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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Back at the Fisher house, Karen is arranging flowers in the lounge room when Todd comes in and comments that it didn't take her long to get back into circulation: she's been home two days and she's entertaining already. Karen tells him that life should be lived to the full. Todd replies, "My feelings exactly!" Karen, looking concerned, tells him to take it easy for a bit, as he's still looking a bit ragged round the edges. Todd assures her that he'll be alright by tomorrow. Karen tells him that, if he isn't, he must see a doctor. Todd asks her why she doesn't do the maternal bit and fix the invalid some chicken soup. Karen retorts that he knows perfectly well that she doesn't have a maternal bone in her body! She adds that she'll get the caterers to bring him some up - it's just that three is such an awkward numbers for a dinner party... Todd tells her to relax - he's not up to meeting her latest conquest. Karen retorts that he's not a conquest - not yet, anyway. She comments to him again that he really isn't looking the best and she asks if it could be something more than a virus. Todd assures her that it isn't, adding that, after a good night's sleep, he'll be right as rain. Karen suddenly hears some noise outside and remarks that that sounds like her guest now. Todd tells her that he'll leave her to it, then, and he heads off to bed. Karen goes to answer the door. Several seconds later, she comes back into the lounge room with Wayne, who's dressed up smartly, in a three-piece suit. She asks him what he'd like to drink, and he asks for a scotch. As she pours it, he takes in the surroundings. Karen says to him that she hopes he doesn't mind dining in. Wayne replies, "If that's what you want." Karen explains that it's just that the last thing she felt like tonight was going out, and she'd be bored to tears if she didn't do something; that's why she called his agency - and she's glad she did, now. She hands him his drink, raises her glass and says, "Cheers...!"

Kevin is playing with Davey on the floor of the lounge room at the Palmer house, while Lynn and Beryl sit on the chairs. Lynn comments that it's way past Davey's bedtime, but Kevin insists that five minutes won't hurt. Beryl smiles and says she remembers someone else when they were little always saying he'd go to bed in another five minutes! Kevin remarks that Davey is a chip off the old block! Suddenly looking concerned, Beryl says she must have a word to David about all these toys he's buying - he'll end up spoiling Davey. Kevin suggests that he's probably got a guilty conscience about not being around. Beryl curtly points out that it was always understood that David would only stay until Kevin was well again. Kevin smiles and says he guesses they should be glad to see the back of him, then! Lynn chips in again that it's time Davey went to bed. Kevin picks his son up and tells him to say 'goodnight' to his grandma. He then takes the child to his room. Lynn calls after Kevin that she'll be in in a minute to tuck Davey in. When they're alone, Beryl says to Lynn that she can't get over how much better Kevin seems. Lynn just replies, "Yeah..." Beryl tells her that she knows this has taken a lot out of her. Lynn explains that she's just a bit tired. Beryl suggests to her that she have an early night, and Lynn agrees that she thinks she will. She adds that she'll see if she can talk Kevin into catching up on his sleep, too.

In their bedroom, Davey is in his playpen, while Kevin bends down next to him and tells him that he's had a good time and now he's got to get some sleep! Lynn comes in and comments that Davey is still wide awake, eh? Kevin agrees that he is, and he asks her if she wants to take over. She agrees. Kevin tells her that he'll leave her to it, but Lynn asks him not to go. She then goes on that he hasn't been sleeping too well lately. Kevin retorts that, if it's disturbing her, he'll sleep in the other room. Lynn assures him that she's not complaining - she just thought that it might be a good idea if they both had an early night. Kevin tells her that he's not sleepy. Lynn replies that they don't have to sleep - they could just lie in bed and... talk; they could put the cot in Susie's old room so that they don't keep Davey awake; she just thinks it would be nice if they had some privacy. Kevin, though, retorts that he likes having Davey in there with them. He adds that he's going to watch some tele - he'll try not to disturb her when he comes in. He goes, leaving Lynn looking upset.

