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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Mike heads into the O'Brien house at lunchtime the next day and Heather asks him if he had a busy morning. He tells her that he didn't really. He then adds that he hasn't punched anyone since yesterday, if case she was wondering! Heather assures him that of course she wasn't. She then goes on that lunch will be on the table in a jif, and she explains that she's running a bit late as things seemed to get away from her; it's been one of those days. Seeing the expression on her face, Mike asks her if something is bothering her. Heather replies that it isn't. Mike looks disbelieving, and she reluctantly continues that she didn't want to spoil his lunch, but three people 'phoned this morning to cancel having their lawns mown. Mike asks if they cancelled for good. Heather confirms that they did. She then adds that there's some good news: a man 'phoned quite early - he's got a number of properties in the district and he wanted to know what Mike's rates were; the number's on the pad. Mike comments that it mightn't be a bad idea those three customers dropping out; they were small customers anyway. He goes to the 'phone and dials the number that Heather wrote down. The call is answered, "Hello. Vestry." Looking surprised, Mike tells the vicar that it's him, returning the vicar's call. The vicar says, "Who?" Mike reminds him that he rang regarding his rates. The vicar, though, tells him that there must be some mistake - he hasn't made any enquiries; they have a gardener at St. Mark's. Mike says he's terribly sorry - his wife must have copied down the wrong number. He hangs up. Heather immediately tells him that she knows she didn't write down the wrong number. Mike explains that that was just an excuse. The front door suddenly opens and Luke calls out. Mike says to Heather that whoever rang must have given the wrong number. Luke comes into the room and Heather asks him how he went at the CES. Luke replies that he might get something. He asks if his dad has been round. Mike tells him that they haven't seen hide nor hair of him. Luke grimly says he hopes it stays that way.

Jim is at the Palmers', but as Beryl lets him in, she tells him that she didn't expect him to drop everything and rush over! Jim assures her that it was no trouble - he got the message that she'd rung his office. Beryl explains that she's been asked to stand in at a function tonight, and she was wondering if he was free. Looking surprised, Jim asks her if she wants him to partner her. Beryl smiles and says she likes a handsome man on her arm! Jim tells her that he'll be in it! There's a sudden knock on the front door and Beryl goes to get it. A man is standing there, and he tells her that he's from a gardening service which is expanding into the area, and they're offering a wide range of services. Beryl explains that she has someone who does-- The man interrupts her, though, and tells her that she might change her mind when she sees their rates. Beryl assures him that she's happy with the chap she's got. The man holds out a leaflet and says he'll leave a couple of them with her. Jim holds out his hand and asks if he can see one.

A short time later, Jim heads into the O'Briens'. Luke, Heather and Mike are sitting at the living room table, having lunch, and Jim says, "G'day!" He sits down with them and hands Mike the leaflet, telling him as he does so that some is guy going round the district offering cut-rate deals on lawnmowing. Mike studies the leaflet and then exclaims that nobody can make a living charging rates like that. Luke takes the leaflet from him and asks him if he's ever heard of a 'loss leader'. Mike replies that he hasn't. Luke explains that it's a big favourite with businessmen like his father: they offer a service below cost, wait until the competition is wiped out and then charge what they like. Heather comments that it's funny that the rep. hasn't called there. Luke agrees that it's funny unless they know who they're trying to wipe out. Mike adds, "And found out my rates..." Heather says she doesn't understand. Luke explains that it's a bit of a coincidence: they have a fight with his father one day; the next... Jim asks if he reckons his father has put up the money to put Mike out of business. Luke tells him that it's the way he operates. Mike points out that Roger only made his threat yesterday. Luke tells him that his father doesn't muck around. Suddenly turning to Heather, he asks if he can skip lunch. Heather asks him where he's going. Luke replies that he's going to have a talk with his father. Mike warns, "Luke--" Jim tells him to let the boy go.

A short time later, Luke is at his father's Melbourne apartment, and Roger tells him that he was just killing time waiting for him to turn up. Luke snaps that it's a nice way of killing time - pushing the O'Briens to the wall. Roger 'innocently' says, "Sorry?" Luke snaps at him not to act dumb - he's trying to put the O'Briens out of business. Roger tells him that the O'Briens are old enough to know the rules: if you play with fire, you get burned. Luke yells at his father that he's got no right to take it out on them. Roger calmly tells his son that he'd be perfectly happy to leave them alone - it's up to him: come back to Perth and continue his law studies and everything will be fine. Luke snaps that he's never coming back. Roger more angrily tells him that he'll give him a month; he'll find out what a struggle it can be. Luke retorts that he doesn't care how hard it is - he'll manage. Roger tells him that he can make it so easy for him. Luke snaps that he's not interested in 'easy'. Roger asks him to think about him: he's been waiting for the day when Luke could come into the firm and work alongside him. Luke snaps that it's his life. Roger threatens that if his son wants to do it the hard day, he'll make it rougher than Luke ever thought possible. Luke snaps at him to go as hard as he likes, but keep the O'Briens out of it. He adds that he won't be seeing the O'Briens after today: from now on, it's between his father and him. He opens the door and goes.

