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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Wayne drops a couple of ice cubes into a glass of scotch on the bar at Dural. He suddenly hears a noise at the front door and dashes out into the hallway. Mary is just coming in, and she comments to Wayne that she didn't think he'd still be up. Wayne retorts that he wanted to see if she was alright. Mary mutters that of course she's alright. She heads into the lounge room. Wayne follows her and asks her if she showed Roger the photo. Mary admits, "Yeah." Wayne growls that he bets Roger couldn't believe his luck. Mary snaps in reply that he's the only chance she has of finding Patricia. Wayne tells her curtly that the man is ruthless and two-faced; what's it going to take to make her see that? Mary, though, cries that no one else wanted to help her, so what was she supposed to do? Wayne, calming down, puts his hand round her and sighs that it's done now; they'll just have to wait and see what happens.

At Beryl's, Rod is screwing a light switch into the wall in the lounge room. At the front door, Beryl is letting Charlie in, and Charlie smiles, "Rod, darling, you're here!" Beryl explains tersely that they were discussing dimmer switches last night, and she thought she'd like some. Rod smiles, "Beryl's wish is my command!" Charlie laughs, "Quite rightly so!" She then asks Beryl how Leigh is. Beryl replies that she's still a bit down; she's spending some time with Adam and he's doing his best to cheer her up - which is a change after Brett. Charlie, looking serious, tells Beryl that it's Brett she came to talk to her about. She asks Beryl if she knows if anything is worrying him. Beryl points out, "He is going out with Tracy Kingsford..." There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Leigh goes to get it. Charlie asks Beryl if she knows if Tracy has got Brett into some kind of trouble, as he asked her for a loan this morning; quite a lot, too. Beryl raises her eyebrows in surprise. The visitor at the door is Adam, and Charlie gives him a hug and exclaims that it's a lovely surprise! Adam explains that he called round to see if Leigh wanted to go out; he's got the day rostered off. Charlie asks the two of them if they'd like to come over to David's for lunch. Leigh looks at Adam and says she doesn't mind. Adam nods at Charlie and smiles, "Sure!" Charlie then says she must rush, as Isabella has an appointment with the v-e-t; she has to have a n-e-d-d-l-e, so she can't be late! She goes, leaving Adam to ask Beryl, "What's a neddle?!"

Brett is working in the grounds at the country house when someone rocks up and stands up front of him. It's Judge. Brett glares at him and asks him what he wants. Judge replies, "I've been talking to Trace; she tells me you're a bit worried about being able to settle up." Brett retorts that he didn't say that; he just said it's going to take a bit of time - maybe a couple of weeks. Judge assures him that he's not there to hassle him; he's there to help: he's offering Brett a chance to square-up. Brett asks suspiciously, "How?" Judge replies, "Another game." Brett, though, snaps, "You must think I'm stupid." Judge glares at him and says tersely, "Hey, I'm trying to do you a favour. I hope you're not thinking about throwing it back in my face. I'd be inclined to take it personal if you did..."

