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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

The 'phone is ringing at the O'Briens' as Heather gets into the house. She answers it and Mike comes on from the lounge room at Toorak. He snaps at her that he's been trying to get her for ages. Heather explains that she was next door with Beryl - she's got a few problems. Mike retorts that she sure has. Looking surprised, Heather asks if he knows that she's pregnant. Mike tells her that he knows more than that: he's just had a bombshell dropped on him.

David is walking slowly along the road to the Palmer house. He spots Beryl bending down, doing some gardening, and he opens the gate and walks up to her. She turns to look at him and he murmurs, "Beryl." Beryl just replies, "Hello, David." David tells her that Pat has told him her news. Beryl just says, "Oh. Yes?" David goes on that he's been wondering who the father is - he knows they spent the night together when Kev wasn't too good, so it could be him - but she spent a lot of time with Jim O'Brien before he took off. He continues that, if it is his, that's fair enough, but if it's Jim's, he thinks Jim should do the right thing by her; he and Pat have got a pretty good thing going and he wouldn't like to leave her without being sure. Beryl just glares at him. David goes on that they've had a pretty rough time of it; he reckons that, if it's theirs, it'll make all the difference - help her get back to her old self. Beryl carries on staring at him, and so he eventually asks, "Well, am I the father or not?" Beryl growls that she doesn't have to tell him anything - and she certainly didn't ask him to come back into her life again. David snaps that that's terrific: he's come there prepared to throw away everything he's got just to help her out and all he gets is the cold shoulder. He adds that he guesses that answers his question. Beryl just snaps, "Go away, please, David." David turns and goes. After a few seconds, Beryl walks down to the path and shuts the gate, staring at David's departing back as she does so.

Next door, Heather is still on the 'phone to Mike, and she snaps at him that he's always ready to put Jim down whether he's right or not. Mike asks her if she can blame him - Patricia said-- Heather interrupts and snaps that she doesn't give two hoots what Patricia said - Beryl said she and Jim didn't have an affair and she believes her. Mike asks who says Beryl is telling the truth. Heather retorts that she does: Jim has been gone months and Beryl is only five weeks pregnant; how can he possibly be the father? Mike, suddenly looking guilty, admits that he didn't know she was only five weeks. Heather retorts that, no - he was too busy having a go at Jim.

Charlie and Patricia are standing in the hallway at Toorak, and Charlie points out to Patricia that she was wrong about it not making any difference. Patricia says she just wishes he'd come back, that's all. They head into the lounge room, where Mike is just saying to Heather that he's sorry - he guesses he went off the deep end a bit; he'll see her later. He hangs up and then turns to Patricia and tells her that she's wrong about Jim: that was Heather - she reckons that it's definitely David's child: Jim has been out of town too long to be the father. He walks off, and Charlie immediately comments to Patricia that she's going to have to keep David away from him. Patricia mutters that she just wishes she knew what David was saying to Beryl. She adds that, with any luck, he's been his usual clumsy self and she's lost her temper.