At the Fishers', a caterer sets down a tray of coffee in the lounge room and asks Karen if there's anything else before he leaves. Karen replies that she doesn't think so. She adds that she's sure she and Wayne can manage for the rest of the evening... The caterer goes, and Karen asks Wayne if he wants his coffee black or white. Wayne tells her that, before they go any further, he thinks he should make something clear: he's an escort, full stop; if she's looking for something-- Karen bursts out laughing, and Wayne indignantly asks what the matter is. Karen explains that she thought outraged virtue was a female's prerogative! Wayne smiles and agrees that it might have sounded a bit stuffy. Karen tells him that she supposes she can't blame him - her friends say she could read out an entire telephone book and make it sound suggestive! She adds that she can assure him that he's perfectly safe, OK?! Wayne smiles and agrees, "OK!" Karen then asks him again, "Black or white?" and he asks for black. She goes to pour the drink, and Wayne sits down on the couch. As he does so, Karen comments that he's new to this business, isn't he. Wayne replies, "Not really." He then pauses and admits, "Yes." Karen tells him that she suspected as much the moment they met - she got the impression that he's more used to giving orders than taking them. Wayne agrees that he is more at home in the Boardroom than-- Karen finishes the sentence, saying, "The bedroom?!" She hands him his coffee and sits down next to him. She comments that, so, he's a businessman during the day. Wayne tells her that that's right - but the company is going through a bit of a rough patch at moment, so he's moonlighting to buy the groceries! Karen comments, "How intriguing... Tell me about it." Wayne points out that he's being paid not to bore her. Karen, in reply, assures him that she'll let him know if he's boring her. She tells him to go on. Wayne comments, "You're the boss!" Karen smiles and replies, "You'd better believe it...!"

Kevin is lying in bed, asleep and dreaming about bombs and gunfire. He sighs and then suddenly murmurs, "Sharon..." His breathing begins to grow heavier and after a few seconds he suddenly sits up and cries again, more loudly, "Sharon!" He wakes up, a look of shock on his face at what he's said. He looks down at Lynn, who's lying asleep next to him. He then gets out of bed, walks round to the bedroom door and heads out. As he does so, Lynn stirs briefly. She puts her hand out to feel for Kevin and wakes up when she realises he isn't there.

Out in the lounge room, Kevin is looking in the drawers by the window for something. When he can't find what he wants, he walks over to the bookcase next to the fireplace. Lynn suddenly comes in says, "Kevin? What are you doing?" Kevin turns sharply to look at her and explains that he's looking for something. Lynn tells him that it's 1am. Kevin tells her to go back to bed, but Lynn replies that, if there's something he needs... Kevin retorts that he's looking for the music box, and he asks where it is, adding that he left it out the day Nikki came over. He asks Lynn if she's seen it. Lynn replies that she told Nikki that she could take it back. Seeing the expression on his face, she adds that it only seemed to upset him. Kevin snaps at her that she had no right to touch it; it was given to him as a keepsake of Sharon. Lynn cries that she was only trying to help. Kevin snaps that he doesn't want her help. He then quickly adds that he's sorry - he had a bad dream, and that's what woke him up. Lynn tells him that she could make some warm milk to help him get back to sleep. Kevin replies that it's alright. He tells her to go back to bed. Lynn asks him if he's not coming with her. Kevin says he'll be there in a minute. He thanks her for getting up to see if he's OK. Lynn tells him that she cares about him. She turns and goes. Kevin stands there, looking upset.

The next morning, Lynn is on the 'phone to Nikki, and she tells her that she's sorry to bother her, but Kevin got really upset when he realised she'd taken Sharon's music box back. Nikki assures her that it's no problem - she'll drop it round after work. Lynn thanks her. Nikki cautiously says to Lynn that she will be there when she comes over, won't she? Lynn replies that of course she will. Nikki says that's good. She adds that she doesn't mean any offence, but last time she was there, it got a bit freaky - she thinks Kevin started confusing her with Sharon. Lynn tells her that she'll make sure she's there. Nikki thanks her and they hang up. Lynn heads into the kitchen. As she does so, Beryl says she still doesn't think it's a good idea. She adds that, after what Lynn told her about Kevin's performance last night, she thinks the less reminders he has of Sharon, the better. Lynn points out that taking away a keepsake isn't going to make him forget her. Beryl, though, tells her that it's high time he started thinking about her - he's her husband, for heaven's sake. Lynn grimly tells her to tell Kevin that - ever since he's been back, he makes her feel as if he can't bear to touch her; last night, she practically threw herself at him, but he pretended he didn't know what she was on about. She goes on that maybe she should find a way to get through him, but every time she tries, the walls go up, and she doesn't know how much longer she can take it...