A while later, a car pulls up outside the country house. Charlie is the driver. Spider suddenly walks over to her and opens the door for her. Looking surprised, Charlie asks him what he's doing there, and he explains that he's out for his morning constitutional. Charlie asks him if he's walked all the way from home. Spider replies, "Well, from the bus stop!" Charlie climbs out of her car and tells him that she was over at Beryl's earlier, and Rod was already there. Spider smiles, "Good lad!" Charlie goes on that she wouldn't want to spread any gossip, but they did look rather pally! They start heading towards the house, and Charlie asks Spider if he's coming in for a cup of tea. Spider tells her, "Not until I've had a chat with Brett - that's what I'm out here for. You know, I think it's terrible the way he's treating Leigh." Charlie warns Spider, "There's already something bothering him, so don't upset him too much." Spider replies, "No more than necessary, Charlie. No more than necessary." Elsewhere in the grounds, Judge is saying to Brett, "Let me put it another way, Brett: if you want to be unfriendly, so can I. I can insist you settle up by the end of the week." Brett retorts that he can't get the money that quick. Judge suggests to him curtly that it looks like he'll have to play, then. Brett asks, "Why are you so keen for this game?" Judge smiles, "I'm a good sport; it's in my nature." Brett suggests, "Or else you know you're going to win." Judge takes a step forward and says menacingly, "I don't think I like what you're suggesting, Brett." Brett retorts, "I haven't suggested anything yet." Judge pokes a finger against Brett's chest and mutters, "That's not what I'm hearing." A few yards away, Charlie and Spider come into view of Brett and Judge and Charlie exclaims, "Goodness, what's happening?" They start approaching the two men. Judge is warning Brett, "No one calls me a cheat." Brett retorts, "It's funny, though, isn't it? I only won the first game. Just enough to get me hooked." Judge demands, "Are you saying I'm a cheat? Is that what you're saying? Just tell me before I knock your block off." Spider and Charlie walk up to them and Spider says, "Hey, hey, hey, what's going on?" Judge turns to him and warns, "You stay out of it, grandpa. We're discussing business." Charlie turns to Brett and asks, "Is he a friend of yours?" Brett growls, "Not likely." Charlie turns to Judge and says, "Then I'd like you to leave." Judge retorts, "When I'm ready." Spider warns him, "You take notice of what Mrs. Bartlett says, young fella." Judge laughs, "Or what? Going to stick Fido on me?!" He indicates Isabella. Charlie smiles, "No. I'll call my son." Judge laughs, "Got his own private army, has he?" Charlie tells him, "You could say that: he's a policeman." Judge snaps, "Pull the other one." Charlie, though, tells him, "If you want to stay and find out, you're more than welcome, but he takes a very dim view of thugs trespassing on his mother's property." Judge glares at her and then turns back to Brett and says quietly, "Doesn't change things, mate. You turn up this arvo or else." He walks off, leaving Brett looking worried.

Fiona is sitting at the table in the living room at her apartment. Irene emerges from Hung's bedroom and tells Fiona that there's nothing wrong with him that she can find. Fiona explains that he's been complaining of a tummy upset ever since yesterday morning. Irene muses, "Yeah, ever since you suggested taking him to the Immigration Department..." She then asks Fiona if she's found out anything about Hung's uncle. Fiona replies, "Well, I decided to look at Nguyen in the 'phone book. It seems like it's the Vietnamese version of Smith: there are columns of them! It would take forever to try and find out if any of them were related to Hung." Irene asks her what she's going to do, then. Fiona sighs, "I don't know." Irene suggests to her that she should get Andy to start 'phoning around; he's got some spare time on his hands - it seems there's a slump in the world of portable discos! Fiona, though, explains that Andy left this morning for Woombai: he thought there might be something going on the property. Irene comments, "Oh dear. Just looks as if you'll have to warm up the old dialling finger!"

In the grounds of the country house, Brett is saying to Charlie and Spider, "So you see? Now they're trying to set me up so I can lose another bundle." Spider tells him curtly that it's what he gets for messing around with that Tracy girl. Charlie says she'll 'phone Adam. Brett, though, asks her not to, pointing out that he couldn't do much; he still owes them. Charlie hesitates and then offers, "I'll lend you the money. But you should have told me this morning why you wanted it." Brett says, "Thanks. That'd solve so many--" Spider, though, interrupts him and says, "Wait a minute, wait a minute, blondie, hang on. Let's think about this. We don't want to throw away $350 if we don't have to." Brett tells him, "I think we have to, Spider." Spider, though, retorts that he doesn't. Charlie asks what the alternative is. Spider replies, "Beat them at their own game; that's the alternative."

Samantha is walking along the street towards the boarding house when she suddenly spots Roger sitting in his car, waiting for her. She starts speeding up, but Roger quickly climbs out of his car and orders her to wait. She stops in her tracks and snaps, "What do you want?" Roger tells her, "You broke our agreement. Remember? No tales to mama about what a dreadful man I am?" Samantha retorts that she didn't have to say anything; Caroline saw him with that girl. Roger growls, "That was a set-up - which everybody knows about and which wouldn't have made any difference if you'd kept your mouth shut." Indicating Leo, who's working nearby, he goes on, "You think about it while your friend over there's in jail." Samantha snaps that Leo had nothing to do with it. Roger, though, reminds her, "I made it perfectly clear what would happen if you broke your word, but you were stupid enough not to believe me. Now you'll just have to explain it to him." Samantha looks across at Leo, who's standing looking worried. Chris suddenly pulls up in his car, behind Roger's. Roger warns Samantha, "It won't happen immediately - I've got some other people to take care of first - but I'll deal with him soon enough." He then says, "Good morning," to the approaching Chris and heads back to his car. Chris asks Samantha, "Everything alright?"

