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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Mitch, standing by the doors that lead to the back garden, growls, "I've come for my money." He pauses before adding, "What else would I want?" Karen retorts that she told him that he'd have it late tonight; she doesn't want him there now - anyone could come in. Mitch snaps at her, "Just give me the money and I'll go." Karen explains that she has to see Alan first - he's been out all day with Jill. Mitch growls at her that she thought up this scheme - if she wants to make out that he's dead for her own crazy reasons, that's fine by him, as long as he gets what they agreed on. Karen assures him that she'll get it. Mitch snaps that he wants it now. Karen retorts that she hasn't got it now. She goes on that Alan will be back at any time; if Mitch wants to wait, he can wait in the garden and when the money's ready, she'll call him. Mitch growls that she's to remember that he won't be far away - and he won't wait all night, either. He goes to walk out again, but pauses and turns back to face Karen. He tells her that, when he came there this morning and she was babbling on about wanting Wayne to believe he'd killed him, he didn't know what she was on about - but now that he's had time to think what she's paying him for, all he can say is, "You're sick." Karen retorts that she wouldn't expect him to understand about love, but Mitch growls that if that's her idea of love, she and Wayne deserve each other. He walks out.

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, drinking, a glum look on his face. He suddenly overhears Gordon at the front door: he's talking to Charlie and inviting her to come in. As Charlie enters the house, she admonishes, "Do be quiet, Izzy - mother's nerves are in no state for all that!" She then turns to Gordon and goes on that she can't tell him how good it is to see a friendly face - he'll never imagine what she's been through. She and Gordon come into the lounge room and Charlie smiles and says, "Hello, Wayne." Wayne just stares at her without responding. Gordon goes to the bar to get Charlie a drink. As she sits down, he tells her that they tried to contact her, but no one knew where she was staying in Perth. He then asks what happened, and Charlie explains that it was all a wild goose chase by that most dreadful Roger Carlyle - Patricia wasn't in Perth at all. Gordon replies that that's why they tried to contact her. Charlie goes on that Roger Carlyle actually threatened her and said that if she gave Patricia any more help, she'd be sorry. Gordon, looking surprised, asks if Carlyle spoke to her personally. Charlie admits, "Not really... but this awful man came to my room." Gordon asks if he mentioned Roger Carlyle's name. Charlie replies that he didn't... but they both knew who he was working for. Gordon hands her her drink, sits down and asks how they can prove the man was sent by Roger. He then quickly adds that the main thing is that she's alright - they were quite worried about her. Charlie, looking pleased, smiles, "Were you?" She adds, "But then I'd be quite annoyed if you weren't... one likes to think one's cared for..." Changing the subject, Gordon quickly tells her that she hasn't heard the good news: Patricia is with David in Melbourne and she's had her knee operation. A look of delight crosses Charlie's face and she exclaims that that's wonderful - it'll make Roger Carlyle spit chips! She then asks Gordon and Wayne if they can imagine the sort of diseased mind that that man must have - to actually want to kill someone in cold blood... she doesn't know how he can live with himself. Glaring at her, Wayne suddenly snaps, "For God's sake," and he gets up and storms out. Charlie looks at Gordon in surprise and asks if it was something she said.

Alan is with Karen in the lounge room at the Fisher house, packing files into his briefcase and telling her that he was having such a great time with Jill that he forgot how late it was - he'll be lucky to catch his 'plane. Karen says to him that, before he goes, she needs some money: she has to write a cheque tonight and she doesn't have enough to cover it. Alan retorts that he hasn't got time - he'll see her when he gets back. He turns to go, but Karen snaps that she needs it now - until the company money comes through, she's practically broke. Alan points out curtly that there's food in the 'fridge, isn't there? Karen snaps at him, "For God's sake." Alan gives in and mutters, "Anything for some peace..." He goes to the desk and starts writing the cheque. As he does so, Jill comes in with a packed holdall tells him that he's a bit short on socks - they're in the wash. Alan, though, mutters that he'll buy some more if he runs out. He signs the cheque and hands it to Karen. Jill sighs that she wishes he wasn't going, as she'll miss him. Alan bluntly suggests that she leave that for when he gets back. He then kisses her and heads out. Jill sighs heavily. Karen tells her that there's no point losing any sleep over him - he's not worth it. Jill replies that she can't help the way she feels. Wanting to get rid of her, Karen tells her that she looks dead on her feet and she suggests to her that she should have an early night. Jill says she doesn't think she'll sleep much anyway, knowing that Alan is down there chasing Katie. Karen suggests to her that she take a couple of pills, then. Jill points out that she wouldn't hear Fee, but Karen assures her that she'll look after her. Jill asks her if she's sure. Karen replies that she is. She adds that she'll get the pills and she walks out.

