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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Colin Budds

The next morning, Charlie is standing in the driveway of her house, having collected her newspaper, when she suddenly hears the roar of a car engine and a police car appears in the distance. It quickly heads up the driveway and pulls to a halt, with a squeal of brakes, outside the front door. Two officers get out and one of them asks Charlie if she's Mrs. Bartlett. Charlie just says, "Yes." The officer goes on that they won't take up much of her time; they have reason to believe a Mrs. Patricia Palmer is staying with her. Charlie smiles and tells the officer that she never could work out whether the three stripes on his uniform means he's a Sergeant or an Inspector. The officer impatiently replies that he's a Sergeant. Charlie then continues that, as she told one of his people who rang yesterday, she hasn't seen Mrs. Palmer for some weeks - they had a slight disagreement last time they met. The Sergeant says he knows, but they still have to check. Another car pulls up in the driveway as the Sergeant asks Charlie if he and his colleague can go inside. Charlie points out that she's already told them that Patricia isn't there, but the Sergeant retorts that they still have to check for themselves - and they do have a search warrant. Charlie reluctantly goes and opens the front door and the three of them head inside. Ross sits watching from the other car.

Gordon walks into the living room at Dural. Wayne is sitting there, eating breakfast, and Gordon comments to him that there's a police car outside Charlie's place; he hopes nothing is wrong. Wayne just growls that it's not their worry. Looking surprised, Gordon warns, "Wayne..." but Wayne retorts that it isn't. Gordon offers him more coffee, but he curtly says, "No thankyou." Gordon says he takes it he's still not in Wayne's good books. He goes on that he knows Wayne is disappointed, but sulking isn't going to make any difference. Wayne snaps that he's not sulking, but Gordon retorts that he could have fooled him. Wayne snaps at him that if that's what he thinks, it just goes to show how little he really knows him - and as for being disappointed, that's only half of it: he worked his guts out, trying to do the right thing by him, and what happens?: good old Wayne gets the vote of no-confidence again; how would he feel? He stands up and goes and picks up his jacket and briefcase, snapping as he does so that there's no point in carrying on with this discussion. He storms out.

Ross is standing by his car as the two police officers leave Charlie's house, thank her and apologise for bothering her. Charlie assures them that that's alright. Ross immediately walks over to them and asks, "Well?" The Sergeant snaps at him to check his facts next time - Mrs. Bartlett is the only person living in that house. Ross looks frustrated. In the house, the 'phone starts ringing, and Charlie answers it. Patricia comes on and says it's her. Charlie exclaims, "Patricia? Where on earth...?" Patricia tells her that she's sorry if she gave her a fright, but when she saw her with Ross and the police, she skipped out the back. Charlie asks her where she is, and Patricia explains that she's in Gordon's flat. Charlie tells her that she'd better get out as soon as she can, as anyone could find her. Patricia, though, replies that she doesn't think so - the flat is empty and Gordon is hardly likely to have guests while he's still sick. Charlie points out that you never know, and so Patricia suggests that maybe she could check it out for her. Charlie sighs, "Alright." Patricia adds that it's the perfect place to hide; whoever would think of looking for her there? Charlie suddenly muses that it's funny when you think about it! She then adds that she'll be over straight away, but Patricia quickly tells her, "Don't," pointing out that Ross might hang round for a couple of hours, hoping that Charlie will lead him to her. Charlie suggests that, if she goes to Gordon's, it'll only look as if she's being neighbourly. Patricia asks her to just leave it a couple of hours, and Charlie assures her, "Anything you say." She adds, "Bye," and hangs up, looking worried.