Todd is sitting at the table at the Fishers' when Karen comes in. He brightly says, "Morning!" Looking surprised, Karen asks him what he's doing out of bed, but he just replies that he felt like some breakfast. Karen tells him that he should have asked Mrs. Atkins to take it up to his room. Todd insists that he's fine, but Karen warns him not to try to snow her. She then produces a small bottle of tablets and tells him that she found them in the bathroom cabinet. She adds that, if he's seen the doctor, he must be really ill, so he should go back to bed. Caught-out slightly, Todd quickly retorts that those pills were prescribed for him ages ago, when he had a bout of 'flu. Karen, looking uncertain, asks him if he's sure he's not conning her. Todd assures her that he isn't, so she should stop making such a big deal about it. Karen replies that, if he's sure he's better, that's fine by her. She then mutters that sickness is so depressing - she doesn't know how Fisher copes being around people every day who are on their last gasp; give her the Stock Exchange and the Boardroom! Todd comments that making money really turns her on, doesn't it. Karen smiles and knowingly replies that there's only one thing she likes better...! Taking this as a cue, Todd asks, "How was last night?!" Karen tells him that she thinks she's on to a very good prospect. Todd asks, "Business or--" Karen interrupts and replies, "Both!" She adds that, if her information on a certain company checks out, she's going to make a killing - and the fringe benefits shouldn't be too bad, either...

In the lounge room at Dural, Wayne helps Barbara move some furniture while she vacuums. As he does so, he remarks that he won't have to do the heavy work much longer if his luck holds out. Barbara curtly tells him that one contact from some old biddy isn't going to help the business. Wayne retorts that it will if he gets lots more contacts at the lunch he's going to today. He adds that his father was very impressed with the contact she gave him last night - Arnold Williams is a very big wheel. Barbara curtly tells him that she hopes Gordon doesn't find out where he got the contact. At that moment, Gordon comes in and says he's just been on to Arnold Williams. Wayne asks, "Any good?" Gordon replies that he's taking him out to lunch today. When Barbara goes to say something, he tells her not to fuss. Barbara asks him if Wayne can't handle it, but Gordon explains that it's the only time Williams has free in two weeks. Barbara warns him that he shouldn't overdo it. Wayne says he'd better ring Liz and let her know lunch is off today. As he goes to walk to the 'phone, he adds that he wouldn't want to get offside with her, as girls like her are too hard to find. To his surprise, though, Gordon tells him that he might as well stop pretending - Liz told him everything; he promised not to say anything, but deception isn't one of his strong points. Wayne, looking worried, says to his father that, before he comes down on him like a ton of bricks, he only did it because the doctor said any kind of pressure was bad for him, and he knew he was worried about his marriage to Amanda falling apart, so he-- Gordon interrupts and insists that it's alright - he knows Wayne had his best interests at heart, and it's done him the world of good having Liz around. Wayne, looking surprised, asks him if he's not mad at him. Gordon smiles and says, "No." Barbara then asks him if it doesn't worry him that Liz is an escort. Gordon asks why it should, adding that she earns an honest living and she's a wonderful girl. Barbara asks why Liz told him. Gordon explains that she was a bit uncomfortable, having to lie to him. Wayne asks him how come he didn't say anything until now. Gordon replies that Liz didn't want him to. Barbara asks why now, then. Gordon tells her that he'd rather not say. Barbara curtly asks him if he's afraid she'd send the girl packing. Gordon says he doesn't follow. Barbara snaps at him that she's not blind - she knows exactly how the girl feels about him. Looking surprised, Gordon replies that he's not the one she cares about. He looks over at Wayne and says to him that he won't say anything, will he? Wayne, looking shocked, exclaims, "She fancies me?!" Gordon tells him that that's the reason she stayed on when they couldn't afford to pay her any longer. Wayne comments that she never gave him the slightest hint. Gordon explains that she didn't say so in so many words, but it's not hard to read between the lines - and now he feels guilty for having betrayed her trust. Wayne assures him that he won't mention it, and Gordon says that's good, as he'd hate to see her embarrassed. Gordon turns to Barbara and tells her that he's very flattered to think she thinks an attractive young lady like Liz would be interested in an old fogey like him! Barbara pointedly replies that it's still a very awkward situation, and she doesn't think it's fair for Liz to go on hoping Wayne will return her feelings; it might be kinder to let her down very gently now. Wayne snaps, "No way," adding that that would be a lousy way of repaying her. Gordon says he agrees. He goes on that she'll get the message sooner or later - unless, of course, Wayne ends up falling in love with her. Wayne comments that it sounds like he would approve. Gordon replies that nothing would please him more than to keep her in the family. He then announces that he's going to lie down before lunch, and he leaves. Alone with Barbara, Wayne comments that he never thought his father would take it so well. Barbara, though, snaps back that she never thought he would be so blind. Wayne tells her that she's determined to be jealous, but Barbara snaps that Liz hasn't given him a second look - she only wants Gordon to think she's rapt in Wayne so she can stay around him. Wayne retorts that Gordon is old enough to be her father. Barbara tells him that age doesn't come into it when you love someone. Wayne smiles at her and replies that she'll save herself a lot of worry if she faces the fact that he's simply irresistible to women! He heads out, leaving Barbara looking annoyed. She starts vacuuming again.

