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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Beryl asks who's going first. Jim replies that he came barging in, so he should. He then continues that, the other night, when she invited him over to tea, he thought it was just two neighbours getting together; now he realises that it was... He breaks off and pauses before telling Beryl that it's not easy saying this... Beryl points out that her turn's coming! Jim tells her that he now realises that it may have meant a bit more to her. Beryl replies that she admits she might have gone to a bit more trouble - but she cleared it up before he arrived. Looking annoyed, Jim tells her that he could kick himself. Beryl points out that there's no harm done. Jim tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her feelings - that's the last thing he'd do; it's just a bit difficult - the way he feels is... Beryl interrupts and comments that David isn't making it very easy for him - he had a go at him about seeing her, didn't he. Jim replies that he did, but adds that that's water off a duck's back as far as he's concerned. Beryl points out that it would explain a few things, though; she reminds Jim that, when they first met, he was very attentive: flowers... lunch... helping out with the charity function; then he was off-hand about the meal... She tells him that she likes him and would like to go on seeing him. She then adds that, despite what David thinks, they're both adults, so there's no harm in taking things as they come. She tells Jim that it's really up to him.

A short time later, in the kitchen at the O'Briens', Mike snaps at his brother that he thought the point of going to see Beryl was to be honest with her. Jim replies that it was - but after what she said, he could hardly turn round and say he didn't want to see her. He then goes on that one thing's for sure: he admires her honesty; she's a pretty amazing lady. Mike asks him if he's interested in her or whether he feels sorry for her. Jim replies that he admires her, that's all - maybe he's spent too much time going after the wrong types - dolly birds, women like Patricia - that he doesn't get on with all that well. Mike smiles and comments that he's finally starting to see what he and Heather have known for all these years! He adds that he's not saying that Beryl is the person Jim should be going out with, but if he continues taking her out, it should be for the right reasons. Jim retorts that he's not that low - he likes the lady; he'll take her out a few more times and see what comes of it.

John is at Margaret's apartment, and he tells David that he'll do the next couple of trips back-to-back if David likes. David, though, tells him not to be silly: if he does too many hours on the road, he'll lose his licence. John explains that he just feels that he's spent too much time at Woombai, and David has been doing all the work. David points out that the main thing is that they've been able to snap Andy back to his old self. They sit down with Patricia. David tells John that, now that he is back, he could certainly take off some of the load, and give him a chance to catch up with Lynn and Davey. Suddenly looking worried, Patricia quickly points out that there's plenty of time for that - shouldn't John have a couple of days' break? John insists that he's alright. Patricia reluctantly tells him that it's up to him. She offers more coffee, and both men accept. Patricia heads to the kitchen area. John quietly asks David how things are working out with him and Patricia living together. David replies that it got a bit rough for a while, but it's OK now, though - Pat is making a bit of an effort to smooth things out. From the kitchen area, Patricia looks round as David continues that it's just as well - he was thinking about getting out of the whole thing. John asks him if he means Margaret too. David, though, assures him that there's no chance of that; it's just whether Patricia and he can share anymore. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Patricia says she'll get it - she's expecting a call. She picks up the handset and Jim comes on. Patricia delightedly asks him how he is, and he tells her that he's fine; he just wanted to make sure that she's not feeling bad about what she dropped yesterday about David and Beryl. Patricia replies that she still thinks she-- Jim interrupts, though, and tells her that he's been to see Beryl and they're just going to keep on seeing each other; see how things go. Patricia smiles and tells him that that's fantastic - she's really pleased. Jim replies that he thinks he owes her a vote of thanks for giving him a push in the right direction. Glancing at David, Patricia tells Jim that she's just glad that she was able to do the right thing for once...

A while later, Jim is upside down on the gym equipment in the O'Briens' lounge room. Mike asks him if he really reckons it does him some good. Jim replies that of course it does! He pushes himself upright again, climbs off and tells Mike to have a go. Mike declines, saying he gets enough exercise pushing mowers around! Katie suddenly comes into the house, and Mike, looking surprised, asks her what she's doing there - he thought she was helping Jeff babysit. Katie just snaps that he's doing very nicely on his own, before storming off to her room. Mike comments to Jim that she probably had a squabble with Jeff.