Irene is with Fiona in Fiona's flat. The two of them are each holding a glass of champagne, and Irene exclaims that she thinks it's wonderful news! She adds that, apart from anything else, Barney will be great unpaid help with the boarding house while she's overseas! Her face suddenly dropping, she goes on that she only wished things were going as well for Barbara, running around with Ross Newman... Fiona agrees that it certainly seems that she's not thinking clearly - and to turn on Irene like that... The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Fiona gets up to answer it. STD pips sound and Beryl comes on. Looking surprised, Fiona says, "Hello!" Beryl explains that she thought she'd ring to see how Fiona is; she's stuck in Sydney until tomorrow due to some strike over something or other. Fiona says to her that she thought she was still up-north with Jim O'Brien. Beryl murmurs, "Yes..." She then quickly continues that that's not what she 'phoned about, and she asks Fiona how she is. Fiona smiles and replies that she's fine. She goes on that she hopes Beryl is going to come and stay the night as she's got some very big news for her. Beryl, though, says she thinks she'd rather get home - she only rang to say 'Hi'. Fiona looks disappointed. Beryl says she'd better go. She adds that they'll catch up soon, and she hangs up.

Karen walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house, heads for the garden doors, opens them and calls, "You there?" Mitch appears and snaps, "About bloody time. Where is it?" Karen tells him to come in and she'll write him a cheque. She adds that, after this, she doesn't ever want to see or hear of him again. Mitch curtly asks why he'd want to see her again. As they glare at each other, there's a sudden knock at the front door and Wayne calls, "Karen?" Karen and Mitch look round in shock.

A few moments later, a drunk Wayne walks in and slurs at Karen - who's apparently on her own - that Charlie kept on and on about Roger Carlyle and what a terrible person he is, with human life meaning nothing to him...; he had to get away. Karen tells him to take it easy. Wayne goes on that he kept remembering what she said about not going to pieces in front of Gordy: he tried, but Gordy would have to be blind not to notice. Karen points out that Gordon has got a lot of things on his mind and he knows Wayne has been under a lot of pressure lately, with the company and all...; he probably thinks it's that. Wayne slurs that he hopes so... He then goes on that Karen said that if he needed help, he was to come to her, and he asks, "Can I stay for a few hours?" Karen smiles and assures him that of course he can. She suggests he go and make himself a coffee, but Wayne slurs that he doesn't need that. Karen, though, retorts that he does: getting drunk isn't helping anything. She adds that she's got a couple of things to finish off and then they can sit and talk. Wayne heads off to the kitchen. Karen returns to the desk to finish writing the cheque. Mitch creeps back in through the garden doors and angrily asks Karen, "What are you trying to do to that poor mongrel?" Karen retorts that she does know what Wayne is going through - she's not that totally unfeeling; if she'd realised he was going to take it so badly, she would never have started it - but it's too late now and it's nothing to with Mitch anyway. She tells him to take his money and go. Mitch grabs the cheque that she's holding out, folds it up and heads back out through the doors. Karen stands there, looking relieved.

