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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Phillis

Foster snaps at Stephen to get up. Jenny helps Stephen to his feet and Stephen asks Foster, "What was that for?" Foster snaps, "Playing around with my wife." Stephen stares at him incredulously and asks, "What?" Foster goes on angrily, "You've got a girlfriend in the city, as well. Bet your new missus doesn't know about your bits on the side." Stephen retorts, "Crazy," but Foster continues, "The whole town knows somebody from Woombai's been seeing my wife." Stephen insists, "I don't even know your wife," but Foster snaps, "Don't come the raw prawn. I got a tip off." Stephen retorts that, whoever it was, they got it wrong. Foster, though, mutters that he doesn't think so. Stephen then suggests that they talk in private, and he leads Foster off, away from the crowd of onlookers. Gordon turns to the gathering and assures them that it's obviously just a misunderstanding. He adds that he thinks it's time they all had a drink. He then asks Jenny if she's alright. A tear in her eye, she replies that she's alright. Irene asks her if she wants to go inside for a while, but she cries that she can't leave everyone. Irene assures her that Gordon and Roland can look after things. Jenny murmurs, "Alright. Just... just for..." She suddenly starts to fall to the ground in a faint. Irene and Gordon catch her and start to help her inside.

A few moments later, Jenny is sitting on the couch. Irene offers her a glass of water, but Jenny ignores this, saying instead, "I knew Wayne was seeing Craig's wife..." Irene suggests that that's probably who he got Stephen mixed up with, and Jenny murmurs, "Maybe." Roland tells her that whoever tipped Foster off got his facts wrong; it's just unfortunate that he picked today of all days to come and do something about it. Jenny cries that she wanted today to be so perfect. Irene tells her that there's still no reason why she can't go out there and enjoy herself, but Jenny murmurs that she doesn't want to now - and she doubts anyone else does, either. Irene retorts that that's nonsense - a few drinks and it'll all be forgotten. Jenny sighs heavily and murmurs, "Maybe you're right."

Outside, Simon and Wayne look on as Stephen tells Foster, "I did hear your wife was seeing someone from Woombai - but that person isn't staying here now." He glances at Wayne and then turns back to Foster as he demands, "Who was it?" Stephen suggests he ask his wife that. Foster concedes, "Yeah. Maybe that's what I should have done in the first place." He adds, "Still, the blonde woman seemed pretty sure of herself." Looking surprised, Stephen demands, "What blonde woman?" and Foster explains, "The one that came and told me about you. She just popped up out of the blue. Good-looking... trendy dresser..." Stephen asks what her name was, but Foster retorts that she didn't give one - but he'll ask her if he sees her again. He goes to walk off, adding as he does so, "If Monica says she's right, I'll be back..." Stephen puts his hand to a cut lip as Wayne stands nearby, a smirk on his face...

Inside, Colin is standing looking at the pile of wedding gifts. Irene comes in and he asks her if his mother is alright. Irene assures him that she's fine - she's just fixing her make-up. She then asks him if he's staying overnight, and he smiles, "Isn't everyone?!" Irene comments, "Your mother and Stephen are spending a few days in Sydney," and Colin replies that he'll probably see a bit of them while they're down there. Irene muses, "Not too much, I hope - it is meant to be their honeymoon!" She then goes on that Jenny has been having a tough time of it lately - there's no point in giving her any further hassles. Colin turns away and asks her sheepishly what she's getting at. Irene explains, "Caroline told me, Colin. I don't think it's the right time to tell Jenny, though. Do you?" Colin concedes, "No - she probably couldn't handle it at the moment." Irene suggests that he leave it a few weeks. Colin turns back to her and asks warily, "Do you think she'll ever accept it?" Irene points out, "Caroline and I do. Why won't she?" Colin murmurs that some people don't. Irene tells him, "Colin, people will either like you or they won't. It's got nothing to do with who you spend your time with. Believe me, I'm sure Jenny will understand." At that moment, Roland comes in and suggests that if the bride and best man don't get out there soon, there'll be no champers left to drink a toast! Irene asks if all the trouble's over and Roland assures her that Foster has gone. He adds that he's proud of the way Simon stepped in and helped sort things out; as a kid, he was a bit of a sook, but travelling certainly brought out the man in him. Looking dubious as the sound of Simon's name, Irene just says she'll go and hurry Jenny up, and she walks off.

