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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Outside, on the doorstep, Jill is comforting Davey and telling him not to worry. David suddenly comes up the path and asks her what she's doing out there. Jill explains that there's a problem with Kevin and Lynn; she thinks he should go in and see what's happening. David does just that: he walks purposefully into the lounge room and asks Lynn what's going on. Lynn cries that Kevin says he can't hear again. Kevin still has his back to Lynn, and he looks surprised when David taps him on the shoulder. He spins round and when he sees David there he tells him, "I can't hear - honest. Just a buzzing sound." David asks Lynn what happened. Lynn explains that Nikki was there - she said he called her 'Sharon' and she practically ran out of the place. She then cries that she can't take any more. She goes on that he says he can't hear, but she doesn't believe him - he just stops hearing when it suits him - he won't talk to her; he won't even try to understand. David sternly says to his son, "Now listen, Kevin--" Kevin, though, tells him that he can't hear him. Lynn stands there, tears streaming down her face. David suggests to her that maybe Kevin isn't putting it on. He then adds that they should get him back to hospital. He leads his son out to the door, leaving Lynn standing there crying. Outside, he explains to Jill that he's taking Kevin back to the hospital and he asks her if she can look after Lynn. She assures him that she can. David adds that it may be best to take Davey back next door - but Jill shouldn't say too much to Muriel, though, as it would only cause a panic. He and Kevin walk off.

In the lounge room at Dural, Barbara tells Gordon that the simplest way would be to get Wayne to ring Liz and tell her not to come back, as he's on to her and doesn't want her around anymore. Gordon points out that that would be very cruel. Barbara, though, retorts that it would put an end to the matter - and he said himself that Liz would be hurt; they can't let it go on. Gordon reluctantly says he knows that. He then adds, "I'll talk to her myself." Barbara, looking annoyed, tells him that she'd rather he didn't see her anymore. Gordon looks at her sharply, and she tells him that she's sorry - she never thought she'd end up being the jealous type. Gordon reminds her that he keeps telling her that there's no danger of him falling for anyone else. Barbara smiles awkwardly and says, "Even if she's younger and prettier than me?" Gordon assures her that she's young and pretty enough. Barbara tells him that he needs his eyes examined - and his head! Gordon, though, asks her if she knows how much he loves her. Barbara tells him that she can't blame Liz for falling for him, really - what woman could help it?! Gordon smiles and puts his arm round her, comfortingly.

At the Fisher house, Wayne walks into the lounge room, his shirt half-undone and his tie in his hand. Karen follows him, wearing her dressing gown. Wayne picks up his jacket from where it's lying on the couch, and Karen asks him when she'll see him again. Wayne just replies that he'll be in touch. He adds that, because of the contacts she gave him, they'll probably meet at business dos, anyway. Karen explains that she was thinking of something a little more personal: dinner tonight. Wayne retorts that he's got a job on tonight. He then tells Karen that she's a very nice person, but he has to be the one that makes the running. Karen muses, "I see..." She then adds that he's not to think he's walking out on her. Wayne assures her that he's not walking out on her - he intends to get in touch; he just wants to choose the time himself. Karen smiles and remarks, "Have to preserve the male ego, do we?!" Wayne replies, "Maybe - but that's how it is." Karen agrees that that's fair enough. She then goes on that, anyway, he wouldn't appeal to her if he wasn't forceful: she can't stand weak men. Wayne tells her that he'll be in touch, and he goes. Karen smiles and then looks thoughtful.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Jill asks Lynn if she'd like another cup of coffee. Lynn, though, points out that she's already had three! She then grimly adds that she doesn't know if coffee will solve her problems. Changing the subject, she asks if Fee is asleep. Jill nods and adds, "Thank goodness for afternoon naps!" She then asks Lynn if she has any idea what time Beryl will be back from the children's home. Lynn replies that it won't be for a couple of hours, probably. Jill tells her that she'll stay with her until David and Kevin get back - unless she wants to go to her mum's? Lynn quickly replies that she doesn't, as her parents will only start asking questions. Looking wistful, she says she wishes she could get away somewhere and think - she doesn't feel up to facing Kevin right now. Jill tells her that she can come and stay at Patricia's with her if she likes. Her face lighting up slightly, Lynn says, "For a couple of days?" Jill assures her that it's fine if Lynn is sure it's the right thing to do. Lynn says it will stop her going crazy. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and she asks Jill get it. Jill goes out into the lounge room and says, "Hello?" Andy comes on and asks for Lynn. Looking concerned, Jill tells him that there's been a bit of a problem, and Lynn isn't feeling too good at the moment. Andy asks if he can talk to her. Jill replies, "I don't think she's up to it right now, Andy." In the kitchen, Lynn hears her say Andy's name and she calls out that she'll talk to him. Jill looks worried, but hands over the 'phone. Lynn says 'hello' to him, and he asks what's going on. Lynn tells him that it's too complicated to talk on the 'phone; can he come over? Andy replies, "Right away!" They hang up. Jill immediately asks Lynn if she's doing the right thing. Lynn retorts that she can make up her mind who she wants to talk to. Jill points out that Kevin will be back at any minute - if he finds Andy there, it'll make things worse. Lynn sadly replies that things couldn't be any worse than they are now - and she needs to see Andy. Jill looks worried.

