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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

David arrives back at Margaret's apartment after work, and he smiles as he notices that the dinner table is laid with wine glasses and serviettes. Patricia comes out of her bedroom all dressed up, and David comments that she's trying to butter him up, is she? Patricia asks what he means. David says she's getting him to change his mind about moving out. Patricia, though, curtly tells him that she wasn't expecting him back until tomorrow. David asks what the spread is in aid of, then, and Patricia tells him that Jim O'Brien is coming over to dinner. David angrily snaps that that's great - he thought they were supposed to sit down and sort out their problems about living together. Patricia tells him that they can do that tomorrow; Jim will be there soon. David sarcastically asks if it's alright if he stays long enough to make a sandwich. He adds that he'll try not to cramp her style. Patricia snaps at him that she and Jim are just good friends; he did her a good turn last night, and this is her way of saying 'thankyou'. David asks her if Jim knows she's not interested. Patricia retorts that she doesn't care - he makes her laugh and that's all she's interested in. David snaps that a fat lot of good being in a home has done her - she still can't think of anyone but herself.

Fiona arrives back at Toorak, and as Terry lets her in, she comments that it's nippy out there! Terry asks how everyone is, and she replies that they're fine - it's doing Beryl wonders, having Lynn and little Davey there. Loud laughter suddenly emanates from the lounge room, and Terry snaps, "Listen to them." Fiona tells him to try not to get too upset - if Sean can get Jill laughing, he's alright in her book. Terry snaps that Sean has been dropping hints all afternoon about Jill going back to Ireland. Fiona warns him that, the more song and dance he makes about it, the more likely Jill is to take Sean's side. She heads into the lounge room to the peels of more laughter, saying, "Alright, alright!" Terry goes upstairs.

Jeff is lying upside down again on the gym equipment in the O'Briens' lounge room. Mike is sitting on the couch looking at the TV guide, and Jeff asks him if there's anything on. Mike says there isn't - it looks like he'll have to help Heather with the dishes! He heads to the kitchen. Katie comes in, holding an envelope, and she teases Jeff that she's got something he might be interested in. As she waves it in front of him, she adds that it's got a Perth postmark. Jeff snaps at her to let him him see who it's from. He grabs it, lifts himself down from the gym equipment and starts opening it. Katie, though, tells him that she can guess who it's from: Luke Carlyle. Jeff tells her to be quiet. Katie assures him that it's alright - she's not an idiot; why does he think she didn't give it to him while their dad was in the room? Jeff reads the note that's inside and she asks if she was right. Jeff just says, "Yes." Katie then asks what Luke wants. Jeff replies that he's after some money. Katie exclaims that he's rolling in it, but Jeff tells her that he says he just had a big fight with his dad, and his allowance has been cut off - and he wants to come to Melbourne. Katie asks her brother if Luke is after him to pay for the ticket. Jeff retorts that it'll only be a loan. Katie asks where he'll get it from - their dad? She adds that he hasn't got any money of his own. Jeff replies that he'll tell his father he needs it for something else. Katie snaps that he'll lie to him. Jeff snaps back that she can talk: what about the time she told their dad that she needed to help Andy out? Katie retorts that that was different - she need that money to help Uncle Jim. Jeff snaps back that it's not so different if you ask him.

At Margaret's apartment, Patricia clears away Jim's plate following the starter. Jim puts his arm round her as she does so, and tells her, "Not too quickly!" Patricia quickly pulls away and tells him that they'll never get through dinner! Jim asks who cares! Patricia retorts that she does - she spent the whole afternoon getting it ready. Jim looks surprised.

Later that evening, Patricia asks Jim if he wants more coffee. Jim tells her that he doesn't. He then adds that, in fact, he's feeling a bit lonely, him on one side of the table and her on the other. Patricia suggests that they could go and sit on the couch. The two of them stand up, and as they go to make themselves comfy, Jim asks if it's piece of chocolate that he can see on her earlobe! He goes to move in again, but Patricia quickly fobs him off. They sit down. As they do so, Jim tells Patricia that she's a very tense lady at times. Patricia retorts that she's just a lady. Jim suddenly leans in to kiss her, but Patricia snaps at him, "Don't," and she pushes him away, looking repulsed. Jim, looking surprised, asks what the matter is. Patricia retorts, "Nothing." Jim says he thought the idea was for them to get to know each other a bit better. Patricia replies that it was, but getting groped and slobbered on by some heavy-breathing yahoo isn't her idea of it. Jim stands up and comments that it looks like he's outstayed his welcome. Patricia tells him that she's sorry - she didn't express herself very well. Jim assures her that the message came across loud and clear. He thanks her for the meal and goes. Patricia sighs and looks annoyed with herself.

