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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Margaret arrives back home, carrying a number of parcels, and as she and Patricia stand outside the door to her apartment, she thanks her sister for helping her with the shopping. Patricia asks her if she's sure she won't change her mind, but Margaret replies that she really doesn't feel like going out tonight - she'd spend the whole time wondering what was going on between Beryl and David. Patricia points out that it could take her mind off it, but Margaret tells her that it won't. She then admits that she's got to face the fact that Beryl is probably going to put up a fight for David, but she just wants to be there in case he gets in touch. Patricia offers to stay, but Margaret says she'd rather be there by herself. Patricia hands her the parcel that she's carrying. Margaret tells her that it's nice to know she's there. They kiss goodbye and Margaret heads inside. Patricia stands in the corridor for a moment, looking thoughtful, and then walks off. In the apartment, Margaret drops her parcels onto one of the chairs and sighs heavily. David suddenly remarks from behind her that that was a big sigh. Margaret turns and looks at him in surprise, and he says, "G'day!" He then walks over to her and they hug and kiss happily. David asks her if she's alright. As she starts crying, she nods. They kiss again.

Rosie, Doug, John and Andy are sitting at the kitchen table at the Palmers'. Doug stands up and says he might see what's on tele; he leaves the room. John tells Rosie that he and Andy will do the dishes. Rosie decides to take Doug a cup of tea, She picks up the cup and follows her husband into the lounge room, closing the kitchen doors behind her as she does so. The TV is playing loudly, and she asks Doug if there's anything worth watching. Doug tells her that he's only just whipped it out. In the kitchen, Andy says he thinks he'd better go after they've finished there, as he feels as if he's in the way. John tells him, though, that the fact that he's not one of the family is stopping Doug from talking about it all the time. Andy comments to John that he must be feeling pretty rotten. John replies that he doesn't know how he feels; he can't believe they actually split up; they had a bit of trouble a couple of years back but that seemed to make them closer - he just can't see David happy with another woman; he and Beryl were really good friends - it all seems crazy. Looking wistful, Andy says he supppses it happens like that: someone comes along and nothing else seems to matter - he can understand a marriage spliltting up if you feel so strongly about someone else. John points out that, after twenty years... Andy replies that, if you love someone...

David tells Margaret that he can't get through to Doug that if he and Beryl stayed together, it wouldn't work anymore - they'd end up hating each other. Margaret remarks that it can't be easy for Doug - and at his age. She continues that, one thing she's learnt is that you can't live your lives to please other people; she did that with her parents and look how she ended up: she thought she was going to be alone for the rest of her life. David tells her that that's all changed now. He goes to kiss her, but Tony suddenly comes in and clears his throat loudly. He tells David and Margaret that he's going out and he'll see them later. He leaves. Margaret says to David that he was embarrassed. David agrees that he hasn't taken it too well. Changing the subject, Margaret offers him a snack. David says he wouldn't mind. He then continues that this all came as a shock to Tony - his own family life was in a mess and he thought that he and Beryl was what it was all about; he looked up to them; he guesses he's wondering if it works out right for anyone. Margaret remarks to David that he's very fond of Tony. David agrees that he is - he's a good kid; he wouldn't like to-- Margaret interrupts and says, "Lose his respect?" David asks if that sounds silly. Margaret replies that of course it doesn't. David tells her that he's not going to let it get him down - and especially not tonight. Margaret says she still can't believe he's actually there! David assures her that he's there alright - and he's going to stay. They kiss.

The next morning, Fiona walks into the lounge room at Woombai and tells Barbara, who's sitting reading the newspaper, that she thought she'd take Jill a little jar of honey from that young guy down on Wellington Road. Barbara smiles and comments that it's better than the hospital jam, eh?! Gordon comes in and tells the two women that Stephen got through to the bank. Fiona asks what they said. Gordon replies that it was as she suspected: Wayne's signature was on the cheque that Patricia paid into her and Stephen's account. Barbara comments that that means that Patricia does have a hold over Wayne. Fiona says that, if that's the case, she doesn't think they should put their noses in any further - Patricia and Wayne are as bad as each other; whatever they're up to, it hasn't got anything to do with them. Gordon, though, says he genuinely believes that Wayne and Amanda are trying to settle down to some sort of normal married life; if Patricia has some sort of hold over Wayne, they haven't got a chance. Fiona tells him that it's something they have to work out. Gordon, though, replies that maybe it's something they can't work out; it was a fair sum of money - there has to be a damn good reason for Wayne to give it to Patricia. Barbara chips in, "Or a damn bad one." Gordon tells her that that's what worries him - he gets the feeling that Wayne could do with some help; he's going to ring him and find out what the hell is going on. Fiona shakes her head.