A short time later, Gordon is standing outside on the verandah with Jenny and Stephen. He's addressing the guests, saying, "And in conclusion, I'd like to once again welcome Jenny to the family. I'm sure that she and Stephen will be very happy and have a wonderful life together. So, if you will all charge your glasses... To Jenny and Stephen." The guests repeat the toast and there are then calls for a speech! Stephen, addressing everyone, says, "Thankyou, Gordon. Jenny and I would like to thank you all for coming - we're very pleased you could be with us on our special day. Sorry about the unexpected guest - it seems someone has been giving me a reputation around town that I don't deserve." He then suggests that they start enjoy themselves, and he and Jenny step down onto the grass and start mingling. As they walk past Wayne, Wayne comments, "Great day. Glad I came." Stephen agrees, "Yes - apart from Craig Foster." Wayne remarks, "Yeah, it was a bit much, wasn't it? Didn't think she'd be so vindictive." Looking surprised, Jenny asks sharply, "Who?" Wayne replies, "Caroline. Well, I thought... well, the woman who put him up to it was from Sydney. Well-dressed. Blonde. Who else could it have been?" With that, he walks off, leaving Stephen and Jenny looking thoughtful.

Inside, Barbara is wiping up some glasses in the kitchen. Gordon is with her and he hands her a glass of champagne and proposes, "Cheers!" They clink their glasses together. Stephen and Jenny suddenly walk in and Barbara offers them one last glass of champagne. Jenny, though, declines, saying they have to get away. Stephen tells her that she can have a glass; he has to have a word with Alan. Jenny groans that she thought he'd done all that, but Stephen explains there are a few things he should check. Jenny points out that Alan knows what to do; he's worked there for donkey's years. Stephen gives in! He then thanks Gordon for letting them use Dural, and Gordon tells him that he and Jenny can stay as long as they like. He adds, "Barbara and I are only too pleased to have a break up here." Stephen explains that he has to be back next week as he has an appointment with the surveyor for the tourist development - it's going ahead at long last. Barbara assures him that she and Gordon are still very happy to look after the place anyway. Jenny says, "Quite frankly, I can't wait to leave after Craig Foster's little performance." Barbara tells her that there's no use getting upset now, but Jenny replies that she can't help it after what they've just heard. Stephen explains, "It looks like Caroline was behind it. She must have lied to Foster, hoping he'd get worked-up enough to stop the wedding." Barbara, looking shocked, exclaims that she wouldn't do that, but Stephen tells her, "Don't you believe it. Remember the engagement party at your place? Then she tried to blackmail Jenny. I wouldn't put it past her at all." He then suggests that there's been enough tension today and, frankly, he just wants to forget it. He goes to head out. Jenny follows him, warning him, "You might be able to, Stephen. I can't."

The wedding guests are still drinking outside. Roland walks over to Colin and hands him an empty can. Colin walks off. Irene joins Roland and smiles that she thinks he's had quite enough to drink! Roland laughs, "Doctor's orders, eh?" Colin takes the empty can - along with a couple of others - over to Stephen's car and heads round to the back - where he finds Andy and Samantha already tying cans to the bumper. He tells them that he didn't realise they were already doing it. Andy, though, quickly assures him that they could do with some more. However, he suddenly notices Stephen and Jenny emerging from the house, and he exclaims that what they've done already will have to do for now. Standing on the verandah with Jenny, Stephen tells her quietly, "Smile, darling. You're on Candid Camera!" Several camera flashes go off as the guests take shots of the happy couple. Denise calls out, "Throw the bouquet, mum!" Jenny does so, and Samantha catches it! Jenny then goes and hugs Denise and Colin. Colin shakes Stephen's hand and wishes him a nice time. Everyone heads over to the car and Stephen and Jenny climb in. Stephen starts the engine and slowly reverses down to the road. The guests follow them out, waving as they then drive off, cans rattling behind them!

