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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Colin Budds

Wayne stares at Patricia and curtly asks her what she's doing there. Noticing the books and magazines that surround her, he adds sarcastically that she's settled right in, hasn't she? Patricia pleads with him to let her explain, but Wayne retorts that he reckons he can guess - David told Gordy this morning: he told them that she's gone round the twist again - and he knows the cops have been over at Charlie's. Patricia snaps that she hasn't gone round the twist and neither is she trying to run away - she's simply trying to save her life until after the trial. She begs Wayne not to tell anyone that she's there, but Wayne snarls, "Why should I?" Patricia retorts that she's been accused of a murder she didn't do; she's been shot at, drugged and almost committed; all she needs is somewhere safe until she can prove her innocence - that's not asking too much, is it? Wayne laughs nastily, "After everything you've done?" Patricia growls that she can pay him. Wayne tells her not to make him laugh - she's broke; everyone knows that. Patricia explains that she can get her hands on the money Luke embezzled from the company. Wayne glares at her and snaps that she's bluffing - no one knows where it is. Patricia retorts that it's in a Swiss bank account; she forced Jeff to give her the details before he died. She goes on that Wayne can have as much as he wants; all he has to do is keep his mouth shut. She adds that she's sure he could use the money. Wayne agrees that he could. He then pauses, looking thoughtful, before saying, "OK, mother - you've just brought yourself some protection." He smiles nastily. Patricia looks annoyed.

At the Fisher house, Alan is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room and he tells the person on the other end that he'll see them soon. He then thanks them again for calling and hangs up. As he does so, he tells Karen that Amanda got the flowers and he thinks she likes them - he might be in with a chance there. Karen asks him just how many women he wants at once. Alan retorts, "The more you chase, the more you catch..." Karen warns him to be careful where Jill is concerned, as she's sure she wants more than a one-night stand. Alan tells her that he had two or three nights in mind, actually! Karen, though, snaps that she means it - she doesn't want to see Jill hurt. Alan sighs that that's enough of the motherly lecture - he doesn't think they're ready for that yet. Karen stares at him and he continues that, alright, does she mind if he goes for Katie, then? Karen smiles and assures him that that's one she doesn't mind. Alan goes on that he thinks he got a show of interest from her earlier. Karen wishes him good luck, but adds that he should watch Wayne, because he doesn't want any more black eyes. Alan assures her that he can manage. He walks off, leaving Karen smiling...

In Fiona's flat at the boarding house, Katie is examining a pair of bright pink shoes, and she comments, "These are nice!" Fiona laughs and explains that she found them in a little shoe shop near Woombai - she thought she might give them to Bunty as a joke; she needed a laugh. Katie remarks, "Rough, was it?" Fiona explains that Mitch turned up - he tracked Terry down somehow; he was all for being mates again, but Terry told him where to go and it turned into a blazing row... She goes on that, anyway, Mitch finally stormed out; she just hopes he keeps out of Terry's way from now on. Katie is looking at a pair or gold shoes now, and Fiona explains that she found them in Sydney on the way back - she thought she might wear them to Barney's regimental dinner tonight. Katie smiles, "Mmm..." Fiona adds that perhaps she had better pop out first and find something to go with them! She asks Katie if she'd like to come with her, but Katie declines, saying she's got things to do. Looking at the expression on her face, Fiona asks if something is wrong. Katie hesitantly says, "No..." Fiona tells her to come on - she knows when something is up. Katie assures her that it's nothing - just another argument with Wayne. Fiona sighs and says Katie knows what she thinks. Katie replies, "That I'm better off without him." She then agrees that maybe she would be, too - it's no use staying with someone who doesn't respect you. Fiona adds, "Especially when you have so much to offer." Katie sadly says Wayne still means so much to her... but after last night, maybe she would be better off finding someone else.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon stares at Wayne and says, "But an hour ago--" Wayne interrupts him and explains that everything has changed: he's found someone who can lend them the money they need - the only condition they want is simple interest on the borrowed capital. He continues that they don't have to sign anything with Karen now - or her son. Gordon asks who this person is, but Wayne replies that he's sorry - there are two conditions: no names. Gordon asks Wayne if he's serious. Wayne assures him that of course he is; he was swimming round, thinking how impossible the situation was, when the whole answer fell into his lap - so to speak. Gordon incredulously asks him if he got a loan just like 'that'. Wayne replies that he hasn't got the loan yet, but he has made a call, had a little chat and it's all sorted. Gordon comments that 'little chats' don't normally amount to cash-in-hand. Wayne asks him if he really wants Karen to keep control of the company. Gordon points out that it's matter of necessity. Wayne tells him that he's just changed all that. He then pleads with his father to give him a chance, adding that he deserves that much; 48 hours is all he wants; hold off signing with Karen for two days and they won't have to sign with her at all. Gordon agrees that he can have two days - but no more; he can't muck Karen around any more than that. Wayne walks out of the room, a broad smile on his face.

