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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

David is sitting in the corridor at the hospital, reading a magazine, when Irene suddenly comes round the corner. Looking surprised to see her, David comments that he thought she'd be back in Sydney. Irene explains that she's just on her way, but she thought she'd call in and say goodbye. She adds that she'll let him know her address as soon as she's settled overseas. David remarks that he's not too good on letter writing, but Irene suggests that he can manage a couple of lines on a postcard, can't he? David smiles, "Yeah!" Irene tells him that they had a good thing going and it's silly to let last night mess it up; can't they forget she ever opened her big mouth? David reminds her that he said he still wanted to be mates, and Irene thanks him. She then continues that she'd better shoot through, and she adds that she's sorry she can't stay until it's over. David tells her not to worry about it - Ross said it should only take about half an hour. A look of surprise crosses Irene's face, and she queries, "Ross?" David explains that he took over when Ritter couldn't make it. Irene asks what happened and David tells her that some idiot drove smack bang into Ritter on his way over there; he was a bit shaken up to do the operation, so... Irene concludes, "Ross volunteered." David agrees, "Yeah." Irene asks who the anaesthetist is, and David replies that it's a bloke called Coles. Irene muses that that's the same chap that Ross was going to use in the first place. David agrees that he thinks so. He then asks Irene what she's getting at. Irene asks him if it doesn't strike him as funny that Ritter just happened to have an accident today and that Ross just happened to be around to take over. David asks her if she's saying that Pat was right about him after all. Irene tells him that it's beginning to look that way to her...

At the Fisher house, Wayne snaps at Karen that he doesn't care what she says: he's going to call the police. Karen tells him angrily not to be a fool. Wayne insists that he'll get off - it was an accident. Karen, though, retorts that the police will never believe that once they start digging. Wayne stares at her and she goes on that everyone knows he and Mitch didn't get on - and it's common knowledge that he was furious that Mitch abducted Amanda; does he really think the police will believe it wasn't murder? Wayne cries, "God..." Karen tells him that it's alright - she'll handle it. Looking surprised, Wayne asks her what she'll do. Karen replies that she'll ring the police and tell them that she caught Mitch trying to rob her; he attacked her and she had to kill him in self-defence. Wayne asks her if they'll buy it. Karen points out that Mitch is an ex-criminal with a reputation for violence; of course they will. She then pushes Wayne towards the door and tells him to go. He does. Karen stands there and sighs.

At the hospital, Irene and David are walking down the corridor with a man named Mr. Gibson. He snaps at Irene that Ross Newman has an impeccable record. Irene says she knows that he also has a swathe of gambling debts; he needs a lot of money in a hurry and Roger happens to be a very wealthy man. David chips in that he knows it sounds far-fetched - he didn't believe it himself to start with - but things are all starting to fall into place: there have been other attempts on Pat's life; that's why she's under police protection. Irene continues that that means that she can only be got at by somebody close to her. She then points out to Gibson that if Patricia's heart gives out under the anaesthetic, who's going to accuse somebody with Newman's impeccable record? Gibson, looking dubious, suggests that if they can give him some proof... Irene retorts that, if he knew that somebody didn't want him operating on them, would he go ahead anyway? Gibson replies that he would if it was an emergency. Irene points out that Patricia is having a cartilage removed; does he call that an emergency? David tells Gibson that he's the only one round there with enough pull to stop the man from killing Patricia; he's got to help them. Gibson insists that he can't believe it - he's known Ross Newman for years. David mutters angrily that it's like talking to a brick wall. Irene tells Gibson more calmly that if he doesn't intervene, Mrs. Palmer will die; can he live with that on his conscience?

Wayne has parked his car and is standing in a public telephone box, dialling a number. The 'phone rings at the Fisher house, but the place is empty and there's no answer. Wayne slams the handset down in frustration.