Karen is sitting at the desk in the lounge room at the Fisher house, adding up some figures, when Alan comes in and asks if there's any coffee left. Karen tells him that Mrs. Atkins has squeezed some juice for him, but Alan winces and says, "No thanks." Karen, smiling in amusement, asks, "Bad night?" Alan tells her that she could say that. He then asks her if she's been talking to Amanda. Looking puzzled, Karen replies, "No - why?" Alan explains that she seemed very strange last night - sort of offhand; he thought for a minute that Karen might have mentioned something about him trying to be like Todd. Karen assures him, "Not guilty." Alan asks her if she's sure, and Karen insists that she's positive. She then adds that she always said it was a ridiculous idea, anyway; if it's backfired, he's no one to blame but himself. Alan, though, retorts that, no, something has happened. Changing the subject, Karen asks him if he can forget his love life for a minute, as there's something important they need to discuss. Alan, though, asks her to give him five minutes, because if he's going to get back onside with Amanda, there are a few things he has to do. Karen snaps that she said it's important, but Alan insists that it won't take long - he'll just get Jill to organise some flowers and then he'll follow up with a call. Karen snaps at him impatiently that he's impossible - they'll never get any work done. Alan explains that he calls it priorities: sort out the bedroom and the boardroom's a breeze. Wayne walks into the room as he continues that it's only a matter of time before she comes across; he doesn't think it's too hard to score with Amanda... He looks at Wayne, tauntingly, as he says this, and leaves the room. Karen smiles at Wayne nastily and comments that she bets Gordon isn't too popular with him at the moment. Wayne tautly suggests to her that they forget one-upmanship and get down to business, but Karen suggests that they combine the two: what she needs to start her day is his resignation as a Director of the company. Looking surprised, Wayne asks, "What for?" Karen explains that it's to make way for Alan - she was about to talk it through with him when he arrived; she thinks that, as it is Alan's money keeping the company afloat, the position should be his. Wayne mutters that it stands to reason, he supposes - and who wants to work for a company with her in control? Picking up his briefcase he adds that he'll leave now if she likes. Karen, though, retorts that she's not through yet; before she's finished, he'll wish he'd never met Katie. Wayne laughs and says he's heard that before, but Karen growls that she means it: either he stays on as a junior or Gordon will never get the peace of mind to make a proper recovery. As Wayne stares at her in disbelief, she warns him not to think she couldn't do it, and she tells him to remember all the worry she gave his father last time. Wayne growls at her that she wouldn't dare, but Karen taunts, "Wouldn't I?" She goes on that he still thinks a lot of his father, and despite him accepting Alan's money, she can't see Wayne gambling with his life. She smiles triumphantly.

A while later, Karen and Alan are sitting in the lounge room at Dural, with Gordon. Karen is telling him that she tried to talk Wayne out of it, but he wouldn't listen and he handed in his resignation as a Director. Gordon sighs and comments that it sounds like the sort of thing Wayne would do. Karen says she's sorry, but Gordon assures her that it's not her fault. Karen then tells him that Wayne said he wants to stay with the company, but he's not interested in being a Director anymore. Gordon, looking thoughtful, says he doesn't think they should accept his resignation; not yet, at least - once he's calmed down, he might want to reconsider; it's a serious move, and as far as he's concerned, not in Wayne's best interests. Alan chips in that he thinks that if Wayne wants out, they may as well let him go. He quickly adds that he's sorry if he seems forward, but as an investor in the company, he does think he has some say in the matter. Karen says she agrees, but Gordon does have a point: it seems only fair that Wayne should have the time to change his mind. Gordon tells her that he's glad she understands. Karen, standing up, says she won't worry him with anything else today; they'll be off. As Gordon goes to stand up as well, she quickly assures him that they'll see themselves out. Gordon tells her that he'll call her when the solicitor has made up a new contract. Alan shakes his hand and tells him that it was nice to meet him, and he and Karen head out. They pause by the front door, and Alan asks his mother what the point was of giving Wayne time to change his mind. Karen explains that it's to keep in good with Gordon. She adds that Alan isn't to worry - Wayne will stay in line. Alan asks what they'll do if he thinks it over and decides to call her bluff. Karen, though, retorts that she's not bluffing and Wayne knows it - he'll do whatever she tells him...

At the Fisher house, Jill is on the 'phone, reading out a message for a card: "Dear Amanda, Sorry about last night. Hope this makes up for it. Love Alan." She then tells the florist that she supposes they'd better send roses and she hangs up. Wayne is sitting on the couch, looking at a file, and Jill snaps that she should have ordered a cactus - maybe that would have taught Alan a lesson. Wayne looks at her and points out that it's obvious Alan isn't interested in her. Jill just snaps at him to keep his opinions to himself. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and she answers it. Katie comes on and asks for Wayne. Jill turns back to Wayne and tells him that it's Katie for him. Wayne replies quietly that he's not there. Jill raises her eyebrows in frustration, pauses and then tells Katie that she just missed him. Katie asks her if she can get him to give her a call when he gets back, and Jill says, "Sure." She hangs up and then asks Wayne what that was all about. Wayne retorts that it's none of her business. Jill snaps that that's great: he tells her that she's a fool and then she has to turn around and make excuses for him; at least she's not running away from things. Wayne get up and walks out.

