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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Karen turns to Wayne and curtly comments that, well, it all starts to fit now, doesn't it: why she's suddenly fallen from favour. Wayne retorts that it's not like that. Karen, though, tells him that it sounds like a reasonable explanation to her - she gets pushed aside for some cute 18-year-old. Wayne snaps that she hasn't been pushed aside; they agree to no strings; she doesn't own him. Karen tells him that she's not saying she does - but he should at least be honest about their relationship: they've been good for each other. Wayne just mutters, "At the start." Karen points out that a lot has happened since then. Wayne retorts, "For you." Karen asks, "What about when Todd was dying?" Wayne replies that he felt sorry for her - he still does and he'll do anything he can to help her get over it. Karen asks him how long it's going to last with Katie. Wayne tells her that he doesn't think that's any of her business. He then goes on that he doesn't understand her: they had this out thirty minutes ago and she didn't carry on then. Karen explains that she thought he genuinely loved her; now she realises that she was being dumped for another woman. She tells Wayne that he's making a mistake. Wayne, though, retorts that he isn't - what he feels for Katie is nothing to do with her. He picks up some files, says he'll be in the study and walks out.

At the Palmer house, Beryl is on the 'phone to her doctor, and she explains that she wondered if he'd got the results of her tests back yet. The doctor replies that he's just got them: as he thought, they're positive. Looking stunned, Beryl says, "I see." The doctor goes on that it will be a shock; would she like to come in and talk about it? Beryl murmurs that she'll be alright. The doctor tells her that he'll want to see her every couple of weeks. Leanne comes into the room and there's then a knock on the front door, which she goes to answer. Beryl just stands in the lounge room, looking shocked. Heather is at the door, and she tells Leanne that she came to wish her the best before she goes. Leanne invites her in, and they head into the lounge room. Beryl looks at her visitor and murmurs, "Heather..." Looking at her in concern, Heather asks her if she's feeling alright; she's not still sick? Beryl replies that she's fine...

Karen is sitting at the table in the lounge room in the Fisher house, apparently looking for some papers. She stands up and walks over to a briefcase lying nearby. She goes to open it but finds that it's locked, so she calls to Wayne. After a few seconds, he comes in and asks what's up. Karen curtly asks him where the copies are of the contracts she left him to handle. Wayne replies that they're in the briefcase. Karen snaps that it's locked. Looking concerned, Wayne tells her that she's suffering from jetlag, and he suggests that she forget about business and get back into it tomorrow. Karen, though, retorts that she'd like to get back into it now. Wayne reluctantly unlocks the case and Karen takes out the files inside. She looks through them and then comments that the Turner and Henderson accounts haven't been signed. Wayne tells her, "They decided against it." Looking puzzled, Karen points out that they've been with the company for years. Wayne, looking downcast, explains that there was a mix-up: the wrong contracts went to the wrong people. Karen snaps that he means he's lost them two established accounts. Wayne retorts that it wasn't his fault. He then adds that, anyway, by lunchtime tomorrow, they'll have the Barlow account - that's worth the Turner and Henderson accounts put together. Karen says he's been given a definite 'yes', has he? Wayne admits that he hasn't, but he knows they undercut Patricia's tender. Karen raises her eyebrows and he goes on that he realised she was right about using Jeff O'Brien: he got back in touch with him again; they undercut Patricia by 10%, so the account must be theirs. Karen curtly tells him that it had better be or he'll find himself making the coffee and posting the mail.

Luke heads down the hallway at Toorak to the front door, but is waylaid by Charlie, who's coming downstairs, and says flirtatiously, "Hello...!" Luke explains that he's just off. Charlie ignores this, though, and tells him that she's been hearing marvellous things about him. Luke asks, "What?" Charlie replies that she's heard he's going to get the Harlow account. Luke corrects her: "Barlow." He then adds that he thinks he can safely say it's theirs. Charlie comments that it will be one in the eye for Karen Fox, eh? Luke replies that he would say so. He then tells Charlie that he must be going, as he's got paperwork to finish at home. Charlie smiles and remarks that he's such a businessman - and so young, too...! He goes. Charlie then heads into the lounge room, where Patricia is on the 'phone, saying she'll see the person she's talking to later. She hangs up and tells Charlie that that was David. Charlie asks if it was about Irene's son. Patricia replies that he said Irene is bound to want to go to Switzerland for the funeral, so he'll be driving her straight back and she'll catch the 'plane tomorrow morning. Charlie, a smile on her face, remarks that that has thrown a spanner in her and David's little trip. Patricia says that using Todd's death doesn't make her feel very proud, but Charlie points out that it's not as if she had anything to do with the boy dying. Patricia comments, "All the same..." Charlie says that Irene hasn't talked David out of marrying Patricia, has she? Patricia replies that she hasn't; David said how much he's missing her. She goes on, "Nothing is going to stop the wedding now. We're as good as married!"