At the O'Briens', Katie is working on her computer in the lounge room while Jeff sits and tells his father that his track times are improving; the coach is really pleased. Mike tells his son that so is he. Jeff then continues that the trouble is that his gear is starting to wear out. Mike replies that, when he needs some more, let him know and he'll give him the money. Jeff tells him that he could do with some now, actually. Mike asks him how much he needs: $10?; $15? Looking slightly awkward, Jeff says he knows it's a lot, but he needs $100. A look of shock on his face, Mike asks him what on earth he needs that much for. Katie looks at her brother sharply as he explains that he needs track shoes, blocks...; he can provide a whole list if Mike likes. Mike, though, assures him that it isn't necessary. He adds that he knows the athletics gear is important; he may be able to get the rest in a while, but he can only stretch to $50 at the moment. Jeff reluctantly says he supposes it'll have to do. Mike goes to get the money from his wallet in the kitchen. Katie glares at her brother.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Sean cheerily comments that it's time that he got back to his motel. Fiona anxiously asks him if he should drive, but Sean assures her that it takes more than a couple of glasses of wine during dinner to get him drunk. Jill says she's sure he had more than a couple! Fiona tells Sean that there's a spare room there, and Jill points out to him that he'd hate to run into the Booze Bus. Sean agrees that he might have a lie-down for a couple of hours. Fiona tells him that if he's still there in the morning, they could make an earlier start on sightseeing. Terry, who's sitting next to Fiona, looking sullen, chips in that, talking of that, it's going to be a long day tomorrow; Fee has still got the last of her cold, so he doesn't mind staying home to look after her. Jill curtly tells him that she's sure it'll be fine by the morning. Fiona adds that, if the worst comes to the worst, she's sure Beryl can mind her. Terry says it's not fair to ask, but Fiona retorts that of course it is - she'll love it. Sean stands up and suggests to Terry that he show him to the bedroom. Terry grunts, "Sure," and tells him to follow him. Sean says goodnight to everyone and he and Terry leave the room; Jill watches them go. Fiona tells her that Terry is coming with them tomorrow and she's going to make sure he relaxes and enjoys Sean's company if it kills her!

David arrives back at Margaret's apartment, coughing deliberately and loudly! Patricia tells him that he shouldn't bother making all that nosie - he's not interrupting anything. David asks her if her visitor has gone already. Patricia tells him that he has. She then adds that David shouldn't bother looking smug. David says, "Too much of a handful, was he?" Patricia snaps at him that she's beginning to think he's right - it's hopeless them both under one roof. David retorts that he's glad to see they agree on something. Patricia continues that, first thing tomorrow, she'll move out and find somewhere else to live. Upon hearing that, David quickly tells her to hang on - he told Margaret that he'd make sure she has it easy for a while. Patricia snaps that there's nothing easy about this. David tells her that he couldn't face Margaret if he thought he'd forced her out; if anyone moves, he will. Patricia snaps, "Suit yourself."

Sean comes downstairs at Toorak and joins Jill, who's on her own in the lounge room. He tells her that he thinks he's alright to drive now. Jill smiles and says, "Good!" Sean sits down and asks her if something's troubling her. Jill replies that she's just thinking. Sean asks if it's about coming back to Ireland, by any chance. Jill tells him that it isn't. Sean asks if it's something to do with Robin Elliott, then; she's mentioned him a couple of times and Fiona filled in the details... He adds that there's no reason to feel tied down. Jill cries that he doesn't understand. Sean says he knows she feels close to him on account of Fee, but it's not as though they were married - or that she was even friends with him for very long. Jill, though, retorts that if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't be where he is now. Sean asks her if Robin would want her throwing her life away sitting in a hospital room, day after day. Jill insists that she knows it makes a difference if she's there. Changing the subject, she tells Sean that it's really nice having him around - she doesn't know how she would have coped without him. Sean says he's glad he could help. He gets up, kisses her and tells her that he'll see her in the morning. He then heads out, pausing in the hallway for a moment, looking thoughtful, before opening the door.

The next morning, Patricia comes out of her bedroom at Margaret's apartment, yawning as she does so. She heads towards the kitchen area, but as she does so, she notices something on the table. It's a note from David:

Gone flathunting. If John calls tell him I want to see him. D.

There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Patricia calls out, "Who is it?" Lynn calls back that it's her. Looking surprised, Patricia goes to let her in. As she opens the door, she tells Lynn that she's the last person she was expecting to see. She then adds that David has gone out. Lynn tells her that it was her she wanted to see, actually. Patricia invites her in. Lynn tells her that she can't stay long - she just wanted to let her know why she came back to Melbourne.