Charlie walks into the lounge room at Dural, carrying Isabella under one arm and two large bags in one of her hands. She tells Gordon, who's sitting in an armchair, that she does apologise for the terrible way she's been neglecting him - she feels awful about it. She then goes on that she's brought him a simply scrumptious lunch: French bread, pâté, smoked salmon and the most divine Florentines for afters. Gordon smiles and comments that it looks as if she's bought enough to feed an army! Charlie quickly explains that she had to buy some for herself - her 'fridge was almost empty. She then adds that, mind you, she shouldn't be eating Florentines because they're so rich, but she felt as if she deserved a treat after those big policemen tramped around her place this morning. Gordon comments that he saw them when he collected his paper, and he wondered what was going on. Charlie explains that they were looking for Patricia; she told them yesterday that she wasn't there, but they turned up this morning with a search warrant; she felt awful - like a criminal. Gordon tells her that the one he feels sorry for is David - he must be very worried. Charlie agrees, "Poor love..." Gordon goes on that David has called everyone he thinks Patricia might have gone to for help, which shows how desperate he is: he's the last person she'd come to. Charlie, quickly changing the subject, tells him that, in future, she promises that she won't leave it so long to pop in for a chat; from now on, she promises she'll pop in every day until he's fully recovered. Gordon insists that it really isn't necessary - he's feeling better and Wayne is there. Charlie, though, tells him that it's not the same as having a woman round the place. Gordon gives in, saying, "If you insist..." Charlie tells him that she does! She then asks if she should leave his lunch in the kitchen, and Gordon replies, "Yes." As she goes to head out there, she adds that, by the way, is he expecting any house guests in the next few days? Looking bemused, Gordon replies, "No. Why?" Charlie explains that she thought that, if he was, she'd stock up the 'fridge with more goodies - save him having to worry. Gordon assures her that it's alright. Charlie tells him that she can see he's tired, so she'll unpack the food and slip on quietly out the back. She heads out to the kitchen, leaving Gordon looking thoughtful.

There's a knock on the door of the flat, and Patricia gets up from the couch and walks over to answer it. Charlie whispers through the door that it's her, and Patricia lets her in. Charlie is still carrying Isabella and one of the bags. She tells Patricia that there are no worries about Gordon - he's not expecting anyone and he hasn't a clue that she's there. Patricia just says, "Good." Charlie goes on that she's even managed to get some goodies. Patricia curtly suggests that she could have left the dog at home, but Charlie indignantly replies, "Not my babykins." Patricia asks what they'll do if she starts yapping; she can't even watch television in case somebody hears. Charlie says she knows it must be so boring. She then asks Patricia if she remembers Teddy. Patricia says, "Second husband?" Charlie replies, "Third!" She continues that he was a great reader - he had an excellent taste in books, so she was told, so she brought some over. She holds a couple up and Patricia thanks her. She then laughs as she looks at the top one, and comments that only Charlie could have thought of giving her that. It's Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment!

Ross is walking along in a wooded area with the gunman, Carl, who tried to kill Patricia. He tells him that the police searched the house, but they couldn't find anything; he doesn't know where she's gone. Carl warns Ross that he's going to have to do better than that if he wants the money to pay his debts, but Ross snaps at him, "Look. Why don't we call if off? I don't think I can kill anybody anyway." Carl reminds him about the guys he owes - they're not going to wait around forever. Ross snaps that that is his problem; he'll find someone to give him the money. Carl tells him curtly that he'll talk to Mr. Carlyle, and he walks off.