In the operating theatre at the hospital, the operation is well under way, but a nurse tells Ross that Patricia's pulse rate is up to 130. Ross turns to Coles and asks knowingly if there's a problem. Coles assures him that it should stabilise shortly. Irene and Mr. Gibson suddenly appear in the viewing area behind Ross, and the nurse comments that it looks as though they've got visitors. Ross turns round and glares at them in annoyance. The nurse announces that Patricia's pulse is still rising - and it's erratic. Ross turns to Coles and orders, "Do something about it." Coles makes an adjustment to a nearby instrument and Patricia's pulse rate immediately starts falling. The nurse states that it's dropping. Ross looks round at Irene and Gibson again. The nurse announces that Patricia's pulse has stabilised - it's 96. Coles says it should be back to normal soon. Ross mutters, "Good..."

A while later, the operation is over and David is sitting in Patricia's room as she begins to come round. He calls, "Pat? Can you hear me? How do you feel?" Patricia just murmurs very quietly, "I'm alive!" David asks, "What was that?" Patricia repeats, "I'm alive!" David smiles at her.

In the corridor outside the operating theatre, Gibson tells Irene angrily that he should never have allowed her to sway his judgement. Irene, though, points out that Ross couldn't do anything with them watching - but if they hadn't been there, it would have been a very different story. Gibson snaps that he doesn't believe Mrs. Palmer's life was ever in the slightest danger, and if Irene doesn't stop making allegations-- At that moment, Ross approaches them, and Irene quietly comments to Gibson that he doesn't look very happy. Gibson turns to Ross and says to him breezily that he trusts he didn't mind them watching his operation? Ross assures him, "No, not at all." Gibson then says he must be getting back to work. Turning to Irene, he adds that he dare says they won't be seeing her again, now that she's off overseas. He walks off. Irene immediately turns to Ross and warns him not to think he's off the hook. She goes on that Gibson didn't like her slinging mud, but he did listen, and if anything happens to Patricia now, it's going to look very bad for Ross. Ross listens and then snaps, "What the hell are you talking about?" Irene tells him stop playing games: they both know that her being there stopped him killing Patricia. Ross growls, "That's nonsense." Irene, though, goes on that she wouldn't like to be in his shoes when Roger finds out that Patricia is still alive; he just might find himself on the receiving end for a change... She walks off. Ross smiles awkwardly at the policeman standing outside Patricia's room.

A while later, Barbara opens the front door at Toorak to find Ross standing there. He walks in and asks her if she minds if he sticks round at bit, as he desperately needs to relax. Barbara comments that that sounds grim. Ross explains that he's had one hell of a day at the hospital. Barbara asks, "How come?" but Ross assures her that it's so petty that it's not even worth talking about. Barbara goes to pours him a drink. As she does so, she asks him if it's just work that's bothering him. She adds that he'd tell her if his bookie was hassling him? Ross agrees that he is getting a little impatient. Barbara suggests that he tell him that he'll get his money in a couple of days, but Ross muses that he's been hearing that story all his life! Barbara then suggests that he let her ring his bookie and and tell him that she's lending him the money. Ross, though, says sharply, "No." He goes on that he really doesn't think she should buy into this one. Barbara indignantly asks why not. Ross explains that there are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who make an honest living and those who will do anything to achieve what they want; if one is stupid enough to get involved with them, you really do have to suffer the consequences if you don't deliver... Looking surprised, Barbara suggests that surely his bookie wouldn't try and give her the run-around? - she's the one coming up with the money. Ross, though, tells her that he really wouldn't like to speculate on what he might do; he'd just like to try and forget he exists for the time being. He sips his drink.