Gordon is sitting in the lounge room at Dural with Charlie and Isabella. He says to Charlie that if he'd known Wayne was taking the car, he would have stopped him - he's in no state to drive. He adds that something has been worrying him all day, but he wouldn't talk about it. Charlie points out that Wayne is old enough too look after himself - but it's Gordon's health that's important - to all of them... Gordon admits that he feels a bit worn out, and Charlie smiles that a good night's sleep will do wonders. She stands up and helps him out of his seat. She then tells him that she'll stay there in case Wayne calls. Gordon insists that he can't ask her to do that, but Charlie assures him that she doesn't mind in the least - she'll just think lovely thoughts about him up there, all snug and cosy! Gordon asks her if she's sure she doesn't mind. Charlie tells him not to worry about a thing - she's there to look after him now. Gordon says, "Goodnight." Charlie wishes him, "Sweet dreams!"

In her flat at the boarding house, Fiona laughs. Irene animatedly says she's always thought that if she was ever to get married again, she'd want to do it somewhere really different. Fiona laughs knowingly, and Irene, putting on a mock expression of shock, points out that she meant the wedding - like on a roof or under a waterfall! Fiona half-laughs and half-slurs that she can see Irene in a scuba diving outfit with an umbrella up! There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Fiona laughs that people never want to leave you alone when you're having fun! She gets up and goes and opens it. Barney is standing there, a serious look on his face, and he asks Fiona if he can come in. Fiona slurs that of course he can - she's only got Irene there. She adds that he's just in time to help them finish the bubbly. Barney, though, declines the offer. He adds that what he came about won't take long. Irene chips in that she does have to get going, and Fiona, looking disappointed, agrees, "Alright." Irene tells Barney that, in case she doesn't see him again before she heads overseas, she wishes him all the very best. She then hugs Fiona, who smiles and says, "Goodnight, Irene." Irene goes and Fiona invites Barney to sit down. She then asks him if he's eaten, but Barney explains that he can't stay - he just wants her to read something. Holding out his exercise books, he goes on that what she thinks about it means a great deal to him: he wrote this all down in the books years ago and shoved them under a bed and forgot all about them - until Mitch found them. Fiona asks what they are and Barney explains that they're just something she should know. He goes on that he won't make any excuses, but he'll let her make her own mind up; he'll just go for a walk and come back a bit later. Looking surprised, Fiona asks why it's so urgent that she should read them. Barney replies that he's thinking of getting them published - and if he does, it's only fair that she should find out before-- He breaks off before adding that she's got a right to know before she marries him - it may change the way she feels. Fiona smiles lovingly and assures him that, whatever it is, it wouldn't do that. Barney says he hopes not, but it might... He turns to go, but he pauses by the door and says, "I love you." He then leaves. Fiona stands there, looking thoughtful. After a few seconds, she sits down and opens the top book.

In Melbourne, Beryl's house is in darkness, but Katie is standing in the lounge room, talking on the 'phone to Alan. She tells him that she can't come and meet him now. Alan asks why not and Katie points out that it's after 11pm - her mum and dad are in bed. Alan assures her that that's OK - they're not invited! Katie laughs but then explains that her parents will worry if they wake up and find she's not there. Alan suggests that she leave them a note. He adds that she's over 16; they can hardly object. Katie, though, says she doesn't think so. She then suggests that they have lunch tomorrow - she'll cook: her mum and dad are away for the day so they'll have the place to themselves. Alan tells her that she's won him - he'll see her then. He hangs up. Katie stands there, smiling...

At the Fisher house, Wayne slurs that it's not just that he killed someone - his conscience is bad enough - but it's being scared... knowing that for the rest of his life, whenever someone knocks on the door it could be the cops. Karen gently tells him that he's only making it worse for himself - he's been talking in circles for hours. Wayne slurs that he's sorry - he didn't mean to bore her; it's time he was going, he supposes. Karen assures him that he isn't boring her and she adds that he's not leaving in that state. Wayne asks why not: the worst he could do is kill himself; it would solve a lot of problems. Karen snaps at him to stop talking like that; he's spending the night there: he can sleep on the sofa - although she'd be much happier if he did spend the night with her... they're both going to need a lot of comfort tonight... She goes on that she does know what he's going through - she'll help if he lets her. Wayne mutters that the sofa will do. Karen accepts this and she leaves him. Wayne, still looking upset, walks over to the drinks table, picks up a glass and pours himself a scotch. He sips it and then wanders over to the desk. The bottle of sleeping pills that Karen lent to Jill is sitting there, and Wayne picks it up and stares at the label. He then wanders back over to the couch and sits down.

