "It's better how it is." Charlie retorts, "You haven't seen him." Leigh insists, "Don't you think it's hard on me, too, Charlie? I love him - that's why I'm doing it." Alison chips in, "I can see your point, Charlie." Charlie, dialling, snaps, "Don't you start too. You were wrong to hide her from us." Alison puts her thumb down on the receiver to cut off the call. Charlie snaps, "You can't stop me, Alison." Alison, though, says, "Think for a moment. Your friend: Patricia - she did the same thing when she went to Rio and left Leigh's father. She loved him more than she loved anyone. You helped her, didn't you?" Charlie admits, "Yes, but--" Alison interrupts and retorts, "No 'buts', Charlie. Be consistent. Leigh's situation is very similar: that's why I'm helping her - and so should you. Just as David's better off without Patricia, Adam's going to be better off without Leigh - in the long run." Charlie stares at her, suspiciously.

Adam is preparing some sandwiches in the kitchen at the country house when Spider wanders in with some beers. Adam offers him a sandwich and Spider accepts. Adam laughs, "Freeloader!" Spider comments to him that it's good to see him perking up a bit. Adam, ignoring this, comments to him, "Charlie was alright when she left for Sydney, wasn't she?" Spider quickly assures him, "Yeah. Why?" Adam muses, "I just wondered." He looks at the guilty expression on Spider's face and realises, "There was something, wasn't there?" Spider, looking annoyed with himself, retorts that he doesn't want to stick his foot in. Adam insists, "Come on, Spider..." Spider, pausing only momentarily, sighs, "Look, she got some bee in her bonnet about Leigh answering the 'phone at her place up in Sydney. I told her she was nuts; I told her the kid was gone and that's all we could do about it, but you know how she is." Adam asks, "You were there when it happened?" Spider explains, "She was after Alison, but some kid answered the 'phone. I told her it was a wrong number and so did Alison, later. It didn't stop her from going, but." He then quickly adds, "Don't go getting ideas. I only told you because you wondered why Charlie's been off a bit, lately." Adam just murmurs, "There was no body, Spider."He then grabs his jacket and walks out. Spider calls, "Where you going?" Adam calls back, "To Sydney."

In the garden at the back of the boarding house, Andy says to Kelly in surprise, "You play guitar too?" Kelly replies, "Not as good as you, probably, as you were in a band, but yeah, a bit!" Andy comments, "I really miss it sometimes." Kelly suggests that he start another band. Andy laughs, "What, with you?" Kelly replies, "Why not? We could call ourselves Sight and Sound!" Andy, looking surprised, remarks that she makes a lot of cracks about her blindness. Kelly starts to say, "Like I said, my--" Andy interrupts and adds, "It's just that it takes a bit of getting used to."

Inside, Samantha and Caroline are sitting with Fiona in her flat. Caroline is saying to Fiona, "I know you've heard a lot about my association with Roger Carlyle and, recently, James. I can't blame you for forming a bad opinion of me." Fiona points out, "You have caused a lot of people trouble since you came back..." Caroline admits, "You're right. I can be selfish; I can be anything you care to throw at me, I suppose - but I do know who I care about, and Gordon's top of the list." Fiona sighs, "Assuming you're genuine, what do you think you can do for him?" Caroline replies, "James is a man. I can influence his thinking." Fiona muses, "The old Mata Hari trick!" Caroline murmurs, "A bit better than that, I hope: look what happened to her." Samantha, looking interested, asks, "What did?" Caroline tells her, "A firing squad." Fiona sits there, a wry smile on her face. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Fiona calls that it's open. Chris comes in and comments to Samantha that Andy said she wanted to see him. Samantha stands up. Chris then thanks Caroline for the flowers at the funeral. He and Samantha head out into the corridor, where Samantha says, "I just wanted to see that you were alright. How's your mum?" Chris replies, "She's a mess." He adds, "Thanks for coming this morning." She assures him, "I wanted to." Chris then tells her bluntly, "I'm here to pack. I'm going to Perth this evening, with mum. For good." Samantha stares at him in shock.