Patricia is lying in bed in her room at the hospital, still very groggy from the anaesthetic. David is sitting with her when Irene suddenly comes into the room. He looks at her and then stands up and walks over to her. He quietly asks her if she had any trouble booking another flight, but she replies that she didn't - they got her one out of Sydney tomorrow morning. David tells her that it's good that she doesn't have to rush off, as Patricia will want to thank her when she hears how she saved her life. Unnoticed by either of them, Patricia's eyes suddenly start flickering and she begins to return to consciousness. She can hear as Irene tells David that she's not going to be a hypocrite: he knows she doesn't like Patricia, but she was just doing what had to be done. David comments that it's up to him, then, to tells her how much he and Patricia appreciate what she's done for them: if she hadn't dragged Gibson in there...; he'll always be grateful. Looking sheepish, Irene tells him that it's time she said goodbye. David asks her to let him know how things go in London. Irene, though, replies that she's changed her mind: she's decided against keeping in touch - she's not willing to settle for what he can offer her, so she thinks it's best if she gets right out of his life. Patricia's eyes continuing flickering as David tells Irene, "Whatever you think." He then gives her a gentle kiss and she tells him to look after himself. David replies, "You too." She goes. Patricia starts blinking and she murmurs, "David..." David turns to look at her and he tells her that it's OK - he's there.

Wayne walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house, calling, "Karen?" There's no one there and Mitch's body has gone. Wayne looks around, an expression of fear on his face. He calls, "Karen?" again, but there's still no answer. He then heads over to the table, where the 'phone index is lying, and he looks up a number. He walks over to the 'phone, dials the number and the call is answered, "Constable Wilson speaking." Wayne suddenly appears to change his mind, though, and he doesn't say anything. The police officer says, "Hello?" but Wayne slams the 'phone down. Karen suddenly walks in and looks shocked to see him there. She snaps that she thought she told him to go home. Wayne, looking worried, explains that he was halfway there when he turned back. Karen sarcastically snaps that that's brilliant; what if the police had been there? Wayne tells her that he stopped and tried to ring her, but there was no answer; he shouldn't have left it all up to her. Karen retorts that she told him she could handle it. Wayne cries that he did it - it was up to him to take the blame; but it's too late now that she's made a statement to the police. To his surprise, Karen retorts that she hasn't been near the police. He stares at her as she goes on that, after he left, she had a better idea: she decided to get rid of the body and not say anything to anyone. Wayne stares at her and angrily asks if she's out of her mind. Karen assures him that, if they keep their heads, no one will ever connect them with Mitch's death. Wayne asks what will happen if the police ever do catch up with him; she's made it impossible for him to claim he killed Mitch in self-defence; thanks to her, he could go to jail for the rest of his life.

A short time later, Karen hands Wayne a glass of scotch and he downs the drink in one go. Karen asks him if it makes him feel better, but Wayne angrily asks her if she's kidding. He goes on that she shouldn't have gone ahead without discussing it with him. Karen curtly points out that there wasn't time: she had to get rid of the body before anyone came home. Wayne cries that they agreed to tell-- Karen interrupts him and snaps that she doesn't know what he's griping about; she was the one who agreed to take the blame; it was her hide on the line if anyone had seen her dumping the body; she hopes he doesn't think she enjoyed doing all that? Wayne mutters that it must have been rough. Karen snaps that she almost broke her back getting the body into the boot. Wayne asks her where she took it. Karen replies that she took it to the National Park - but she never wants another drive like that: she kept wanting to put her foot down, but she couldn't risk being pulled up; and then, just as she got there, a group of walkers came out of the bush; one more minute and they would have caught her red-handed. Wayne points out that he told her it was risky. Karen retorts that she made it, didn't she? Wayne tells her that it's too early to say yet; once the police find the body and start asking questions... Karen, though, retorts that they won't find the body for years... and there's no way they can link it with them: nobody knew Mitch was coming to see her today. Wayne asks her how she can be sure of that. Karen explains that he came there to blackmail her; he's hardly likely to have broadcast that. She continues that, if they behave normally, nobody will ever suspect them. Wayne mutters that he hopes she's right. Karen insists that she knows she is. She then tells him to stop panicking and go home. Wayne, looking worried, asks how he's going to face Gordy. Karen assures him that he'll cope. She suggests that he pull himself together, as the last thing she needs is for him to go to pieces on her. He goes.