David and Kevin are sitting in the corridor at the hospital, and David grimly comments that they're taking their time. He calls to a passing nurse, but she ignores him. There's a tannoy announcement in the background, and Kevin suddenly looks up as the sound appears to start infiltrating his brain. David notices the signs of recognition and asks him if he heard that. Kevin replies that the buzzing just stopped. David smiles and says, "Good!" Kevin insists that he's not crazy. David says he knows that. Kevin asks him if he reckons he's been acting like it, though, David admits that, thinking Nikki was Sharon... Kevin tells him that he knows it wasn't her - deep down he knew - but she looks so much like her... maybe he is crazy? David assures him that he's not. He then asks, "What about Lynn?" Kevin says he doesn't know. David warns him to be careful - Lynn loves him, but if he keeps carrying on about Sharon all the time, he's going to lose her.

The 'phone rings at the O'Briens'. Heather answers it and Mike comes on and says it's him. Sounding surprised, Heather asks him if he shouldn't be at the sports ground. Mike replies that he is - he's having a five-minute breather. He asks how Jeff is, and Heather tells him that things have all finally got to him: the accident... losing Titus... Mike comments that it's probably the best thing for him. Changing the subject, he tells Heather that he's got news for her. Heather asks what it is, and Mike asks her if she remembers the management consultant he saw about a job. Heather says she does, and so Mike goes on that he rang him at lunchtime to see how his application form went, and he wants them to have dinner with him tonight. Heather asks what for. Mike explains that the bloke wants to meet her; he must want to see that he's got a stable family life. Heather tells him that he'll just have to make apologies for her, as they can't both leave Jeff. Sounding annoyed, Mike insists that it's important. Heather says she doesn't think Jeff is well enough to leave him. Mike, though, points out that Katie will be there with him and he recalls that Luke said he'd pop round after work. Heather says, "Yes, but..." Mike tells her that they can't keep treating Jeff like a kid. Heather reluctantly says she knows - she just-- At that moment, Jeff comes out of his room and hobbles over to stand next to her. Heather looks at him and then says to Mike that if he said they'll go, they'll go. She adds that she'll see him later tonight and she hangs up. Jeff immediately asks if that was his dad. Heather explains that Mike wanted to know how he is. She then tells him that he still looks pale - he should be in bed. She adds that the newspaper is on the table if he wants it, and she goes off to straighten up his bedclothes. A dog suddenly starts barking outside, and Jeff, looking upset, glances over at a photo of him and Titus on the bookshelf nearby. He then hobbles over to the table and goes to pick up the paper, but he suddenly appears to think of something. He goes to the drinks cabinet, opens the door and takes out a bottle of scotch. He puts the bottle in his dressing gown pocket, then picks up the newspaper, puts it under his arm and hobbles off.

David is sitting on his own in the hospital corridor when a doctor comes along and asks him if he's Mr. Palmer. David stands up and says he is. The doctor introduces himself as Dr. Standish and explains that he's just been examining Kevin - he won't be long. David asks how he is. Dr. Standish replies that they're quite sure now that his hearing problem is psychological rather than physical; he's made an appointment for him to see the hospital psychiatrist tomorrow. David asks if that means he's had some sort of breakdown. Dr. Standish replies that he's on the verge of one - and he's certainly very emotionally disturbed. David asks if he's alright to come home. Dr. Standish tells him that he thinks Kevin would be better off with his family, as long as he's not under any stress there. David, looking worried, explains that Kevin's wife has come to the end of her tether. Dr. Standish tells him to have a word with her - tell her how important it is for Kevin that he doesn't have any more upsets.

