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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Recovering her composure, Amanda snaps that Dee has got to be kidding. Dee, though, says she wants a male heir to carry on the blood line and the Morrell name, and Patricia can't give it to her... Amanda says she's supposed to... with Wayne? She adds that the kid wouldn't even be called a Morrell, but Dee says Wayne would change his name by deed poll. Wayne asks Dee why she thinks they'd agree. Dee replies that it'll be because of the money. Amanda snaps that she can forget it, but Dee points out that she'd never have to work or rely on her father for handouts. Amanda snaps that the whole thing is disgusting - she doesn't want to know anything about it. Dee tells her not to be so outraged - after all, she's just broken up a marriage. She continues that she's not expecting an immediate decision, and she tells Amanda to think about it. She then adds, though, that if Amanda mentions this to anyone, she'll cut her out of her will - and she means it.

Amanda goes out into the hallway. Patricia and Stephen are coming downstairs, and Amanda asks her father if she can talk to him. They go into the living room, where Amanda tells Stephen that she's not happy there - she needs to get away. Stephen asks her if she means to somewhere like St. Morritz. Amanda begs him to please say yes, but Stephen tells her that she has to learn that she can't keep running to him for money. Amanda tells him that he's got so much of it, but Stephen retorts that she must stand on her own two feet. Amanda snaps that it's a bit late for that - after all, he's the one who sent her to expensive schools where all she learnt was to become some rich man's wife; maybe the best thing she could do is go out and find a rich husband? Stephen tells her that, when she marries, it must be for love. Amanda angrily asks him if he means like when he married her mother. She continues that she's not going to let someone ruin her life like he did her mother's - for love. She storms off.

Lynn is clearing tables at The Terrace when Tony lets himself in the front door. He asks her if she's busy, and she tells him that she's been run off her feet. He offers her a hand, which she gratefully accepts. He remarks that things aren't too good between her and Kevin, and Lynn agrees that they aren't. Tony explains that he saw Kevin at the Palmers'. Lynn asks what he said, and Tony replies that it was something about moving back home again. He asks if it was because of him, but Lynn assures him that it wasn't, adding that it was something really serious that she doesn't think can be worked out. Tony tells her that it's going to be hard trying to manage by herself at The Terrace. Lynn says she supposes. Tony offers that if there's anything he can do... Changing the subject, Lynn tells him that she met his mum other day; she seemed really nice. Tony replies that his dad gives her a hard time - she left him, but now that she's lost her job at the factory, she might have to go back to him. Looking thoughtful, Lynn points out that she needs a new member of staff: would his mother be interested in working there? Tony excitedly says he reckons she'd jump at it! His face then drops as he says she hasn't done this type of work before, but Lynn reminds him that neither had he! Tony thanks her, and then adds that Kevin has to be off his nut if he stays away from her.

Wayne is still sitting in the lounge room at Toorak. As Dee pours them both a glass of scotch, he asks her how she sees it working if he and Amanda are both willing. Dee tells him that she's thought it all out, but as Amanda doesn't seem interested... Wayne points out that it was out of the blue; he was shocked himself. Dee remarks that he is interested, though? Wayne says he could be - but it would have to be a very sweet deal. Dee assures him that it is. Wayne comments that it seems he could be waiting a long time for the money; if Amanda had a girl, they'd have to try again. Dee tells him that she wants a male heir. Wayne tells her that it could be years; he wants something along the way. Dee tells him that her idea was a series of progressive payments - and a large lump sum in her will. Wayne agrees that progressive payments would be good, and he asks what money she's talking about. Dee takes out some sheets of paper from her handbag and hands them over, saying the details are all there. Wayne starts reading, and he then remarks that it's some incentive. Dee tells him that she's written the first two cheques to be signed on the wedding day. Wayne says alright: he'll be in it - but what about Amanda? Dee tells him that she's given him an incentive; surely he can do the rest - he's good looking and he can be very charming when he makes the effort... Wayne comments on that fact that Amanda is her granddaughter and the fact that she's prepared to use her to get what she wants. Dee just suggests that he start working immediately on changing her mind.

Join joins Lisa in the living room at Woombai and asks her how it's going. Lisa shows him some designs she's been working on and asks him what he thinks. John asks her why she didn't tell him that she ran out on Terry as they were about to get engaged. Lisa says she didn't think it was important anymore. She then continues that she's been thinking since last night: she's a lot less blasé than she thought was. John asks her what she means. Lisa replies that, seeing this place... Terry... his mum... it's like she's a kid again; like the last six years never happened; she's used to being more on top of things. She then suggests that she should cut the whole visit short. John tells her that Terry has really picked up since she arrived, but Lisa says it's for all the wrong reasons - he's obviously making up crazy dreams about what's going to happen. She tells John that she'll make an excuse about urgent business. John says he thinks Terry is hoping that she'll hang around for the operations. Looking worried, Lisa says she should never have come back...

