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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

A cab roars round the corner and turns into the road in which Irene's boarding house is situated. The cab stops outside the place, Terry gets out in a hurry, hands the driver some money and runs inside.

Irene is sweeping the corridor outside Terry's room when Terry dashes up and asks her where Fee is. Irene calmly replies that she's asleep in her place. She asks why the question. Terry doesn't answer, though, instead asking if anyone has been there looking for her. Irene tells him to calm down - she's perfectly alright. Terry asks her to get the kid, adding that they've got to get out of there quick-smart. He goes into his room, pulls down his bag and starts stuffing his things into it. Irene follows him in and tells him that she was right: he is in trouble. Terry retorts that, like he said earlier, he ain't done nothing wrong. Irene points out that somebody obviously thinks he has. Terry reluctantly tells her that Fee's mum is not the best sort of person in the world - she was going to take Fee away, right out of the country, so he nicked off with her. Irene flatly says, "I see." Terry goes on that the trouble is that she's either got the cops or a private detective after him. He asks Irene if she can get Fee ready - and if anyone comes after him, tell them that he's not there. Irene, though, says she thinks she'd rather hear the whole story before she goes making any promises. Terry sighs heavily.

Andy is 'on the 'phone in the lounge room at Dural, and he asks the person at the other end how they are. It's Jill calling, and she tells him that she's OK. She then continues that she wondered if there had been any news. Andy replies that they haven't heard from Fiona yet, so they don't know if Terry and Fee are at the address or not. Looking puzzled, Jill asks him what he's talking about. Barbara walks into the lounge room at Dural as Andy asks Jill if she doesn't know: Fiona has got a lead on where they could be; he thought she would have called. Barbara makes a face at him to indicate that he's not to say anything else, and so he quickly tells Jill that that's what he heard, but he might have got it wrong. Jill insists that she wants to know: has Fiona found Fee? Andy replies that he doesn't know. He then announces that he has to go. Barbara heads out into the hallway. Gordon is coming downstairs, and she tells him that she thinks Andy has just put his foot in it with Jill. Gordon says, "He hasn't told her?" Barbara replies that he said enough. She then adds that it would be better if Jill didn't know anything until they see what comes of it. In the lounge room, Andy tells Jill that he'll get Fiona to call as soon as she gets back. Jill thanks him and hangs up. She turns to Lynn, who's with her in the lounge room at Toorak, and excitedly says, "Isn't that great?" Lynn comments that it sounds as though it might all be over. Jill says she's so pleased - things were a bit strained when she spoke to Fiona yesterday - especially when she told her that Patricia's going to help Robin. Lynn remarks that she can't imagine Fiona taking too kindly to that. Jill replies that she was furious - but she's found Terry and Fee; she's sure everything is going to be alright.

In the lounge room at Dural, Andy says it was the way Jill spoke; how was he supposed to know if Fiona had told her or not? Barbara tells him not to worry about it. Gordon suggests to Andy that it might be best if he's not there when Fiona gets back - in case she hasn't had any luck. Andy replies that he won't even answer the 'phone for the rest of the day! Gordon suggests that they look on the bright side: Fiona may have some good news.

Terry puts his bag down in his bedsit as Irene brings Fee in. She asks where he's going to go, but Terry tells her that he doesn't have a clue. He then goes on that he'll pay her what he owes her, but Irene tells him to forget about it - he'll need all the bucks he can get. The doorbell to the boarding house suddenly rings and a look of worry crosses Terry's face. Irene goes to get it. Fiona is standing on the step, and Irene asks her if she can help her. Fiona explains that she's looking for Terry Scott - he's got a baby with him. Inside, Terry listens as Irene tells Fiona that Terry Scott was there, but not for very long; he left this morning - early. Looking annoyed, Fiona asks her if she has any idea where he was going. Irene replies that she's got an idea that he's heading up to the country. She then asks Fiona to excuse her, as she's got a tenant arriving shortly. She turns to go inside, and Fiona starts walking back down the path. Fee suddenly starts crying, and Irene turns to look at Fiona. Fiona turns back and looks at Irene. Irene quickly explains that she's got a couple of young families staying there. She adds that babies are babies. When Fiona hesitates, Irene asks her if she'd like to come in and have a quick look around the place. In his room, Terry comforts Fee. After a few seconds, Irene comes in and tells him that Fiona bought it - she's gone.

