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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

In Fiona's flat at the boarding house, Hung is sitting looking worried as Fiona tells him that all she wants is what's best for him - so she needs him to help her clear it up. Hung starts to say, "My father makes all the..." He breaks off, though, and Fiona completes, "Arrangements?" Hung nods, "Yes." He goes on, "He gives me my passport and the address of my relatives. I do not understand how he puts the wrong address on my visa papers." Fiona muses, "Neither do I - unless your relatives lived in a car park." Hung tells her, "After the refugee camp, they'll stay anywhere to live in Australia." Fiona says she's sorry; that was a really bad joke. She then goes on that it's because his people have been through so much that she wants to help - but he's got to help her. She then asks him if the address she showed him is the address his father gave him, because it's the one the Immigration Department gave her. Hung says, "I do not think so. I would know it again if I saw." Fiona checks, "You are telling me everything, aren't you?" Hung quickly insists, "I want to find my relatives. I came here to live with them." Fiona assures him that it's alright. She adds that she hates being suspicious, but there's so much about this that isn't adding up. Hung tells her, "My father is an old man. It is easy for his mind to make mistakes." Fiona mutters that he's certainly made quite a few. She tells Hung, "He's put one address on your visa application and given you another one. He's given you a holiday visa, not a permanent one. All-in-all, he's put you in a very tricky situation." Hung says, "I would rather be dead than go back." Fiona assures him, "If this old girl can help, you're going to be around for quite a long time - but we've got to think of some way to make it happen." She then adds, "You have been telling me the truth, haven't you?" Hung nods at her and she says assertively, "Good. Now let's stop wasting time with doubts and think of some way to get in touch with your father in Singapore." Hung quickly tells her that it would be very difficult: there are no 'phones in the camp and even a letter would not reach it for months. Fiona insists that they've got to try: they've got to get from Hung's father the address of his relatives - and when they do, they can help to take the responsibility for Hung and then can help to get him a permanent visa. Hung asks, "What if we do not find them?" Fiona admits, "Well... you very well might have to go straight back to Singapore once your month is up, my darling." Hung looks worried.

A cassette tape is playing, and a soothing female voice is saying, "Stress and stress-related diseases are amongst the nation's greatest health problems. The harder you work, the greater the temptation will be to skip this daily regimen. It is essential you fight these feelings for your good health and general well-being. Now, are you relaxed? Repeat softly after me: 'I feel relaxed'." It's Roger who's listening to the tape, lying back on the couch at the Morrell apartment, wearing his pyjamas and a dressing gown, and he says quietly, "I feel relaxed." The voice on the tape goes on, "Good. Now, repeat the phrase over and over and slowly feel yourself sinking into the couch. 'I feel relaxed... I feel relaxed...'" Roger repeats the phrase, but is interrupted by a knock on the door. He sighs, turns off the tape and stands up. He opens the door to find a young woman standing there. She says enthusiastically, "You must be Mr. Carlyle. Hi!" Roger stares at her in surprise and she explains, "Tina Burns. I clean for Mrs. Morrell. I was just at her new place and she asked me to come and get some things she left behind." Roger mutters that he hasn't seen anything. Tina, though, tells him that Caroline thinks they're under the bed. Roger tells her to go ahead, and he points out the bedroom. Tina heads there. Roger watches her go and then murmurs to himself, "Now I feel relaxed..."

