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    Written by: Steven Haddrick    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Leigh is bending down, stroking Patch in the grounds of David's country house as Brett comments to Mr. Patterson that, if the dog was just stealing eggs, they could knock him out of it, but when it comes to killing chooks... Patterson tells Leigh, "Sorry, girlie, but we're going to have to put him down." Looking horrified, Leigh cries that they can't, but Brett insists that she hasn't got a choice. Leigh suggests that they tie Patch up, but Patterson retorts that he'd go mad. Leigh cries, "Then take him for walks," but Patterson asks when he's supposed to have time to do that. Leigh says she'll do it, then, but Patterson asks how long that will last: 'til the novelty wears off? Leigh cries that it won't; she promises. Brett suggests that he could give her a hand. Leigh stares at him in surprise and he explains, "You obviously like the mutt. I don't want to see you upset." Leigh asks Patterson if it's a deal, and he sighs that there's no harm in giving it a try, he supposes. He walks off, leaving Leigh to thank Brett. She then tells the dog, "Now listen, Patch, you're going to have to behave yourself from now on. No more chasing chooks." Brett looks at her and comments, "You really love animals, don't you?" Leigh nods, "Yes, I do." Brett tells her, "Don't mind them myself, actually." Leigh smiles at him.

Inside the house, in the kitchen, Adam is sitting at the table, reading the newspaper while Beryl bustles around at the sink. She smiles that she wonders how Charlie's getting on, adding that she really can't imagine her taking the academic world by storm! She adds, "Still, she'll stand out with that ostrich hat!" Adam just murmurs, "Yeah..." Beryl, changing the subject, asks him seriously how he's been sleeping. He sighs that he's supposed to have been trained to deal with what happened, but he just can't get it out of his head. Beryl tells him to give it time. Adam, though, explains that he's been thinking of getting out; if he can't hack the pressure, there's no place for him. He adds that his dad always said he was crazy joining the force; it's not going to be easy telling him... Beryl suggests that he talk it over with Charlie, but Adam replies that he has talked to her, and he knows she wants to help; it's just that she can't understand. Beryl suggests softly, "Why don't you give her another chance?" Adam, though, sighs, "We're just not close enough." A look of disappointment crosses Beryl's face.

At the boarding house, Roland is sitting at the table in Irene's flat. Irene comes out of her bedroom, holding a dress against herself. Roland reads to her from the pad in his hand, "May the joyful peel of wedding bells ring throughout your married life." Irene exclaims, "You're not actually sending that?!" Roland asks indignantly, "Why not?" Irene retorts, "It's so kitsch!" Roland laughs and quickly assures her that it's just a joke, and she exclaims,"Thank God for that!" She then asks him what he thinks of her dress, and he smiles, "You'd look good in a hessian bag!" Irene, looking disappointed, tells him that she spent three hours searching for that dress. Roland quickly points out that she knows what he means! Irene goes to walk back to her room, saying as she does so that Barbara and Simon will be there in a minute, so they have to get a move on. Roland suddenly says, "I've been thinking: supposing we announced our engagement at the reception?" Irene, turning back to him and looking wary, asks if they shouldn't leave it a little bit longer and give Simon a time to get used to the idea of them being together. Roland, though, retorts that he keeps telling her that Simon's not going to be a problem. He then asks her if she's sure there isn't something else. Irene quickly assures him, "Of course not." Roland goes on that he can't help wondering if she's going cold on the whole idea of marrying him. Irene, though, tells him, "I've never been more sure of anything in my life. It's just... well, there's something I'd like to discuss with you first, that's all." Roland suggests, "Let's talk about it now," but Irene tells him, "After the wedding," and she gives him a kiss, adding, "I love you." Roland still looks slightly worried.