A while later, Wayne is on the 'phone and he tells Gordon that of course there isn't a problem with Patricia. Gordon assures his son that he can tell him if there is. Wayne replies that, hard as it may be to believe, when she and Stephen broke up, she came to him for help and he felt sorry for her, so he gave her a hand with some cash. Gordon incredulously says, "Come on, Wayne..." Wayne tells him that that's the story. He thanks his father for being interested enough to check, but then adds that he has to go, as he has an appointment. He thanks him for calling and hangs up. At Woombai, Gordon hangs up as well and then turns to Fiona and Barbara and tells them that there's one thing he can still tell about his son: when he's nervous. He continues that Patricia does have some sort of hold over him. Barbara asks what it could be. Gordon comments that it must be damn serious. Fiona says she must be blackmailing him. Gordon agrees that that's almost certain, but what's she blackmailing him for? - and how on earth will he find out?

At Toorak, Amanda tells Wayne that there's no way Gordon can find out. Wayne retorts that his father will keep at it like a cat at a mouse. Amanda insists that there's no possible way he can know. Wayne says he doesn't like it. Amanda points out that, even if Gordon does find out, he's not going to go to the police - not with his son involved. Wayne, though, tells her that his father is a pillar of virtue when it comes down to it; he couldn't have it on his conscience even for his family's sake. The front door suddenly opens and, as Patricia comes in, Wayne mutters to Amanda, "Not a word to her." Patricia comes in and, upon receiving cold glares from both Wayne and Amanda, comments on how chilly it is in there this morning. Wayne angrily asks her what she expected: a kiss and a hug? Patricia tells him that she's not changing her mind and letting them off the hook; she told Robin that and she meant it.

In her apartment, Margaret sits down at the table with David and tells him that she must remember that he likes his eggs firm. David assures her that they taste terrific the way they are! Margaret, though, tells him that she wants to get things right from the beginning. Tony comes in from his bedroom and David asks him if he's packed and ready to go. Tony just mutters, "Yeah." David asks him if he's sure his Aunty won't mind him moving in again. Tony says she won't. Sensing some awkwardness, Margaret says she'll go and start the housework, and she leaves them to it. David tells Tony that he knows what he thinks about him and Beryl, but he'd like them to stay mates. Tony explains that he thought they'd have had more of a crack at working things out, that's all - but like he said, it's nothing to do with him; he'd better get going. David tells him that he'll see him soon. Tony turns and walks out.

At Woombai, Gordon is on the 'phone, and he says to the person on the other end, "I see." He then adds that he'll try again later. He hangs up and turns and tells Fiona and Barbara that Robin is still staying at the motel he told Stephen he'd be at, but he's not answering. Fiona asks him if he really thinks Robin will be much use to them. Gordon points out that he and Patricia were pretty pally - they might be able to get something out of him. Fiona announces that she's off to see Jill and her little girl - they're far more important than Robin or Patricia or Wayne at the moment. Barbara asks her if she minds waiting for half an hour - Gordon might still get through to Robin; she'd like to get to the bottom of it. Fiona gives in, but points out that Robin is a very shrewd customer. Gordon says they might be able to call his bluff; he's certainly going to try.

In the lounge room at the Palmers', Doug calls to Rosie to come on, as it's a long drive to Susan's. John, who's sitting on the couch, tells Doug that he should have 'phoned Susie. Doug explains that he'd rather tell her what's happened face-to-face; she'll get enough of a shock as it is. He heads outside to the car as Rosie comes in. Rosie tells John that Doug hasn't changed the way he feels. She continues that it's very hard for her to accept, as well - as far as she's concerned, time will get David and Beryl back together again. John sadly replies that she's wrong: ever since Beryl came into the money it's been getting worse. Rosie reminds him that he said yesterday that he thought they would work it out. John replies that he was wrong. He continues that David always believed that the man of the house should pay the bills; Beryl may not have realised it, but she probably made David feel like he wasn't needed enough; the crunch came when she made it clear that she wasn't going to spend the rest of her life cooking and cleaning and doing all the things housewives are supposed to do. He tells Rosie that it's not going to blow over; he reckons they've split up for good. Rosie listens to this but then tells John that she's never looked on the black side and isn't going to start now - they'll do all they can to make sure David and Beryl come to their senses; they can hope and they can pray - it does help sometimes. She kisses John goodbye and tells him that she'll give his love to Susan. She goes. John sits back on the couch, looking frustrated.