Inside the apartment, Fiona says to Caroline, "You know the big problem? You remind me so much of Patricia." She adds, "I presume you know who Patricia was?" Caroline muses, "I think the whole world knows who Patricia was!" Fiona goes on, "Yes... well, anybody who has that effect on me automatically has an uphill battle earning my respect. I have the same problem with Alison Carr..." Caroline insists, "I am genuine in wanting to help Gordon." Fiona smiles, "I'm sure you are. The thing is that good intentions do not make up for past mistakes." Caroline, suddenly looking distant, tells her, "This is not an excuse. You're the first person I've actually said it to, as well: a day doesn't go past when I don't think about Amanda... wondering where she is... if she's alive... I haven't got over it; I don't think I ever will. And I haven't been the most stable lady since she disappeared; it doesn't help me to think clearly. I don't suppose that forgives anything I've done, but..." Fiona murmurs, "We do tend to forget about..." She then breaks off and sighs, "OK. Let's see how we go as a team, huh?" Caroline smiles at her, in relief.

Adam is sitting in a cab, driving along the street in Melbourne. He says to the driver, "Could you step on it, sport? I have to catch a 'plane."

Charlie is staring out through her lounge room window when Alison comes in with a tray of coffee things. She indicates Charlie's wig, which is lying on the couch, and smiles, "It looks like Isabella with the stuffing taken out of her!" Charlie turns to stare at her and Alison adds, "It looks dreadful on you." Charlie snaps, "Tom doesn't think so." Alison points out, "Tom hasn't seen the real you." Ignoring this, Charlie cries, "It was different helping you. You were innocent. Leigh's guilty, Patricia." Alison gives her a sharp look and she corrects, "I'm sorry: Alison. She's guilty. She put Beryl through hell by taking her baby. I like the girl, but she's a criminal." Alison retorts, "All the more reason not to tell Adam. With Leigh skipping bail... he's a policeman: he'll have to turn her in. It's a lousy choice to force on him." She then hands Charlie a cup of coffee and goes on, "Now, remember those people who gave you my false passport? I want you to get one for Leigh." Charlie, though, snaps, "No. It's illegal. I'm not going to do it. I'll keep quiet about her being here, but that's where I draw the line." Alison sighs, "Alright, I'll see them myself." Looking shocked, Charlie advises, "I wouldn't do that, if I were you. If anything backfires, the last thing you need is trouble with the police." Alison points out, "If you won't do it, I'll have to - so it's your fault if anything goes wrong." Charlie glares at her and snaps, "What sort of logic is that?" Leigh walks in at that moment and Alison tells her, "Charlie is going holier-than-thou on us: she won't help you get out of the country." Charlie tells Leigh, "I'm not going to break the law. As an absolute maximum, I'll give you money to get away, but if Adam finds out I've done that, he'll never talk to me again." With that, she stands up and announces that she's going to lie down. She leaves the room. When she's gone, Alison comments sourly, "She was more fun with fewer morals..." Leigh, though, says she can understand: it took her ages to get into Adam's good books. Suddenly changing the subject, Alison says, "Oh, your watch, by the way: the jeweller said he couldn't fix it: too much water damage." She adds that it's over on the dresser. Charlie suddenly comes back in and, picking up her wig, says curtly, "If Tom rings while I'm asleep, put the call through to my room." Alison smiles, "What's the wig for? He can't see you on the 'phone!" Charlie just stomps out again, sighing heavily and leaving Alison to muse, "Charlie loving a man for his brain... the mind boggles!"

Kelly, Andy, Irene, Fiona, Caroline and Samantha are all standing in the road outside the boarding house as Chris packs his suitcases into the boot of his car. He then turns to Andy and tells him to look after himself. The two of them shake hands. Chris turns to Kelly and tells her that was nice to meet her. He then thanks Irene for her help. He shakes her hand, but Irene throws her arms round him and gives him a hug. Chris then moves along to Fiona. They look at each other, fondly, and Chris tells her, "I don't blame you for anything. I owe you for so much." Fiona, though, assures him, "You don't owe me anything." Chris points out, "You taught me to hate the word 'bigot'. Best lesson I've ever had." Fiona gives him a hug and cries, "You be happy, you hear?" They pull apart and Chris moves on to Caroline. She tells him softly, "You don't need us all to wave you off." She and the others head off inside, leaving just Samantha standing there. Tears welling in her eyes, she sobs, "I will miss you." Chris kisses her on the top of her head and murmurs, "I'll never forget you. I'll write. Goodbye." They kiss passionately and Chris then pulls away and goes to climb into his car. Samantha calls after him, "Chris..." He looks at her and she says lovingly, "I think you know." Chris looks back at her fondly and replies, "I think you know, too." With that, he gets into his car and drives off, leaving an upset Samantha standing on the footpath.