Gordon is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room at Dural as Wayne walks in. David is on the other end and Gordon says to him that he's sorry, but they haven't heard a word from Charlie. David asks Gordon if he'd know whether she's been in touch with any of her friends. Gordon replies that he doesn't know, but he can find out for him. David thanks him, adding that he knows Pat will be anxious for news of her once she's on-deck again. Gordon tells him that he'll get back to him and he hangs up. He then turns to Wayne and tells him that Charlie seems to have dropped out of sight. Wayne tautly comments that she's probably shacked-up with some Perth millionaire! Gordon muses that it's a possibility! He then asks what happened at Karen's. Wayne stares at him, a look of shock on his face, and Gordon tells him that he seems on edge; he assumes Karen gave him a hard time. Wayne mutters, "Yeah... that's why I was away so long - but I handled it." Gordon says that's good. He then continues that he'd better ring some of Charlie's friends, as he promised David that he'd try and track her down. Wayne retorts that he reckons he's wasting his time - she'll turn up. Gordon replies, "Unless Carlyle has found her." Wayne stares at him and asks him why Roger Carlyle would want her when Patricia is his target. Gordon points out that Roger is trying to murder Patricia, so there's no knowing what the man is capable of - though how anyone can bring themselves to take another person's life his beyond him. Wayne stares at him, guiltily.

Patricia is sitting up in her hospital bed when David comes into the room with a bunch of flowers held behind his back. As he finds Patricia staring at him, he comments that she would wake up the minute he pops out to get a snack! Patricia murmurs that she'd rather he didn't talk about food. David asks her if she's feeling a bit queasy, and Patricia explains that she thinks it's the anaesthetic. David assures her that she'll be right as rain tomorrow. He then hands her the flowers and tells her that he hopes she likes them. Patricia stares at them and then asks, "Why did you let Ross operate?" An expression of guilt crosses David's face as she goes on that the nurse told her that he gave his permission when Ritter couldn't do it. David explains that he knows it was wrong, but he thought she was getting all steamed-up over nothing - until Irene made him see what a mug he'd been. Patricia comments that she has Irene's guilty conscience to thank for being alive, then? David looks away, and Patricia goes on, "Finally got you into bed, didn't she?" David turns back and assures her, "No." Patricia tells him that she heard them talking - it was fairly obvious. David explains that Irene told him how she felt about him last night, but he told her that it was no go and that was it; she's the one he cares about - and to think he almost let her die...; he wouldn't blame her if she gave him his marching orders. Patricia smiles weakly and assures him that, if she can feel like death warmed up and still be jealous, she thinks he's safe! They hug lovingly.