Charlie is in the flat with Patricia, but Patricia tells her that she didn't have to come back; she only rang to let her know what had happened. Charlie insists that Patricia can't stay there now, but Patricia retorts that she's not leaving - she just needs somewhere safe, even if she has to pay for it. Charlie points out that, if Wayne knows where she is... Patricia repeats that she told her: she's taken care of that. Charlie asks her if she's sure. At that moment, Wayne comes in and says, "She's positive." Charlie says a curt, "Hello, Wayne." Wayne turns to Patricia and tells her that she's got two days to get the money - and no extension. Patricia retorts that she didn't think there would be. Wayne says, "Good." He then tells her to remember: one step out of line and she'll be heading for the straightjacket again. He turns and goes, and Charlie growls that he seems so rude - she doesn't know how Patricia can bear it. Patricia replies that, at the moment, she has no choice - but he'll keep...

At Toorak, Andy is sitting in the lounge room, strumming his guitar, while Irene pours herself a drink. As she does so, she comments that she's glad she took time to do a bit of asking about Ross, as she knew there was more to him than Mr. Hale-fellow-well-met. Andy asks her how come her friend knows so much about him, and Irene explains that they're old friends - they raised hell when they went through med. school! She adds that she had to pump her a fair bit, but she got the dirt. Andy says, "He's a bit of a gambler, isn't he?" Looking surprised, Irene asks him how he knew. Andy explains that it was just a feeling he got when Ross and Mrs. Hamilton were leaving for the races. Irene tells him that Ross is more than a 'bit' of a gambler; he's compulsive, you might say - he'd bet his grandmother on two flies climbing a wall! Andy, looking worried, asks if they should say anything, but Irene points out that Barbara is a big girl; she's upset after Gordon, but she thinks they should keep their noses out of it to start with. Andy cries that he just hates seeing her getting mixed up with that creep, that's all. Irene tells him that she hates seeing Barbara get mixed with anybody who isn't Gordon; it's a damned shame, the whole mess.

At the race meeting, there are lots of crowds and hubbub as horses race around the track. Ross is standing watching the race, but as the first horse comes in, he tears up his betting slip and throws it on the ground. He then starts studying his form guide again. As he does so, a man walks over to him and asks him what happened to his horse. Ross snaps that it was the ruddy jockey - he never gave the horse a chance. The man muses, "Oh..." Ross goes on that he's a bit cleaned out, and he asks the man if he can let him have the next one on the ticket; he'll pay him back on Monday. The man - Les - points out that Ross hasn't paid up for last week yet - or for the week before that or the week before that... Ross snaps at him, "Alright, alright..." He goes on that he had it all fixed up, but something went wrong. He asks Les to give him $200 on number two, and when it comes in... Les snaps at Ross that he owes nearly every bookie in the ring, and some of the blokes aren't too happy about it, so if he wants his advice, he should concentrate on paying up. Barbara suddenly wanders over to them, smiles at Les and declares that she thinks she's backed a winner! She hands him her betting slip, Les examines it and then agrees that she sure has! He takes out a bundle of notes and hands a couple of them over. Barbara thanks him and then says she'd like 'Fiona's Folly' in the next - $2 on the nose. She asks Ross how he's going. Ross looks at her and muses that it's only money... He laughs nervously and glances at Les.