The 'phone rings in Robin's motel room and he answers it. Gordon comes on. Robin asks if he's calling with news about Jill. Gordon, though, tells him that he had a very interesting conversation with Wayne this morning: he told him a few rather unpleasant things. Robin, not realising Gordon's bluff, retorts that that's too bad: whichever way they look at it, Wayne and Amanda have broken the law. He tells Gordon not to try interfering or they'll end up in jail, so he shouldn't go getting any silly ideas. He adds that he did his damndest to try getting Patricia to change her mind, but she wouldn't have a bar of it - she's the one behind it all, now. Gordon comments that it was Robin's idea in the first place... He then continues that, if Robin thinks he's as badly off as Wayne and Amanda now, he won't have any objections if he tries to convince Patricia to drop the idea. Robin explains that he tried to convince her, but she won. Gordon asks him what she did. Robin replies that she convinced him that it was worth sticking to. Gordon tells Robin that, if he's serious, he won't tell Patricia that he knows what she's up to. Robin replies that of course he won't - he'll do anything he can to help. Gordon says that's fine - he'll be in touch. He hangs up. He then turns to Barbara and Fiona and asks if it means anything to them. Barbara replies that, yes it does, unfortunately. Fiona remarks that she thought the girls she used to mix with in the early days were rough, but they'd be hard-pressed competing with Patricia. She adds that she never thought she'd say this, but for once, she's on Wayne's side. Gordon asks what they can do about it. Barbara tells him that there's no way they could change Patricia's mind, but she thinks there's someone who could persuade her to do it. Gordon replies that he was thinking the same; it's worth a try...

Patricia comes downstairs at Toorak as Wayne comes out of the living room, and she asks him for the keys to his car. Wayne walks past her without responding and heads into the lounge room, where he pours himself a drink. Patricia angrily snaps, "Don't ignore me." She then continues that she's going to see Margaret - David has moved in; isn't that good news? Wayne snaps that he's sure she's thrilled. Patricia repeats that she wants the keys. Wayne snaps at her to get a cab. He then angrily asks if she thinks she owns them. Patricia snidely replies, "You said it." Wayne reluctantly hands over the keys, and Patricia takes them and goes out. Wayne turns to Amanda, who's sitting on the settee, and snaps that this is only the beginning - she's going to use them in any way she can. Amanda retorts that they have to get out; get away from her. Wayne sarcastically asks what they're going to do: get a magic carpet? Amanda tells him that, if he sold his share of Woombai they'd have enough money to do it; they could go up north or over to Adelaide; get away from everything and everyone. Wayne tells her not to be stupid. Amanda snaps back that if he's such a genius, why doesn't he get them out of this mess? Wayne immediately retorts that he wasn't the one who got them in the mess. Amanda stares at him in disbelief and then gets up and runs off. Wayne stands there, looking annoyed with himself at what he just said. He then heads out.

Patricia is at Margaret's apartment and she tells her that she's a bit nervous about seeing David. Margaret explains that he's not there at the moment - he's gone to get his truck. Patricia says it didn't occur to her until after Margaret rang about what sort of reaction she's likely to get from him. Margaret tells her sister that the most important thing is that she understands. Patricia tenderly replies that of course she does; only one thing worries her: will they see less of each other? Margaret assures her that she can't see that there'll be any problems. Patricia says that's good. She then adds that she was so happy when she heard the news. They hug.

At Woombai, Fiona tells Gordon and Barbara that Patricia and Margaret might get on well together, but she still woudn't trust Patricia as far as she could throw her. Barbara says she agrees, but Patricia does think very highly of Margaret and her opinion. Gordon agrees that Margaret is the only one with any hope of getting her to change her mind. Fiona reluctantly says OK - they'll give it a try. Gordon says they'll have to get Margaret up there - perhaps 'urgent business' will do - and then, when she's there, they'll have to keep their fingers crossed and hope they can talk her into helping to get Wayne and Amanda off the hook.