A while later, Karen walks into the lounge room holding a pillow and a blanket. Wayne is lying on the couch, apparently asleep. Karen calls, "Wayne?" Wayne doesn't respond. Karen goes on, "Wayne? Get up." He doesn't move, though. Karen runs round to stand in front of him and she suddenly notices the bottle of pills in his left hand, which is draped on the floor. She cries, "Oh God," and she runs to the 'phone and starts dialling.

Fiona is sitting in her flat, a look of devastation on her face as tears stream down it. There's a knock on the door, but Fiona takes several seconds before she gets up to answer it. She eventually walks over to it very slowly. As she opens the door, Barney, who's standing in the corridor, says, "You read them?" Fiona doesn't respond. Barney walks into the flat and closes the door behind him. Fiona turns away, not wanting to look at him. Barney, looking concerned, says, "Fiona?" Fiona, still refusing to look at him, cries, "I just don't believe it. I don't believe that you could be a part of it like that. Someone I thought I knew..." Barney quietly tells her that he hoped she'd understand. Fiona, though, cries, "I can't." Barney goes on that he thought she'd probably feel that way, but it wouldn't have been right to let things go on without telling her. He turns away, walks to the door and goes. Fiona just stands there, sobbing heavily.

A doctor finishes examining a still-unconscious Wayne in the lounge room at the Fisher house and he tells Karen that Wayne is lucky: she found him in time. Karen asks if he should be in hospital, but the doctor replies that, no - he'll sleep well tonight and he'll be groggy in the morning with a sore stomach and ribs from all that vomiting, but that will be all. Karen tells him that she's sorry for getting him out of bed, but the doctor assures her that he's used to it. He then asks how Nat is and Karen replies that he's fine - he's still overseas. The doctor asks her to remind Nat when he gets back that he owes him an afternoon stroll. Karen smiles and says she'll do that. The doctor then asks if there's any chance that Wayne will try this again, but Karen assures him that it was just an accident: he was very drunk - that's why he's sleeping on the sofa; she doesn't know what he thought he was taking, but he certainly wasn't trying to kill himself. The doctor tells her to call him again if anything happens, but he's sure Wayne will be alright. He goes. Karen sighs and sits down on the couch next to Wayne. She starts stroking his hand and his face, and she murmurs lovingly, "Oh Wayne..."

The next morning, Karen and Wayne are sitting at the table, and Karen tells a groggy-looking Wayne that he really should try and eat something. Wayne, though, just mutters that it would all be over by now if she'd left him alone. Karen insists that she cares about him too much to lose him. Wayne ignores this, going on that it doesn't get any better: he keeps seeing Mitch lying there and knowing that she-- He breaks off. Karen, looking worried, gently tells him, "Wayne... it didn't happen the way you think." Wayne ignores her again, instead continuing that he doesn't know why she's bothering to help him - he's been pretty mean to her lately. Karen assures him that she's helping him because she loves him; she thought he knew that. Wayne murmurs that he did - but he supposes it's the first time she's done anything to really show it; she saved his life and he won't forget that. Karen smiles at him lovingly and says, "Oh Wayne..." Wayne then points out that she was going to say something about it not happening the way he thought. Karen quickly assures him that it doesn't matter, and she smiles at him adoringly...

Amanda is walking along the footpath outside the apartment block where she lives. Mitch is sitting in his car, watching her as she passes, but she doesn't notice him. A thoughtful look on his face, he suddenly starts his car's engine and pulls away. Amanda stops as she becomes aware of a yellow car driving past, and she mutters in surprise, "Mitch?"