The 'phone is ringing at the country house and David answers it in the kitchen. STD pips sound and then Patricia comes on. David looks surprised as she tells him that she's sorry she hasn't called before, but it's been a bit difficult. David asks her where she is, but Patricia replies that she can't talk long - she just wanted to let him know that everything's OK and that she loves him. David snaps at her that she can't just leave it at that, but Patricia tells him that there's nothing more to say. She asks him to just trust her. David assures her that of course he trusts her, but she's making it very hard for them to help her. He then asks her if she's alright for money. In Sydney, Charlie suddenly waltzes into the flat and exclaims, "Here are the forms, darling." Patricia glares at her and says, "Shush..." David, sounding puzzled, says, "Pat?" Patricia quickly tells him that she has to go. She adds that she loves him and hangs up. In Sunbury, David hangs up as well, mouthing, "Charlie...?" as he does so. In the flat at Dural, Charlie, looking worried, tells Patricia that she didn't expect her to be on the 'phone - she said she wasn't going to ring him. Patricia replies that she knows, but she thought he might be worried. She tells Charlie to forget it and then asks where the forms are. Charlie takes some sheets of paper out of her bag and explains that they're everything she needs to get the money out of Switzerland. She then asks nervously, "What if David recognised my voice?" Patricia tells her that he'll probably 'phone her and try to find out where she is. Charlie asks what she should say. Patricia tells her to lie. She reminds Charlie that it can't have been her in the background because the two of them haven't seen each other for weeks. Charlie asks if David will believe her. Patricia just stands there, looking dubious.

Heather and Mike walk into the kitchen at the country house, Heather laughing that, for a painter, she reckons she makes a good cook! David, who was on the 'phone, hangs up, and Mike asks him if he's got a sec. David turns to him and asks what it is. Mike replies that it might be nothing, but a car has been driving up and down the main road and the people inside have been having a pretty close look at the place. David asks how many times they've come past. Mike explains that it's only twice, but he thought it worth mentioning in case anyone is still after Patricia. David tells him, "She called just now." Looking surprised, Mike asks where she is, and Heather asks if she's alright. David says he doesn't know - she hung up fairly quickly; but it was an STD call and he's sure he heard Charlie in the background. Heather says she thought the police searched Charlie's house. David explains that Patricia wasn't calling from there - there's no one home; he guesses they could be at a hotel somewhere. Mike asks him if he's going to call the police. David, though, says he doesn't want any fuss - and it wouldn't be good for Pat, either - it might go against her at the trial if she doesn't come back of her own free will. He then goes on that he might try Charlie again later. He heads outside to get some fresh air, leaving Mike looking at Heather in concern.

Outside, David is walking along the verandah. He's examining the state of the roof when he suddenly notices a red car heading up the driveway, towards the house. There are two men inside. The car stops, but as David stares at it, the driver suddenly turns it around and heads off back down the driveway. David stands there, looking thoughtful.

Charlie is on the 'phone in her lounge room, talking to David, and she curtly remarks that maybe she should put a sign on the front door or an ad in the paper. David snaps, "Yes or no?" Charlie ignores this, instead asking if that's all he wants to find out. She goes on that first it was the police, then Ross and now him; how often does she have to tell people? - she hasn't seen Patricia, she doesn't know where she is and she hasn't a clue how to get in touch with her. David sighs, "Alright... alright... You're not going to tell me where she is." Charlie insists that she can't tell him; she simply doesn't know. David tells her that he heard her when Pat called him, but Charlie retorts that it must have been someone else; she's been sitting there on her lonesome all day - except when she took babykins for a walk; she was out then and that's why he couldn't get on to her earlier. David gives up and snaps, "Fine..." He then says to Charlie that, if and when she bumps into Pat, she's to tell her to come back for her trial, because that's the only way she's going to get out of this mess - and can she tell her he still loves her? Charlie insists that she doesn't know why he's asking her to-- David interrupts and snaps at her to just remember what she has to say; he'll see her soon. He hangs up.

A short time later, Charlie is pacing the floor of the flat while Patricia sits at the table, a magazine in front of her. Charlie says she doesn't think David believed her, but Patricia tells her not to worry - she's sure she did her best; as long as he doesn't know where she is, that's the main thing. Charlie assures her that she can relax; as if she'd blurt that out. She goes on that it's not as though she wasn't tempted, though, as he's obviously missing her very much. Patricia replies that she's missing him, too, but if he knows where she is, he'll come straight there and he's bound to be followed; she can't take that risk. Charlie agrees, "Of course." She adds that it's a shame - particularly when they're both so much in love. Wayne suddenly walks into the flat. He smiles and says, "Good afternoon, ladies. How's everything going?" Patricia mutters, "Can't complain..." Wayne asks, "What about the money?" Patricia retorts that it's being transferred to the local bank within 24 hours. Wayne says, "Good - that's all I wanted to hear." He turns to go, but Patricia calls after him, "Wayne..." He looks at her, and she asks, "What about what I'm paying you for?" Wayne smiles and assures her that she's safe - he's got more important fish to fry at the moment...