A short time later, on the 'phone in her apartment, Margaret, looking annoyed, asks if it's really that urgent. Gordon tells her that he's chartered a light 'plane to fly her there and back; the company will cover the cost. Margaret comments that it really is important. Gordon assures her that it is. Margaret tells him that she'll see him when she gets there. Gordon hangs up. Patricia immediately comments to her sister that it seems very odd that Gordon doesn't want her there. Margaret says she wouldn't know. Patricia continues that she thinks it's deliberate - so she's going to go anyway. Margaret asks her if it won't cause trouble. Patricia says she doesn't see how. Margaret points out that she has a habit of bringing it on herself - and she's only going to cause problems which none of them need. Patricia backs down, but says they'll all get stuck into her behind her back. Margaret assures her that they don't have a chance of changing the way she feels about ther. Patricia smiles and tells her that she's glad she's on her side.

David arrives back at the Palmers', and as he walks into the lounge room, he calls out to ask if anyone's there. John is in the kitchen with Andy, who's doing some ironing, and he calls back that they're there. When David comes in, John tells him that Rosie and Doug have gone to see Susie. Andy says he'll go and do some washing, and he leaves them to it. David looks at John intently. John tells him that he's not going to blow his stack; he loves him and he loves Beryl, but it would be silly to take sides; he hasn't got that many friends - he still needs them both. David hugs him, gratefully. He then explains that he came over to collect his truck.

Back at Margaret's apartment, David tells Margaret that John was really terrific about it; they're still friends. Margaret replies that she's so happy for him. She suggests that he and John try and see a bit of each other over the next few days, as Gordon rang and she's got to go to Woombai on urgent business. Without hesitating, David tells her that he'll come too. Margaret says that would be great, but Fiona and Barbara will be there - it might be a bit awkward facing them. David replies that it's best to face them and tell them what's happened rather than them hearing it through gossip.

Wayne arrives back at Toorak. He's about to head into the lounge room, but as he does so, Patricia calls out to him from the balcony at the top of the stairs and asks him if he's been summoned up to Woombai today. Wayne snaps that he hasn't. Patricia asks him if he knows anything about an urgent meeting up there. Wayne snaps that he's not really interested. Patricia continues that, if there was one, all the owners would be called up, wouldn't they? Wayne snaps that he doesn't know. He heads into the lounge room, where Amanda is sitting on the settee. He sits down next to her and tells her that he didn't mean what he said - he's sorry. Amanda replies that she knew he'd end up blaming her - and it's going to get worse with Patricia putting the pressure on. Out in the hallway, Patricia dials a number on the telephone, but she looks annoyed when she gets an engaged tone.

Margaret is on the 'phone at her apartment and she tells the person on the other end that there will be two passengers now. She agrees to hang on.

At Toorak, Patricia dials again, but just gets an engaged tone again. In the lounge room, Wayne tells Amanda that he won't let Patricia get to him; it certainly won't be the cause of anything happening between them. Amanda replies that she knows he means it, but there's no way he can hold out day after day - she'll wear him down. Wayne assures her that he can stand her. At that moment, Patricia comes in and snaps that Gordon is up to something - Margaret has been called up there. She looks at Wayne and tells him that she wants him to get up there and find out what's going on. Wayne snaps at her to go herself if it means that much. Patricia yells, "Just do as you're told." She walks out and heads upstairs. Wayne follows her, and as they reach the corner at the top, he grabs her arm and turns her around to face him. Amanda stands in the hallway, watching and listening as Wayne angrily asks Patricia if she can't see what she's doing to them; hasn't she got enough plain, common decency to leave them alone? Patricia tells Wayne that he's making a fool of himself. Wayne angrily tells her that she's not going to foul-up Amanda and him - she's the best thing that ever happened to him. He's still holding Patricia's arm, and she growls, "Let me go." Wayne ignores this, though, and he asks her if she's listening to him: he'll do anything he can to stop her interfering. Patricia yells at him that she told him to let her go. She pulls her arm away, but the sudden jerking motion causes her to lose her balance. She trips and falls, and then rolls down the stairs, all the way to the bottom. Wayne and Amanda look at each other in horror as she lies on the floor in the hallway, not moving.


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