At Toorak, Jeff is saying that he was in the kitchen, getting a glass of water, when he smelt burning; he rushed back out there and found the rug on the heater. Jill, looking anxious, asks if it was on fire. Jeff replies that it wasn't - it was just smouldering. Jill asks if Fee's alright. Jeff assures her that she's fine - he took her upstairs and put her in her cot. Jill goes to get her. Sean comments that it's lucky she wasn't overcome by smoke. Fiona asks how come blanket got on the radiator in the first place. Jeff says Fee must have kicked it out of the bassinet. Terry snaps that she must have pretty strong legs to kick it out of there. Jeff tells him that that's what he thought. Fiona says she supposes they must be thankful that it didn't catch on fire properly. Sean adds that it's just as well Jeff had his wits about him and got to it on time. Jeff, looking guilty, says he shouldn't have left the room in the first place. Fiona, though, tells him that they can't blame him for wanting a drink of water. She then suggests to him that he'd better be getting on his way. Jill comes back into the room, holding Fee, and Terry asks how she is. Jill tells him that she seems to be OK. The two of them head off to the kitchen to fix her feed. Sean takes out his wallet and hands Jeff $30. Jeff says he'll buy Fee a new blanket, but Fiona tells him not to be silly - if anything, they should be giving him something extra for making sure nothing happened. Sean says he agrees. He takes a couple of $50 notes out of his wallet and holds them out to Jeff. Jeff, though, says he couldn't. Sean insists, and so Jeff 'reluctantly' takes one of the notes. Fiona tells him not to go away thinking they blame him. He goes. Sean comments to Fiona that he seems like a decent young man. Fiona, looking slightly worried, replies, "Yes... from what Beryl says, he comes from a good family."

Jeff is back at the O'Briens', sitting at the kitchen table, writing a letter. Katie comes in and angrily asks him if he got what he was after. Jeff tells her that he's sending it off now. Katie snaps at him that she hopes he's proud of himself. Jeff replies that he feels pretty lousy, actually - he doesn't like lying - but Luke is his best mate, and he's got to help him. Katie snaps that she can't see why after Luke conned him into stealing that car. Jeff retorts that they didn't 'steal' it - they took it for a joyride; and it wasn't all Luke's idea - they were in it together, but Luke covered for him; that's why he's got to help him now. Katie snaps that she still thinks he's gone about it the wrong way. Jeff asks her to give him break: Mr. O'Donnel offered him a lot more than he took. Katie asks when Luke's turning up. Jeff replies that it'll be as soon as he gets his stuff organised. Katie snaps that she doesn't think their mum will be too happy when he lands on the doorstep. Jeff points out that Heather has always liked Luke. Katie retorts that she doesn't like his dad, though. Jeff says, "So?" Katie points out that he's going to have something to say about it - he's not going to let Luke just run away to Melbourne; he'll come after him for sure. Jeff explains that he told Luke not to tell his old man where they're living. With a grim expression on her face, Katie tells him that people like Roger Carlyle can always find out what they want...

Sean is holding Fee in the lounge room at Toorak, and as he fusses over the child, he comments that it sure would have been an awful thing if something had happened to her. Fiona says she thinks they should just be very thankful it didn't. Terry snaps that if they hadn't gone sightseeing, it would never have happened in the first place. Fiona curtly tells him that she doesn't think that's the way to look at it. Changing the subject, she asks Jill if she's going to the hospital to see Robin. Jill replies that she'd like to, but she doesn't want to leave Fee. Fiona tells her that she knows she wouldn't let anything happen to her... Jill agrees that she knows, but-- Fiona interrupts and says there are no 'buts' about it. She takes Fee from Sean and says she'll put her in the cot. She asks Terry to come with her and bring the bassinet, and she tells Jill that they'll wait and have dinner when she gets back. When he's alone with Jill, Sean tells her that he'll give her a lift to the hospital. Looking surprised, Jill assures him that there's no need - it's nowehre near his hotel. Sean replies that he realises that, but he'd still like to come to the hospital with her. He then tells her that he did something this morning that maybe he shouldn't have: he took it upon himself to talk to Robin's doctor; he hopes Jill doesn't mind. Jill says she doesn't, and she tells him to go on. Sean tells her that what the doctor had to say should certainly give her something to think about.

A while later, Sean, Jill and Dr. Jackson are walking in the hospital grounds. Jill asks Dr. Jackson if he really thinks there's some hope for Robin. Dr. Jackson tells her that it's possible. Jill asks him why he didn't say anything before. Dr. Jackson explains that they had to wait for Robin's functions to stabilise before they coud tell his condition. Jill asks if he's not as bad as they thought. Dr. Jackson warns her not to raise her hopes: Robin is in a coma, and they still don't know if he'll ever come out of it; but there's a school of thought that says intensive therapy can help brain-damaged patients improve. Jill asks him if he thinks Robin could respond to that. Sean chips in that he might - but it would be very expensive and very time-consuming; some families dedicate their lives to it - or get someone else to do it for them. Jill asks him if he means a physiotherapist. Dr. Jackson explains that that's right. He then continues that, in the next five years, neural tissue transplants could become a reality; if Robin can be kept alive and his body stopped from deteriorating, there's a chance he may regain some degree of normality. Jill, looking more glum, says it all comes down to money, though. Dr. Jackson adds, "And time." Jill sadly tells him that she hasn't got either - she has a baby to bring up. Dr. Jackson says he's sorry. Jill tell him that it's not his fault - it's just unfair. Sean, though, suggests that maybe he can help: he always said he'd do anything to get Fee and Jill to come over to Ireland...