Beryl and Heather are sitting at the table in the living room at the Palmers', while Leanne stands next to them, looking out of the window at the street. Beryl asks her what time Kylie is due. Leanne replies that it was about half an hour ago - but she supposes she's been held up. She then adds that she may as well say goodbye to Susie again, and she heads off to the kitchen. She picks up the puppy and tells her that she's going to miss her. At the table, Heather asks Beryl if she saw the doctor this morning. Beryl replies, "Yes." Heather asks what she said. Leanne returns and stands in the doorway as Beryl tells Heather that she's not going to believe it: "He says I'm pregnant. I'm going to have David's baby."

A short time later, Leanne suggests that maybe she shouldn't go - she'll stay and look after Beryl. Beryl, though, tells her that that's not necessary - she should move in with her friends. Leanne assures her that she wouldn't mind, but Heather tells her that she doesn't have to worry - she'll keep an eye on Beryl. Leanne tells Beryl that she'll come back and visit her. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Beryl comments that that will be Kylie now. She stands up to answer it, but Leanne quickly says she'll get it. Beryl assures her that being pregnant doesn't make her an invalid! Leanne says she knows, but she's got to be careful - especially at her age. Beryl looks bemused! She goes and opens the door to find a teenage girl standing there. She introduces herself as Kylie Fraser. Beryl introduces herself and adds that Leanne has told her all about her. Leanne comes to the door, holding Susie, and Kylie remarks that she wasn't part of the deal. Leanne assures her that she's not coming. She looks at the puppy, says, "Bye, Susie," and hands her to Beryl. She then asks Beryl if she's sure she'll be alright by herself. Beryl replies that of course she will. She tells Leanne to give her ring to let her know how she's settling in, and Leanne says she will. She thanks Beryl for everything, adding that she's real grateful. Beryl assures her that it's been great having her there. The two girls head off down the path and Beryl closes the door. She then heads back into the lounge room, where she comments to Heather that she's going to miss having Leanne around. She adds that, still, she'll be better off with kids her own age. Heather suggests that maybe they'll teach her to be a bit more tactful! Beryl, though, points out that Leanne is right: it's not going to be an easy pregnancy. Heather says to her that she'll have to tell David. Beryl, though, replies that it came as such a shock that she hasn't had time to think straight - she'll decide what to do in the morning.

Jeff opens the front door at the O'Briens' and lets Luke in. Luke asks Jeff how he's feeling, and he replies that he's alright if he can have a drink or two. Luke tells him to enjoy it while it lasts. He then adds that he hopes Jeff is keeping it well hidden, and Jeff assures him that he is. Luke ask where Heather is, and Jeff tells him that she's at the Palmers'. Luke asks him if Wayne's money is in his bank account. Jeff replies that it is - he checked during his lunch hour. Luke comments that Wayne must be happy with the dud figures they gave him, adding that, with any luck, they'll be able to give him more before he wakes up to what they're doing. Jeff says he doesn't reckon it'll be much longer. Luke, though, tells him that that depends on what story Jeff comes up with when Wayne starts asking questions. Jeff glumly says he wishes he could tell his father about it, but Luke curtly points out that they went through that: what they're doing is going to help him in the long run. Jeff mutters, "Alright..." Luke tells him to give him his bank book. Looking surprised, Jeff asks, "What for?" Luke replies that it's so that he doesn't go buying any more booze with the money. Jeff pleads, "Come on..." Luke retorts that he told him: the money he lent him is the last money that he's going to spend on booze. He adds that it'll all turn out right in the end: they'll get him off the drink, and in the meantime, he'll have won lots of accounts for his dad.

Kylie's car pulls up outside the house that Leanne is moving into. Leanne stares at the house, but doesn't move to get out of the car. Kylie asks her if she's changing her mind about moving in. Leanne assures her that she isn't. Kylie points out that something is worrying her. Leanne explains that it's Mrs. Palmer: she feels like she's deserting her. Kylie tells her that it's not her fault that Beryl's husband isn't around. Leanne ignores this and asks Kylie, "Can you drive me somewhere?"