It's nighttime, and Karen is standing on her own in the lounge room at the Fisher house, a drink in her band. The front door suddenly bangs shut and Wayne walks into the room. He says a cheerful, "Hi!" Karen indignantly asks him what he's doing there. Looking at a plate on the table, Wayne tells her that he's sorry if he interrupted her dinner. Karen snaps at him that if he's got something to say, say it. Wayne explains that he's been thinking things over and he thinks he's been a bit unfair; the way they've been going at each other over the last few months... it's pretty sick, really. Karen comments, "Scared you into a truce, have I?" Wayne retorts that, no, she hasn't; he wants them to try again. As Karen stares at him in surprise, he goes on gently that he wouldn't blame her if she told him to get lost - he supposes he deserves it - but neither of them has actually been sensible lately. He continues, "It isn't easy. I'm sorry. Please? Give us another go? I know you've never stopped loving me - that's why you did all you did." He pleads again, "Please?" Karen takes his hand and hugs him gratefully. Wayne smiles nastily behind her back...

Alan is sitting with Katie in Fiona's flat, and he's saying that Mitch hit him and that's when he started to worry! Katie comments dubiously that if he will start picking fights with Mitch... Fiona suddenly comes into the room and Alan tells her that she looks very nice. Fiona thanks him. She then asks Katie to come with her and she'll tell her what's for dinner before Barney gets there. The two of them head into the kitchen. When they're out of Alan's earshot, Fiona tells Katie that she's sorry to get her up, but she thought she might need help with Alan. Looking surprised, Katie asks her what she means. Fiona points out that he's been there more than an hour. Katie retorts that she's glad he dropped by - at least it takes her mind off Wayne. Fiona, looking worried, explains that she's seen his sort before: they just drop in, get you all relaxed and then they make their move; the moment she leaves-- Katie interrupts her and snaps that, if Alan comes on strong, she'll tell him to leave - simple as that; right now, though, she enjoys his company. She walks back into the lounge room. Fiona shakes her head, sadly.

The lights are dimmed in the lounge room at the Fisher house. Wayne is sitting on the couch, while Karen lies in his arms. As the two of them stare into each other's eyes, Karen tells Wayne lovingly that it was like some crazy nightmare - she used to lie awake at night and think about him being there with her - and feel angry because he wasn't... and the love she felt for him would change and she'd spend the rest of the night thinking up ways to hurt him; it was sick - she was sick - she had to be, to do some of the things she did...; it doesn't matter now, though. Wayne tenderly agrees, "No, it doesn't." Karen starts stroking his face and goes on, "I've never loved anyone like I love you. Fisher... Fisher was different... he's like a father, really - he worried... he cared... yet he had his life and I had mine..." She tells Wayne that he... at first, she thought she'd wrap him round her little finger; then she started to worry if he didn't call... and little things started to mean a hell of a lot - like the first time he sent flowers; does he remember? Wayne nods and smiles. Karen giggles that she even pressed one of them! She then continues more sadly that, when she came back from Todd's funeral, there was Katie... " She cries, "Oh Wayne... I love you so much... let's go to bed..." The smile on Wayne's face suddenly disappears and he snarls, "I wouldn't go to bed with you if you paid me." Karen stares at him in shock and he goes on that he wanted this to hurt as much as it could. He continues that she couldn't give him what he wants if she tried; he wants kids - and by a mother who isn't ancient when they're growing up - a mother his age. Karen cries, "Why are you doing this?" Wayne growls at her that she's done some novel things in her time, but threatening to give Gordy a heart attack was the topper; he swore he'd get her back and he has. He then goes on that they don't need her money - he's found his own backer, so she and little Alan can back off - and she can keep away from his father or he'll really hurt her. Karen suddenly slaps his face. Wayne doesn't respond, instead going on that Katie is worth ten of her; she's his next stop - it's a night for setting things right. He stands up from the couch and goes on that he was going to 'phone the bad news - but it's so much more fun doing business face-to-face. He walks out, leaving Karen sitting on the couch, looking shocked and upset. She starts sobbing heavily...