Back at the O'Briens', Mike tells Luke that he's not pushing anyone out of his house. Luke replies that, if he stays, things will only get worse. Heather chips in that they're on his side, but she warns Mike that they can't possibly win a battle against Roger Carlyle. Mike asks what they're supposed to do: give in without a fight? Heather asks, "How can we fight him?" Mike replies that he doesn't know - but sticking together is the first step. Luke reluctantly says, "Alright." He then adds, though, that if things get bad, he's moving out; it's his problem and he's not having them dragged into it. Mike suggests that it's probably best if they keep this to themselves for the time being; there's no point worrying Jeff or Katie. Luke tells him that he wishes his father could be more like him - even a little bit. Heather puts her arm round Mike, lovingly.

At the Palmers', Beryl is talking on the 'phone to Fiona - who's at Dural - and she comments that it must be more like looking for a needle in a haystack every day. Fiona grimly replies that it's a very big haystack. She goes on that the worst thing is that, if they don't find Terry soon, there's no way she'll be able to keep Jill from calling in the police. Beryl comments that she can't blame her. Fiona tells her that the poor kid is worried sick about little Fee; they all are. Beryl says to her that she has to think about Terry as well, and she asks if they've made any progress. Fiona replies that they've made a tiny bit - the investigator is checking through all the empoyment columns; obviously, Terry is going to find a job, so the investigator is going to trace him through the kinds of places he might have applied to for work. Beryl says that's a good idea. Fiona agrees that it is in theory; nothing's turned up yet, though. Beryl suggests that they'll have to keep their fingers crossed. Fiona agrees that they will - and keep Jill from getting on the war path. Beryl asks her if Jill thinks Terry would harm Fee. Fiona replies that she's such a tiny baby; anything could go wrong...

Terry is working at a garage in Sydney. He has a car up on a ramp and is fixing something when his boss, Mr. Olsen, comes along and asks him if he put new shock absorbers in the car he worked on yesterday. Terry replies that he didn't. He finishes what he's doing and starts lowering the car on the ramp. As he does so, Fee suddenly starts crying, and Terry asks Mr. Olsen to excuse him. Olsen tells him not to take too long about it. Terry says he'll only be a sec. He walks round to where Fee is resting in her bassinet in one corner of the garage. As he starts fussing over her, Mr. Olsen tells him that, frankly, he's not real keen on having a kid there. Terry assures him that it'll only be for a couple of days. Olsen asks him how much longer his wife will be laid up. Terry replies that it won't be long. Olsen asks him to remind him what he said was the matter with her. Terry quickly replies that it's women's problems. Mr. Olsen suggests that it shouldn't put Terry out too much to make arrangements to have the kid minded. He adds that it's not working - it's not safe for a kid to be there, and goodness knows what the customers think. Terry insists that it'll only be for a few more days, but Olsen tells him that he's had a fair crack of the whip: Terry can find a babysitter for tomorrow or not bother coming in.

That evening, Terry arrives back at the bedsit, and as he rocks up outside his front door, Irene catches up with him in the corridor and tells him that he's just the man she wants to see: she's got some news about his car - a bloke rang this morning and seems really keen. Terry smiles and says it's the best bit of news he's had all day! He starts feeling round in his pockets for his room key, but can't find it, and he asks Irene if she's got a spare. Irene takes the nail file that she's holding and uses it to pick the lock and open the door for him! The two of them walk into the bedsit. As they do so, Irene asks him if work is getting a bit much for him. Terry replies that it isn't. He then adds that the boss isn't a bad bloke, but he's put his foot down about Fee. Irene comments that it's hardly the place for her. Terry explains that he doesn't have the money to fork out for a babysitter. Irene tells him that she'll do it for him - for free. Looking surprised, Terry tells her that he already feels bad for owing her money. Irene smiles and says she'll have to find some other way to get her pound of flesh! She then goes on that all he has to do is take her to the movies tonight. Terry tells her that he couldn't possibly leave Fee. Irene replies that she'll fix it up with Mrs. Hill - she owes her a favour. Terry, looking wary, says he doesn't know. Irene tells him that he's got to do something to get his mind off things. Terry asks what the movie is called. Irene replies that she forgets - but it's got Meryl Streep in it! She asks Terry if he likes Meryl Streep. Terry says he does. Irene tells him that she can't stand her! She then goes on that, still, they don't have to watch the screen...