Leo is standing outside the boarding house; a snail is crawling across his hand. Samantha suddenly joins him and asks him cheerily if he's come to see Chris. Leo shakes his head. Samantha goes on that she was worried he wasn't going to come back, and she adds that he's got nothing to be scared about with Mr. Carlyle. Leo mutters, "Don't like him." Samantha tells him, "You and me both." Changing the subject, she asks him what he's got on his hand, and he shows her the snail. She recoils slightly in disgust, but then tells Leo that that's why Irene needs him to do the gardening: to stop the snails eating all the plants. Leo mutters, "I don't know." Samantha goes on that Mr. Carlyle won't be around - and she'd like him to. Leo asks, "Cross your heart?" Samantha crosses her heart with her hand, and then tells him that if he comes back and gets rid of all the snails, it would make her and Irene really happy. Leo says, "OK." He then adds, "I like snails, but." Samantha tells him that he can't leave them there. Leo, though, retorts, "Yes you can. They let me at Crossley House. They wanted to kill them there, too, but I got real mad and said they couldn't. Then they got this food for them; the snails eat the food, not the plants; that way, they can stay. Samantha smiles and asks, "What sort of food?" Leo frowns and tells her, "Little things. They're called snail pellets - that's 'cos they're little food for snails. I used to feed them - except they liked them too much and ate too many and they died. So, if I give them here - snail pellets - I'll have to be careful not to give them too many." Samantha giggles, "Yes, you will!" She then tells him that she's got to go down the shops to get some coffee, and she invites him to come with her, adding that she'll buy him an ice-cream. Leo suggests, "Maybe we can get some snail pellets while we're down there, eh?" Samantha laughs sympathetically, "Yes, we can!"

Roger is sitting back on the couch at the Morrell apartment. He calls to Tina, "Everything alright in there?" Tina calls back that she won't be long - there were some things in the bathroom cupboard, as well. Roger calls to ask, "Do you drink?" Tina calls back, "Sure do." Roger, getting up and heading to the bar, tells her that he'll pour her something, then, adding that there's no need to rush, is there? Tina calls back, "None at all!" Roger goes to open a bottle, but there's suddenly a knock on the front door, and he slams the bottle back down on the bar in annoyance. He walks over to the door and opens it to find a man standing there. He barges in and snaps, "Where is she, Carlyle? I know she's here." Roger stares at him in surprise and demands, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" The man snaps, "A girl her age? You'll end up in jail if I have my way." Roger insists, "I don't have a clue what you're talking about." The man tells him, "Turn around and you will." Roger turns to look behind him, to find Tina standing there, wearing a slinky dressing gown. She says to him in a twee, mocking voice, "I didn't think I was doing anything wrong, officer. Mr. Carlyle said it would be alright. He said he was going to help pay to train me as a hairdresser. Mum and dad haven't got much money, you see?" The man turns to Roger and threatens, "From what we hear of your taste in women, I reckon they'll buy it." Roger sighs and says, "I assume the police are on the way?" The man replies, "They will be - as soon as the 'irate father' calls them." Roger asks, "Who put you up to it?" The man, though, retorts, "It was all my own idea." Roger tells him to get out, as nobody would believe that story. The man, though, tells him, "I think they will, Mr. Carlyle. I'll swear blind you seduced my little girl - and she is my little girl." Tina chips in, "I'm a lot younger than I look..." The man continues, "Young enough to have you arrested for what you did to her. I'd go for older women, if I was you. You lay yourself open for all sorts of things." Roger sighs, "Like blackmail? How much?" The man, though, tells him, "We don't want your money; we want to see you in jail." Roger threatens, "You don't seem to understand who you are dealing with: I could get rid of both of you like 'that'." He clicks his fingers. Caroline suddenly appears in the open doorway as Roger tells Tina, "Now you get your clothes on before I do something about getting rid of both of you." Caroline stares at the scene and demands, "What's going on?" Roger turns to her and tells her quickly that it's just a small problem; she should wait downstairs until he sorts it out. The man, though, tells her, "I don't know who you are, lady, but I'd get out of here. I was just about to call the police. I caught him having it off with my daughter, and she's underage." Roger tells Caroline frantically, "He's a conman, Caroline. Don't believe him." Tina cries, "He said he was going to marry me when I was old enough. The things he made do... I only did them because he said he loved me." Caroline glares at them all and then turns and storms off. The man smiles at Roger nastily and tells him, "Wasn't part of the plan - but good thing she turned up: we've got an independent witness. Now, what was that about getting rid of us, Mr. Carlyle...?"