Patricia comes downstairs at Toorak and opens the front door to find a teenage girl standing there with coloured streaks in her hair. It's Leanne. Patricia asks what it's for this time. Leanne looks at her quizzically and Patricia adds that she assumes she's collecting for something. Leanne, though, explains that she wants to see Mr. Palmer, adding that this is the right place, isn't it? Patricia replies that he's not there at the moment. She asks Leanne what she wants him for. In reply, Leanne asks her if she's Mrs. Morrell, and Patricia tells her, "That's right." Leanne asks her if there are any other friends of Mr. Palmer's there. Looking bemused, Patricia asks her what she means. Leanne replies, "That I could leave a message with." Patricia assures her that she can take a message, but Leanne tells her that it's alright. Patricia suddenly asks her if she's the young girl staying with Beryl. Leanne replies that she was, and she adds that she'll get in touch with Mr. Palmer later. Charlie joins Patricia at the door, and Patricia, a sly look on her face, tells Leanne that Mrs. Bartlett is a very close friend of Mr. Palmer's. Charlie asks what's going on, and Patricia explains that the young girl at the door wants to leave a message for David, but she only wants to leave it with a close friend - so she was just explaining how very close Charlie and David are. Charlie smiles and says, "Of course...!" She asks Leanne what it is. Leanne stares at Patricia, and she takes the hint and leaves them to it. Leanne tells Charlie that she doesn't want Patricia knowing about this. Charlie assures her that anything she says will be completely confidential. She asks, "What is it?" Leanne replies that Charlie has got to tell Mr. Palmer to do the right thing by Mrs. Palmer and go back to her. Looking surprised, Charlie tells her that she feels very sorry for Beryl, but anything she and David decide upon-- Leanne, though, interrupts her and tells her that she doesn't understand: Mrs. Palmer is going to have a baby, so he has to go back to her. Charlie looks shocked.

It's night-time, and Patricia is pouring herself a drink in the lounge room. Charlie comes in and remarks that Patricia has started without her. Patricia replies that she needs one. She then goes on that it's impossible: there hasn't been anything between David and Beryl since he left her for Margaret. Charlie replies that she's been thinking about that: she seems to remember Patricia telling her something about David moving back home to deal with some sort of family crisis. Patricia, realisation dawning, replies that that's right: while she was away, Kevin was sick and David felt he should move back into the house; it must have happened then. Charlie remarks that, even so, she doesn't know why Patricia is getting in a dither about it: David told her that he'd marry her - he's not going to go back on his word. Patricia, though, retorts that he will: the minute he finds out Beryl is having his baby, he'll be back with her in a flash. Charlie points out that Beryl might be too proud to even let him know she's pregnant. Patricia, though, retorts that that's not true: Beryl will do anything to see that she doesn't get David. Charlie asks her what she'll do. Patricia says she doesn't know.

David arrives home the next morning and joins Charlie in the lounge room. She comments that he looks exhausted, and he explains that he had to drive all night to get Irene to the airport. Charlie offers him some breakfast, but he tells her that he thinks he'll crash. He asks where Patricia is, and Charlie explains that she's still upstairs, as she didn't get much sleep. David tells Charlie that he'll see her around lunchtime, and he heads upstairs.

Patricia is sitting at the dressing table in her bedroom when there's a knock on the door. She calls out, "Come in, Charlie" and the door opens. She looks delighted when she sees that it's actually David standing there, and she stands up and gives him a hug. David tells her that Charlie said she had a bad night. Patricia explains that she was just missing him. David tells her that he missed her, too. Patricia asks him if he hasn't changed his mind. As David looks at her in puzzlement, she adds that she just thought that being away might have given him time to think. David admits that he guesses there were a few moments when he had second thoughts, but Irene was telling him how it was when she met her ex-husband again: they felt a bit for each other, but she reckoned that if they'd started something up again, it would have been a big mistake; that made him think about them. Patricia says, "And?" David tells her that he could see that it's different with them: Irene and her old man hadn't had anything to do with each other for years; he and Patricia have, and know just about all there is to know about each other; that seems to him to be a pretty good basis for marrying - more than for most couples, anyway. Patricia tells him that she loves him very much. David replies that he loves her, too. They kiss. David then goes on that he hates to be a party pooper, but he'd better get some sleep. Patricia tells him that she'll have lunch ready for him when he comes down. David asks if there was any news while he was away. Patricia replies that, apart from Todd, no - there was no news...