At the Fishers', Karen tells Todd that it's a pity he has to dash off - a few more minutes and he could have met her date. Todd asks what the point is - the way she goes through men, they all merge into a blur after a while! Karen tells him that this one isn't just a pretty face - and he and Todd do have something in common. Looking surprised, Todd asks what she means. Karen, though, hears a noise outside and says that sounds like him now. She suggests to Todd that he let him in and find out. Todd goes to the door, while Karen stands there smiling for several seconds until he and Wayne come in. Todd immediately tells Karen that she has a very twisted sense of humour. He then tells Wayne that, if he's thinking of having anything more to do with Amanda, he can forget it. He adds that Karen is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with 'this idiot'. He indicates Wayne and then heads out. Karen says to Wayne that she can't imagine what's got into Todd, as he's usually so civilised. Wayne asks her if she knows his wife, and Karen explains that Todd has had her over for dinner. Wayne asks her why she didn't say anything when he introduced himself, then. Karen tells him that she didn't want the evening to be over before it had begun. She goes on that, what she told him last night was true: she was at a loose end and when she remembered that Amanda had told her he worked for an escort agency, she thought it might be funny to try out the service; it's pure coincidence that the agency sent him. Wayne mutters, "Oh yeah...?" Karen insists that it's true, although she admits that she got rather a jolt when she realised it was him, as Amanda has talked about him a lot. Wayne growls, "None of it good, I bet." Karen assures him that she's been around long enough to realise that behind every hatchet job, there's usually a woman scorned. Wayne asks if Amanda knows she's hiring him. Karen tells him that she doesn't. She then asks him whether he's still coming to lunch with her. Wayne says he supposes there's no reason not to. He adds that he's sorry he flew off the handle. Karen replies that she's sure he'll find a way of making it up to her... Wayne smiles and says he'll try. They head out.