Wayne opens the front door at Charlie's to find Barbara standing there. She says a blunt, "Hello, Wayne." Wayne asks her curtly what she wants, and she explains that she and Simon were just about to leave for Woombai and she thought maybe he'd changed his mind. She adds, "Before you say no, please think what it's going to mean to Jenny and Stephen - and, of course, to Gordon." Wayne tells her, "I have." Barbara ignores this and goes on, "Well, I just think that you--" She suddenly breaks off and asks in surprise, "I beg your pardon?" Wayne explains that he has changed his mind - but he'll go under his own power. Looking surprised, Barbara nods, "Good." Inside the house, Alison suddenly calls out, "Wayne. Where are the back door--" She comes to the front doorway and stops in surprise as she finds Barbara standing there. She stares at her as Wayne says, "Alison, meet my stepmother, Barbara Hamilton". Alison smiles at Barbara and says, "Hello." Barbara just murmurs, "Good morning." Wayne explains to Barbara that Alison is a friend of Charlie's. Alison adds, "A friend of a friend, actually." As Barbara stares at Alison in surprise, Wayne asks her if something's wrong. Barbara quickly says, "No, no, nothing at all. We'll see you at Woombai, then." Wayne nods, "Yeah. Drive safely," and he shuts the door in her face."

A short time later, in Charlie's lounge room, Alison asks Wayne if he's got the address. Wayne murmurs, "Yep." Alison asks him if he'll write it down in case she has to find it on her own. Wayne asks what could happen, and Alison retorts that he could get a flat tyre or something and he might have to drive straight to the homestead; she'd like a piece of paper telling her whereabouts in Woombai she has to go. Wayne sighs and starts writing on a piece of paper on the dresser. As he does so, Alison asks him how long he'll stay at the wedding, and he tells her, "Hours." Alison warns, "Wayne..." but Wayne insists that he has to make it look natural. Alison tells him that it'll be perfectly natural if he's the first to leave. Wayne, though, retorts that, at a country wedding, it's never natural to be the first to leave. He hands her the piece of paper on he's written the address and they head out.

Andy is in Irene's flat and he picks up a pile of gift-wrapped wedding presents and tells Irene that he'll see her at Woombai. He then heads out, leaving Barbara, Irene and Simon in the flat. When he's gone, Irene says to Barbara, "So, who's this Alison person you were telling me about before Andy arrived?" Barbara mutters, "Some friend of Charlie's, apparently. She's staying at the house with Wayne." Irene asks, "You've never met her?" Barbara asserts, "No!" She then adds that there is something vaguely familiar about her, but it must be her overactive imagination! Roland suddenly emerges from a bedroom with some cases, complaining that he feels like a hotel porter! Simon goes and opens the front door for him and he heads out. Irene asks Barbara if Wayne's going up to Woombai, and Barbara replies that, yes he is - and she's glad he is, too, as it'll give him and Gordon a chance to sort out their differences. She suddenly notices that Roland has forgotten his keys, and she picks them up and goes to take them out to him. When she's gone, Simon says to Irene, "She still cares about him, doesn't she?" He then adds, "By the way, you must know Margot Sutherland quite well. It was all a set-up, wasn't it? The introduction. Her leading me on. Next thing I know, I'm dropped like a hot potato." Irene insists that she doesn't have the faintest idea what he's talking about. Simon, though, snaps, "Like hell you don't. Next time I ask for your help, play it my way, OK?" Irene retorts, "There won't be a next time. After the wedding, I'm telling Roland the whole story." As Simon stares at her, she continues, "Oh, I know I'm taking a risk - but it's better than putting up with your blackmail." With that, she heads out."

Andy is at the Morrell apartment, laughing at Samantha as she puts her hair in rollers. She suggests indignantly that, if he's finished with the jokes, they can all leave. Andy looks at Colin, who's sitting on the couch, and Samantha adds that he's coming, too. She then heads off to say goodbye to Caroline in her bedroom. When she's gone, Colin leaps up from the couch and says blokily to Andy, "So, you reckon the bulldogs will get up again this year, mate?" Andy just stares at him and says quietly, "Listen, I'm sorry the idea of sharing a bedsitter fell through." Colin, though, retorts tautly, "Look, Andy, we both know why you changed your mind. Let's not pretend that we don't." He then turns away, leaving Andy looking worried.