A while later, Barbara and Gordon are helping to clear up the glasses. Barbara heads inside with a tray. Wayne wanders over to his father and announces that he's heading off, as he wants to hit the road before it gets dark. Gordon asks him if he can hang on, as Roland wants to make an announcement about the company. Wayne just mutters, "Sure. Why not? One more shock's not going to surprise us." Elsewhere in the grounds, Simon is standing staring into space. Andy walks over to him and chucks him a can of beer, explaining that he's just rescued the last two cold ones. He then tells Simon that he reckons they should try and get to know each other a bit; they are brothers. Simon mutters, "Half." Andy points out that they're still related. He then goes on that, three months ago, he didn't even know he had a father; now he's got one of those, half a brother, half a sister who he hasn't even met yet... He laughs before musing, "I wonder who else is going to come out of the woodwork?!" Simon, ignoring this, just asks Andy if he's seen Roland. Andy says he thinks he's in the house. Simon hands him the can and snaps, "I don't drink beer." He then heads inside.

Inside, Wayne is sitting on the couch. Roland is saying to Gordon, "It's a good idea, don't you think?" and Gordon agrees that it's a great idea; they'll be thrilled. Irene comes in and asks Roland if they could go for a walk, as there's something she'd like to talk to him about. Roland, though, asks if it can wait for just a few minutes, and Irene agrees. Simon and Andy come in. Gordon calls to Barbara, and she joins them from the kitchen. Simon asks what's going on, and Roland explains, "I've got a little surprise. I thought it was time I discussed some business with my sons." As Andy and Simon both stare at him, he continues, "Over the past few weeks, I've been watching you both and I must say I've been very impressed with how responsible and mature you both are; I'm proud of you. So I've made a decision: out of my 15% holding in the company, I'm going to give you each a 1% holding - and the same to Wendy. Now, that's more than it sounds and I think you'd be mad to say no. In fact, I won't hear of you saying no!" Andy exclaims that that's terrific, and Simon smiles that it's very generous. Both of them shake Roland's hand. Wayne stands up and mutters, "If that's it, I'll get going." Gordon thanks him for coming, adding that it meant a lot to him. Wayne retorts, "I enjoyed myself - and you're right: I did find Roland's announcement interesting." He then adds, "It's funny, isn't it? He's giving his sons a percentage at the same time you're trying to demote yours to office boy. Keep up the good work - 'dad'." With that, he storms off, leaving Gordon looking worried.

Samantha is putting away some clothes in a wardrobe in Andy and Colin's room. She smiles at Colin that he travels very lightly, but Colin replies, "Jeans.... T-shirt.... sneakers. What else do you need?!" Andy comes in and Samantha heads out. Looking concerned, Andy comments to Colin, "I'd forgotten we were sharing..." Colin offers to sleep somewhere else if Andy doesn't feel safe, but Andy assures him that it's fine, adding that Colin will have someone to talk to. Colin snaps, "Big deal." Andy insists that he doesn't want an argument. Colin growls, "It really gets up your nose, having me around, doesn't it?" Andy retorts, "It would have been better if you hadn't have told me," but Colin snaps, "You'd have found out sooner or later." Andy asks, "How? I mean you don't look like--" Colin, glaring at him, interrupts and yells, "For God's sake, what am I supposed to look like? The only difference between you and me, mate, is that you are interested in girls and I'm not. Simple as that." Andy exclaims that that's a pretty big difference to him, but Colin retorts, "That's your problem." Andy growls, "You can't lay on the heavies and expect me to accept it just like that." Colin asks angrily, "Why not?" Andy retorts that it takes time for people to adjust their thinking. Colin snaps, "I thought with friends that it wouldn't make any difference."

Alison is standing by the side of a road, looking at her watch. Wayne pulls up in his car and she climbs in, asking him angrily as she does so where he's been, as she thought he'd left her in this dump. He explains that he couldn't get away. Alison then asks how it went, and Wayne tells her in delight, "Brilliantly. Foster was the perfect bunny - he upset everything just like we wanted. And he said he was tipped off by a blonde woman from the city." Alison muses, "Hardly flattering..." Wayne, though, explains, "But it worked. The description also fitted Caroline - Stephen's first wife. So I suggested it might have been her and Stephen and Jenny bought it. It's odds on they'll tell her to go to hell now." Alison asks where gets him, and Wayne replies, "It might make her change her mind about a few things..."