There's a knock on the front door at Dural. Barbara, who's still cleaning the lounge room, sighs and goes to get it. She looks annoyed to find Liz standing there. She ask her if Wayne didn't get in touch with her. Liz explains that she's been out all morning, and she asks if something's wrong. Barbara explains that the men had to go out, so they decided to cancel lunch today. She then adds, though, that as she's there... Liz assures her that she won't put her out. She asks if she could just scribble a note to Gordon, as she's brought a little surprise for him. Barbara, looking annoyed, comments that she really does spoil him. Liz explains that it's just a paperback edition. Barbara tells her that she'll see he gets it. They head into the lounge room and Liz goes to the bar, where she starts writing a note. As she does so, she remarks that she didn't think Gordon was well enough to go socialising yet. Barbara retorts that it's a business lunch. Liz insists that he's not strong enough, but Barbara snaps that one lunch won't hurt. Liz points out that the doctor said that, if Gordon didn't get complete rest, he's at risk of a relapse. Barbara snaps that she knows what the doctor said. Liz asks her why she didn't stop him, then - doesn't she care what happens to him? Seeing the look of fury on Barbara's face, she quickly says she's sorry. Barbara, though, angrily tells her not to try and cover her tracks. She goes on that she's known for a long time how Liz feels about her husband - the way she looks at him when she thinks no one is watching is a dead give-away. Liz asks her why she hasn't done anything about it, then. Barbara retorts that she was going to wait until he was well enough to cope. Liz says, "And now?" Barbara angrily asks her why she doesn't just do the right thing and bow out. Liz retorts that that's not necessary - she's not trying to take Gordon away from her; having his friendship is enough for her - and she knows it helps him to have her around. Barbara incredulously asks if her feelings don't matter. Liz insists that she's not trying to take Gordon away from her. Barbara snaps, "Aren't you?" She then adds, "Why don't you just go?" Liz puts down the pen and nods slightly. She then tells Barbara that Gordon isn't well enough to cope with that kind of pressure right now. She goes on that if Barbara really does love him, she'll wait until he's fully recovered before kicking her out. She goes, leaving Barbara looking annoyed and upset.

Kevin is standing by the front gate at the Palmers' when Nikki comes along, and he looks surprised to see her. She explains that she's there to see Lynn, and she asks if she's in. Kevin explains that she's at the shops, but she'll be back in a minute. He tells her to come inside. Nikki replies that she hasn't got much time, as she's on her lunch break. Kevin smiles and tells her that she's just in time to share his sandwiches - and Lynn has got some ice cream inside. Nikki tells him that it's the best offer she's had all day! They start walking towards the house. As they do so, Nikki explains that she told Lynn she'd drop over after work, but she forgot that she's playing squash. Kevin comments that it's a great game. Nikki asks him if he plays. He replies that he used to at school, and he's thinking of taking it up again. Nikki tells him that it helps you keep fit. Kevin comments that, if he loses his hearing again, he won't have to listen to people insulting his game! Nikki asks him if he's still having problems with his hearing. Kevin tells her that he isn't. As he turns to look at her, he suddenly starts staring at her clothing. Nikki asks what the matter is - has she spilled something down her dress? Kevin says he's sorry for staring, but he could have sworn Sharon had a dress exactly the same as that. Nikki replies that she did. She adds that she wouldn't have worn it if she'd thought-- Kevin interrupts her and assures her that it's OK - he just can't get over how much she looks like Sharon; there really is no way of telling them apart.

Wayne and Karen arrive back at the Fishers house, and Wayne thanks Karen for the lunch. He adds that it was time well spent: "Talk about 'who's who' of the business world!" Karen tells him that she thought he'd enjoy it. She goes on that he really must take Keith Reilly up on his lunch invitation - she knows he comes across as a buffoon, but he's one of the shrewdest businessmen she knows. Wayne remarks that that's quite a compliment, coming from her. Karen smiles and says, "Impressed, are you?" Wayne suggests that they should just say that he wouldn't like to mix with her in the Boardroom. Karen replies, "How about out of it...?" She then quickly adds that she's sorry - she keeps forgetting that it's forbidden to fraternise with the clients. She hands him a drink, but he puts it down and puts his hands on her arms. He tells her that she's not a client today... He then leans towards her and they start kissing passionately...