A short time later, the two of them are sitting down with cups of coffee, and Patricia asks Lynn if she really thinks she can change things. Lynn explains that she promised Kevin that she'd try; even if she could just get them talking again, it would be a start. Patricia asks her if she doesn't imagine other people have tried. Lynn replies that of course she does - but she thinks having Davey with her will help. Patricia asks if the child is Lynn's secret weapon. Lynn explains that they both love him - she thought he might be able to bring them back together again. Patricia wishes her the best of luck. Looking surprised, Lynn comments that she didn't expect Patricia to be on her side. Patricia asks her why she's there, telling her what she's going to do, then. Lynn explains that she thought that, if she was completely open about it, there was less chance of her trying to mess things up for her. Patricia curtly retorts, "Oh did you...?" She then assures Lynn that she has nothing to fear from her - she just doesn't think it'll work, that's all. Lynn, though, replies that she thinks it might: she talked to Beryl last night: she's still in love with David - and John practically admitted that David feels the same about her; so if she can just get them together, they might start waking up to themselves. Patricia tells Lynn that she's welcome to give it a try - not that she thinks it'll work - but she's buying right out; she doesn't want to see Margaret get hurt - and if David and Beryl aren't finished yet, it's better it the whole thing is sorted out before Margaret gets in deeper. Lynn thanks her. Patricia tells her that she should be grateful to her for being so honest; she might have made a terrible mistake if Lynn had left her in the dark...

At the Palmers', Beryl is on the 'phone to Fiona, and she tells her that she'd love to babysit Fee, but she's got a meeting with one of the trustees of the charity this afternoon. She then adds, though, that Heather might do it. Looking awkward, Fiona says she'd hate to ask someone she doess't know. Beryl assures her that Heather adores Fee. Fiona says that, if she's sure... Beryl tells her to leave it to her.

A few minutes later, Beryl is next door, but Jeff tells her that he's sorry - Heather's out. Beryl asks if she'll be back soon. Jeff replies, "Not for a while." Beryl asks where Katie is. Jeff replies that she's with Heather. He asks if he can take a message, but Beryl declines, saying it would be too late - she's looking for a babysitter. Sensing an opportunity, Jeff eagerly asks if they're paying. Beryl replies that they'll probably have to, now. Jeff tells her that he'll look after the kid - for the right price. Beryl declines, though, pointing out that Fee is a very young baby. Jeff reminds her that he and Fee got on like a house on fire while she was over at their place. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Jeff tells her to think about it while he gets it. Jim answers the call, though, and so when Jeff returns to the door, he asks Beryl if she's decided. Beryl tells him that she can't promise him anything; the final decision is up to Fiona and Jill. Jeff asks what the address is.

On the 'phone, Patricia tells Jim that she feels awful about last night, and wants to explain. Jim asks why the change of heart. Patricia explains that she had a conversation this moring that made her realise that she needs a friend like him. She asks if he can come over. Jim tells her that he can, but it'll have to be soon. Patricia tells him that she'll see him. Jim hangs up. Jeff immediately asks for a favour: he needs a lift to South Yarra. Jim tells him that he's in luck - he's headed that way himself.

A while later, Jeff is standing in the hallway at Toorak with Fiona, Jill and Fee. Sean comes downstairs and snaps that Jeff is too young. Jill, though, tells him that she's seen Jeff with Fee before - he's a natural. Fiona says it's all settled, then. Jeff asks if he's got the job. Fiona asks how $25 sounds. Jeff replies that $30 sounds better! Fiona tells him that she's not paying that. Sean, though, tells her that he'll pay; $30 is hardly anything. Jeff tells them that they can go out without a worry in the world. Jill says she'll tell Terry that they're ready.

At Margaret's apartment, Patricia tells Jim that, to be perfectly honest, she's not in the market for deep commitment at the moment: she's just come out of hospital and it's only a matter of months since her marriage finished, and, well - she's finally made a promise to herself not to keep going through the same old routine. Jim comments, "Once bitten..." Patricia exclaims that it's not just once; she's lost count! She then continues that she's not expecting to be let completely off the hook - she was using him; she needed someone she could talk to - who was fun to be with; have fun with... Jim comments, "No strings attached?" He then adds that it's not a crime to want a bit of company. Patricia explains that she realised he wanted something more; she wanted to have her cake and eat it - she's sorry she led him on. Jim asks her if she isn't being rough on herself. He points out that, if he'd had his eyes open, he would have realised that he's not in the running at all - so all square, eh? Patricia smiles and says, "Yes." She then more glumly adds that she's probably wrecked his chances with Beryl Palmer in the process. Looking surprised, Jim explains that he and Beryl really are just good friends. Patricia smiles and Jim asks what the matter is. Patricia replies that it's none of her business, but as she understands it, Beryl regards him as a lot more than a friend. Jim asks if Heather told her that. Patricia, though, replies that it was something David said. Looking puzzled, Jim says he thinks he's got a right to know if it concerns him. Patricia tells him that, apparently, David and Beryl had a row - and it ended with her giving him the brush off and telling him that she'd found somebody else. Looking shocked, Jim says, "Me?" He then adds that he can't believe it; sure, Heather told him that she thought Beryl was getting involved, but he never thought... Patricia tells him that maybe it's best he knows. Jim replies that he's very fond of the old Beryl...