Karen and Gordon are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Barbara brings in a tray of coffee. Gordon tells Karen that there was no need to come all the way out there; Wayne could have brought the files for him to sign. Karen, though, explains that she thought they should talk anyway. Gordon remarks that she must still be tired after her trip - it couldn't have been very easy on her. Karen replies that it wasn't - but she'd rather get back into things straight away. Barbara gently chips in that they were very sorry to hear about Todd's death. Karen thanks her. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Barbara gets it at the bar. Wayne comes on and asks if Karen has arrived yet. Barbara replies that she got there a while ago. She asks him if he wants her, but Wayne tells her that he wants to talk to Gordon. Barbara calls Gordon over and, when he comes on, Wayne tells him that something has happened that Karen is going to go through the roof about. Gordon asks what it is. Wayne replies, "Patricia got the Barlow account." Gordon immediately curses, "Oh damn." He then goes on more calmly that it's disappointing, but they knew it was possible. Wayne tells him that he promised Karen that they'd get it. Gordon curtly asks him why he'd do that, as there was no way he could be sure. Wayne mutters that he should have realised. He asks Gordon if he can break the news to Karen and he'll try to find out what went wrong. Gordon retorts that he can imagine that what went wrong is that Patricia made a better offer. He adds that, anyway, he'll tell Karen. He hangs up and Karen instantly asks what that was about. Gordon explains that it's the Barlow account: he's afraid they missed out on it. Karen snaps that he's joking - Wayne guaranteed-- She breaks off and curses, "The boy is an idiot. He was supposed to make sure of it." Looking surprised, Gordon asks how anyone can make sure of something like that. He then goes on that it seems to him that it's only one of a number of things that have gone wrong recently: her promises haven't exactly paid off. Karen asks him what he's saying. Gordon points out that the company is in no better shape now than when she took over; her money has made a difference, but they're still not making a profit. Karen angrily tells him to talk to Wayne: she left him to run the company while she was away and all he did was lose them two long-standing accounts. Gordon, though, snaps that she's in charge - she can't blame the people under her if things go wrong. He then adds that he has to admit that he's not too happy about a few of her decisions lately. Karen furiously admits that, alright, there have been a few setbacks, but she's in this game for one thing: to win - and she will: by the time the three months are up, he'll be begging her to go on managing the company - and if he does, she may just want something done about that failure of a son of his. She picks up her bag and storms out. Barbara grimly comments, "Well. Certainly had it in for Wayne, didn't she." Gordon tells her that he's afraid she might have been right in the first place. Barbara asks if he means about Karen having a free hand. Gordon replies that, yeah: if they lose any more accounts, they could just find themselves bankrupt.

Mike is standing at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway at Toorak. Charlie is with him and she remarks that it's wonderful news about the Barlow account. Looking surprised, Mike asks if they got it. Patricia comes downstairs and tells him that, yes, they did: Barlows just rang. Mike, looking delighted, exclaims that that's terrific. Patricia tells him that Luke did an excellent job. Mike says he'd better congratulate him, and he leaves the two women to it. They head into the lounge room, where Charlie asks Patricia how things are with David. Patricia replies that he's come back more determined than ever to marry her; now, she just has to keep him away from Beryl until after the wedding. Charlie, looking doubtful, says she doesn't know how she's going to do that - unless she locks him up and throws away the key. Appearing to think of something, she then goes on that she knows: Patricia could take him on holiday - they could have the honeymoon first; Mike was just telling her about this place where his brother is working; it sounds divine - a lovely little town up north, very isolated, perfect for lovers... Patricia listens and then tells Charlie that she's a genius - but they're not going on any holiday; something Charlie said just clicked: all they've got to do is put in a bit of groundwork with Mike and then give the news to David. Charlie, looking bemused, asks her what on earth she's talking about. Patricia smiles gleefully and says "You'll see."