A short time later, Kelly and Andy step outside the back door of the boarding house, Kelly's arm through Andy's. She tells him that she was really hoping that some time away from her mum would give her the chance to go it alone; Fiona's just as bad, though. Andy insists that whatever she does is for the best reason. Kelly cries, "I told her not to fuss." Andy, though, explains, "She's got a lot on her plate right now. Maybe it hasn't sunk in yet." Kelly snaps, "I wish it would." They stop walking and Andy turns to face her as he retorts, "Don't hassle her, Kelly. I'd say it's your problem, not hers. You struck me as pretty together, earlier on. I'm not so sure, now." He then brushes his hand on her shoulder and she asks him what he's doing. Andy tells her, "There's a chip there, somewhere. I'm just wondering which shoulder..."

Leigh and Alison are sitting on the couches in Charlie's lounge room as Charlie talks on the 'phone, saying, "I'm sorry I can't let you stay here. Are you sure you'll be comfortable at your sister's?" At the other end, Tom replies, "Yeah, that's fine. I'll miss you, that's all." He adds that he could come over, if she likes; visit for the evening. Charlie, though, quickly says, "No... no... Leigh's very distressed. I'll just settle her down with a good book and some Mozart. That should quieten her." A bemused smile crosses Alison's face! With that, Charlie wishes Tom, "Night night," and the two of them hang up. Alison immediately teases Charlie, "A good book and Mozart?!" Charlie explains indignantly, "It's Tom's favourite remedy for depression. Don't laugh at him." Alison insists, "I'm not, Charlie. It's just that you've always been more into cute-with-muscles, not the good-book-and-Mozart type." Charlie shrugs, "I'm flexible." Alison smiles, "Obviously!"

A cab pulls up outside. Adam pays the driver and climbs out. He heads up to the house and knocks on the door. After a few seconds, it opens and Charlie emerges, looking shocked. She gasps, "Adam, what are you doing here?" Adam just asks calmly, "Charlie, what is going on?" In the lounge room, a look of panic crosses Leigh's face as she hears his voice, and she dashes off to hide as Adam goes on, "Spider told me what you came up here for. I want to know what happened." In the lounge room, Alison starts clearing away the three coffee cups, hiding them behind the couch. At the door, Adam asks if he can come in. Charlie sighs, "Of course, darling." She adds, "I'm sorry to be so rude, but you took me by surprise, that's all." In the lounge room, Alison suddenly notices Leigh's broken watch on the dresser. She stares at it, nervously, not having time to move it. Charlie and Adam come in and Alison quickly smiles at Adam, "Aren't you the impetuous one! I just finished convincing Charlie she was hearing ghosts and you turn up!" Adam, ignoring this, stares at his mother and tells her, "I want to know all about it and I want the truth, Charlie. There's no use giving me the run-around; I can tell something's up. Is Leigh alive?" Charlie laughs nervously, "Now I know how I sounded, it really is silly when you think about it, isn't it?" Adam demands, "What are you so nervous about?" Charlie quickly protests, "Me? Nervous? I'm not nervous? Am I nervous?" She looks at Alison, who's been slowly sidling her way over to the dresser. She replies, "Course not - just being your usual scatty self!" She goes to pick up the watch. Adam, though, grabs it from her and she quickly tells him, "I broke it - it's one of my favourites." Adam examines the watch and snaps, "Favourites! It's got Leigh's name engraved on the back of it." A look of determination on his face, he then snaps, "I want to see her - now." Alison sighs heavily.


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