Fiona opens the front door of her apartment to let Irene out and thanks her for looking in on Hung. Irene tells her to keep him warm and rested in case he is coming down with a cold or something. Fiona thanks her and Irene heads outside - to find Roy Keane standing there. He tells her that he was looking for her at the surgery, but it's not open. Irene glances at Fiona and then says, "No, it's not. Well spotted, Mr. Keane." Keane explains that he's feeling a bit crook. Irene asks impatiently what it is this time. Keane tells her that it's hard to describe, actually: he's been having trouble sleeping... his heart keeps skipping... and he feels really worn out. Fiona comes and stands behind Irene and says quietly, "Sounds like love to me!" Irene tells Keane that if it is anything, it's probably just a virus, and there's not much she can do about that. Keane tells her that he knows he's been a bit of a nuisance over the last few weeks, but this is fair dinkum; it's really got him worried. Irene apologises, saying she can't see him now as she's late for her rounds, but if he's still feeling off this afternoon, he can come round during surgery hours and she'll see if she can fit him in. Keane says, "Thanks, doctor. I really am crook, you know?" He walks off. Irene turns to Fiona and says, "I hate snapping at him, but he's been chasing me up with one non-existent complaint after another. I'm just not in the mood to humour him any more."

Outside, Leo is cutting the grass with a pair of shears. Chris and Samantha are standing a few yards away, and Chris comments that it's good to see Leo looking after a garden again. Samantha tells him, "He's worried about Roger." She calls across to Leo and says, "It's alright. There won't be any trouble. He's gone now." Changing the subject, Chris asks Samantha, "What's happening with the kid? Fiona's little Asian friend? I thought they would have farmed him out to his relatives by now. I'm getting tired of having to avoid the two of them." Samantha asks him why he should have to. Chris retorts that it seems the easiest way round the problem. Samantha snaps, "Growing up getting a bit hard for you, is it?" Roy Keane suddenly staggers down the driveway, past them, clutching his stomach. He grabs hold of the gatepost, and stands there, leaning against it. Irene follows him down the driveway and says a cheery, "Hello!" to Chris. Chris indicates Keane and asks, "What's the matter with him?" Irene looks across at Keane, just as he collapses onto the ground." Looking horrified, she runs over to him and lifts up his head, then turns to Samantha and says, "You'd better call an ambulance. This time, he's not kidding."

A tough-looking man is sitting in the Morrell apartment. Roger is standing at the bar, pouring some drinks, as he tells the man, "I found out last night that Patricia had had extensive plastic surgery. Her appearance is completely remodelled." The man asks in an American accent if Roger is saying that no one knows what she looks like anymore. Going and sitting down, Roger explains that he saw a photograph which is supposed to be her, but he's got no real proof. The American says, "My man in Rio's got to have a copy of that - if you want him to find her..." Roger assures him, "Don't worry, he'll get it." He then asks the American if he managed to come up with anything on Alison Carr. The American replies, "She's a weird one, Mr. Carlyle. Real mystery woman. It's as if she appeared out of thin air - and not until Mrs. Palmer went missing, too, so I really don't see how they could have been such good buddies." Roger asks, "Whereabouts did she appear?" The American tells him, "The Santos clinic - but there's no record of her going in. She just walked out into the world." Roger sits there, looking thoughtful, and then muses, "Patricia goes in, apparently dies, and Alison walks out. " The American agrees, "That's about the size of it."

Roy Keane is lying on a stretcher in the driveway outside the boarding house. Two ambulancemen lift him up and place him in the ambulance parked at the bottom of the drive. Irene tells them that she'll come and check on him as soon as she's free. As the ambulancemen close the ambulance door, Irene turns to Fiona - who's standing there with Samantha, Chris and Leo - and sighs, "Some doctor I am. A man comes to me on the point of collapse and I tell him to go away." Fiona points out that he cried wolf just once too often. Irene nods, but goes on that, if she'd taken the time to look, she would have realised. Fiona asks what's wrong with him. Irene replies that it could be one of three or four things. She adds, "One thing I do know: when he came to see me this morning, I should have examined him. It wouldn't have taken me long to realise he was genuine this time."

