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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

At Margaret's apartment, Margaret is holding the 'phone to her ear; there's the sound of the 'phone at the other end ringing, but no one is answering. Meanwhile, David is hanging a picture, and Margaret is guiding him to make sure it's straight. David asks if Patricia isn't answering, and Margaret replies that she isn't. She then adds that she should be back by now. David asks if it matters. Margaret explains that she just wanted to make sure she's alright. She hangs up. Changing the subject, she suggests that they start packing; she's got a suitcase that will be OK for the pair of them. David asks her if she's been in a light 'plane before. Margaret replies that she's only been in one - and she was as sick as a dog! David tells her that this is his first time and he can't wait!

Amanda is sitting in the corridor at the hospital in Melbourne when Wayne comes along. She asks how Patricia is, and Wayne replies that they've taken her to the X-Ray department. Amanda remarks that she was obviously in terrible pain. Wayne asks her if she got on to Margaret. Amanda tells him that she didn't try - the last thing they need is anyone adding to the confusion. Wayne says he wonders why Patricia was so keen that they get Margaret there. Amanda glumly points out that it's probably so that she can kick up a huge stink over what he did to her. Looking shocked, Wayne says to Amanda that surely she doesn't think he pushed Patricia? Amanda tells him that she saw the mood he was in. Wayne retorts that it was an accident: Patricia pulled away from him; she fell. He tells Amanda that he needs her to back him up; what he's saying is the truth. Amanda looks at him and then says she's going to get a coffee. She asks Wayne if he wants one, but he declines. Amanda walks off. Wayne stares at her as she goes.

In Jill's room at Woombai hospital, Stephen is looking at baby Fiona, and Jill tells him that she's doing very well. Stephen says to the child, "Are you getting stronger every day, Fiona?" Jill comments that it's going to be a problem having two Fionas, so she thought she might call her daughter 'Fee' - it's better than 'Little Fiona'! Stephen says he likes it. He then adds that he can't imagine calling Fiona Thompson 'Big Fiona'! Jill grins broadly, but then, clutching her belly, tells Stephen not to make her laugh as she's still sore! Looking serious, suddenly, Stephen says he's still thinking about how upset Amanda must have been to lose her baby. Jill asks him if he's been in touch with her. Stephen tells her that, until they've got Margaret on-side, he can't take the risk; if they catch Patricia out, it'll be a different matter - they can all get on with their normal lives. Suddenly realising how maudlin he's being, he tells Jill that he's sorry to keep on about it. Jill assures him that she doesn't mind. Stephen continues that, when Margaret gets there, he thinks he'll keep well out of it - he's had enough intrigue to last a lifetime! Jill tells him that, if he wants somewhere to hide, the nurses are very flexible about visiting hours!

Wayne and Amanda are still sitting in the corridor at the hospital in Melbourne, and Wayne says he wishes he'd had a coffee now. Amanda doesn't respond. As they sit there, Patricia suddenly comes out through a nearby door, her arm in a sling. Amanda starts to say to her, "Is your arm...?" Patricia replies, "Broken? Yes." Wayne asks if the doctors are letting her go. Patricia curtly replies that they are; they've tortured her enough; she'd like to talk to Margaret and then go home and crash. Amanda tells her that Margaret isn't there - they couldn't get hold of her; she'd probably already left for the airport. Patricia, looking annoyed, says she wouldn't have gone yet. She then snaps that they didn't even try ringing her. Wayne says they can discuss it at home. Patricia retorts that, yes, they can - and one or two other things, as well. Wayne tells her that he'll drive her. Patricia, though, snaps that she'll get a cab - it's safer. She walks off.