It's nighttime, and the front door opens at Dural. The house is in darkness, but Stephen tells Jenny to hang on - he has to carry the bride across the threshold! Jenny, though, sighs that she's not in the mood, and she just walks in. Stephen switches on the lights and comments that she can't think of anything else but Caroline. Jenny cries that she's angry. Stephen assures her that so is he, but adds that he's not about to let it ruin their honeymoon. Jenny says she doesn't know how he can be so casual - Caroline has tried to make trouble for them ever since the beginning. They head into the lounge room and Jenny goes on that she thinks it's time they had it out with her once and for all - now. Stephen groans that he's tired. Jenny retorts that so is she, but the sooner they get it over with, the happier they'll be.

Caroline is talking on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment, smiling as she says, "I'm pleased the reception went well, but I'll bet everyone wanted to crawl under a table when Foster threw his punch!" At the other end, in the lounge room at the Woombai homestead, Samantha tells her that she thinks the poor guy was just the victim of a practical joke. Caroline muses that, a few years ago, she would have believed it of Stephen, but not now; he had quite a reputation for being a bit of a playboy. Samantha smiles, "I remember!" Caroline goes on seriously, "He seems to have toned-down quite a bit since then..." Samantha, noticing the tone in her mother's voice, asks her if she's going to be alright tonight. Caroline quickly assures her that of course she is. She adds that she had a bit of a cry when she thought about Stephen getting married again, but she's alright now. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Caroline tells Samantha that she'd better be going. The two women hang up and Caroline goes and opens the door. She looks surprised to find Jenny and Stephen standing there, stern expressions on their faces. Jenny asks curtly if they can come in, and Caroline steps aside to allow them to enter. As Jenny and Stephen go and stand in the lounge room, Caroline smiles, "To what do I owe this honour?" Jenny, though, retorts fiercely, "As if you didn't know. You've interfered in our lives just once too often, Caroline." Caroline stares at her in surprise.

Wayne is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's as Alison pours herself a drink. He writes out a cheque and then hands it to Alison, who thanks him, adding that it should tide her over. She hands him a drink in return and, raising her glass, proposes, "Here's to a good afternoon's work." Wayne smiles, "'Chin chin', as Patricia would say." He then asks, "Are you sure you only did it for the money?" Alison assures him, "Of course." Wayne asks if the bank balance is that bad, and Alison agrees that she needed some cheering-up. She then adds, "I will admit, though, it felt good to know I hadn't lost my touch." Wayne stares at her and she quickly explains, "Private joke." Wayne pauses and then tells her, "You intrigue me. I'm sure there's more to you than meets the eye." Alison smiles, "Maybe." Wayne goes on, "We've both got a lot in common. We ought to get to know each other better." The grin on Alison's face widens and Wayne asks what's so funny. Alison explains, "The thought of you and me getting together." Wayne looks at her in surprise and she tells him, "Forget it."

Stephen and Jenny are sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment. Caroline roars at them, "This is ridiculous. Do Gordon and Barbara believe your nonsense?" Jenny retorts, "They're as disgusted as we are. We all know what you're like." Stephen asks Caroline if she's going to deny it, and Caroline snarls, "I am denying it. Haven't you got ears? And if you don't believe me, you might as well get out." She goes and opens the door. Stephen snaps at her, "Don't worry, we're going - but if you poke your nose in to our business once more, you'll be sorry." Caroline snaps, "What sort of a person do you think I am?" Jenny glares at her and retorts, "Sick. I'm sorry I ever let Colin anywhere near you. It makes me ill to think you actually seduced him." Caroline snarls, "If you took any sort of interested in Colin at all, you'd realise how stupid that was." Jenny asks her angrily, "What do you mean?" but Caroline quickly snaps, "Forget it. Just go. You've said what you came to say; now just leave me alone." With that, she pushes Stephen and Jenny out and slams the door behind them.

Colin is sitting up in his bed at Woombai, reading a comic, when the door opens and Andy comes in. Looking surprised, he comments to Colin, "I thought you'd be asleep." Colin mutters, "Yeah, life's full of disappointments, isn't it?" Andy explains that he's been for a walk; he did a lot of thinking and he guesses he hasn't given Colin a fair go. He continues that he can't say he understands it yet, but he guesses it's just going to take time. He adds, "But you're not going to change, are you?" Colin replies, "No. I'm afraid it doesn't work like that." Andy muses that he's just going to have to get used to it, then, and he adds that he wouldn't be much of a mate if he didn't make the effort. He tells Colin, "I'd like us to be mates. That's if you want to." Colin, glancing at his comic, murmurs in quiet delight, "I think I could cope with that."