Rod is packing away his tools at Beryl's. Beryl is just letting Spider in at the front door, and the two men exchange greetings. Spider then asks where Adam and Leigh are, and Beryl replies that they've gone out to have lunch with Charlie. She heads off to the kitchen to make some tea, leaving Spider to tell Rod quietly, "I need your help." Rod asks what's up, and Spider tells him, "Young Brett's in a spot of bother. He got into gambling debt and now he's being heavied. You and I have got to help him out." Rod laughs, "Just a minute, Spider!" Spider, though, points out, "You owe me a favour, remember? I introduced you to Beryl." Rod smiles, "Yes, I remember!" He then asks why all the secrecy. Spider tells him that, if Beryl knows, she'll go to the police, and they don't want that.

In the warehouse where the poker games were played, Tracy approaches Judge and says, "I wouldn't go to too much trouble. I wouldn't mind betting the little wimp parks it." Judge, though, assures her, "He'll be here. I had a word with him this morning: spelt out his options." Tracy smiles nastily, "Good. Leigh's lost her boyfriend and Beryl's favourite nephew will be in debt up to his ears. I spent three months inside because of those two. It's compensation..."

The 'phone rings at Charlie's and Alison answers it. Roger comes on and says, "I've got some news I thought you might be interested in." Alison doesn't respond, and he goes on, "I received some information about Patricia Palmer. Since you're such a great friend of hers, it occurred to me you might like to hear it." Alison quickly says, "Yes. Go on." Roger, though, tells her, "It's not something I want to talk about on the 'phone. You never know who might be listening. I suggest you come over here." Alison asks, "How do I know if it's worth the trip?" Roger just says, "I'll expect you in an hour," and he hangs up. Alison looks at the 'phone, nervously.

Brett and Spider are both approaching the table in the warehouse, where Judge is sitting waiting. He growls at Brett that no one said anything about bringing friends. Spider smiles that Brett said there was a bit of a game on, and he used to be a dab hand at the old poker and a bit of pontoon. Judge asks him in surprise, "Are you saying you want a game?" Spider nods, "Yes, if you've got no objections." Judge warns him, "We don't play for matchsticks. Hope you can afford to cover your losses." Spider assures him, "I've got a little nest-egg, in case I lose." Picking up the deck of cards in front of him, Judge starts shuffling them and he suggests, "Kick off with poker, shall we?" Tracy places her hand on Brett's arm and tells him, "Got my fingers crossed for a winning streak." Brett muses, "You and me both." Spider opens a fresh box of cards and says to Judge, "Don't mind if we use a new pack, do you? I mean, the old ones I find sticky and hard to hold." Judge reluctantly puts his own cards to one side, but takes the new cards and says, "All the same, mate."

Wayne is at Charlie's, demanding from Alison, "What's the great mystery you couldn't just tell me over the 'phone?" Alison explains, "Roger wants me to go and see him. He says he has some new information about Patricia, but we have to go over there to find out what it is." Wayne, looking surprised, says, "We? He wants me as well?" Alison retorts, "He didn't say so, but you have to come with me." Wayne, though, retorts that he's keeping well away from Roger, and if Alison had any sense, she'd do the same. Alison insists, "I have to find out what he knows." Wayne shrugs, "Go ahead. Me, I want to stay alive." Alison cries, "Wayne, I need your help." Wayne, though, retorts, "It's a set-up. He's out to get us. You know it and I know it." He adds, "I don't owe you anything anyway; my only concern was keeping Mary safe. What you do is your problem." With that, he walks out. Alison immediately dashes over to the 'phone and dials a number. STD pips sound and Charlie answers. Alison says quickly, "Charlie, it's Alison. Look, I know it's asking a lot, but could you come back to Sydney? I'm in trouble. I'm scared to death and I need your help."