John pours two cups of tea in the kitchen at the Palmers', and he tells Jill that he can see why she's in such a state now. Jill replies that it's an awful decision - she just doesn't know what to do. John tells her that it seems obvious to him: he knows how much she wants to help Robin, but she can't seriously consider Sean's offer. Jill points out that it is a way out. John asks, "For you or Sean?" Jill retorts that she means for her. John tells her that she can't even be sure the treatment for Robin will do any good. Jill retorts that there's a chance, and if she doesn't take it, she could be stopping Robin from having some kind of life. John tells her that she doesn't know that; all he can say for certain is that she'll be playing into Sean's hands if she goes and lives in Ireland. Jill says she'd get something out of it, too: Robin would be getting treatment, she'd be making Sean happy, Fee will never want for anything... and it would be good for her, getting away from some of her hassles there in Australia. John asks, "Like what?" Jill replies that there's Terry, for instance. John remarks that he thought they were getting on, these days. Jill replies that Terry's always going to be there. She asks John if he can imagine what Terry would be like if she ever wants to get married again. John tells her that that's all fine, but the simple fact is that Sean isn't related to Fee; she can't go on living that sort of lie; and what about Fiona? - how will she feel, knowing that Jill and her granddaughter are living on the other side of the world? Jill replies that Sean said he'd pay for Fiona to visit whenever he wants. John asks her if it doesn't worry her, the way Sean is going about this whole business. Jill tells him that she knows Sean is geting what he wants out of it, but she can't blame him. John retorts that Fee isn't his great granddaughter; she seems to be forgetting that; he can only see the whole thing turning into a mountain of trouble for her. Beryl suddenly comes in the back door with a basketful of ironing to do. She looks surprised to see Jill there, and asks her how she is. She replies that she's not too bad. She then adds that, actually, she and John were just thinking of going for a walk to the beach. John, taken aback, says, "Yeah..." They head out, leaving Beryl looking bemused.

As they walk down the front path, Jill says to John that she hopes he doesn't mind - she just wants to keep talking and get things clear in her head. She adds that, here she is, dumping her problems on him, but she really couldn't talk to Fiona while things are still up in the air. John points out that, if she does decide to go overseas, she'll have to tell Fiona - and she'll probably never forgive Jill if she does.

The 'phone rings at Margaret's apartment, and Patricia answers it. Lynn comes on, calling from the Hardy house, and says she'd like to speak to David. There's silence and after a moment, Lynn says, "Patricia?" Patricia replies that she's still there, but she thinks David is asleep. Looking disbelieving, Lynn says she's sure he'd like her to wake him up, knowing that it's her calling. Patricia grimly replies that she's sure he would... She reluctantly calls to David that it's Lynn. She then tells Lynn that he's coming. David emerges from his room and takes the 'phone. He asks Lynn how she is, and she replies that she's fine. He then asks after Kevin and Davey, and she tells him that they're both fine, too. David asks her when he's going to see her and the little one. Lynn explains that that's what she's ringing about: her mum would like to know if he'd like to come to dinner tonight. David asks if he means at her place. Lynn says she does; he can catch up on all the gossip then. David tells her that he'd love to. Lynn suggests he come over a bit after 7pm. David says that's fine, and they hang up. At the Hardys', Lynn says to Davey that that's his granddad organised; now she's just got to work on his grandmother...

Lynn is at the Palmers', and Beryl tells her that it's very nice of her mum, but she's made other plans. Lynn, looking disappointed, says, "What a pity." Beryl points out that there'll be other times. Lynn says she supposes so; she just wanted both of Davey's grandparents to be there. Looking surprised, Beryl asks if David is going too. Lynn says he is. Beryl tells her that it's probably just as well that she can't come, then - she wouldn't want a scene in front of Muriel and Victor. Lynn asks why there'd be a scene. Beryl replies that there are just a few things that David has been up to lately. Lynn asks, "Like what?" Beryl explains that he's been trying to stop her leading her own life, and she won't stand for it. She adds that she understands what Lynn is trying to do, but it's pointless: David and she are starting new lives - he has Margaret and she's going out tonight with a very nice man: Jim O'Brien from next door. Lynn syas she can't be expected to sit and wait for him. Beryl says she wishes David would realise that. She then distantly comments that, if he was to walk through the front door now and tell her that he still loves her and wants to make up for everything, she'd be the happiest woman in the world. Lynn suggests that surely spending one evening in the same room as him wouldn't hurt. Beryl says she thinks not. Lynn pleads with her, and asks her if she can't come for Davey and her. Looking more thoughtful, Beryl says she supposes Jim wouldn't mind... She then tells Lynn that, alright, she'll come. Lynn smiles and says that's great.