Katie is walking home to the O'Briens' when a car pulls up beside her and Roger Carlyle gets out. Looking surprised, she asks him what he's doing over this way. Roger explains that he's visiting her parents to apologise for flying off the handle yesterday. Katie says she knows Luke was feeling uncomfortable about staying on at the house, realising that there was all that trouble between his father and hers. Roger tells her that he guessed Luke would take it badly. He asks her if she has any idea where Luke's moving to. Katie replies that he isn't - her mum and dad talked him into staying on. Looking annoyed, Roger says, "I see..." He then tells Katie that she's saved him a lot of trouble - he was going to see if he could help Luke get a place. Changing the subject, he asks if there's anywhere where they could get a cup of coffee. Katie replies that there's a milk bar. Roger tells her that it's his shout. Katie asks what for. Roger explains that there was another reason for him coming over: he thinks he's found a way to help her...

Jim and Mike get back to the O'Briens', and as they walk into the house, Jim asks Mike if he's sorry he dragged him round the pub now! Mike says he supposes it wasn't such a bad idea after all - he couldn't see the point in slaving on all afternoon after eight more cancellations. They head into the kitchen, where Jim tells Mike to beat the opposition at their own game. They sit down. Mike tells his brother that he's been thinking about the business for some time, now - before this cropped up: it was fun at first, but after a couple of weeks of pushing mowers around, he was starting to wish that he had something more to get his teeth into. Jim asks him why he didn't chuck it in. Mike explains that he'd invested too much money. Jim comments that it'll be hard to pull out now. Mike says it's funny: one half of him is angry because his business is a wreck; the other half is grateful that he's got an excuse because it's starting to drive him right around the bend! Heather suddenly comes in and Mike kisses her. As she smells his breath, Heather asks him if he and Jim got hit by a brewery truck!

Katie and Roger are sitting at a table outside the milk bar, with drinks in front of them. Katie says, "You're having me on!" Roger assures her that it's true - he really was impressed with the sort of imagination she puts into her computer games. Katie replies that so are a lot of people, but no one's ever offered to help her sell the idea to a big company. Roger suggests that perhaps he's the first person with the right sort of connections. He asks her if she's going to take up his suggestion. Katie replies that she'd like to, but... Roger asks what it is. Katie explains that, the way things are between him and her family at the moment... Roger smiles and tells her that there's a very important lesson that he learned early in his career: never let personal feelings get in the way of a business decision. He takes out a piece of paper and writes down a name and number. He tells Katie that the man who can help her is Bob Young. He goes on that, when she calls him, mention his name and Young will find time to see her. Katie asks if there isn't another rule of business: when somebody offers you a favour, they usually want something in return; she asks what he's after. Roger assures her that there are no strings attached - he just hates to see a young person's talent going to waste. He hands her the number and she takes it. She then stands up to go. Roger says that, before she rushes off, if she does call Bob, let him know - he'll be interested to hear how she gets on. Katie says she will. She then thanks him and walks off, leaving Roger looking pleased with himself.

That night, Beryl and Jim arrive back at the Palmer house after their night out. As they walk into the lounge room, Jim asks Beyrl if she forgives him now for being late to pick her up. Beryl says , "No!" Jim helps her take her coat off as she chastises him for his behaviour, and an inappropriate comment he made to the party's hostess! Jim points out that it was a good laugh. Beryl asks him to please be careful who he says things in front of, next time! Jim comments that there'll be a next time, will there? Beryl smiles and tells him that she'd like to think so. Jim suddenly takes a case out of his pocket and says that, next time she goes to one of her dos, she might like to see if she's got anything that matches this. He opens the case to reveal a necklace. Looking astonished, Beryl says she can't take it. Jim tells her that it would look silly on him! Beryl remarks that it must have cost a fortune. Jim explains that, the last few days, with David and with John getting off... He puts the necklace round Beryl's neck. As he does so, Beryl warily asks if this has anything to do with John saying that he was after her money. She adds that he doesn't have to buy her presents to prove that he's not. Jim explains that, if he sees something nice and there's someone he can give it to, he gets a kick out of it - he always has. He adds that, on someone like her, he likes it twice as much. He leans towards her and kisses her. He pulls back, but they both then move towards each other and start kissing more passionately...

Irene and Terry arrive home from the movies, and as they walk along the corridor at Irene's boarding house, Irene comments that it was a funny way to end a film; she's glad she got the tickets for free! She invites Terry in for a coffee, adding that she's got a bottle of port left over from Christmas - a present from her dad; it's never been opened. Picking up on the flirtatious nature of the invitation, Terry declines. Irene goes on that she doesn't know much about port; she wants someone to tell her if it's a good one. Terry explains that he promised Mrs. Hill that he'd take Fee off her hands by 10:30pm. Irene reluctantly says he'd better get the baby settled down for the night. Terry says he's got to be up early himself, to get his car washed. Irene recalls that the bloke is coming round first thing to look at it. She tells Terry that port keeps! Terry walks off to his room. Irene shrugs, good humouredly.

