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    Written by: Tony Sheldon   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

After several seconds, John pulls away and says he's sorry. Lisa asks what's wrong. John stands up and Lisa asks him where he's going. He tells her that he's having a quick shower, as he feels a bit grubby. Lisa asks him if he's OK, and John replies that sure he is; why wouldn't he be? Lisa assures him that it's alright, but John tells her that he doesn't know what she's talking about. Lisa sighs and tells him to go and have his shower. John goes. Lisa stands there, looking worried.

Phillipe and Lynn arrive back at The Terrace, laughing as they come in the front door. Kevin immediately comes out from the kitchen and snaps at them to be quiet, or they'll wake Davey. He asks what's going on, and Phillipe laughs that he and Lynn had a robbery! Lynn explains that her shoes were uncomfortable so she took them off during the movie, and when she went to pick them up at the end, one of them was gone! As she relates this tale, Amanda comes downstairs and says, "Hi." Kevin asks her if Davey is awake, but Amanda says he isn't. Kevin snaps that he really doesn't know how he sleeps with all the noise. He storms off to get dinner, leaving Lynn looking puzzled.

Lisa carries a tray into the lounge room at Woombai and asks John where Fiona is. John replies that she said she was going to read and have an early night. Lisa comments that the two of them are alone at last. When she sees the expression that immediately appears on John's face, she tells him that she's sorry - she didn't mean to frighten him, but every time she gets close, he tenses up. John tells her that she's imagining things, but Lisa replies that he's not the same John Palmer who was so attentive in Melbourne. Quickly changing the subject, John remarks that Terry was better than he thought he'd be; once he's had the operations, he'll be as good as new. Lisa, realising what John's trying to do, tells him that they have to talk; she knows why he's gone off her so suddenly. John tells her that he thinks she's terrific, but he then adds that they came there to see Terry; Terry's his mate and Lisa's his girlfriend - it's just not right. Lisa snaps, "Wait a minute." She continues that Terry was important to her once, but that relationship has been over for six years. John points out that Terry doesn't think so. Lisa tells him that of course Terry's pleased to see her, but he couldn't possibly read anything into it. John asks her how she knows. Lisa, looking worried, says she didn't think this visit would be so complicated. John says it's his fault - he thought he was doing the right thing by Terry, but he's just caused trouble for them both. Lisa smiles and tells him not to be such a martyr - it's not his fault that he's so attractive! She then says she's going to put her cards on the table: she came up to see Terry because she was curious and she felt sorry for him - but she wouldn't have come if John hadn't been part of the deal. John asks what they'll do if, after seeing them together, Terry guesses there's something between them. Lisa points out that there isn't - yet. John tells her that there shouldn't be; once Terry's better and able to handle it... to do it now would be doing the dirty on him. Lisa smiles and tells John that Terry's lucky to have a friend like him. John replies that Terry is a good bloke. Lisa tells John that he's not so bad himself! She agrees to behave herself, but says it won't be easy!

At the dinner table in the kitchen at The Terrace, Lynn is telling Kevin and Amanda that, when she and Phillipe were on the way home, some kids recognised her and asked her if she was in the shampoo advert; then they looked down and commented on what big feet she had; she was wearing Phillipe's shoes! Kevin listens to the story but then angrily asks if they can't talk about something else. He gets up and starts grabbing the plates from the table, even though Phillipe says he hasn't finished his meal. Lynn, looking worried, asks what the matter is. Kevin snaps that he can't see the funny side of forking out $80 or $90 for another pair of shoes. Lynn says she wondered why he had a face that looked like a wet week. Kevin snaps that he's sorry if he ruined their evening - he knows they were counting on him being late. Lynn points out that he's been late every night this week. Kevin asks her what she's been doing while he's been at work. Lynn replies that she's been waiting for him to get home. Kevin snaps that she and Phillipe have been listening for the key in the door, so they wouldn't get caught. Phillipe says, "Come on..." Kevin continues, snapping that he thought Phillipe was a 'man of the world', adding that that's what they call blokes who steal other men's wives, isn't it? Lynn, looking shocked, tells Kevin to stop it. Kevin persists that it's true: something's going on between them. Lynn says, "No," but Phillipe says, "Yes," at exactly the same time. Amanda sits at the table and smiles...