Beryl is still gardening, punching a fork into the ground, when Heather comes along from next door and comments to her that she looks determined to get it finished before lunchtime. Beryl explains that she's taking her temper out on it. She adds that Heather wouldn't believe what Patricia's latest little game is. Heather, though, replies that she thinks she does: she just had Mike on the 'phone; is it about Jim? Beryl explains that David was there. Heather says she hopes Beryl told him the truth, but Beryl retorts that she told him to clear out. Looking surprised, Heather asks why, as she doesn't want to let a story like that get out of hand. Beryl tells her that it already is. She then goes on that David isn't really concerned about her - she could see he was hoping that it was Jim's child; it would be the worst thing if they got back together again; there's nothing more to say to him - she'd better get back to her gardening. Looking worried, Heather says she's sorry, and she turns and goes, shutting the gate behind her. She takes one more look at Beryl before heading back next door. Still kneeling in the front garden, Beryl bursts into tears.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia mutters that David has been gone too long - Beryl has convinced him; she's lost him. Charlie, though, exclaims that, for heaven's sake, he and Beryl are obviously going to talk about it for a while. Patricia replies that that's what she's afraid of. At that moment, though, the front door opens and David comes in. Patricia looks at him intently and says, "Alright?" Charlie leaves them to it, and Patricia asks him if he and Beryl talked. David replies, "Not for very long." He then explains that she got so damn uppity that she wouldn't say one way or the other who the father is; it's pretty obvious that it's not him, though. He continues that, he doesn't know... she's had a pretty rough time of it, but he never expected-- Patricia interrupts him and tells him that she never thought Beryl would go that far, either. She then goes on that he's tired - he should get some sleep; the news must have upset him. David tells her that he's sorry he headed off - he just wanted to hear it from Beryl; he shouldn't have bothered. Patricia tells him to go and have a hot shower and get into bed. He goes. Patricia sits down and Charlie comes back in. She tells Patricia that she's couldn't help overhearing: isn't it brilliant? - everything is going Patricia's way. Patricia, though, replies, "Not necessarily." She goes on that it's going to be difficult to keep the truth from David - and Charlie is right about Mike: if he and David get together, David is bound to find out. She continues that she wishes Jim was there - he'd go straight to Beryl and then David would be convinced. Charlie asks her why she doesn't just contact Jim. Patricia, though, asks if he'll come just because she asks him to; no: there's got to be another reason - and a good one.

Fiona opens the door of her flat at the boarding house and looks surprised to find Jill standing there. She asks her if she shouldn't be at work, but Jill replies that she is, really - she's doing the courier round. She adds that it's a good reason to get out of the house, and goes on that Fiona wouldn't believe the atmosphere between Wayne and Karen; hopefully, by the time she gets back, Karen will have gone to Melbourne. She then asks if Mitch has turned up. Fiona shrugs and says she has to admit that she was wrong about him. She goes on that she thinks the only reason he didn't come home is because he thinks Wayne might have put the police on to him. Jill says she thinks Wayne has got too much on his mind at the moment to worry about that. She then adds that she can't say she's sorry that Mitch has gone, though - she was a bit concerned about coming over in case he was still there. Fiona sadly says she doubts he'll come there again. She adds that it's a pity; it's a shame he couldn't have made good. Jill murmurs, "Yeah - regardless of how I feel about him." Fiona says she guesses she should apologise to Jill for not believing that Mitch was trying to lose her her job; that sort of thing is just not on; she wants to feel sorry for him, but if he turns up there again, she can't see herself going out of her way to help.

Amanda is driving along a road in Sydney when she suddenly sees Mitch standing at the side of the road ahead of her. He waves to her frantically and she waves back at him. She then checks her rear view mirror and pulls into the side of the road a few yards further up. Mitch runs up to her and Amanda asks him what's up - isn't he doing his courier run? Mitch replies, "Not any more." Staring at his rather dishevelled state, Amanda asks him what happened, as he looks a bit of a mess. Mitch tells her that Wayne has got it in for him - he sacked him yesterday; he did his block and thumped Wayne one; there's no way he wouldn't have called the cops, so he didn't go home last night. He adds that he should have shot through, but he wanted to say goodbye to her. Amanda tells him that he's lucky she decided to come home. Mitch explains that he asked Andy where she was the other day, but he wouldn't say; that's why he's hanging around - and in the end she did turn up. Amanda explains that she's been staying at Dural: her father was there overnight before he went overseas; she's just taken him to the airport. She then asks about the story with Wayne. Mitch tells her that he gave him a real going over; Wayne will have put the lid on everything for him now. Amanda tells him to hop in the car. As he does so, she goes on that she can imagine how he lost his temper with Wayne - he has that effect on a lot of people - but she doesn't see why he should ruin Mitch's chance of getting somewhere. She puts her foot down and the car roars off with a screech of rubber.