The next morning, Irene walks down the path to pick up the cartons of milk that have been delivered. Terry comes out, carrying a bucket of water, and says a cheery, "Good morning!" Irene wearily tells him that she doesn't talk to anyone until she's had a cup of tea and a cigarette! Terry heads down the path to his car but stops in his tracks as he finds that there's an empty space in the road. Looking shocked, Terry calls out, "Irene. Someone's nicked me car."

Back in Terry's bedsit, Irene tells him that he'll have to call the police. Terry replies that he can't. Irene asks why not. Terry takes his holdall down from the top of his wardrobe and starts chucking things into it. In reply to Irene's question, he just tells her, "'Cos..." Becoming suspicious, Irene asks him what he's done. Terry insists that he hasn't done anything. Irene asks him why he's afraid to call the police, then. Terry retorts that he just can't - but he ain't done nothing wrong. He adds that he'd better hurry to make work by train. Irene asks what she should tell the bloke about the car. Terry tells her to say anything. He adds that the bloke is probably the mongrel who did it. As he rushes around, he asks Irene if she can still look after Fee. Irene replies that she can - but there are a few answers she wants. Terry tells her, "Later," and goes.

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Jim wishes Heather and Mike a good day and heads off to work. Mike asks Heather what his brother is so happy about. Heather replies that it could be going out with Beryl Palmer last night. Mike wistfully remarks that it must be nice not to have any problems. Looking worried, Heather asks him if they're really in a terrible mess. Mike tells her that they are: he went through the books last night; the way he sees-- Katie suddenly comes and he stops talking. Sensing that something is going on, she asks if she's come in at a bad moment. Mike explains that he was just telling her mother that the business can't last much longer. Looking surprised, Katie asks how come. Mike replies that they've met some pretty stiff opposition; they've come in and undercut them. Katie asks if they can't fight back. Mike tells her that he keeps his rates pretty low as it is. Katie says she's sorry - for him. Mike points out that it affects her, too - she'll be out of a job. Katie assures him that she'll find something. Mike tells her that they're not at rock-bottom yet - it gives her time to look for something. Katie kisses him on the cheek, says, "Thanks," and walks off. She heads into the lounge room, where her bag is lying on one of the armchairs. She pauses, looking nervous, and then takes out the 'phone number that Roger gave her. She starts dialling the number on the 'phone, continuing to look round to make sure no one's listening. The 'phone at the other end rings and is answered by a man who says, "Matherall and Young." Katie says she'd like to speak to Mr. Bob Young, please. The man replies that he's Bob Young. Katie introduces herself and tells him that Roger Carlyle suggested she give him a call. Bob recalls that she's the electronic games whizz! He adds that he's heard good thing sabout her work, and asks when he's going to see it. Katie tells him that he can see it whenever he likes! Bob suggests that she come into the office tomorrow, after lunch - at 2:15pm. Katie smiles happily and says she'll be there on the dot! She hangs up. As she does so, Heather comes into the room and remarks that her daughter seems pretty pleased with herself. Katie explains that she's made an appointment: she might be abe to sell some of her games. Heather comments that it would be funny if she ended up the breadwinner of the house! Katie looks worried.

Fiona is talking on the 'phone in the hallway at Dural. She says to Mr. Glover, the private investigator, that she hopes he's getting closer to finding Terry; she's starting to feel like she's pouring money down a bottomless pit. Glover assures her that they're finally getting somewhere. Fiona asks him if he's got hold of Terry. Glover explains that they've found an address that might be useful. He asks Fiona if she can meet one of their people there. Fiona replies that she will if it'll help.

Terry arrives at the garage in a rush. He starts to put his overalls on, and as Mr. Olsen walks over to him, he apologises for being late, adding that he can explain. Olsen tells him not to worry about that; he's more interested in finding out if Terry's in trouble with the cops. He adds that he had a bloke snooping round there earlier; he started asking a few questions, such as if he had a Terry Hansen working there. Looking worried, Terry asks him what he told the guy. Olsen replies that he didn't say anything - until the man showed him a photo of Terry. He tells Terry that he needs trouble with the cops like a hole in the head. Terry asks if the guy is coming back there. Olsen tells him that he gave the guy his home address. Terry snaps, "Hell." He then goes on that he's got to get home before that guy does. He asks Olsen for some money for a cab. Olsen snaps at him that he's got to be joking. He adds that he might write out a shonky bill now and then, but he doesn't need to get mixed up in police trouble. Terry retorts that he just wants the money he's owed for working there. He goes on that he's got to get to the bedsit before that guy does or they'll take his kid away from him. He tells Olsen, "You got to help me. You got to help me save my kid."


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