A while later, at Toorak, Wayne calls to Amanda, who's upstairs, to ask if Patricia is in her room. Amanda replies that she can't find her anywhere. Wayne snaps, "Damn. Where's she got to?" Amanda suggests that maybe the cab is caught in traffic. Wayne suggests that maybe she's gone via Margaret's, just in case. He then continues that he just wants to get the row over and done with. Amanda comes downstairs and tells him that she's sorry about being so uptight at the hospital; it's just... Wayne asks, "What?" Amanda tells him that she doesn't like watching him and Patricia at each other's throats - and as soon as Patricia walks in the door, they're going to have another shouting match; she doesn't know if she can handle it, anymore. They go into the lounge room and sit down. Wayne asks her if she's saying that because she believes Patricia's side of it. Amanda replies that she thought at first that he pushed her, but if he says he didn't, she believes him - although Patricia is going to have a good go at making it look bad for him; for both of them. Wayne glumly agrees that that's probably true. He then continues that he doesn't know what she wants: he's seen her go funny before and he reckons she's heading in the same direction. Amanda asks him if he means the knock on the head. Wayne tells her that, another time when Patricia thought everyone had ganged up on her, she dropped her bundle and started hitting out in all directions. Amanda says she doesn't think she can face her if she's going to start acting paranoid. A distant look suddenly comes over Wayne's face, and Amanda asks him what he's thinking. Wayne replies that her idea of selling-up the estate... Amanda asks him if he thinks they can make a go of it. Wayne tells her that, by tomorrow, he reckons he could come up with $10,000 in cash - but it means cutting off from everybody, including her father. Looking excited, Amanda says she doesn't care. Wayne continues that, after that, Patricia can say what she likes; what does it matter what she says if no one can find them? Amanda hugs him and says, "Let's do it - please?" Wayne tells her that they're in 'this deep'; what have they got to lose?

David is driving himself and Margaret to the airstrip, and as they travel along, Margaret remarks that it's hard to believe that they'll be in Woombai in a few hours. David says it'll be good to see the place again. Margaret asks if he remembers that, when she was looking after him, he talked about wanting to own a place up there in the future. David replies that he used to think about that quite a bit: a small farm, a few animals... chooks... farmer Palmer! Margaret asks him why he doesn't look around while they're up there. David replies that there's no point - it's all a dream. Margaret points out that it needn't be. David replies that it is. Margaret asks him if he means it's a dream because he couldn't let her use her money to make it happen. David tells her that money was the starting point for the trouble with Beryl; he's always paid his own way and he always will. Margaret suggests they go 50/50, then - he can sell his truck and use the money to pay half the deposit; she'll pay the other half - and once he gets the farm going they can meet the payments equally. She adds that it's just a suggestion, and she tells him to think about it. David says, "Alright...!"

Katie is sitting in the lounge room at the O'Briens', programming her computer, when Jeff comes in. The computer suddenly beeps at her, and she snaps at it to shut up! Jeff asks how the game is coming along. Katie replies that she's getting there but it's still a bit rough. Jeff then asks if Andy has been in. Katie says he hasn't, and she asks why the question. Jeff explains that he asked him to pick him up a cheap guitar! Katie, looking incredulous, says that surely he's not going to learn to play?! Jeff retorts that she'll be sorry when he's rich and famous. Katie tells him that she'll be too old to care by the time that happens! Jeff suggests that, maybe by then, she'll have decided who she's more interested in: Andy or John. Katie tells him that she can't help it if she can't decide who she likes best. Jeff tells her to ask the computer! There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Jeff calls out that it's open. Andy walks in, carrying a guitar. He hands it to Jeff and tells him that he found it for $10 in a music shop; he's tuned it for him, too. Jeff takes it eagerly and tries to strum some notes. Hearing the racket that emanates, Andy shows him how to play a chord! Looking delighted, Jeff sits down and starts picking out further notes. Looking at Katie, Andy remarks to her that she seems to be OK on the computer. Katie asks why shouldn't she be? Andy points out that, the other day, she was acting all dumb. Katie tells him that sometimes it pays - she had him and John fooling all over her, didn't she? Andy wryly says, "I see..." Changing the subject, he asks her how she'd like to come and see some bands tonight; he then looks at Jeff and adds that he can come, too. Katie asks what about John? Andy replies that he's not too keen; he's got a lot on his mind. Jeff asks Andy if it's true that John's old man moved out. Andy says it is. Katie says she hopes John is OK.