A while later, Ross has arrived at Toorak, and he hands Barbara an arrangement of flowers. A smile on her face, she tells him that they're beautiful, and she thanks him. They head into the lounge room, and Ross replies that he thought she'd like them. Barbara tells him that they're her favourite colour. She adds that she'll put them in water - not that they'll last too long in there with the air conditioning. She goes to walk off, but Ross asks her to leave them for a minute and come and sit down. The two of them sit on one of the couches. Ross turns to Barbara and comments that she misses her home, doesn't she? Barbara replies that she misses her garden - she used to spend a lot of time in it. Ross points out that she's got a garden there, but Barbara reminds him that it's not hers. Ross then says he knows this is probably the wrong time to say it, but she's had just the most amazing effect on him - he can't seem to get her out of his mind, ever since that first day at the farm; he can't help it - he just finds himself very attracted to her. He goes on that he knows she's got a lot of problems at the moment, but he just thought that, maybe, in time, they could get together. Barbara tells him that she's afraid it's going to take rather a long time. Ross assures her that he's prepared to wait. Barbara stares at him for a moment and then turns away and says she thinks she'll just fix the flowers. She gets up and leaves the room. Ross sits there, a smile on his face.

A short time later, Barbara and Ross are sitting looking at some pamphlets, and Barbara points out that there's a horse listed called 'Fiona's Folly'. Ross asks her if she knows a Fiona, and Barbara replies that she does; she'll have to back it! Ross, looking surprised, comments that you can't back a horse because you like its name, but Barbara insists that she can! Ross points out that form is supposed to be what you're looking at. Barbara tells him that she'll have him know that she's had great success with this system! Ross replies that she's been very lucky then! Andy suddenly comes in, holding a pile of records, and, looking surprised to see them both there, says, "Hi!" Barbara tells him that she and Ross are going to the races; she's left his lunch in the 'fridge. Ross tells Andy that it should be a very funny day - Barbara picks her horses depending on whether she likes the name or not! Andy remarks that he doesn't see anything wrong with that. Ross smiles and tells him that it's alright if you want to lose your shirt. Barbara laughs that she hardly thinks they're going to do that with her two-dollar bets! Ross points out that they won't do anything if they don't hurry up. Andy tells them that he hopes they win. Barbara assures him that they'll have a nice time, in any event, and the two of them head off. Andy stands there, looking worried.

Karen is back at the desk at the Fisher house, adding up figures. Jill and Alan are sitting at the table. Jill is sorting out the letters to go out, but she complains that the envelopes she has have to be licked three or four times before they stick; she'll get self-adhesive ones next time. Karen reminds her that it is her who orders the stationery. Jill suddenly snaps, "Damn." Alan looks at her in surprise and comments that she's not in the best humour this morning, is she? Jill explains that she's just a bit worried about Fee - she's got a bit of a cold. She then mutters that she'll get some tape to stick the envelopes down, and she gets up and leaves the room. When she's gone, Karen comments to Alan that he knows what's really worrying her. Alan retorts that, if she means Amanda and him, there's not much he can do about it; he's not changing his lifestyle now - it's too much fun! There's suddenly a knock at the front door and he goes to get it. The visitor is Katie, and she marches into the lounge room and snaps that she wants to see Wayne. Karen tells her that he's out. Katie snaps at her that she doesn't believe her - she knows he was there this morning and she's not going until she's talked to him. Karen smiles nastily and comments that they've had a little argument, have they? She then reminds Katie that she always told her that she'd never hang on to him and it looks like she was proved right. She adds that her house isn't public property, so if she wants to wait, she'll have to do it outside. Katie storms off. As she goes, Alan, looking intrigued, says to Karen that it's time for a little TLC - Katie could be on a rebound here...

Katie is walking down the driveway as Alan comes out of the house and calls after her to hang on a minute. She stops and he catches up with her. He then tells her that Karen isn't the best-mannered person, and he introduces himself. Katie listens and then starts walking again. Alan walks with her and tells her not to let Karen get to her - she's like that with all of them; she just can't resist having a go; he's put up with plenty, so he knows how Katie feels. He then suggests that he could drive her home, but Katie curtly snaps, "No thanks." Alan asks her to let him do something to help, but Katie asks, "Why?" Alan replies that he wants to. Katie snaps that he doesn't even know her. Alan suggests that maybe he wants to - and he feels bad about how Karen acted; he'd like to rescue the family name. He goes on that Karen might be his mother, but he promises that he's nothing like her; give him a chance and she'll see for herself. He adds that surely she's not going to walk all the way home; wouldn't a lift to the front door be easier? Katie gives in and snaps that, if he wants to waste his time... Alan tells her that he promises she won't regret it. Katie turns and starts walking back towards the house.