There's a knock on the door of Fiona's flat, and Fiona opens it to find Amanda and Mitch standing there. Looking surprised, she comments to Mitch that she didn't expect him back so soon. Mitch explains that Amanda talked him into coming. Fiona invites them in and she tells Mitch that he's very lucky Wayne didn't get the police onto him. Looking surprised, Mitch says, "He didn't?" Amanda tells him that if anyone called the police, it should have been him - Wayne was the one who started the fight: he's been sticking the boot in since he started the job. Fiona says she thinks there's a lot more to it than the fight. Mitch tells her that, if he means Jill, he didn't do anything he should feel bad about - but she's never going to believe him, is she?; he might as well get his stuff and go. Amanda glares at Fiona and says she gets the feeling that she's more on Wayne's side than Mitch's. Fiona retorts that she's not on anybody's side, but there are ways of behaving. Amanda points out to Fiona that she promised Terry that she'd help Mitch get himself together again; she can't just let him go when she knows it wasn't his fault; what would Terry think?; at least hear Mitch's side. Fiona gives in and says that's fair enough - but it had better be good.

At the Fisher house, Karen looks at her watch and says to Wayne that she should make the flight in nice, comfortable time for a change. Wayne asks her what she's got planned when she gets there, but Karen just replies that, suffice to say, she'll put the cat among the pigeons. Wayne tells her that, so long as she doesn't let Mike O'Brien know that he was giving his kid money for information - if she does, he'll be out of there so fast... Karen retorts that not everything revolves around him; she just wants to make sure that Mike and Jeff are at each other long enough for her to get the upper hand. Wayne tells her that, about Katie: the same applies. Karen curtly comments that she can't see him being interested in a kid like her for very long. Wayne snaps that that's beside the point - just promise him-- Jill suddenly comes in, and, sensing that something was going on, says she didn't mean to interrupt. Karen tells her that she isn't - her cab will be there soon. Jill says it's just pulled up. Karen picks up her things and says she'll see them when she gets back, then.

At the boarding house, Fiona tells Mitch that he's said nothing that could convince her that she should stick by him. Amanda pleads, "Fiona..." Fiona goes on that he had no right to treat Jill the way he did, and he proved he couldn't control his temper by attacking Wayne - regardless of what Wayne did to him; how could she possibly believe he won't go off and do something stupid again? Amanda cries that if she'd just-- Fiona interrupts her and asks to be allowed to finish. Turning back to Mitch, she says she'll tell him straight: the only reason she's not washing her hands of him is because of Terry - he was tickled pink to learn that Mitch was doing so well, and she doesn't want to have to disillusion him by telling him that she's given up on him - so, against her better judgement, she's giving him one more chance - but the first time she hears of him going off and doing something wrong, that's it; does he understand? Mitch mutters, "Yeah."

A while later, Fiona, Amanda and Mitch are sitting at the table, eating. Fiona suggests to Mitch that the CES is a very good place to start looking for work. Mitch, though, says he doesn't think he can go through that again. Amanda chips in that he mightn't have to: her dad was saying last night that they were having trouble with their mechanic up at Woombai; Alan Pascoe is in charge now that daddy's away, but she's sure that if she put in a good word - and Fiona did the same - they'd give him a go. Fiona, looking dubious, says she doesn't think that's a very good idea. Amanda indignantly asks why not, adding that Mitch will probably be happier in the country, anyway. Fiona, looking thoughtful, says she supposes he'll have less chance of getting in trouble. Suddenly making a decision, she tells him that, if that's what he wants, she'll take him up to Woombai and they'll have a chat to Alan. Mitch replies that, OK, he'll check it out. Amanda tells him that she might come along for the ride - give him moral support.

It's dark, and at Toorak, Charlie is sitting on one of the couches in the lounge room while Patricia and David sit on the other. David tells the two women that they didn't have to eat with him, but Patricia replies, "Don't be silly!" Charlie smiles and says, "If you've got an overnight run, you've got an overnight run!" Looking bemused, David tells her that it could be a bit longer if the blokes at the other end aren't on the ball. Suddenly changing the subject, Patricia says she's been thinking about flowers for the wedding: she thought pink and white. Charlie smiles and tells her that that's very chic, but they're last year's colours. Patricia muses, "Yes..." She turns to David and asks him what he thinks, but David, looking bemused again, tells her that he'll leave all that to her. Charlie tells him that he really must stop worrying about Beryl. David stares at her, and she adds that it's obviously been on his mind all through dinner; she's sure Jim O'Brien will do the right thing by her. Patricia gives her a look and then quickly asks David if he'd like her to pack some sandwiches and a thermos for him. David replies that that would be good, and he gives her a hug. Patricia then goes on that she was thinking earlier: maybe they should look into investing in a country property - just something small that they could use to escape everything for a while. David tells her that he'll give it some thought while he's driving. He leaves the room, and Charlie immediately tells Patricia, "Smart move, darling - give him something to think about." Patricia, looking bemused, curses, "You and your big mouth, Charlie - why did you have to blab about Beryl and Jim?" Charlie replies that she thought she was helping; besides, it was something to say! Patricia sighs.