Samantha and Leo are walking along the street outside the boarding house when Samantha suddenly spots Caroline pulling up nearby, in her car. She waves at her mother and, as he stares at Caroline, Leo comments that she's pretty. Caroline approaches them and Samantha introduces her to Leo. Leo shakes Caroline's hand and tells her, "Samantha bought me an ice-cream." Caroline then asks Samantha if she can speak to her alone for a minute. Samantha suggests to Leo that he wait on the verandah, and Leo smiles that he's got to feed the snails! He walks off. Samantha then asks her mother what's wrong. Caroline explains, "I popped over to see Roger unexpectedly - I was missing him - and when I got there, there was a man and his daughter in the apartment. Apparently, Roger had been having an affair with the girl; she was underage and the man was going to call the police." Samantha sighs and says, "I'm sorry, mum. I know you're upset, but it's good that something has happened to make you wake up to him. Caroline realises, "You knew that he was interested in young girls?" Samantha admits, "He made a play for me. He threatened to hurt Leo if I told you, so please don't tell him that I have. He's not just a creep, mum, he's dangerous. The best thing you could do is break up with him." Caroline muses sadly, "He was just stringing me along for the sake of the business..."

Wayne is pacing the floor of the lounge room at Dural. Alison is sitting on the couch, and she mutters impatiently that they should have heard by now. Wayne points out that they don't know how long the police will question Roger for. Alison says she just hopes they can pull it off. Wayne retorts that the guys who smashed up Andy's van put him on to them; as long as he and Alison pay, the two of them will swear to anything they want them to. Mary suddenly walks in and, glaring at Alison, snaps, "Are you still here?" She then walks over to Wayne and indicates a word in a book she has in her hand. She asks what it is, and Wayne tells her, "Discover. Dis-co-ver. Don't forget, break it up and sound it out if you're not sure." Mary thanks him and goes. Wayne then comments to Alison, "She doesn't like you, does she?" Alison retorts that it's only because she won't go along with that nonsense about Mary being Patricia's daughter. She then sighs, "Why aren't they ringing? What if it backfires?" Wayne, though, insists that it won't: Roger will end up in jail where he can't harm anyone. Alison snaps that they shouldn't have rushed into it. Wayne, though, tells her that they should just wait and see what happens. He looks at the 'phone on the bar.

Beryl is preparing vegetables in her kitchen. Spider is with her and Beryl suggests that he set the table. Spider, though, says he doesn't know where everything is. Beryl sighs that she'll set the table. She asks him to put the potatoes in with the meat and turn the oven up a notch. Spider comments that he always thought a woman's place was in the kitchen. Beryl retorts, "I used to think that too - once." She heads out into the lounge room with a table cloth. The front door suddenly bangs and Adam and Leigh walk in. Adam tells Beryl that Leigh said she wouldn't mind an extra guest, and Beryl smiles that of course she doesn't. Leigh tells Beryl that she's been crying on Adam's shoulder half the afternoon. Beryl asks, "After Brett?" Leigh shrugs. Beryl tells her, "I don't know why; he doesn't deserve it, carrying on like that with Tracy. If you ask me, that boy's in for one heck of a fall..."

The late-night poker game is in progress. Four guys - including Brett - and Tracy are sitting round the table. Judge says to Brett, "Good thing I'm feeling lucky tonight, up against someone like you. Hold onto your money, fellas: he was like a magnet this arvo, the way he was pulling them in." Brett smiles at Tracy and says they're going to do it again tonight. Tracy replies, "Course you are. I'm here, aren't I?" The game gets under way.