Sometime later, at the hospital, Terry is lying in bed and he hears a noise. He asks what he thinks is the sister what she wants now, but Lisa tells him that it isn't the sister! Terry immediately perks up. Lisa tells him that she's just been talking to his mother, and she's very worried; Mrs. Hansen told her that he's worried that he'll never see again, but he will. Terry comments that he thought she would be honest at least; one of the doctors finally admitted that there's a chance that the operations might not work, and he could be blind for life. Lisa asks what the chance is, and Terry replies that it's 20%. Lisa points out that that means there's an 80% chance that he will see again; any gambler would say they sound like pretty good odds! She adds that he's got to believe he'll soon be able to see again. Terry smiles and says that, when he can, the first thing he wants to see is her. He asks her if she will come to Sydney with him - please? Lisa smiles nervously and tells him that of course she will...

John is on the 'phone at Woombai when Fiona comes into the room. When he hangs up, he tells her that that was Mrs. Hansen - she's worried because Terry won't have anyone in Sydney with him. He then continues that he was thinking of going down for it. Fiona listens and then says she was thinking of going down to Sydney herself tomorrow. John remarks that she didn't mention it, but Fiona tells him that she's got business things to sort out with Gordon; she's sure he'd let them use the flat. John thanks her, and he then heads out to get some work done. When he's gone, Fiona goes to the 'phone and dials. Gordon comes on and Fiona says she knows she was coming to see him next week, but she wondered if she could make it tomorrow instead; there's a personal matter she needs to attend to...

Wayne comes out of the lounge room at Toorak to find Amanda in the hallway. He tells her that he was just coming to talk to her, but Amanda snaps that she's sick of people talking to her. Wayne says Dee's proposition rocked him, too, but he thought they could have a drink and talk about it. Amanda asks what there is to talk about, but Wayne says they've got to put up a concerted front. Amanda, though, says she's got to go out and get herself a job. Wayne offers her a lift, but Amanda declines. Wayne asks what's worse - his company or paying for a taxi she can't afford? Amanda reluctantly says, "Let's go."

As they're driving along, Wayne tells Amanda that it's crazy that she has to work. Amanda snaps at him to try telling her father that. Wayne asks what sort of job she's looking for, but Amanda says she'll take anything she can get. They suddenly pass a board that says 'Waitress wanted - apply within'. Amanda looks at it reluctantly, but then says that at least it's something she's had experience in.

A short time later, Amanda storms out of the restaurant, snapping that they can keep their lousy job. Wayne is standing by the signboard, and Amanda says to him that he wouldn't believe what they wanted her to do. Wayne laughs and says he would. He points to the back of the sign, which says, 'Be served by our topless waitresses'! As she gets back in the car, Amanda says she feels such a fool. Wayne laughs that he's sure she would have been very good at it! Amanda laughs as well, and Wayne remarks that he didn't think she had such a sense of humour!

At Woombai, Fiona gives John a glass of beer. He comments that he got a lot done today, and Fiona says Alan told her. She then tells him that he knows how happy it makes her having him him there, and she asks how he'd like to be her Assistant Manager. Looking surprised, John remarks that it's quite an offer. Fiona asks him what he says. John tells her that he can't take it because he's decided to go back to Melbourne. Looking disappointed, Fiona comments that she thought he enjoyed being up there. John says he does. Fiona continues that she knows he had trouble with the men early on, but they're fine now; he could be months finding a job in Melbourne. Lisa suddenly comes in and John asks her how she got on. Lisa says it wasn't so good - she didn't have the heart to tell him that she's going back to Melbourne; he's scared stiff about the operations, and he asked her to go to Sydney with him; she said she would. John smiles and says he promised Terry the same thing; they'll be together! He turns to Fiona and asks if it will be alright for Lisa to stay with them in the Hamilton flat. Fiona says she's quite sure Gordon won't mind. She heads off to get dinner. Lisa and John sit down on the settee, and John remarks to Lisa that it's a bit of a surprise her changing her mind. Lisa says she just felt so sorry for him. John asks if that's all. Lisa says it is; once everything is alright, she'll make it clear to him that she wants to lead her own life with her own friends. John asks what about if it's not alright - what if he's left blind? Lisa replies that she can't be tied to him just through sympathy, and she adds that John is way off if he thinks it's anything else. John says, "Sure..."