Lynn is sitting next to Andy on the couch at the Palmers'. Andy has his arm around her. Jill is standing at the sink in the kitchen. Lynn says to Andy that she doesn't know whether Kevin really thinks this girl is Sharon or whether he just wants to get involved with Nikki. Andy tells her that one thing's for certain: she's worn out. Lynn agrees that she is. Jill calls out that she told her she could come and stay at Patricia's with her. Andy says that's a good idea. Jill goes on that they'd better make a move as Kevin will be back at any moment, and it won't help matters if he finds Andy there. Upon hearing this, Andy snaps that everyone is worried about Kevin; maybe it's about time someone told him a few home truths. Jill retorts that now isn't the time. She tells Lynn to grab a few things so they can go. Andy offers to run Lynn across, and she thanks him. She leaves the room to go and pack and write a note. When she's gone, Andy comments to Jill that Lynn looks awful. Jill tells him that any more arguments with Kevin won't help. Andy, though, snaps, "To hell with Kevin - what about what he's doing to her?" Jill points out that Kevin is sick. Andy retorts that maybe he just needs to wake up to himself. Jill tells him that it's none of their business - it's between Kevin and Lynn. Andy sighs heavily.

At the O'Briens', Katie opens the door to Luke and asks him how work was. He comes in and replies that it was boring, as usual. He asks where everyone is, and Katie explains that her mum and dad are in the kitchen and Jeff is asleep. Luke asks how Jeff is. Katie says she's not sure - when she got home, she looked in on him: she wasn't sure whether he was asleep or not, and when she went over to check, she saw something sticking out from under his pillow: it was a packet of breath fresheners. Luke queries, "So?" Katie explains that she thinks he tried to hide them; she thinks he's trying to cover the fact that he's drinking again. Luke comments that she's jumping to conclusions, isn't she? Katie retorts that she's never known Jeff to use breath fresheners before. Luke asks her if she's told her parents, but she replies that she hasn't. She goes on that Jeff is only drinking because of Titus dying; once he gets over that, he'll be alright. Luke cautiously asks her if she's sure it's as simple as that. Katie tells him that there's nothing else she can think of. She then adds that she saw an ad in the paper that might fix things. She asks him if he's got time to take her somewhere. Luke says, "Yeah." Katie smiles and says that's great - she'll tell her mum and dad that they're going for a ride to the beach. Luke looks bemused!

Next door, Kevin is holding the note from Lynn. David sympathises that it might be for the best - for a couple of days. Kevin just murmurs, "Yeah..." David goes on that it will give him a chance to sort himself out - especially if this psychiatrist can help. He suggests to Kevin that he ring Lynn and tell her what's happening. Kevin, though, replies that he can tell her when he goes home. David points out that it would be better coming from Kevin - and then he can tell her that he understands her wanting to go away. Kevin, though, insists that David can tell her. David murmurs, "Well..." There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and he comments that he hopes it's not Victor and Muriel, as he doesn't want them sticking their noses in. He goes to the door and opens it to find Andy standing there. Looking annoyed, he asks him what he wants. Andy retorts that he wants to talk to Kevin. David snaps, "Not right now." Andy goes on that it's about what he's doing to Lynn. David tells him that it's nothing to do with him. Andy snaps, "Like hell it's not." Kevin comes out into the hallway. Andy looks at him and angrily tells him that he's got one thing to say to him: "Start treating Lynn right or I'll take her away from you." David snaps at Andy to get out of there. Andy retorts that just as long as Kevin understands: if he doesn't make things right with her, he's lost her. He storms off. David turns to Kevin and remarks that Andy is asking for a thick ear. Kevin, though, tells him that Lynn would be better off with Andy - he's not going to stop him taking her. Looking shocked, David tells his son that if he didn't know he was sick he'd have flattened him for that. He asks him if his marriage doesn't mean anything to him. Kevin retorts that David is a great one to talk: what about his marriage? - he let that go easily enough. David tells him to look at what he's got now: nothing - and he doesn't want to see Kevin end up the same way. He snaps, "For God's sake, have the guts to fight for your marriage."