Beryl is on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, talking to Fiona. She's asking, "You're not coming home?" and Fiona replies, "No. Not until David's well enough to come with me." Leigh walks into the kitchen and overhears as Beryl says she'll tell Leigh what's happened. She thanks her for ringing and they hang up. Leigh immediately asks, "What do you have to tell me?" Beryl, looking hesitant, explains, "There's been an accident. David's in hospital, but he's alright." Looking worried, Leigh asks what sort of an accident, and Beryl tells her, "He was beaten up by a couple of thugs who worked for the man that Patricia lived with. Now, Fiona is with him; it's bruising and a few ribs. He's just not well enough to travel, that's all." Leigh mutters, "I knew it." Beryl goes on that obviously they were on to something; maybe Patricia is alive? Brett comes in from outside as Leigh cries, "I told him to be careful." He asks what's happened and Beryl explains that it's David: he's in hospital, but it's nothing serious. Brett asks what he did and Beryl tells him that he was beaten-up - someone tried to warn him off - but he is alright. Leigh sobs, "I shouldn't have let him go." Brett, putting his hands gently on her shoulders, suggests, "As long as he's alright - that's the main thing, isn't it?"

Jenny lays her wedding dress out on the couch at the Woombai homestead and Denise offers to press it for her. Stephen suddenly calls, "Jenny," and, a look of panic on her face, Jenny yells at him not to come in. Denise quickly gathers up the dress and rushes with it into the kitchen. Stephen comes in and asks what's wrong. Jenny tells him that she had her wedding dress out and it's bad luck for him to see it before the ceremony. Stephen, giving her a hug, smiles that it's just a lot of mumbo jumbo. Gordon suddenly comes in and, seeing Stephen and Jenny enjoying a moment together, quickly offers to go out and come in again! Stephen smiles that he's just enjoying his last fun moment of freedom! He then tells Gordon that Barbara rang: Wayne's coming. Looking delighted, Gordon murmurs, "Good." Stephen suggests that it looks like they're out of Wayne's bad books at last, and Gordon murmurs that he hopes so. Jenny adds that Colin's coming up, too, so it's good news all round! Stephen puts his arms around her, happily.

Adam is sipping a cup of coffee in the kitchen at the country house. He's wearing his police uniform and Beryl asks him if it'll be a big funeral. Adam replies that he'd say so - Ian was one of the most popular blokes at the station. Beryl straightens his tie for him as he goes on that the worst part's going to be facing Kay: he knows what she'll be thinking: 'Why not Adam instead of Ian?' Beryl tells him to try not to let it get him down. Adam heads out to take a walk before he goes. Beryl stands in the kitchen, looking worried.

Leigh is hanging up some washing outside when Brett walks over to her, carrying Patch under his arm, and says, "Guess who slipped his chain?" Leigh, looking disappointed, asks the dog what they're going to do with him. Brett adds, "He, er, killed two of Warren's chooks this time." Leigh cries, "Oh Patch..."

A while later, Leigh and Brett are standing with Warren Patterson as he exclaims, "There won't be any more chooks left soon." Leigh cries, "You can't shoot him." Brett, though, warns her that if Patch has got the taste of blood, she can't-- Patterson interrupts and adds, "Nothing's going to stop him except the bullet." Leigh suggests that she could train him to stay away from the hens, but Patterson retorts that it wouldn't work. He then grabs Patch's lead from Brett and leads the dog away. Looking horrified, Leigh cries to Brett, "You've got to stop him." Brett, though, retorts that he can't. He then suggests that they go back to the house, but Leigh snaps, "It's not fair."

A few moments later, Patterson is tying Patch to a post when Adam approaches Leigh and Brett and overhears as Leigh snaps that she's not going to let Patterson do it. Brett retorts that it's none of their business, but Leigh snaps that she doesn't care; she's going to stop him. With that, she runs off towards Patterson's property. Adam watches her go. On Patterson's property, Patterson loads his rifle and points it at Patch, but Leigh suddenly runs up to him and pushes the weapon out of his hands. As Adam watches, he suffers a flashback to when his partner was shot on duty. Patterson snaps at Leigh, "What the hell do you think you're doing? You could have got yourself killed." Leigh growls, "Yeah, just like Patch." She bends down to start untying Patch, but Patterson snaps at her to leave the dog where it is. Brett runs over and tells Leigh to do as Patterson says, but Leigh ignores him and keeps working on the rope being used to tie Patch to the post. Adam suddenly runs over and, in a fit of rage, knocks Patterson to the ground. He grabs the rifle and, holding the barrel end, raises it above Patterson's head and snaps, "I ought to knock your brains out." Brett quickly grabs him and stops him, explaining hastily, "He wasn't doing anything - he was just going to shoot the dog because it's been killing the chooks." Adam stares at Patterson and, indicating the rifle, asks curtly, "This yours?" Patterson retorts, "Yes it is - and I've got a licence for it." He continues angrily, "I ought to report you. I think I will, too." He then snaps at Leigh to get - and take the mongrel dog with her. Adam storms off. Brett leads Leigh and Patch away.