At Margaret's apartment, David is cleaning his shoes, and Patricia asks him if he's trying to make a good impression. David tells her that he doesn't want to look like a slob. He adds that it'll be good to see them again - he supposes Davey has grown. Patricia tells him that, according to Lynn he has. David comments that Lynn told her that on the 'phone before, did she? Patricia replies no - it was when Lynn was there at the apartment. Looking surprised, David asks when that was. Patricia, looking 'guilty', tells him that she doesn't want to get involved. David asks her what she's talking about. Patricia 'reluctantly' reveals that Lynn was over there yesterday afternoon. David tells her to go on. Patricia, again 'reluctantly', explains that Lynn said she was going to do her best to get him and Beryl together again. Looking surprised, David asks why Lynn told her. Patricia explains that Lynn wanted her help; she told Lynn that it was none of her business. David comments that it was probably an idea that she and Kevin had in London. Patricia tells him that she wouldn't be at all surprised if Beryl's on the guest-list tonight, too - it could be a bit embarrassing all round. She asks if it's wise to go. David says he reckons he can manage. Patricia, looking vaguely annoyed, points out that, with the possibility of a full-blown argument in front of Lynn and the Hardys... wouldn't it be wiser to put it off for a while? David tells her no: he'll pop in and have a talk to Beryl before dinner; come to some sort of understanding; if they do that, there's no reason why everyone shouldn't enjoy themselves. Patricia looks annoyed.

Beryl is on the 'phone at the Palmers'. She asks Jim if he understands. Jim assures her that of course he does - family comes first. Beryl explains that it's to please Lynn more than anything else. Jim suggests that he pop in for a drink at about 7pm, before she disappears for the evening. Beryl, looking uncertain, says, "Umm...." Jim asks if she's alright. Beryl explains that she was just thinking about how it fits in timewise; it'll be fine. Jim tells her that he'll see her at 7pm. They hang up.

It's nighttime, and, sitting in the lounge room at Toorak with Fiona, Terry growls that he'd like to know where Jill's got to. He adds that she's been acting stupid, seeing that vegetable case in the hospital all the time. Fiona points out that that's her business. Jill suddenly comes into the house, but opens and closes the door very quietly so she isn't heard. As she stands in the hallway, she hears Terry snapping that she's acting half-crazy, spending time with that Sean, and chasing after Robin... Fiona asks him he's in such a bad mood. Terry snaps that he's thinking of Fee: what kind of mother is Jill going to make, acting the way she is? Fiona tells him that Jill is a wonderful mother. She then suggests that he sit down and read the paper or something. Jill goes upstairs.

At the Palmers', Jim tells Beryl that he's been trying to get Mike on the backswing most of the day! Beryl hands him a glass of champagne, as he continues that, once he got him on it, he couldn't get him off it! There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Beryl looks out of the window to see who it is. She tells Jim that it's David. She then goes to answer it and tells him to come in. The two of them head into the lounge room, but David looks annoyed when he sees Beryl's other visitor. He asks her if she's going to the Hardys' tonight. Beryl replies that she is, and she asks, "What about it?" David explains that he thought they should have a word first - he doesn't want to make it unpleasant for everyone, so can they behave themselves for a couple of hours? Beryl says she thinks so. David points out that the last thing they want to do is drag Victor and Muriel in. Beryl curtly tells him that she's not stupid - he doesn't have to explain it to her. David snaps, "Good." He then adds that he hopes she's not going to drag Jim along too. Beryl retorts that, no, he's not coming. She adds, "Happy now?" David snaps, "Yeah." He then goes on that people are going to be doing enough talking without her making more of a fool out of herself. Jim suddenly says, "Now hang on..." David snaps at him to stay out of it. He then asks Beryl if she can't see that Jim is just using her. Looking furious, Beryl orders him to go - she'll see him at the Hardys', where she hopes she can manage to get through the night-- David interrupts her, though, and rants that Jim is only after her money - that's all he's hanging round for-- Beryl suddenly slaps him round the face. She yells at him that he's just killed anything she might have still felt for him. She angrily adds, "Not just go." David tries to say that he didn't mean-- Beryl yells, "Go!" He goes. Beryl leans on the table, and Jim walks over and holds her. He tells her not to let David get to her.

Fiona is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak, reading a magazine. Jill comes into the room, and Fiona comments that she didn't hear her get home. Jill explains that she wanted to check on Fee first. She then tells Fiona that she's come to a decision about Sean: "Fee and I are going to live in Ireland." Fiona looks at her in shock.


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