The 'phone rings at the O'Briens' and Jeff answers it. Wayne comes on and Jeff tells him to hang on. He then calls to Heather to see if she's there, but there's no answer, so he returns to the 'phone. Wayne curtly tells him that he wants to know what's going on - they lost the Barlow account because their prices were too high; those figures Jeff gave him must have been wrong. Jeff replies that he doesn't know what it could have been. Wayne angrily asks him if he's playing some kind of game. Jeff retorts that he isn't - he wants the money. He goes on that Luke is handling the Sydney stuff; he'll talk to him and see what happened. Wayne warns him that he'd better find out, because if he can't rely on Jeff to deliver the goods, it means no more money and no more booze. Heather comes into the room at the O'Briens' and tells Jeff that he's terribly late for school. Jeff tells Wayne that he has to go and he hangs up. Heather asks him who that was that he was talking to. Jeff replies that it was a mate running late for school too. Heather hands him his lunch and says, "Off you go." Jeff tells her that he'll see her.

Patricia, Charlie, Mike and Luke raise glasses of champagne in the lounge room at Toorak, and Patricia says, "Here's to the success of Luke's first assignment." Mike looks annoyed at hearing this. No one else notices, though, and Luke replies that, hopefully, he'll be able to collar a few more accounts before too long. Mike tells him that he should come over for dinner tonight, as Heather would like to congratulate him. Luke thanks him. Charlie tells Mike that he's so lucky to have Heather - it's so important for a businessman to have the right sort of wife. Looking at Luke, she then asks him if he's had any thoughts in that direction. Luke, looking bemused, replies, "Not really." Charlie tells him not to leave it too late, as the right sort of wife can be a wonderful asset! She leads him over to the window to talk to him, leaving Patricia alone with Mike. She smiles and comments that Luke had better watch out, but Mike retorts that Luke can look after himself. Changing the subject, Patricia says she heard the news about Beryl: it must be quite a worry for him. Mike, looking surprised, tells her that they feel very sorry for her, and Heather will do all she can to help her, but it's not really any of their business. Patricia, looking equally 'surprised', replies that, from what she heard, she thought it was.

Karen storms into the lounge room at the Fisher house and snaps at Wayne, "So, the Barlow account is in the bag, is it?" Wayne tells her that he's been on the 'phone to Jeff O'Brien: he's trying to find out what happened from Luke Carlyle - apparently, he's looking after the Sydney end of Patricia's business. Looking surprised, Karen asks, "Since when?" Wayne replies that he doesn't know. Karen snaps at him that he's an even bigger fool than she thought: there's a fair chance that this whole thing has been a set-up: the O'Brien boy deliberately fed him the wrong figures. Wayne asks why he'd do a thing like that. Karen pointedly asks, "Who's got the account?" Wayne retorts that Jeff knows that if he was caught pulling a swifty it would wreck his chances of getting any more money - and he can't see Jeff's best friend or his old man coughing up. Karen impatiently asks him if he doesn't think so. She then asks him why Patricia put someone as young as Luke in such a responsible position: because he's Roger Carlyle's son and if he's anything like his father, he wouldn't hesitate to throw his best friend to the wolves if it means he wins. She goes on that Wayne can bet his life that that's what happened. Wayne asks her what she'll do. Karen tells him that they'll just have to turn it to their advantage: Luke has given her all the ammunition she needs to get rid of Patricia's company once and for all...

Beryl walks into the kitchen at the Palmers', followed by Heather, who asks her how she's feeling this morning. Beryl replies that she didn't get an awful lot of sleep last night. Heather asks her if she's made up her mind about telling David. Beryl tells her, "I'm not going to." Looking surprised, Heather asks if that's a good idea. Beryl replies that she still feels something for him, but if she told him about the baby, he'd only come back out of a sense of duty and she doesn't want that. Heather points out that it might not be just that, but Beryl retorts that, after asking Patricia to marry him, what else can it be? Heather says she's sure that, if he knew, he'd be home like a shot - and for all the right reasons. Beryl sadly says she'd like to believe that, but she can't.

David is lying awake in bed when the bedroom door opens and Patricia comes in. She tells him that she thought he'd still be sound asleep. David explains that he just woke up - although he'll probably drift off again. Patricia suggests that she'd better not tell him what she's just heard, then, or it will really wake him up. She sits down on the edge of the bed and David asks what she's talking about. Patricia explains that she was chatting to Mike-- She then breaks off and tells him that, to be honest, she's in two minds whether to say anything or not. David tells her to come on - she can't get that far and then not tell him. Patricia says she supposes he'll find out sooner or later. David tells her to spit it out. Patricia 'reluctantly' explains that Mike told her that Beryl is pregnant - to his brother. David, looking surprised, repeats, "Pregnant to Jim?" Patricia replies, "Yep. I'm afraid so." David lies there, looking shocked.


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