Alison is sitting at the bar at Dural, staring at the 'phone. Wayne is sitting on the couch, looking at the newspaper, and he calls over to ask Alison what sign of the horoscope she is. Alison, though, mutters that she doesn't believe in them. Wayne tells her, "Mine says 'You have made a major error in judgement. Tomorrow will be unsettled and you'll have problems with health.'" Alison smiles and tells him, "Virgo." Wayne looks at it and reads, "Tomorrow is the best day in your astrological year. Make hay while the sun shines." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and he puts down the paper goes to answer it. He finds Roger standing there. Looking shocked, he quickly tries to push the door shut, but Roger jams his foot in the way. He then threatens, "Next time you pay someone to do something for you, make sure they're not open to higher bids. You and Alison are going to be two very sorry people." He storms into the lounge room.

A few moments later, Roger tells Alison curtly that he doesn't know what she's up to. He adds that he can understand Wayne wanting to get rid of him, but her...? He then asks if it's anything to do with Patricia. Alison, though, retorts that she doesn't know what he's talking about; whoever the man was who set him up has got nothing to do with them. Roger laughs that that's not what he's saying. He goes on that it cost him - he had to offer twice as much as Alison and Wayne were paying - but it stopped him calling the police. He continues, "He also told me that the two of you were behind it. I believe him." Alison retorts that she doesn't care. Roger, though, tells her, "You will - once I get Caroline calmed down. She managed to walk in on your little effort." Wayne suddenly says, "If anything happens to us, they'll know who did it. We'll make sure everyone knows you're after us. You won't get away with it." Roger glares at him and half-laughs, half-snaps, "You're even more pathetic when you're scared that you normally are." Indicating Alison, he adds, "At least she's got guts." He then says to her, "You're not scared of me, are you?" Alison retorts that, if she was, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of showing it. Roger laughs, "I bet you wouldn't." He then warns, "You're both going to have plenty of time to be scared, though. Oh, I wouldn't be silly enough to do anything straight away - but one day, when you're least expecting it..." He breaks off before warning them, "Nobody does to me what you two did and gets away with it." Wayne suggests, "Maybe we just got carried away..." Roger, though, snarls, "You're a dead man, Wayne." He then looks at Alison and walks out. Wayne goes to head after him, but Alison tells him not to waste his time. Wayne insists that they've got to do something. Alison snaps that of course they do, but talking's not going to help. She goes on that they've got time - he's not going to do anything for a while; they have to use the time to get him before he gets them.

Roger arrives back at the Morrell apartment to find Caroline standing waiting for him. Looking relieved, he tells her that he's glad she came back; she misunderstood before. Caroline, though, growls, "I doubt it. I just wanted to let you know that any business between us can be dealt with by our solicitors from now on. I'd also prefer you to find alternative accommodation." Roger tells her to calm down; it was just a set-up. Caroline, though, snaps that it's not just that: she's heard other things about him since she left. She adds, "It's finished, Roger. Goodbye." She goes to walk out, but Roger grabs her and tells her, "Don't be stupid, Caroline. We're good together." Caroline, though, retorts, "You mean we work well together. You're not interested in me: I'm the wrong age group. All you're after is my vote so you can control the company." She then orders him to get his hands off her. He does so, before demanding, "Who's been talking to you? Samantha?" Caroline replies too quickly, "I worked it out for myself." She adds that it has nothing to do with Samantha - but if he hurts Samantha, he'll have her to deal with. Roger asks, "So it was Samantha? She told you about my threat, huh?" He goes on desperately that she shouldn't listen to Samantha; she's just trying to break them up. Caroline, though, retorts, "There is nothing to break up." She adds, "Don't count on any more support for the business," and she storms out. Roger sits down on the couch and switches on his cassette tape. The woman's voice starts saying, "I feel relaxed... I feel relaxed..." Roger snaps it off again, looking annoyed.

Spider is sitting with Adam and Leigh in the lounge room at Beryl's, and he comments that Beryl is taking a long time getting ready! There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Beryl, emerging from her bedroom, calls that she'll get it. She checks her appearance in the hall mirror and then opens the door. Rod is standing there, and she invites him in. Rod, though, bends down and picks up a bucket, telling her, "Fish." Beryl looks in surprise at the pail-full of fresh fish and Rod explains that he caught them; there's a good dozen there. He adds, "You look really, really nice, Beryl." Beryl thanks him and smiles, "You too." Rod goes on, "They're not gutted - the fish: I'm afraid I didn't have time to gut them." With that, he heads into the lounge room, leaving Beryl looking bemused.