Wayne hangs up the 'phone on the bar at Dural. Gordon comes in and Wayne tells him that Liz will be over later. Gordon asks him if he told her why he wanted to see her, but Wayne assures him that he didn't - Gordon can do that on his own. Changing the subject, he asks his father how lunch went with Arnold Williams. Gordon replies that it was good, but they need money to take up his offer and they can't afford that at the moment. Wayne asks if they can't get a loan, but Gordon tells him that the shape they're in, the banks wouldn't look at them. He adds that he was hoping things might have improved by now, but they're worse if anything. Wayne asks him if he's talked to the other Directors. Gordon replies, "No, not since I wrote to them." He goes on that he'll have to bring them into it now the situation has become worse; he can 'phone Beryl, of course, but he doesn't know Patricia's London number. Wayne suggests to him that he give Jill a call, as she should have it. Gordon says he didn't think of that. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Gordon says he'll ring Jill from the study. He leaves the room, and Wayne picks up the 'phone on the bar. Karen comes on, and Wayne tells her that he wasn't expecting to hear from her so soon. Karen explains that that's because he doesn't know her well enough, yet - so why doesn't he forget the job he's got on tonight and come to dinner? - she'd really like him to. Wayne retorts that he's sorry, he can't - he agreed to the booking. Karen tells him to cancel it. Wayne snaps that he said he'd do it and he will; he'll call her sometime. He hangs up. Karen looks thoughtful.

It's the evening, and Wayne walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house, followed by Karen. As he does so, he sourly remarks that she doesn't believe in giving up, does she. Karen retorts that she just likes to get her own way. Wayne comments that she must have pulled a few strings to get him released from his other job and sent there. Karen explains that she simply offered to pay more. She adds that there's not much money can't buy. Wayne retorts, "Except me - I'm not for sale." Karen tells him to come on: now he's there, they shouldn't waste the time fighting - she's sure she can make it a very enjoyable evening for him. She starts stroking his face...

There's a knock on the front door at Dural, and in the lounge room, Barbara says to Gordon that it's probably Liz. She adds that she'll wait upstairs until he's had a chance to talk to her. She heads off. When she's gone. Gordon answers the door and Liz comes in. Gordon stiffly thanks her for coming over, and they head into the lounge room. Liz looks at the expression on his face and then says, "Barbara said something, didn't she." Gordon admits, "Yes." Liz goes on that she thought she must have said something when Wayne called; she was going to deny it, but what's the point? Gordon tells her that he knows she was trying to be honest with him the other day. Liz points out that she didn't tell him that she loved him. Gordon agrees, "No." Liz assures him that Barbara needn't have worried: she wasn't going to break up his marriage. She sadly adds that the awful thing is, now she doesn't suppose they can even be friends. Gordon agrees that he doesn't think that's possible. He then tells Liz that he still doesn't understand what she hoped to gain from this. Liz explains that she wanted to go on being treated like a real person. She asks him if he knows he's the only person who ever lent her a book; no other person thought she'd give two hoots about Dickens, but he did - he seemed to know how she'd feel about things, and she loved him for it. Gordon tells her that he thinks what she's feeling is friendship; really close friendship. Liz smiles and assures him that she knows what friendship is... Gordon tells her that she's one of the sweetest, most sensitive young women he's ever met; he doesn't know why she feels the way she does, but he's touched that she does - she's given him so much. Liz replies, "Not half as much as you've given me. I'll never forget you." Gordon assures her that he doesn't want her to. He adds that, if she ever needs any help of any sort, she mustn't hesitate to ring him. Liz smiles and says, "Bye..." Gordon gently replies, "Bye, Liz." Liz walks out into the hallway. As she stands by the door, she glances back at the stairs. Barbara is standing there, and the two of them stare at each other. Liz then turns and goes. Barbara comes downstairs and Gordon walks out into the hallway. He gives her a hug.

At the Fisher house, Karen is pouring a drink, and she tells Wayne that he can't blame her for wanting to see him again, can he? Wayne retorts that he told her he'd ring. Karen replies that she wanted to see him tonight - and she's gone to a lot of trouble. She adds that she promises dinner will be marvellous; surely he's flattered? Wayne smiles. Karen goes on that she finds it very hard to sit back and wait - all her life, she's got what she wants by going after it. Wayne asks what Dr. Fisher would say if he knew she was seeing someone else. Karen tells him that she and Fisher understand each other; there wouldn't be any problem - she wouldn't stay with him if there was. Wayne, looking impressed, comments that she's quite a woman. Karen asks him if he isn't glad, then, that she arranged for him to be her escort for this evening, so that he doesn't have to spend it with some boring old frump. Wayne admits that he supposes so. Karen holds up her glass and proposes, "To people who know what they want and get it." Wayne holds up his glass, smiles and says, "To you." They drink.