At Margaret's apartment, David is packing his things into a box while Patricia tells him that she's having lunch with Jill before she goes to the hospital. David asks her if she's going there about Robin Elliott. Patricia explains that she wants to talk to the doctor. She then tells David that he could leave the packing until tomorrow. David, though, explains that he's got a free day. Patricia continues that Wayne and Amanda won't be at Toorak, so that will make it easier for him. David says he doesn't know why they're moving in - just the two of them rattling about seems stupid. Patricia retorts that she told him: there are happy memories there for her. David points out that they can't be all good - Dee Morrell used to live there. Patricia tells him that it'll take more than her to put her off. David comments that the other thing that amazes him is that she wants to have anything to do with Wayne. Patricia tells him that she wants to get on a good footing with all her family...

Terry tucks Fee up in her bassinet and tells Irene that he doesn't know how to thank her. Irene replies that one good turn deserves another. Terry says he's sorry he won't be there to pay back the favour. Irene, though, points out that it's common sense to stay there - it's the safest place now that his lady friend thinks he's left. Terry thinks momentarily and then agrees that she's got a point. Irene asks him who the lady was. Terry tells her that it was a friend of Fee's mum's. He goes on that there was a time when he thought he could trust her, but now... Irene remarks that most people turn against you at some time in your life. She then adds that Terry's got her word that she won't. Terry tells her that she's a trouper! Irene asks him if he's staying, then, and Terry, says, "Alright!" He thanks her. Irene tells him that she'll do all she can to help. She leaves his room but pauses in the corridor and smiles to herself.

At Dural, Fiona angrily asks why Andy didn't think. Barbara explains that, from something Jill said, he presumed she knew. Fiona snaps that it could mean that Jill has got her hopes up, and here she is at a dead end - heaven knows effect that will have on her. Gordon assures her that Jill knows she's doing her best - and Andy did say that there was only a chance. Barbara points out to Fiona that she can't perform miracles. Fiona snaps that to have missed him by a few hours...; it would have been better if Jill didn't know anything about it - she's at the end of her tether; she could do something silly...

Jeff is sitting with Jill in the lounge room at Toorak, and he tells her that he made it all up - Fee didn't kick the blanket on the radiator; he dropped it there; he didn't want to tell them because he was scared of what they'd say. Jill points out that he still took Sean's reward money. Jeff explains that he needed it for a friend - but he can pay them back now; he's sorry. Jill tells him to keep the money; she doesn't really care. Jeff insists that he feels bad, and so Jill tells him to give her the money and she'll send it on. He hands it over. He then comments that she seems to be taking everything OK. Jill asks him what he means. He tells her that if him or Katie had been taken, their mum and dad would be moving heaven and earth to try and get them back. Jill explains that there's a private detective looking for Terry. Jeff looks surprised and comments that that's one bloke. He adds that she should be using more people than that. Jill retorts that it's not that simple. Jeff pipes down and says it's none of his business. Jill sees him to the door and he goes.

Fiona is sitting at the bar in the lounge room at Dural, staring at the telephone. Barbara comes in and tells her that she can't put it off any longer. Fiona reluctantly picks up the handset.

A few moments later, Jill angrily snaps that she doesn't believe it - Fiona missed them by a few hours? Fiona insists that she's sorry. She then adds that it doesn't mean-- Jill interrupts her, though, and cries that Terry has got her baby. Someone suddenly knocks on the door at Toorak and Jill asks Fiona to hang on a tick. She goes to answer it and finds Patricia standing there. She invites her in and tells her to sit down, adding that she's just on the 'phone. Patricia walks into the lounge room but stands by the door, listening as Jill resumes talking to Fiona on the 'phone in the hallway. She tells Fiona that she thinks it's ridiculous to have only a detective agency looking; she thinks it's time to call in the police. The call continues, and Patricia listens as she hears Jill say that she knows that...; she supposes Fiona's right - it's just--; if that's what Fiona wants... Patricia looks thoughtful. Jill tells Fiona that she'll be OK and she hangs up. She then joins Patricia. Patricia tells her that she thinks she got the gist of all of that. She goes on that she knows it's none of her business, but she really thinks Jill should call in the police.

David is taping up a box at Margaret's apartment when there's a knock at the door. He goes and opens it to find the person hidden, with just their arm sticking out, holding a huge bunch of flowers. A male voice says, "I suppose you think I'd forgotten you!" David smiles and says to the voice that he thinks they've got the wrong person! Matt Kennedy steps into view and sheepishly says, "Sorry!"

At Toorak, Jill hangs up the 'phone and tells Patricia that the police will be there in half an hour. Patricia assures her that she's doing the right thing, adding that the police are best-equipped to handle this sort of thing. Jill says she feels rotten. Patricia tells her that she knows it was a difficult decision to make, but it was the right one. Jill asks how she's going to tell Fiona - she loves Terry, and she's put him into the police. Patricia reminds her that she told Fiona in the first place that they ought to be called. She adds that it was Jill's decision to make - Fee's her baby. Jill, looking upset, says she wishes Fee was with her now. Patricia replies that of course she does - and that's what she must be concerned with; not Fiona and this obssesion that she has with her son.