At the country house, Mike - in the kitchen - calls to David that he and Heather are off. David comes in and asks them if they need a hand, but Mike says they're right. He then goes on that he might roll up early tomorrow: he wants to get as much done as he can before it starts hotting up. David tells him that he won't be there, and Mike asks him if he's going to Sydney. David replies that he has to. Mike warns him to just take it easy - and make sure he's not being followed; he still thinks it was pretty strange, that car driving back and forth today. David points out that plenty of people want to buy a property in the country; they were probably just having a look. Mike agrees, "Probably..." David assures him that he'll keep an eye out and Mike and Heather go.

Ross and Barbara arrive back at Toorak, and Barbara asks Ross if he's going to come in for a drink. Ross, though, says he doesn't think so - he's on-call tonight. Barbara comments that that's fair enough. She then thanks him for a lovely day. Ross thanks her for dinner. He then asks her if he can he see her tomorrow. Barbara smiles and tells him to give her a ring and they'll organise something. Ross says, "'Til tomorrow morning, then," and he goes. Barbara walks into the lounge room, a broad smile on her face, and says to Andy and Irene, "Good evening, all." Irene remarks, "Good day, was it?" Barbara replies that it was fantastic - she even managed to win a few dollars; she promptly spent it on dinner for them both, though - but at least she won it in the first place! Andy asks if Ross couldn't pay for his. Barbara explains that he wanted to put it on his bank card, but she wouldn't let him - he only managed to win on one out of seven races and it left him with scarcely a cent! She walks out of the room, still smiling. Andy looks at Irene, warily.

Alan is still at Fiona's flat, sitting next to Katie on the couch. He smiles at her and comments that it seems like he chose a good night to drop over. Katie asks him how he means, and Alan points out that, with Fiona and Barney at the meal, kicking up their heels, the two of them can get to know each other. He places his hand on Katie's shoulder, but Katie, looking slightly dubious, suggests that they should just stick to talking, and she tries to push the hand away. Alan takes her hand, though, and asks her if she's sure that's all she wants to do. Katie says she's sorry. Alan goes on that there's nothing wrong with being friendly, is there? Katie agrees that there isn't - but he's not just being 'friendly', is he? Alan admits that, alright, he isn't, but he likes her. He puts his hand back on her shoulder and then moves in to kiss her, but Katie points out that she said 'no'. Alan smiles and assures her that he can see what she wants... He suddenly throws himself on her and starts trying it on. Katie starts pushing him away, and as she does so, a couple of the buttons on her blouse come apart. She starts yelling, "Let me go... let me go. For God's sake, let me go." She manages to Alan him off, and he growls that he's sorry but he thought-- Katie snaps at him to shut up and get out. Someone suddenly starts knocking on the door. Alan says to Katie that he can see she's upset. Katie snaps at him that damn right she's upset. The person at the door knocks again and Katie calls out curtly that it's open. The visitor is Wayne, and as he walks in, he says, "Katie, I wanted to see if we could-- " He suddenly notices her undone blouse and Alan standing there. Katie looks down, realises her blouse is open and cries that it isn't what it looks like. Wayne, though, snaps, "You go to hell," and he storms off. Alan walks over to Katie, places his hands on her shoulders and tells her that if Wayne was the problem before... Katie stares at him in shock and yells, "Get out, you animal." Alan sniffs, picks up his jacket and leaves. Katie stands there, looking upset.

At the country house, David squeezes the washing-up cloth into the kitchen sink. He then wipes his hands with it. As he does so, he wanders out into the passageway that leads to the lounge room. Satisfying himself that everything is OK, he returns to the kitchen - where he finds a burly man, wearing dark glasses, standing just inside the back door. He says in a menacing voice, "You'll have to learn to lock your doors, Mr. Palmer." David asks him what he wants. All-of-a-sudden, he's grabbed from behind by another man, who wraps his arm around David's throat. David starts struggling as the first man answers, "Your wife." David gasps that he doesn't know where she is. The man retorts that that's not what they've been told. David repeats again that he doesn't know where she is... The man growls that he hopes David is right, because it'll be very sad if he isn't... He punches David on the jaw.


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