Stephen is walking along the verandah at Woombai as a car pulls up and Roland, Barbara, Irene and Simon climb out. The five of them exchange greetings and Gordon comments to Simon, "Long time no see!" Irene looks around and smiles that she's heard a lot about Woombai. Stephen asks if it lives up to expectations and she laughs, "It'll do!" Barbara asks Stephen how Jenny's coping and Stephen tells her that Colin turned up with Andy and Samantha. Gordon and Simon start taking the luggage out of the boot.

Inside, Samantha is doing Denise's hair. Colin is sitting with them on the couch. Jenny is pouring some drinks and she asks Colin if he's sure she can't get him something to eat. Colin insists that he's fine. He then suggests that she sit down, as she's running around like a bee in a bottle! Jenny explains that she's just so happy to have him there, that's all. Denise adds that she has to admit that she was surprised to see him - he was so in love when he left, she thought he would be on the moon by now! Colin sighs, "Alright - you just wait 'til next time you want a favour, OK?!" Denise smiles, "Can you tell me something about Andy?" Jenny asks her humorously if she can't think about anything else, but Denise replies that he's such a spunk! She then says to Colin, "And you're mates, aren't you?" Colin mutters, "Yeah, more or less..." Jenny chips in to tell him that she's had to put him in the same room he shared with Andy last time. Colin mutters under his breath, "He'll love that..." He then asks what time the service is, and Jenny, looking at her watch, tells him, "Fifty-eight minutes from... now!"

A young blonde woman emerges from a house and climbs into a run-down car. She starts the engine and drives off, past Wayne and Alison who are parked in Wayne's car by the side of the road. Wayne muses, "There she goes..." Alison smiles, "Good. That should make things a little easier." She climbs out, leaving Wayne sitting in the car with a broad grin on his face. She walks up towards the house that the young woman has just left and rings the bell. The door is answered by a rough-looking man, and Alison says to him, "I'm looking for Monica Foster." The man tells her, "You've just missed her." Alison then suggests that it might be better if she talked to him - he is Monica's husband...?" The man grunts, "Yeah." Alison smiles, "A man called Stephen Morrell is getting married today - in Woombai. The thing is, he's supposed to be marrying me." The man shakes his head and mutters, "Not my problem, sweetheart." Alison, though, explains, "It is, actually. You see, I was one of his girlfriends - in Sydney - but I've been dumped. I wondered if your wife realises she's suffered the same fate." The man, looking shocked, asks, "Monica?" Alison smiles, "Yes, I'm afraid so. You see, she was one of his girlfriends, too. I only found out the other day. I'm sorry, believe me. I just thought you should know, that's all." The man growls, "I heard there was someone Monica might have been carrying on with over at Woombai." Alison tells him, "Well I think it's time Mr. Stephen Morrell paid for his good time." The man growls, "Yeah. Reckon it might be at that..."