The front door opens at the O'Briens' and Mike heads outside. He calls back to Heather that they're going to be late. Heather joins him and says she still doesn't like leaving Jeff; can't they at least wake him up and let him know they're going? Mike, though, tells her to let him sleep. He adds that Katie and Luke will be back any minute, anyway. Heather asks him if they can't wait until they get there. Mike, though, tells her that he wants to make a good impression; arriving late won't help. A car horn suddenly sounds, and Mike says, "There they are now." He asks Heather if she'll come. They walk down the path.

Inside, Jeff hobbles from his bedroom into the lounge room. He calls for his mum and then for Katie, but there's no answer. He then hobbles over to the drinks cabinet. He takes the bottle of scotch - which is now empty - out of his dressing gown pocket and puts it on top of the cabinet. He opens the cabinet door and takes out another, bigger, bottle. He pulls a glass across to himself, but as he does so, he catches the bottle and it tips over and falls onto the carpet, spilling scotch everywhere. He awkwardly bends down and starts trying to mop up the mess with the newspaper. He then suddenly hears a noise outside.

Out on the doorstep. Katie is holding a puppy, and she tells Luke that Jeff has just got to like him. Luke says he hopes so, as he cost enough. Katie assures him that it will be worth it if it helps. They head inside. By the drinks cabinet, Jeff stands up awkwardly, leaning on his crutches, and he hops on one foot to try and steady his balance. He turns to face his sister and Luke, but as he does so, his legs suddenly give way from under him, and he collapses on to the carpet. Katie cries, "Jeff!" Luke anxiously asks him if he's alright, and he goes to help him up, but Jeff snaps at him to leave him alone; he's alright. He manages to get himself up again. Noticing the mess on the carpet, Katie says she'll clean it up - there's some stuff under the sink. Jeff suddenly notices the puppy, and he asks Katie what she's holding. Katie comments, "Isn't he gorgeous?" She adds that he's for him - she knows he's upset about Titus and she knows he can't be replaced, but this little fellow is so cute! Jeff, though, snaps, "Get it out of here. I don't want another dog, so get out." Luke tells him that Katie was just trying to help. Jeff snaps that he doesn't want another dog and Katie should have known that. Luke retorts that he's too drunk to be worth talking to. Jeff yells, "Go to hell," and he storms off. Luke puts his arm round an upset Katie and tells her that it's alright.

At the table in the living room at the Fishers', Karen tells Wayne that she said, "Alright, Mr. Henderson, I'll give you a week." Wayne asks if he came good. Karen replies, "In two days!" Wayne comments that she really plays for keeps, doesn't she. Karen replies, "Of course." She then then adds that she hopes he doesn't have to hurry home tonight. Wayne agrees that he thinks he's got enough time for another cup of coffee. Karen says, "Good - then let's get down to business." She stands up, walks over to the coffee things and picks up a file that's lying next to them. She hands it to Wayne and explains that it contains the details of the financial position of her company - and also an outline of a proposition for her company to buy into his to set it back on its feet. Looking surprised, Wayne asks her when she got that done. Karen replies, "Yesterday." Wayne says he thought they only met last night. Karen admits that, yes, well, she had the final figures added this morning. Wayne goes on that she had the proposal started before they met - so their meeting wasn't by accident. Karen explains that, when she heard he was working for an escort agency, she realised it would be a good way to meet him and get him talking off-guard; he told her exactly the position his company is in, which allowed her to have the right money to offer; it always helps to have inside information. Wayne angrily tells her that she's gone to a lot of trouble for nothing. He adds that, with this little set-up, there's no way they'll take her on as a partner. Karen, though, retorts that she never wastes her time with anything: she makes a speciality of buying into small, floundering businesses and revitalising them - she makes quite a lot of her money that way. Wayne tells her that, if there's some sort of potential in the company, then other people could be interested - they don't have to deal with her. Karen, though, warns that if they wait for somebody else, she'll simply set up in direct competition - and knowing that is enough to put anyone off. She tells Wayne that it seems to her that he can't afford to refuse her offer, no matter how he looks at it - not if he's so concerned about his father's health. She asks him what he thinks. Wayne replies that he'll take it home and read it. He picks up the file, but Karen, with a glint in her eye, tells him that there's no need to rush off straight away; she told him: she never goes to trouble for nothing, and she's gone to a lot of trouble tonight; doesn't he think he should at least try and make it worth her while...?


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