There's a knock on the front door at the Palmers'. John is sitting in an armchair in the lounge room, staring into space, and he doesn't move. The knocking is repeated, and John gives up and, after standing up slowly, he walks to the door and opens it. Katie is standing on the step, grinning at him broadly. John just glumly says, "Hello". Katie remarks that that's some welcome. She then continues that she was going to invite him for afternoon tea. John tells her that he's not up to it. Katie replies that she thought he might say that, so... She produces a plate with some cake on it from behind her back. John tells her that he's not hungry. Katie replies that she's brought two pieces... Looking resigned, John says she'd better come in. They head into the lounge room and sit down. Katie tells John that, if he wants to tell her to mind her own business, that's fine, but she knows what's bugging him: her parents split up a couple of years back; her dad was in business with his brother in Perth - they were builders; he worked hard to keep the business going and it got so they hardly ever saw him. John asks her how her mother managed. Katie replies that she tried to be understanding but it was pointless - her father was working twelve hours a day and she could see the whole family collapsing. John asks if she cleared off. Katie replies that she did, but only as a last resort, and she took her and Jeff with her; she brought them both up by herself. John asks her how long they were with her. Katie replies that it was two years. John then asks how Heather and Mike got back together. Katie explains that the building industry went bad; her dad's firm hit rock bottom; he told her and she told her mum; her mum gave up what she was doing, swallowed her pride and went to work for him; they slogged their guts out until they finally realised that it was a losing battle; her dad told her uncle that he was pulling out of the business. John says he bets he was popular... Katie agrees that he was as popular as a hole in the head - but her father finally realised that family came first. John sadly says he can't see that happening to his mum and dad. Katie points out that he can't be sure. John tells her that his parents' break-up is a bit messier than that. Katie asks what he's doing sitting round the house being miserable. John says he doesn't know; has she got any suggestions? Katie asks him what he's doing tonight - she, Jeff and Andy are going out to see some bands; does he want to be in it? John smiles and asks why not?!

A short time later, at the O'Briens', Jeff strums some chords on his guitar while Katie tells him that John just looks so down. Jeff continues the strummming and Katie snaps that he's not listening. Jeff tells her that John is in a bad way - there's no need to keep going on about it. He then continues, though, that at least he knows one thing: out of John and Andy, he knows which one she's hooked on - she never could resist a guy with problems. Katie says that may be, but John really needs someone that he can open up to, and she'd like to help. Jeff jokes, "Florence Nightingale to the rescue!"

Later, that evening, Katie stands aghast in the kitchen at the Palmers' as she looks at all the rubbish strewn about. John sheepishly tells her that they're going to have a good clean-up in the morning. Katie asks where Andy is, and John replies that he's just got out of the shower; he's really keyed-up about tonight. Jeff asks if he's going to be playing 'talent scout', and John says he is. Katie asks what they mean, and Jeff explains that one of the bands they're seeing is breaking up. John adds that Andy is going to find out if they're interested in setting-up with him. Katie comments that Andy was pretty upset when his old mob replaced him. John tells her that it couldn't have happened at a worse time - it was just after his mum died; and since then, he's had a bust-up with his girlfriend... he hasn't had a very good run. Katie says she didn't realise. Jeff tells John that he's done it now: his sister doesn't know which way to turn! Katie glares at him!

In the lounge room at Toorak, Amanda asks Wayne how they're going to get away without Patricia working out what's going on. Wayne tells her that Patricia has a lunch appointment tomorrow; if they start packing the moment she leaves they can be on the road by the time she gets back. Out in the hallway, Patricia comes downstairs. She pauses outside the lounge room momentarily and then goes in. As Wayne and Amanda stop talking, she curtly tells them not to let her interrupt. Amanda asks her how her arm is. Patricia snaps that it's terrible. Wayne tells her that she should be lying down. Patricia says she'll do that later - she's got something to show them first. She hands Wayne a piece of paper and Amanda asks what it is. Patricia explains that it's short but to the point: it describes the swindle that she and Wayne have been up to; she's lodged a copy with her solicitor with instructions to open if it anything should happen to her. Wayne snaps, "Like what?" Patricia tells him that she's already got one arm in plaster to prove that she's not safe with him around. Wayne snaps at her not to be ridiculous. He then adds that, even if it's true, what she should be worried about is the type of person she's turned into - no one can stand the sight of her. Patricia retorts that Margaret is still on her side. Wayne tells her that she won't be for much longer; by the time Gordon has brought her up-to-date, she won't have a bar of her, either. Patricia glares at him and walks out.

The 'phone rings at the riding school and Stephen answers it. Patricia comes on and snaps that she wants to talk to Margaret. Stephen curtly replies that she's busy. Patricia angrily retorts that she doesn't care - she wants to talk to her. Stephen tells her that he'll let her know she rang. Patricia snaps that she wants to know what Gordon has been telling her. Stephen replies that he's just been giving her the facts. Patricia, growing increasingly furious, snaps at him to get Margaret for her. Stephen cooly tells her that she best thing she can do now is leave everything alone. He hangs up. Patricia slams the 'phone down in anger.