Barbara is tidying up the chairs in the lounge room at Dural when Gordon arrives home and calls for her. She sniffs, having been crying. He comes into the room and she asks how it went. Gordon replies that it was very pleasant, but rather frustrating business-wise. Barbara asks if Williams wasn't interested. Gordon, though, replies that, on the contrary, he could put a lot of work their way, if only they had the capital to open up new markets. Barbara comments, "Never mind." She then remarks that he looks a bit tired. Gordon tells her that she looks the same. Barbara explains that she's been working hard too - and Liz held her up a bit. She goes on that Wayne didn't get in touch with her, and she thought lunch was still on; she brought him a present. She picks it up from the bar and hands it to him, and he starts unwrapping it. As he does so, she sniffs again. Gordon comments that Liz shouldn't spend so much money on him. He takes out a book and says appreciatively, "Ahh." Barbara asks if it's something he wanted. Gordon explains that it's a book of Australian plays, adding that Liz knows he misses the theatre now that he doesn't get out much. Barbara suddenly cries, "Why not tell me? I would have bought you a whole shelf-ful of plays." She then quickly says she's sorry - she'll get on with the clearing up. Gordon, looking shocked, asks what it is. Barbara snaps that it's nothing, but Gordon insists that she tell him. Barbara cries, "I'm frightened I'm going to lose you to Liz." She tells him that it is him that Liz is in love with, not Wayne - she admitted it to her. She adds that she promised she wouldn't say-- Gordon interrupts her and says he's glad she told him. Barbara cries that she shouldn't have. Gordon assures her that he's not going to leave her - it's her that he loves. Barbara sobs that Roland loved her, too, but that didn't stop him having an affair with her best friend. Gordon promises her that he'll never hurt her the way Roland did - she's the only woman in the world for him. Barbara asks, "What about Liz?" Gordon puts his arms round her and replies that she's just going to get hurt, isn't she. He hugs her.

At the Palmers', Nikki tells Kevin that she's sorry to have to eat and run. Kevin asks her whether he'll see her again, but she tells him that she's pretty tied up. She then adds that she actually only came over to return the keepsake - Lynn asked her to bring it back. She holds out the music box. Kevin takes it and stares at it. He then cries, "Please stay with me, Sharon." Nikki stares at him. Kevin, looking shocked at what he said, looks up at her guiltily and corrects, "Nikki... I know you're Nikki..." Nikki curtly tells him that he needs to talk to someone; he needs help. She goes to the front door and opens it to find Lynn and Jill just coming in, with Davey and Fee. Lynn, looking surprised, tells Nikki that she wasn't expecting her 'til tonight. Nikki explains that she couldn't make it tonight. She then tells Lynn to get inside, as Kevin is very confused - when she gave him the music box, he started calling her 'Sharon'. Lynn cries, "Oh no." Nikki goes on that he was OK when she turned up. Lynn says she'll handle it. She asks Jill to look after Davey for her, and Jill says, "Sure." Lynn then goes inside and finds Kevin sitting at the living room table. She bends down next to him, so that she's on his level, and gently says, "Kevin? What's wrong?" Kevin snaps that it's nothing he can't handle. He stands up. Lynn insists that she wants to help. Kevin retorts that he's OK. Lynn tells him that that's not what Nikki said. Kevin snaps that he freaked out; he'll get over it. Lynn snaps, "'Til next time something happens to remind you of Sharon." Kevin tells her to drop it, but Lynn retorts that she won't; she's going to have this out once and for all; she wants him back as her husband. She tells him that she knows how he felt about Sharon, but that's finished; she knows how difficult it is when your feelings take over - when it happened to her, she went to the trouble of trying to hang onto her marriage; he's not even trying - all he's doing is living in a kind of dream world, pretending that Sharon is still alive, but she's dead. Kevin cries, "No." Lynn tells him that yes, she is - he saw the body when it was pulled out of the rubble. Kevin suddenly puts his hands over his ears and cries at her to please stop it. Lynn angrily tells him that he's not going to put her off by pretending his hearing has gone again; she's fed up with the way he wallows in self-pity. Kevin mutters that he can't hear. He turns round so that his back's to her. Lynn tells him that she means it - she's had just about as much as she can take: either he makes an effort to meet her halfway, or their marriage is over.


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