David and Matt are sitting in Margaret's apartment, and Matt comments, "That's terrible - poor Margaret." David explains that she knew something would happen, as it turned out - she put it in a letter to him. Matt replies that he wasn't in contact with anyone while he was in Europe, so he had no idea. He continues that he thanks God that David was there with Patricia. He asks how she handled it. David replies that she wasn't too bad. Matt says he thought it would have nearly finished her. David tells him that she still has to try very hard. Matt asks David how he is. David replies that, in her letter, Margaret asked him to look after Patricia, and he's not going to let her down. Matt asks him how he feels about that, adding that it's quite a responsibility. David agrees that it is, but it's what Margaret wanted. Matt, looking coy, tells him that he might have something that will solve all their problems.

Two policemen are sitting in the lounge room at Toorak with Jill and Patricia, and one of them says, "That's 'Hansen', is it?" Jill replies that that's right: "With an 'E-N'." The policemen asks where the baby's father is. Jill, looking worried, says, "Umm..." Patricia quickly chips in that Mr. O'Donnel died recently. The policeman says he's sorry - he had to ask. He then asks Jill if Mr. Hansen has made any contact with her. Jill replies that he hasn't. The policeman asks if there haven't been any demands for money, or anything like that. Jill retorts that it's nothing to do with money; it's personal. She goes on that all she wants them to do is find her baby. The policeman tells her that they'll contact the Sydney police straight away and they'll get in touch with the detective agency that Mrs. Thompson employed. He adds that he doesn't think they'll have too much trouble tracking Terry and Fee down. Jill tells him that she doesn't want a big fuss - she just wants her baby back. The policeman announces that that's everything they need, and he and his colleague get up and leave. Jill turns to Patricia and asks if she's done the right thing. Patricia tells her that of course she has - for everybody concerned...

In his bedsit, Terry puts Fee into her bassinet, having fed her and changed her nappy. He tells her to have a long nap, and adds that she doesn't know how lucky she is! Irene comes into the room, carrying a pack of tinnies, and offers him a drink, suggesting that he needs it after this morning's carry-on. Terry tells her that she's not wrong! Irene then asks him if he'd like to come over to her place, adding that it would mean they wouldn't have to disturb the baby. Looking wary, Terry quickly says that, now that he thinks about it, he has to get down to the shops. Irene comments that she thought they agreed that one good turn deserves another. Terry, looking awkward, tells her that he doesn't know how to put this, but---; he likes her a lot, and she's a great sport, but he's got a lot on his mind at the moment. Irene smiles and tells him to forget it. She then adds that there's nothing wrong with having a friendly drink. Fee suddenly starts crying, and Terry lifts her out of her bassinet. Irene leaves him to it, telling him that she'll see him in a couple of minutes. When she's gone, Terry says to Fee, "You're a problem, you women, eh?!"

Patricia arrives back at Margaret's apartment. As she walks in, she notices the big bunch of flowers on the table. Matt then suddenly appears in front of her and says, "Hello, stranger!" Looking surprised, Patricia asks him what he's doing there. Matt explains, "I've come to ask you to marry me!"

A few moments later, Matt apologises, adding that he took her by surprise. Patricia comments that that's the understatement of the year! Matt tells her that he knows it'll be a while before she's free to marry him, but he's going back to London and he wants her to come with him. He goes on that he's been offered a partnership over there and he's going to accept it; he just came back from setting everything up - that's why he didn't know about Margaret. He adds that he must say that he's very pleased at the way she's handling everything - he knows what it must have been like - but the simple fact is that, while he was away, he couldn't stop thinking about her - so he decided that he wasn't going to leave Australia without at least trying to get her to marry him. He tells Patricia that it hasn't come easy for him. He then asks her if she knows why he wasn't around during her treatment. Patricia replies that she does. Matt explains that it isn't on to be emotionally involved with a patient - and whichever way he looked at it, he was. He goes on that he's sick of holding in the way he feels; he loves her and he needs her. Patricia remarks that he certainly knows how to throw a girl! She then adds that she doesn't know what to say. Matt tells her that he's not going to push it - he doesn't want her to make a decision unless she's pretty sure of it; he'll be around for a couple more days - although he wouldn't object if she could just give him a hint as to whether there's a chance. Patricia tells him that he's right: she does need some time. Matt points out that at least it's not a straight 'no'. He suggests that she give it a couple of days to sink in, and it won't seem so sudden then.