Wayne is at the boarding house, knocking on the door of Fiona's flat, but there's no answer. He suddenly hears Alan's voice coming round the corner of the corridor, and he looks annoyed as he then hears Katie's voice as well. He crosses his arms and stands there, staring at them angrily as they approach him. Alan asks Katie if she wants him to stay, but she shakes her head and he walks off. Wayne indicates to her to open the door. Katie sighs and does so, and the two of them go in.

Patricia is sitting in the flat at the back of Dural, reading, when the door suddenly opens. She looks round in alarm, and is relieved to find that it's only Charlie there. She snaps at her to for goodness' sake not sneak up on her. Charlie says she's sorry - she was sitting at home thinking of her and wondering if she wants some light reading instead of the books; anyway, she headed out to the newsagents and bought a whole range of magazines. She hands over a bag and Patricia says a blank, "Thankyou." Looking surprised, Charlie tells her not to drown her with gratitude. Patricia says she's sorry - she does appreciate it; she's just not feeling her best - her knee is giving her a lot of pain. Charlie says she didn't think - she should have bought some painkillers. Patricia, though, explains that she needs a prescription - over-the-counter stuff isn't strong enough. Charlie says she doesn't know what she can do then. Patricia tells her that she can't do anything; nobody can do anything; she just wishes she could talk to David... Charlie suggests to her that she 'phone him, but Patricia retorts that, if he worked out where she was, it would upset everything; David still trusts Ross and he'd tell him where she is; it's just not worth the risk... She adds sadly, "I do miss him..."

At the boarding house, Wayne snaps at Katie that she was trying to make him jealous. Katie snaps back that she wasn't. Wayne snaps that he doesn't know what else she could call it. Katie growls at him that Karen does that sort of thing, not her. Wayne angrily asks her if she reckons she's any different. Katie snaps that he knows she is. Wayne points out she didn't think twice about blackmailing Karen over the jewellery. Katie curtly tells him that she did it because she loves him and wanted to help him. Wayne snaps that it still shows that she can think like that - she's not the sweet little girl she likes to make out. He goes on that it seems to him that she can turn the 'innocent' thing off and on whenever it suits her; it's a pretty selfish way of loving someone. Katie growls at him that he's got a very short memory - she left her family to stick by him, remember? - and as for last night, if he can't respect her feelings for what's right and what's wrong, then they might as well just forget it. She adds bitterly that they should face it: they've tried, but they just don't see things the same way. She walks over to the door and opens it, adding as she does so, "I think that says it all." Wayne stares at her and then walks out. Katie shuts the door, looking upset.

Gordon is coming downstairs at Dural as the front door opens and Wayne walks in. Gordon tells him that he's been waiting for him to come in. Wayne just grunts, "Here I am." Gordon ignores this reaction, instead going on that Karen tells him that he's thinking of resigning as a Director of the company. Wayne snaps, "That's right." Gordon tells him that that's ridiculous. Wayne growls that he knew Gordon wouldn't see it his way. Gordon tells him that it's against his best interests. He goes on that he knows Wayne was upset that he went with Karen, but resigning is a complete over-reaction. Wayne snaps that he's made up his mind and that's all there is to it. Gordon tautly asks him when he's going to learn to take the bad with the good - he should take some advice for a change. Wayne walks off and heads into the lounge room. He spots Isabella sitting on the couch and growls that Charlie is there again, is she? Gordon explains that she's been in and out all day- she's organising lunch, he thinks. Wayne snaps that it's typical: every time he wants some peace and quiet, she's around; doesn't she know when she's worn out her welcome? Gordon tells him that they have to be tolerant - the police were in her place today, looking for Patricia - it upset her, he thinks. Wayne growls that it's not his problem. He then goes on that he thinks he'll get changed and have a swim; he's not in the mood for Charlie's nonsense this afternoon. He walks off.

A while later, Wayne is lying on a sunlounger out by the pool, wearing a yellow robe. He's reading a book when he suddenly becomes aware of movement behind him. He turns to see Charlie creeping out of the flat. She whispers, "See you tomorrow, darling," and then walks off without noticing that she's being watched. When she's gone, Wayne stares at the flat and then stands up, looking intrigued.

In the flat, Patricia is sitting browsing through a magazine. The door suddenly opens and she turns and says, "Charlie--" She breaks off as she discovers Wayne standing there glaring at her...


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