At the poker game, Judge reveals his cards, and the other guys at the table all fold and throw theirs down. He then starts gathering up the pile of money in front of him, commenting as he does so, "Not your night, Brett." Tracy tells Judge not to get too smart; Brett will win it back. Brett points out glumly that he hasn't got much money left. Tracy, though, tells him that he can't give up now. She asks Judge for some credit. Brett starts to protest, but Tracy asks him how else he's going to get his money back. Judge asks the other guys what they think. One of them mutters, "Alright." Another one tells him, "That's up to you, isn't it. You're the one with the most to lose." Judge stares at Brett and then says, "OK, mate. I wouldn't do it for anyone else, but I like playing with you. You're good. Let's go." Brett smiles at Tracy.

Mary runs downstairs at Dural and joins Wayne in the hallway. She has a package under her arm. Wayne asks her where she's going, and she replies, "Out." Wayne asks, "Where out?" Mary replies, "Just to see someone." Wayne asks her what's in the package, but Mary tells him, "You know, or you wouldn't be asking." Wayne tells her, "Patricia's not your mother, Mary. Showing her photo around's not going to do any good." Mary retorts that it's a free country. She then hears a car outside and comments that it'll be her cab. Wayne asks her who she's taking the photo to. Mary replies, "Mr. Carlyle." A look of horror appears on Wayne's face, and he warns her, "The man's a nut. He wanted to kill her." Mary retorts, "I know. He told me. But not anymore." She adds, "You can't blame him, when he thought she killed his son - but he knows now she didn't." With that, she dashes out, leaving Wayne looking worried.

At Beryl's, Beryl is in the kitchen, calling to her guests that she'll serve up; it should be just about ready by-- She goes to open the oven, but suddenly notices that it isn't switched on. Looking exasperated, she calls to Spider, "Have you been fiddling with the stove?" Spider joins her and replies, "No - not since you told me to turn it off." Beryl sighs, "I didn't tell you to turn it off. I said turn it up a notch." She then calls to everyone that she's sorry; dinner will be another hour. The guests walk into the kitchen and Leigh exclaims that she's starving. Rod laughs at Spider that he needs his ears syringed. Spider points out to Beryl that he told her a man's place isn't in the kitchen! Rod asks if it wouldn't be quicker if he whipped those fish up in a frying pan. Beryl says she doesn't mind, adding that she's starving, too. Rod asks everyone to head back to the lounge room except Beryl and him. Spider says he'd better stay, as he's the one that caused the trouble. Rod, though, tells him that too many cooks... He gives Spider a nudge back into the lounge room, where he comments to Leigh and Adam that Beryl does mumble at times. In the kitchen, Rod asks Beryl if she minds him taking over like this. Beryl assures him that it's fine and she asks him what he needs. He asks for a frying pan, oil and a newspaper, explaining that he'll have to gut them first. He smiles at Beryl and she asks, "What?" Rod laughs, "You know, they say that when a woman lets you use her kitchen, that's one of the biggest compliments she can pay you. That's what my wife used to say, anyway." Beryl suggests that maybe she was right. Rod points out, "You wouldn't have thought it after last night, though." Beryl muses, "We all make mistakes." Rod smiles, "Only once, though."

At the Morrell apartment, Roger is holding the package from Mary and he rips it open to reveal the photo of 'Patricia'. Mary asks him if it'll help him find her. Roger smiles, "Of course it will." Mary goes on, "Wayne says you'll hurt her if you do. You wouldn't, would you?" Roger looks at her earnestly and replies, "What a silly suggestion. Do you really think I'm the type that would hurt anyone?" Mary shakes her head. Roger turns away from her, so that she can't see him glaring at the photo of 'Patricia' intently...


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