The 'phone rings at Dural and Gordon gets up from where he's sitting in the lounge room and answers the handset on the bar. Fiona is also in the room. As he picks up the 'phone, Gordon hears STD pips sound and Jill then comes on and asks to speak to Fiona. Gordon turns to Fiona and tells her that it's Jill - and that she sounds very upset. Looking worried, Fiona asks what could have happened now. She takes the 'phone and says 'hello' to Jill. Jill immediately announces that she's made a decision: she's called the police. Fiona, looking shocked, says, "You what?" Jill cries that she was only trying to help - the police can do a lot better than one detective agency. Fiona says she thought Jill had changed her mind. Jill cries that she's been so confused - all she wants is her baby. Fiona, becoming angry, asks her if she realises what will happen to Terry. Jill insists that nothing will happen to Terry; as soon as she gets Fee back, she'll drop the charges - there'll be no harm done. Fiona snaps, "You stupid girl." She then continues that, now that Jill has started it, there's nothing she can do to stop it; if the police find Terry, he'll go to jail. Jill repeats that she said she'll drop the charges. Fiona, though, snaps at her that she can't drop the charges; that's the law: Terry will go to jail. She slams the 'phone down, leaving Jill looking shocked and upset.

In the bedsit, Terry has finished changing Fee and he tells her that that's better! There's suddenly a knock on the door to his room, and he calls to Irene to come in. The door doesn't open, though, and so he goes and answers it - and finds two policemen standing there. One of them asks Terry if he's Terry Hansen. Terry asks, "What if I am?" The policeman tells him that he'd like him to accompany them down to the station.

A short time later, Terry leaves the boarding house, carrying Fee and followed by the two policemen. He walks down the path slowly, looking upset; one of the policemen is holding his bag. Irene is standing at the end of the path, by the road, and she asks if she can have a word with Terry. The policeman who replies agrees but tells her to make it quick. Irene tells Terry that she's sorry, but she couldn't lie to the police. Terry assures her that he wouldn't expect her to. Irene goes on that she just wanted him to know that it wasn't because he and she-- Terry interrupts her and tells her that he wouldn't have thought that. He thanks her and adds that she's been terrific. Irene turns to one of the policemen and asks if Terry will be in much trouble, adding that he was only trying to do the right thing by his little girl. The policeman replies that Terry kidnapped her - that's a serious charge. A policewoman gets out of the police car parked in the road and tells Terry that she'll take Fee. Terry doesn't move, and so one of the policemen prompts him to hand her over. Terry does so reluctantly and the policewoman takes her. Terry looks devastated.

It's nighttime, and at Margaret's apartment, Matt and Patricia are sitting in silence at the dinner table. Patricia is staring into space, and Matt comments that he thinks he's bored her into a catatonic state! She comes back to reality and explains that she was thinking about him. Matt smiles and tells her that flattery will get her everywhere! Patricia explains that she feels more relaxed than she has done in days - he's very good for her. Matt replies that that's the general idea - and as Mrs. Kennedy, she could have it on an ongoing basis! He quickly adds that he's not pushing it, and Patricia says she knows. Changing the subject, she then asks Matt if he holds with all that dream interpretation stuff. Matt replies that Mr. Freud is out of favour at the moment! He then more seriously continues that it depends what she's doing: flying... falling down a lift well... standing in front of a church in a wedding dress, wondering whether to go in... Patricia tells him that it's nothing like that: she was back in the home and Margaret was there - she was the nurse. She says to Matt that you know how you can stand outside yourself in a dream - like you're watching a film and you're a character in it; they were getting her ready for shock treatment; she didn't feel upset, but she could see how upset she was getting; she kept begging Margaret not to let them do it to her - not after everything she'd done for her; but it was as if Margaret didn't know her - she looked... she looked like she did before the bushfire. She tells Matt to remember how much Margaret hated her, and then continues that she kept telling her sister that she could make it all up to her; they could start again - just don't let them hurt her. She tells Matt that they did, though - Margaret was the one who flicked the swtich - and when she woke up, she cried, because no matter what she does, she can never make it all up to her. She asks Matt why she dreamed that. Matt smiles and replies that, if she was paying him $50 an hour, he could trot out some sort of gobbledegook - but it's because she's lonely; scared. He adds that one word will fix that: 'Yes.' Patricia tells him that she knows she'd be happy if she came out with him, but... she loves Margaret so much... it's the choice. Looking surprised, Matt asks what choice she means. Patricia replies, "Between marrying you and..." Her voice trails away. Matt asks her again what she means, adding that she can at least let him know what his competition is. Patricia just looks at him.


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