Charlie, Isabella and Gordon head from the lounge room to the front door at Dural, Gordon asking Charlie as they do so if Patricia knows that she's going down. Charlie explains that she rang David - he was so relieved to hear that she's alright. She adds that it's really very sweet the way the men worry about one! Gordon wishes her a good flight and Charlie thanks him. She goes on that she just dropped by to let him know where she was in case he missed her! Wayne suddenly walks in through the front door and Charlie smiles as she comments, "Who's a naughty stop-out?!" Wayne just ignores her and heads upstairs. Charlie snaps at Gordon that Wayne really can be so rude sometimes - he really ought to speak to him. Gordon, though, explains that when Wayne is in one of these moods, he's best left alone. Charlie murmurs that he knows Wayne best. She then adds that she'll see him when she gets back and she goes.

Alan is at Beryl's, and as Katie shows off the svelte black-and-pink-patterned dress that she's wearing, he exclaims, "Stunning. That's the only word that comes to mind." Katie thanks him delightedly. She then adds that lunch won't be long. They sit down on the couch in the lounge room and Alan points out that they've got all day. He then asks her how she's been, and she replies, "Fine. And you?" Alan responds that he's good. He then tells her that she really is a hell of an attractive lady; if only she'd learn to relax... Katie insists that she is relaxed - well, a lot more than she was; what happened in Sydney... it was just the wrong time. She then tells him that she's really glad he rang last night. Alan smiles and says he's glad she's glad. He gently puts his hand on her knee and goes to kiss her, but Katie recoils away and says she thinks she'd better go and check on lunch. She stands up, but Alan points out that lunch isn't the reason she invited him there and they both know it. He goes to kiss her again, and this time, Katie responds passionately...

At the boarding house in Sydney, Irene hugs Fiona and tells her to take care. Fiona replies, "You too - and write!" Irene assures her that she will. She then asks Fiona if she's sure everything is alright. Putting on a brave face, Fiona replies that of course she's sure. Irene asks her if she's heard anything more from Beryl. Fiona replies that she'd be a lot happier if she had - it's been worrying her. Irene says she's sure it's nothing serious. Fiona suggests that it's time Irene was moving! Irene wishes Fiona all the very best for her and for Barney. Fiona thanks her and Irene walks off. Fiona heads back into her flat, closes the door and leans against it, looking rueful.

Beryl arrives home and walks into her lounge room. Looking heavily-pregnant, she puts down her case and calls, "Mike? Heather?" There's no answer, though; apparently, no one is home. Beryl suddenly notices a brown suit jacket lying on the lounge room floor and she picks it up and rests it over the back of the couch. She then calls out again to ask if anyone's home, but there's no answer. She heads off towards her bedroom, opens the door and suddenly cries out in shock, "Get out of my room!" She hurries back into the lounge room, quickly followed by Katie, who's straightening the strap of her dress. She hurriedly explains that she wasn't expecting Beryl back. Beryl snaps, "Where are your parents?" Katie ignores this, going on that if they'd known she was coming... Beryl snaps that she asked where Katie's parents are. Katie retorts that they're out for the day. Beryl angrily asks her if this sort of thing happens every time they go out. Katie indignantly retorts that they weren't doing anything wrong. Beryl snaps at her that she was carrying on like 'that' in someone else's home, in her bedroom. Alan walks in, doing up his shirt sleeve buttons, and he mutters to Katie, "Thought we were going to have the house to ourselves today." Beryl snaps at him to get out. Katie suggests to him quietly that he'd better go. Alan reluctantly says, "OK." He goes to kiss Katie, but Beryl picks up his jacket from the back of the couch and thrusts it at him, repeating that she ordered him to get out. Alan tells Katie that he'll call her soon, and he adds that they'd better make it his place next time. He goes. Beryl snaps at Katie that she can start packing, too. Looking incredulous, Katie angrily asks Beryl what the matter is with her. She goes on that it's not such a terrible thing: her mum and dad have been sleeping there in the same bed. Beryl suddenly yells, "You little slut," and she wallops Katie round the face. She then runs into the kitchen and leans on the table, looking shocked and upset.


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