Fee is lying on a rug in the lounge room at Toorak. Jeff goes to pick her up, saying to her as he does so that she needs a new nappy! He then adds that it's lucky he asked for the extra money! As he lifts her up, the rug comes up in his hands as well. He carries her out of the room, but as he does so, the rug drops back out of his hands and onto an electric heater - which is switched on - in the middle of the floor. The rug immediately begins to smoulder...

The 'phone rings at the Palmer house just as Beryl gets in, and she dashes to answer it. Patricia comes on and says it's her. Beryl looks at the 'phone in surprise. Patricia tells her that she's sorry to trouble her, but she thinks there's something they need to discuss. Beryl says she doubts it. Patricia explains that it's about Jim O'Brien. Beryl asks, "What about him?" Patricia says she gathers he's taken rather a fancy to Beryl - and to her. Looking shocked, Beryl says, "What?" Patricia tells her that she thought the news might upset her - but she wanted to reassure her that she's not in the race; Jim has been very good to her, taking her out a couple of times, but that's all there is to it. Beryl tells her that she doesn't know what she's talking about. Patricia continues that she realises it's very painful for her. Beryl insists that it isn't - she and Jim are just acquaintances. Patricia goes on that she wouldn't have said anything herself, but Jim brought it up. Beryl asks what he's been saying. Patricia assures her that it's nothing embarrassing - but he did give her the impression that he feels strongly about Beryl - and he must have said something similar to David because they've had a couple of very close shaves - ending with David telling Jim not to go anywhere near Beryl. She adds that Beryl can asks Jim if she doesn't believe her. Beryl assures her that she will. Patricia tells her that she's not trying to meddle; believe her - she made a promise to herself when she came out of hospital; she just wants to set the record straight...

Jeff opens the front door at Toorak to find Katie standing there. Looking surprised, he asks her what she's doing there. She explains that she bumped into Mrs. Palmer on the way home; when she heard what he was up to, she thought she'd better come round. Jeff indignantly assures her that he's managing alright. Katie walks into the house, closes the door and asks what the funny smell is. Jeff replies that he's changed Fee's nappy. Katie, though, tells him that it smells like smoke. Jeff assures her that she's imagining things, but Katie walks into the lounge room and sees the charred rug lying on the floor. Looking shocked, she asks what happened. Jeff reluctantly explains that he was changing Fee in the nursery when he realised something was wrong; he rushed down and the rug was on fire - he must have dropped it on the heater. Katie asks him what he's going to do when the others find out. Jeff explains that he's worked out what he's going to tell them: he's going to tell them that Fee kicked the blanket onto the heater and that if he hadn't been there to save the day, the whole house could have burnt down - Fee and all. Katie, looking shocked, tells her brother that he's disgusting. Jeff retorts that Fee is alright, and if her doddery old granddad gives him a reward for saving her life, think how quickly he'll be able to save up for Luke to come to Melbourne. Katie snaps at him that he's going to steal from some old man. Jeff, though, retorts that Sean is loaded. He adds that it's for a good cause, and he doesn't care what she thinks.

David gets in to Margaret's apartment, and Patricia asks him if he found anywhere. He replies that there were a few possibles. Patricia suddenly tells him that she doesn't think either of them should move out. David retorts that he does. Patricia tells him that she can't blame him for thinking that - especially after the way she's been behaving - but she's been worried sick all morning. David snaps that it's a bit late now. Patricia, though, insists that it isn't: last night, he mentioned something about an obligation to Margaret - and he's right; they both have; they've got to put her happiness first - so she's made a decison to make an effort to be less selfish and get along with him - or they're going to let Margaret down very badly.

Beryl is vacuuming the lounge room at the Palmers' when there's a knock at the door. She goes to answer it and finds Jim standing there. He says to her that, if she's got time, he thinks they ought to talk. Looking surprised, Beryl says, "Of course." She invites him in, and they head into the lounge room. She tells him that she'll make him a cup of tea, but Jim quickly replies that he's not there for a chat. He tells her that he thinks it's time they laid their cards on the table - about their real feelings.


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