At Woombai, a bouquet of flowers is lying on a table, with a card attached to it. Written on the card are the words 'To Jenny and Stephen on the Celebration of their Marriage'. A waiter is carrying around a tray full of glasses of champagne. Andy is standing with Stephen, Gordon and Colin, laughing about a time a keg of beer went all over the bride at a wedding his band was playing at! Gordon tells him that they're going to be just a little bit more refined today! Roland joins them and, looking bemused at all the laughter, asks who's telling dirty jokes! Elsewhere, Irene is standing with Simon and Barbara and she smiles that she loves outdoor weddings. Barbara suggests, "As long as it doesn't rain..." Irene, looking up at the sky, says she doesn't think there's much worry about that! They suddenly hear loud male laughter emanating from nearby, and Barbara comments that you'd think the men were frightened to talk to women! She heads off to put a thorn amongst those roses! Simon, left alone with Irene, growls, "I hope you've decided against doing anything stupid today." Irene, though, tells him, "Sorry", and she walks off, leaving Simon looking annoyed. Roland is telling another story about a wedding to the men and Barbara. A red car suddenly pulls up nearby. Wayne is in the driving seat and Gordon heads over to say 'hi' to him. He approaches his son and tells him, "Glad you could make it. It's good to see you." Wayne, though, just mutters, "It's a way of filling in an afternoon, I suppose. Don't think it changes anything between us." He then walks off, leaving Gordon looking disappointed.

Inside, Simon is pouring himself another drink. Samantha comes in, doing up her dress, and Simon comments that she's in a hurry. Samantha explains that that's what you get for being a bridesmaid! Simon asks her if she's got time for a drink, but Samantha explains that she has to get Jenny's bouquet from the kitchen. Simon suggests, "What about after the wedding, then? Just you and me?" Samantha stares at him and asks, "A drink?" Simon replies, "Whatever makes you happy." Samantha growls, "What would make me happy is for you to disappear." Looking surprised, Simon asks what he said, but Samantha snaps, "Just go and join the others." Andy suddenly comes in and asks if everything is OK. Simon mutters, "Sure," and he heads out. When he's gone, Samantha exclaims to Andy, "He made a pass at me." Andy tells her that she looks great; lots of guys would. Samantha, though, mutters that it's still pretty off. Andy asks her if she isn't taking this porno thing a bit far; she can't snap every time a guy shows some interest in her; she's too tense. Samantha exclaims, "He's my cousin! Anyway, I just don't want to get involved with anyone, that's all." Andy asks who says she has to, adding that she should just relax a little and accept things as they are. Samantha growls that he's a great one to talk: the way he's treating Colin... she'd hardly call that 'acceptance'. Andy retorts that that's different, and Samantha asks how. Andy mutters, "He was a mate." Samantha taunts, "And little Andy feels betrayed?" Andy suggests that they drop it, but Samantha snaps that if Colin is a mate, why doesn't he try treating him like one? She adds that Colin is going through a pretty tough time and he'd probably like a little bit of support. Denise suddenly runs in and asks, "Hey, where's the bouquet? We're ready to start!"

Outside, a few minutes later, Andy is wiring up a loud speaker. Samantha and Denise emerge from the homestead, followed by Jenny, on Gordon's arm. The marriage celebrant and Stephen look on, smiles on their faces. Irene comments to Roland, "Doesn't she look beautiful?" Roland replies, "You'll look better!" Simon glares over at them. Gordon walks Jenny up to the celebrant and she turns and smiles at Stephen.

Monica Foster's husband is driving in his car up the road to Woombai, an angry expression on his face.

In the grounds at the homestead, Colin hands the celebrant a ring and she addresses the gathering: "May this ring be a token of the constant sign of the pledge of love and faith which Jenny and Stephen make to each other." She hands the ring to Stephen and then asks Jenny to pass her flowers to her bridesmaid. Jenny hands them to Samantha. Stephen then turns to her and pledges, "With this ring, I wed you. With all that I am and all that I have, I honour you." Jenny smiles and replies, "I accept this ring as a token of our marriage, and may God enable us to grow and love together." The celebrant then says, "According to law, marriage is entered into for life. Those who are joined together, let no man put asunder. In the presence of us all, by the giving and receiving of the ring, and by the joining of hands, Stephen and Jenny have now accepted each other in marriage." A few yards away, Wayne looks round behind him, a sudden nasty smile on his face. Foster has arrived and is climbing out of his car. The celebrant continues, "With the authority vested in me, I declare them to be husband and wife." She then tells Stephen, "You may kiss your bride." Stephen pushes Jenny's veil back gently and goes to kiss her. At that moment, though, Foster runs towards him and, snapping, "Mongrel!" punches Stephen on the jaw. Stephen falls to the ground as Foster stands over him, angrily.


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