Amanda arrives back at Toorak and goes into the lounge room. Dee is in there and Amanda goes to walk out again, but Dee asks her to get her some soda water for her to use to take her pills. Amanda goes to the drinks cabinet and pours the water. She then hands it to her grandmother and sits down next to her. Dee remarks that she looks tired, and Amanda says she is - she's been looking for a job. Dee asks her if she hasn't had much luck. She adds that she thought she saw Amanda leaving with Wayne. Amanda explains that he drove her around. She continues that they went to the CES but it was shut by the time they got there; then they went to a job agency and they gave her a couple of addresses, but it was no go. Dee asks where Wayne is now, and Amanda replies that he dropped her off, as he said he had to do something. Dee comments that it was very kind of him to be her chauffeur, but Amanda warns her not to make anything of it - he's as disgusted with the offer as she is. Dee retorts that they're both over-reacting. She hands Amanda a piece of paper and says it's the first cheque she'll receive when they get married; there'll be another one of the same amount when she gets pregnant and the same amount again when her great grandson is born. She adds that there's no need for Amanda to look for a job; just give her what she wants and Amanda can have what she wants. Amanda insists that she'll marry someone she chooses, but Dee warns that she can't afford to wait. Amanda asks why Wayne - why not someone she at least cares about? Dee tells her that, if she cares for a person, her life will end up in a mess; look at her mother and father, Kevin and Lynn... they only reason Amanda could hurt Lynn was because she loves Kevin; she and Wayne are so much alike that they'll never make the mistake of loving each other. She tells Amanda that Wayne will never be able to hurt her - that's the most she can ask from any relationship. Amanda comments that it's hardly the sort of relationship a girl dreams about. Dee says she's offering all the things that make a girl happy. She then adds that, if she's not going to sign the cheque, Amanda might as well tear it up now. Amanda looks at it and goes to tear it up, but she then appears to have second thoughts, and she drops it on the floor. Dee smiles...

Sometime later, out in the hallway, Wayne is with Dee and he tells her that he's sure he made headway. Dee says Amanda is having second thoughts about the money, too. Wayne explains that that's why he's bought the bottles of champagne. He goes into the lounge room, and as he comes in, Amanda hurriedly stuffs the cheque under her dress. When she sees Wayne holding a bottle in each hand, she asks what they're for. Wayne tells her that they can't celebrate her getting a job, so they'll have to find something else. Amanda says, "Why not?" and she adds that it's his money. Wayne suggests that they can drink to the money they could have had.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Tony tells Lynn that he spoke to his mum about the job and he thinks she'll be in it. Lynn tells him that he didn't have to come all this way to tell her - he could have 'phoned. Tony, though, says he was passing by, and Lynn tells him that she's pleased he did pop in, as the place will seem awfully empty after Davey goes to bed. She tries to spoon some food into Davey's mouth, but he refuses it, and it spills. Lynn goes to the sink and starts to tell Tony that Kevin always says... As she speaks, though, she starts crying. Tony gets up to comfort her, putting his hands on her shoulders. Lynn tells him that things have never been so bad: there's another woman. Tony, looking surprised, remarks that Kevin doesn't seem the type. Lynn continues that she even knows who it is - someone she thought was a friend: Amanda Morrell. Tony comments that if Kevin is mixed up with her, he needs his head read. Lynn remarks that she didn't think Tony knew Amanda. Tony quickly says he doesn't - it's just things he's heard...

At Toorak, Amanda and Wayne go into Amanda's quarters, having consumed a considerable amount of the champagne. Amanda complains that, if she'd said yes, she'd be one who had to ruin her figure. She laughingly asks Wayne if he can imagine what sort of mother she'd be. Wayne remarks that he doesn't think he'd make a bad father - he'd be better than his was; he reckons they could have made go of it. He tells Amanda that she wants to be free of all of them, so why should she have to do some rotten job for a pittance?; they both want the same thing and they could have it, just by saying 'yes' to Dee. Amanda asks him if he's really serious. Wayne tells her that it's the only way to get what they want out of life. Amanda, looking more interested, tells him that, if she goes along with it, they'll have to come up with some arrangements: there'll be no interference in each other's lives, and the moment they inherit the money from the will, they'll go their own separate ways. Wayne says that's fine. He gets up to go and tell Dee that she's got a deal, but Amanda calls out to tell him that he has to propose to her properly. Wayne goes down on bended knee and says, "Amanda, my darling, would you do me the dubious honour of becoming my wife?!" Amanda smiles and says, "Oh, Wayne, I thought you'd never ask! You mean so much to me!" She takes the cheque out from her dress and looks at it as she continues, "What else can I say but 'Yes'?!" She looks at Wayne, who kisses her hand.


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