In the lounge room at Woombai, Margaret says she can't believe it. Gordon asks her if she seriously believes he'd make it up. Margaret assures him that of course she doesn't. Gordon points out that Patricia's track recond should convince her. Margaret, looking sad, says, "It's just so... everything she did was to hang on to Stephen; she does love him." Gordon points out that there's not much excuse for what she put Amanda through. Margaret sighs. She then says that Patricia was the one who always wanted to get her own way - even when she was little. Gordon says he doubts she'll change. He asks Margaret if she would be prepared to use her influence with Patricia to get her off Wayne and Amanda's back. Margaret agrees that of course she will. She then adds, though, that she's not going to dump her - she's her sister and she feels sorry for her, even now. Gordon tells her that it's up to her. Margaret adds that there's one thing: could be please not let David know what she's doing? Gordon says he thinks they can agree to that. Margaret thanks him.

David and Fiona walk round the corner in the corridor at the hospital at Woombai. They're talking, but David is asking Fiona if they can get off the subject. Fiona replies that she doesn't want to go on about it, but the moment he moves in with Margaret-- David interrupts and retorts that Beryl wouldn't give an inch; she forced him out of the house. Fiona sarcastically says, "And there was little Margaret, ready and waiting." David tells her that she's got it all wrong. Fiona snaps that Margaret is just like Patricia. David retorts that she's the opposite: she even tried to talk things over with Beryl; she came over and tried to put things right. Looking incredulous, Fiona tells him that that's the oldest trick in the book. David retorts that they're not going to agree, so can they drop it? As they stop by a door, he adds that he doesn't want to drag Jill into it. They go into Jill's room, and David smiles at her. He asks how the little one is, and Jill tells him to see for himself. David goes and coos over baby Fee. Jill and Fiona look at each other. Fiona shrugs.

The next day, at Toorak, Amanda carries a packed suitcase downstairs. As she does so, though, she hears keys turning in the front door, and a look of worry crosses her face. The door opens and Wayne comes in. Amanda, looking relieved, tells him that she thought he was Patricia. She asks him if he got the money. Wayne replies that he had a few hassles getting such a lot in cash, but they're all set now. He asks if there's anything more upstairs, but Amanda says she's got everything. She then asks if she could call her dad before they leave. Wayne, though, tells her that there's no time - they have to drop right out of sight. Amanda sadly says she knows. Wayne assures her that it's tough on him, too - he'd like to ring Gordon or Rosie, but he can't. Amanda suggests that they go, then. Wayne tells her that, from now on, things can only look up. He pins a sheet of paper to the inside of the front door and comments to Amanda that his only regret is not being around to see the look on Patricia's face when she realises that they've disappeared. They go.

In the lounge room at Woombai, Gordon is putting his shoes on when Stephen comes in and asks him if he's heading off so that he won't be near the 'phone. Gordon says, "No." Stephen explains that he thought the 'phone might be running hot if Margaret had been to see Patricia. Gordon tells him that the 'plane wouldn't have landed yet. Stephen comments that he thought they took off first thing this morning - David and Margaret left the guest house straight after breakfast. Gordon explains that they were making a trip round the district; they were looking at farms on the market. Stephen remarks that that's quick. Gordon says he just hopes they're going into it with their eyes open. Stephen asks if they're serious, and Gordon replies that they're well and truly bitten by the farming bug. The 'phone suddenly rings and Gordon answers it. A guy called Tom Casey comes on, and Gordon asks him what he can do for him. Tom explains that he's calling about the 'plane that Gordon chartered to Melbourne this morning. Gordon says, "Yes?" Tom says he's afraid there's been some trouble...

Patricia arrives back at Toorak. As she closes the front door, she notices the note pinned to it. She takes it down, unfolds the sheet of paper and reads:

Dear Mother, Amanda and I have had enough. You won't be able to squeeze any more money out of us because you'll never be able to track us down. You're not going to use us to get your own way anymore. Goodbye - and good luck.

A look of fury crosses Patricia's face, and she scrunches up the paper and throws it down on the floor. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and she goes and answers it, just snapping, "Yes?" STD pips sound and Gordon then comes on and says it's him. Patricia angrily asks him what he wants - is he ringing to gloat about the fact that he lied his head off about her? Gordon ignores this and calmly tells her that it's important: he's got bad news for her - there's been an accident. Patricia, suddenly looking worried, murmurs, "Not Margaret...?" Gordon tells her, "Yes. I'm sorry." Patricia looks horrified.


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