Barbara and Ross are sitting in the lounge room at Toorak, eating. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Barbara goes to answer it. A man's voice - that of Roger Carlyle - comes on and says, "I'm looking for Ross Newman, Mrs, Hamilton." He adds that the hospital told him to try her number. Barbara looks at Ross and indicates that it's for him, but Ross signals back that he doesn't want to take it. Barbara tells Roger that she's afraid he's unlucky - but she can get a message to Ross if it's urgent. Roger asks her curtly to tell Ross that he's not impressed with his performance and he'll be hearing from him again. Barbara says she sees. She then asks, "Your name is?" Roger hangs up without responding, though, leading Barbara to snap, "What a rude man." Ross asks who it was, but Barbara replies that he didn't say; he just said that he wasn't impressed with Ross's performance. She asks Ross if that rings any bells, and Ross pauses only momentarily before explaining that it sounds like his bookie. Barbara grunts that she's never heard such arrogance - he seemed to take it for granted that he's above the law. Ross muses, "Yeah... that's his greatest failing." Something appears to occur to him all-of-a-sudden, and he asks Barbara to forgive him but he's got to go away for a few minutes - there's something he has to attend to right away. He gets up to go, and Barbara asks him, "What time this evening?" Ross suggests, "six-ish?" and Barbara tells him that that's fine. He goes to head to the front door, but as he does so, Irene comes in and walks into the lounge room. She glares at him. Barbara growls at her that she thought she was on her way to Sydney. Irene replies that she was - but Ross delayed her. She then turns to Ross and suggests that surely he didn't think she'd leave without telling Barbara what happened, did he? Ross smiles at her and tells her that he'll save her the trouble. Turning to Barbara, he explains that Irene has accused him of trying to kill Patricia; he'll leave her to decide whether Irene is paranoid or just a little crazy. He mutters, "Good day to you," to Irene and walks out. Irene immediately tells Barbara that she knows she doesn't want to believe-- Barbara interrupts her and snaps at her that if she values their friendship, she won't say one more word. Irene ignores this, though, going on that putting her head in the sand isn't going to help things: Roger got Ritter out of the way so that Ross could have a clear go at Patricia; he would have killed her if she hadn't intervened. Barbara snaps that that's preposterous. Irene continues that because Ross bungled the job, he's not going to see a cent of Carlyle's money - so Barbara can expect some more hard-luck stories at any minute. Barbara glares at her and then snaps that she's getting sick and tired of people telling her that Ross only wants her for her money. Irene sighs and tells her to think about it; look at the age diff-- She breaks off and says she's sorry - she didn't think. Barbara growls, "Didn't you?" Irene tells her that she's sorry if she hurt her. Barbara retorts that she knows exactly what Irene is up to: she can't get the man she wants and she's jealous that she's got Ross - that's the reason she's trying to split them up. Irene cries that Barbara knows her better than that - she's her friend. Barbara snaps that she's not interested. Irene snaps back that Ross really has done a job on her, hasn't he? Barbara glares at her and Irene goes on, "Well, I tried. You've got yourself to blame for what happens now." She walks off.

Ross gets out of his car outside his house. He's suddenly approached by Carl, who pushes him towards his car. Ross, though, says to Carl that he hopes he realises that if anything happens to him, the police will pick up Carlyle. Carl ignores this and he orders Ross to get in the car. Ross, though, insists that he's not bluffing: he's taped all his conversations with Roger and they're lodged with his solicitor; if he turns up dead - even if it looks like an accident - his solicitor will send the tape straight to the police. He then tells Carl that, before he gets too carried away, he should check with his boss - there might be a change of plans for him. He walks off, looking smug. Carl stands there looking annoyed.

It's early evening, and at the hospital in Melbourne, Patricia finishes eating some tea. David is with her and he smiles that it's good to see she's got her appetite back. Patricia tells him that it was delicious. David laughs that it's hospital food - is she sure she's alright?! Patricia tells him seriously that, when you think you're about to die and you then wake up and find you're alive, everything seems wonderful. She then reveals that she knew Ross was operating before she went under: one of the nurses said his name. David, looking shocked, cries, "Oh God..." Patricia goes on quietly that she tried to scream but she couldn't; she wanted to get up and move but she couldn't do anything; the last thing she remembers is looking up into Ross's eyes and thinking 'I'm going to die...'. David growls that if he had some proof, he'd crucify the mongrel. Patricia, though, tells him to leave him to Roger - he has no time for people who fail him and Ross knows that; she bets he's going through the tortures of the damned right now...