In the warehouse, Spider pulls a bundle of money towards him. Judge glares at him and snaps, "I thought you said you hadn't played for years." Spider retorts, "I haven't. It's just coming back to me." Judge snarls, "I reckon you're cheating." Spider, though, tells him, "I don't cheat, mate." Turning to Brett, he adds, "But I know why you haven't been having any luck." He indicates Tracy and explains that she's standing behind him, signalling Judge all his cards. Brett turns and glares at Tracy. Judge snaps at Spider, "I don't have to listen to that from you." Spider, though, mutters, "Oh, shut up and deal, will you?" He then starts whistling. Unknown to Judge or Tracy, Rod and another man are standing outside the warehouse, and Rod turns to the man and indicates for them to head inside. Both of them are wearing overalls, and as Judge spots them, Rod says cheerily, "Afternoon, fellas. Don't worry about us; we're just here to check up on a wiring job. Didn't know there was a game on, though." He adds, "Anyway, don't let us hold you up." Spider, though, says to him, "No, you're just in time: there's been a bit of ill-feeling going on - people accusing other people of being cheats." He then 'suggests' to Rod and his mate that they act as umpires for the next round. Rod muses, "I don't know about that." He asks his mate what he thinks, and he replies, "OK by me." Spider smiles. He then suggests to Brett that he stay out of this one. Turning to Judge, he goes on that he thinks they should play a little hand of pontoon. Judge growls, "I suppose you haven't played that for years, either." Spider smiles that he hasn't, as a matter of fact - but it's a bit like riding a bike: you never forget. He goes on, "This is how it's going to be: we'll play three rounds. You win, you get the $200 that Brett owes you within the week; I'll guarantee it. If you lose, then the whole bet's wiped off." Judge starts to protest, "Now wait a minute--" Rod, though, interrupts and comments that it sounds fair enough to him. Spider asks Judge, "Fair enough? Deal?" Judge retorts that he doesn't have to play just because Spider has got two apes there. Spider stares at him and accuses, "You're just gutless." Judge glares back at him and says, "OK - but let's not mess around with any of this best-of-free. I'll give you a hand of pontoon for double what he owes or nothing. Take it or leave it." Spider nods, "OK." He looks at Tracy and suggests that she go and stand with the two umpires. Tracy does so. Spider then tells Judge, "Deal." He does so and Spider looks at his cards to reveal the four of diamonds and the six of hearts. He asks for another card. Judge deals the king of diamonds and Spider smiles, "Huh! Do very nicely, thankyou." Judge turns his own cards face up to reveal the king of hearts and the two of clubs. He takes another card off the pack: it's the four of diamonds. Staring at the total of 16, Tracy cries, "Oh, you can't sit on that." Judge puts his hand to his forehead, thoughtfully. Spider asks him what he's going to do. Judge looks at him and then leans forward and deals himself another card. It's the five of hearts! Tracy smiles, "Huh!" Judge stares at Spider and asks, "What you got, pop?" Spider reveals his cards and sighs, "Twenty." Judge smiles, "Bad luck." Brett chips in and snaps, "I'm not paying you. You and Tracy have been setting me up ever since we started." Judge retorts, "Prove it." He then adds, "Anyway, it doesn't matter. Grandpa, here, made a deal, and you can't get out of that." Rod chips in, "It's a deal, mate. Nobody's been cheating since I've been here." Judge looks at Brett and tells him, "I'll see you with the $400 before the end of the week. Sucker." With that, he and Tracy head off. Spider murmurs to Brett, "Sorry, lad. I did my best."

Roger is pouring two glasses of cognac on the bar at the Morrell apartment. Alison is standing behind him, and he smiles that he was beginning to think she wasn't coming. Alison demands, "What's the information you have?" Roger, though, hands her her drink and replies, "All in good time." Alison takes the glass from him but then insists, "What about Patricia?" Roger replies, "What indeed? A woman of brave cunning." He then explains, "I've had a detective in Rio looking into things for me. It's been very interesting. For instance, Patricia - or Margaret Stone, if you like - managed to disappear without a trace. Quite remarkable. And then, almost immediately, in the same city, you appeared. I find that a most extraordinary coincidence." Alison, putting her glass down on the table, says, "I don't know what you're implying." Roger, though, retorts, "Yes you do. Patricia had extensive plastic surgery; she returned to Australia under a different name, confident I'd never find her. But I have, haven't I - Patricia." Alison glares at him and snaps, "That's absurd. And who on earth do you think would ever believe you?" Roger tells her, "Yes, I admit it was a bit of a problem." He then picks up her glass gently and adds, "But it'll be interesting to see what the police make of these fingerprints. Don't you think?" Alison stares at him, looking fearful.


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