At the dinner table at the O'Briens', Heather calls to Jeff and Luke to hurry up, as she doesn't want the meal to spoil. The two boys come in from the lounge room and Luke comments that it smells good. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Mike goes to get it. Heather starts serving up the food. At the door, Mike finds a woman standing on the step. She introduces herself as Karen Fox. Mike looks surprised. Noticing the noise in the background, Karen tells him that she can hear he's not alone, so she won't keep him: she just thinks he should know the facts about his son and Luke Carlyle...

Patricia and David come downstairs at Toorak, Patricia telling David as they do so that, if he gets tired, he should rest and take care. David smiles and points out that it's not his first trip! They kiss. The 'phone starts ringing, and Charlie gets it in the lounge room. Patricia tells David that she's going to miss him. David replies that he feels the same about her. From the lounge room, Charlie indicates to Patricia that the call is for her. Patricia tells David that if he sees any places that look interesting, he should make a note of them. David assures her that he was going to. They kiss again and he goes. Patricia heads into the lounge room and Charlie tells her that Roger Carlyle is on the 'phone. Patricia asks her what sort of mood he's in. Charlie just replies that she didn't ask. Patricia takes the 'phone and tells Roger that she's sorry to keep him. Roger tells her that it's alright. He then goes on that he's sorry he hasn't returned her calls earlier - he's been overseas; his secretary told him about Luke's promotion, though - it's excellent news. Patricia replies that he won it on his own merits - he's showing signs of becoming a very successful businessman. Roger tells her that he's delighted. Patricia goes on that she's sure it's all going to work out exactly as planned. Roger replies that that's good. He then adds that she should stay in touch - she'll find him a lot easier to get hold of now. Patricia says she will, and she thanks him for calling. They hang up. Patricia turns to Charlie and tells her that it looks as if everything is going to work out exactly as planned - personally and professionally.

At the O'Briens', Mike yells at Luke that he doesn't give a damn what he says: he knew exactly what he was doing. Luke yells back that of course he knew what he was doing - but he did it for a reason. Mike angrily asks him if he calls lying and cheating a good reason. Luke snaps at him that if he'd only listen properly for a minute-- Jeff suddenly interjects and yells that he had to do it - he could see the way Mike and Heather were heading. Mike snaps at him that he doesn't want to hear what he has to say. Jeff bitterly grunts that that would be right. Mike angrily asks Luke if he knows what he did to Jeff. Heather interjects and snaps at Luke that she doesn't know how he could have kept it to himself if he knew Jeff was still drinking. Luke snaps that he thought he could handle it. Mike yells at him that he gave Jeff money. Heather snaps at him that he's supposed to be Jeff's friend - and a friend of the family's. Mike yells again that Luke gave Jeff money. Heather yells at the boy that he knew Jeff would spend it on drink. Jeff yells that it's not Luke's fault. Luke asks them if they didn't think he'd feel rotten about it. Mike sarcastically snaps that sure he did. Luke retorts that he's started to work out a way to get Jeff off the grog for good. Mike, though, snaps that he doesn't believe a word Luke says. Luke yells at him that that's because he hasn't been listening. Mike yells back at him that the only thing he worried about was pushing himself a bit further up the ladder; trying to get info to make himself look good; he didn't give a damn who he trod on - exactly the same as his father. Luke, looking incredulous, snaps at Mike to come on: get it off his chest. Mike asks him what he means. Luke retorts, "What's really bugging you." Mike snaps again, "What?" Luke goes on that this is all because of his promotion: Mike has had it in for him ever since he got it; the only reason he's carrying on is because he hates watching him getting head. Heather yells at them both to stop it and Jeff yells at them to cut it out. They're ignored, though, and Mike snaps at Luke, "You jumped up little--" Luke interrupts and yells back, "That's it. I'm a twenty-year-old success and you're a forty-year-old failure." Looking stunned, Mike asks him who he thinks he's talking to. He then lashes out and punches Luke on the jaw. Luke reels back and topples over the dinner table.