Caroline is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment, the telephone to her ear. She says, "Wayne, it's Caroline." Wayne asks her, "What can I do for you?" and Caroline tells him, "I've changed my mind about your business proposition." A smile crosses Wayne's face as he stands in the lounge room at Charlie's, with Alison. Caroline goes on, "If you're still interested, I'd like to come over in the morning and we'll talk about it." Wayne assures her, "Fine by me," and Caroline tells him that she'll see him at 10am. They hang up, and Wayne turns to Alison and says gleefully, "It's worked. Gordy mightn't have control of his company for much longer. Caroline's joined forces with me." Alison asks, "Don't you mean 'us'?" Wayne stares at her and she goes on, "I hardly think she'd be so co-operative if she knew why Stephen was accusing her of being a troublemaker. I don't want to have to tell her..."

The next morning, Stephen and Jenny are enjoying breakfast in the living room at Dural. Stephen suggests that they go for a cruise on the harbour this morning. Jenny, though, is miles away. She comes back to earth and tells Stephen that she can't help wondering what Caroline meant about Colin: 'If I took a bit more interest in him'. Stephen suggests that she ask him. He then goes on that he thinks they should start enjoying themselves, as it'll be the last chance they get for a while. Jenny muses that she hasn't been a barrel of laughs, and she adds that she's sorry about last night; she just couldn't help worrying. Stephen suggests, "If Colin's on your mind so much, why don't you ring him and ask him to come and speak to you as soon as he gets back?" Jenny agrees, "I will."

Caroline has arrived at Charlie's, and as Wayne escorts her into the lounge room, he comments that she's there early; he hopes that doesn't mean she's changed her mind again. Caroline, though, assures him that she's more convinced than ever. Alison is sitting on the couch, and Wayne introduces the two women. Alison says she'll go and put some coffee on and leave Wayne and Caroline to talk. She goes. Wayne and Caroline sit down and Wayne tells Caroline that he's been doing some adding-up this morning. Caroline asks if they'll have a controlling interest, but Wayne shakes his head and replies, "One per cent short." He then adds, "Roland has given 2% of his shares to Simon and Andy. Now, if we could get them on-side..." Caroline completes, "We'd have it." She then suggests to Wayne, "Let's get started, then. I think it's high time our old friends got a bit of a shock..." Wayne smiles at her in delight.

Roland is sitting at the living room table at Woombai. Irene joins him and asks him if he feels any better, but he groans, "No!" Irene hands him a glass of milky-coloured water and tells him to drink it. He does so, reluctantly! He then tells Irene that what would make him feel better is setting a date for the wedding; yesterday got him thinking. Irene, looking wary, says she still thinks they should wait - at least until she's got the surgery set up. Roland assures her that he realises that, and that's why he thought they could get things moving, like getting the licence. Irene sighs, "If you like - but I still think it's a bit early." Roland, looking disappointed, comments sharply, "Every time I mention getting married lately, you've got an excuse. Either you want to marry me or you don't." Irene cries, "You always ask me at the wrong time. I've got other things on my mind." Barbara suddenly joins them from the kitchen and offers more tea, but Roland stands up and snaps, "No. I'm going for a walk." He storms out. Barbara asks Irene quietly if she she interrupted something, but Irene assures her, "No, nothing important," and she gets up and follows Roland outside.

Simon is sitting just outside, and as his father dashes past him, he comments, "You're in a hurry." Roland stops in his tracks and Simon asks if something's wrong. Roland assures him, "No, no, no, nothing." Simon goes on warily, "You've been talking to Irene, haven't you?" Roland nods, "Yeah." Simon says to him, "I hope she told you my side of the story as well." Roland stares at him in surprise and asks, "What?" Irene emerges from the homestead as Simon goes on, "How the hell was I to know a woman I spent the night with in London would turn out to be--" Irene suddenly calls out to Simon to stop him, but it's too late. Roland and Simon turn and stare at her...


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