Barbara hands Ross a glass of wine in the lounge room at Toorak, saying as she does so that she told Irene that it was a very bad case of sour grapes and that she's not interested in her silly story. Ross smiles and tells her that she's wonderful. Barbara, though, says she isn't at all - he's a very hardworking and dedicated doctor and she's damned if she'll let anyone drag his name through the mud. She then raises her glass and says, "Cheers!" As they both take a sip, Barbara tells Ross that she's glad he's more relaxed tonight. Ross explains that he got fed up being hassled, so he asked his solicitor to lean on his bookie a a bit; he doesn't think he'll be having any more problems from him for a while. Barbara tells him that bullies are always the same: if you fight back, they turn and run. Ross gently tells her that it's thanks to her that he did fight back - she really is quite an amazing lady. Barbara, looking embarrassed, mutters that that's nonsense. Ross, though, insists that it's true: she defended him when the slings and arrows brigade got busy; he just wishes he met her sooner. Barbara murmurs, "I'm here now..." Ross smiles and agrees, "Yes - and I'm not going to let you go..." He takes her drink from her and moves towards her. He then kisses her gently on the lips and pulls away. He tells her, "Just relax..." and they start kissing again, more passionately...

Gordon is talking on the 'phone at the bar at Dural and he thanks the person - Margo - for calling back. He hangs up as Wayne comes into the room and he tells him that no one has heard from Charlie since she went to Perth. Wayne suggests to him that he stop worrying - he's sure she'll turn up when Patricia's trial starts. He heads behind the bar and offers his father a drink, but Gordon declines. As he pours himself a scotch, Wayne asks Gordon how he thinks the trial will go. Gordon replies that it'll go badly, he'd say - the evidence is pretty damning. Wayne points out that it's all circumstantial, but Gordon reminds him that there were traces of Luke's skin under Patricia's fingernails. He adds that it's amazing what forensics can do these days - it's getting harder and harder for a murderer to cover his tracks. Wayne looks down, guiltily. Gordon continues that Patricia might have had a chance if she'd been honest from the start - but they'll just have to wait and see. He leaves the room. Wayne just stands there, sipping his drink and looking worried. After a few seconds, he picks up a full bottle of scotch and heads out into the hallway to go upstairs. As he does so, there's knock on the front door and he opens it to find Karen standing there. She tells him that she's sorry to disturb him but she needs his signature on some papers now that he's running the company. Wayne tells her to come inside, and they head into the lounge room, Wayne shutting the doors behind them. Karen, staring at the bottle and glass in his hand, tells him that she just wanted to make sure he's alright - but it's obvious that he's not. Wayne explains that wiping himself out is about the only way he can stop thinking about it. Karen points out that he didn't set out to kill Mitch - it was an accident. Wayne retorts that he still did it - and he's to blame. Karen tells him that Mitch brought it on himself, but Wayne growls that that's a cop-out. Karen asks him if he would have blamed Amanda if she'd killed Mitch. She then asks him if he can imagine the way Mitch must have treated Amanda to drive her to the point where she shot him; the man was an animal. Wayne mutters that he knows... Karen goes on that Mitch provoked the fight with Wayne and he got what he deserved; if anyone's to blame, it's the authorities - they should never have released him from prison. Wayne mumbles, "Maybe you're right..." Karen tells him that she knows she's right - and she can't bear to see him ruining his life for something that wasn't his fault. Looking surprised, Wayne asks her why she cares about what happens to him after the way he treated her. Karen tenderly explains that she tried to stop loving him but she can't. She muses, "Pathetic, isn't it!" Wayne mutters that he calls it 'bad luck'. Karen asks him if he'll be alright if she goes now. Wayne tells her that he'd rather she stayed - it helps to be able to talk things through. Karen, though, points out that Gordon might start asking awkward questions if she's there too long. She then asks Wayne to promise her that he won't drink too much - they're in this together now, and if he gets drunk and starts shooting off his mouth... Wayne assures her, "OK." Karen tells him that, if he needs her, he can call her or come over. Wayne thanks her, gratefully. She turns to go. Wayne calls after her, "I won't forget what you've done for me."

A short time later, Karen arrives back at the Fisher house. She heads into the lounge room and turns on the lights. She throws her handbag onto the couch and then goes and pours herself a drink. As she goes to sit down, she glances in the full-length mirror in the hallway and looks startled as she sees the reflection of someone standing behind her. She spins round and snaps, "What the hell are you doing back here?" The person standing there is Mitch!


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