Patricia is pouring herself a drink in the lounge room at Toorak, while Charlie stands looking at a brochure. She tells Patricia that what she's looking at is definitely the place where they should have the reception - it looks divine: all the old-world charm you could wish for. There's suddenly the screech of car brakes in the driveway outside. Patricia goes to the door to see what's going on, but before she can open it, Mike storms in. Patricia curtly tells him that she's sorry, but his key is meant only for office hours. Mike ignores this and snaps that he's just found out that the reason Luke has been so damned clever is because he's been using the same kind of dirty tricks his old man does - and he's not having a bar of that. Patricia tells him to calm down and come in and talk about it. They head into the lounge room, but as they do so, more brakes screech outside and Luke then bursts into the house. Charlie stops him in the hallway and asks him what's going on, but Luke ignores her and storms into the lounge room. Mike angrily asks him if he's come to try and talk his way out of it. Luke snaps at him that he could take him to cleaners: assault and battery... intent to injure... Patricia snaps at them both to calm down, as they won't get anywhere yelling at each other.

At the O'Briens', Heather is sitting at the living room table, her head in her hands. Jeff walks towards her slowly and says, "Mum..." She looks up at him in disgust. He sits down and tells her that he's he sorry... everything's his fault - he was the one who gave Wayne the stuff out of his dad's briefcase and he lied to her about being on the wagon when she found the bottle behind the 'fridge; he was kidding himself that by helping Wayne, his dad might have to give up his job and spend more time at home... but he really wanted money to buy more booze... He goes on that he wants to give up - he really does - but he can't: every time he has a drink, he says to himself that that's the last one... then he says it again... Heather sighs. She tells Jeff that she's sorry, but she doesn't want to hear about it at the moment; she never thought she could feel so disgusted with him. She puts her head back in her hands, and Jeff, looking upset, stands up and walks away.

At Toorak, Patricia angrily asks Mike and Luke if neither of them can see what Karen is playing at: she only came down to Melbourne to cause trouble for her, so that the company would go bust. Mike snaps that facts are facts: he's not going to-- Patricia interrupts him and says she really doesn't think this is the time to discuss it any further; she wants them both to go home and come back tomorrow at 9am and they'll discuss it calmly and rationally. Mike, though, snaps that there's no way he's waiting until the morning: Luke leaves the company now - simple as that. Luke angrily asks if he's supposed to back down. Mike tells him that he has no intention of working with him - either Luke goes or he goes. Patricia looks at him and retorts that she's really sorry he pushed it this far, because if she has to make a decision, Luke stays. Mike, looking incredulous, snaps that he doesn't believe it. Patricia tells him that she hopes he'll reconsider, but Mike retorts that he won't; if that's what she wants, there's nothing more to say. He throws down his house keys and snaps that there's no point coming in tomorrow. He storms off. Luke assures Patricia that she won't be sorry. Patricia growls that she hopes not: she didn't want to have to make the decision, but she had no choice. She then adds more calmly that, anyway, maybe it's better this way: Mike never seemed very comfortable with the rougher side of the business. Luke smiles and says he'd better go, as he's got an early start in the morning. Patricia says, "Goodnight," and he leaves. She then walks over to the lounge room 'phone and dials a number. Charlie wanders in and stands behind her. The 'phone at the other end rings and STD pips then sound. Roger's voice comes on in an answerphone recording, telling the caller that he's not there at present and, if they care to leave a message, to do so after the beep. The beep sounds and Patricia then says it's her; she needs him to call her back urgently. She hangs up and Charlie asks what that was all about. Patricia retorts that it's quite simple, really: everything's suddenly falling apart. She goes on that, if Roger Carlyle doesn't like it, she's afraid she's down the drain: "Karen Fox could be the winner after all."


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