A short time later, Lynn and Kevin are on their own. Lynn tells Kevin that she was alone in Paris; he hadn't answered any of her letters and she thought their marriage was over; Phillipe was very kind to her but she didn't do anything about it because of her loyalty to him - not straight away, anyway. She continues that, on the night of their wedding anniversary, she was sitting in her hotel room, crying because he hadn't even sent her a card; Phillipe sent her a nice bunch of flowers, and she was so grateful that anybody cared. Kevin snaps that he supposes they had a great laugh about him, but Lynn tells him that Phillipe didn't know about him - she didn't tell him that she was married. Kevin snaps that he knows now, and it hasn't put him off. Lynn tells him that she swears they haven't touched each other since that night. Kevin ignores this, though, and snaps that she's got the perfect set-up: she's got her husband and boyfriend living in the same house. Lynn angrily yells at him not to be disgusting. Kevin snaps that Lynn won't mind if he tells Phillipe to get out of there, but Lynn yells, "Don't you dare." She adds that she'll never forgive him if he does. Kevin snaps that he thought so. Lynn tells him that she can understand why he's mad at her about Paris, but it's over. Kevin snaps that he doesn't want Phillipe in the house. Lynn retorts that she's not going to let him throw Phillipe out. Kevin snaps, "Fine - if that's the way you want it." He storms out into the hall, and Phillipe comes out from the dining area, where he was with Amanda. He tells Kevin that he wants to talk, but Kevin pushses him away and yells at him to stay out of the way or he'll bash his head in. Lynn calls out, "Kevin..." Kevin turns and looks at her and then walks out, slamming the door behind him. Amanda comes out and offers to go after him, adding that he might come back once he's cooled down. Lynn, though, tells her to tell him not to bother - if he won't grow up, she doesn't want to know about him.

Sometime later, Amanda shows Kevin into her quarters at Toorak, adding that it's home-away-from-home. She asks him if he wants anything, but he says he doesn't. Amanda tells him to sit down, and she remarks that it's been a hard day. Kevin says he's alright. Amanda then tells him that she really admires him - not many guys would have to put up with the treatment he's had to take. She asks him if he'd like to go to bed now. Kevin, looking taken aback, says, "Eh?" Amanda tells him that he looks very tired. Kevin asks if he's sleeping on the couch. Amanda replies that he can if he wants to, but they do have beds! Kevin asks if Stephen will mind him staying there, but Amanda points out that he doesn't have to know. She suddenly starts massaging Kevin's shoulders, and she asks him if that's better. He says it is, and Amanda tells him, "Just forget all your troubles..."

The next morning, Lynn is on the 'phone to David, and she asks if Kevin decided to stay over. David says he didn't. Lynn suggests that maybe he got home late and is in the spare room. David remarks that it sounds like his son's new boss is working him hard. Lynn tells David that she's sorry sorry to bother him, and she hangs up. Phillipe asks her if she had no luck. Lynn says she can't think where he'd be; he left his wallet there, so he couldn't have gone to a hotel. Phillipe asks if he should move out, but Lynn tells him that she doesn't want him to go. Phillipe points out that she must think of Kevin, but Lynn says he has to learn to trust her; she doesn't know how he found out about them, but she's not going to let him hold it over her for the rest of her life. Phillipe, looking guilty, says he thinks he knows who told him: Amanda tricked him into telling her about Paris; he thinks she was using the information to break up her and Kevin's marriage. Lynn asks, "Why?" Phillipe tells her that Amanda wants Kevin for herself, adding that she knows what Amanda is like when she wants a man. Lynn recalls that Amanda was all over Kevin at Mrs. Morrell's party. Phillipe suggests to her that she 'phone Amanda's house, but Lynn says she can't, as he's probably right - and if he is, she doesn't want to know.

At Toorak, Kevin tells Amanda that he wishses he didn't have to rush off. Amanda tells him that she'll sneak him out the back. Kevin thanks her for everything, and Amanda replies, "The pleasure was all mine." Kevin glumly says he's not looking forward to going home, and Amanda tells him that she doesn't blame him. She then adds that he mustn't back down when he sees Lynn - she's the one in the wrong, not him. Kevin says he hasn't even thought about what to say to her. Amanda suggests he say he spent the night with her, adding that, after all the lies Lynn has told, there's no point beating around the bush - and if their marriage is in trouble, there's only one person to blame.

Elsewhere in the house, Dee joins Wayne in the living room, and she asks if Patricia and Stephen are still in bed. Wayne says they must be. Dee asks what Wayne is looking at - he's staring out of the window - and Wayne tells her that Amanda is trying to sneak someone out of the house. Dee says it's no one disreputable, she hopes? Wayne replies that it depends what she thinks of Kevin Palmer. Dee looks annoyed, but then remarks that Amanda's determination paid off: she was after him to get back at Lynn. She remarks that she really will have to take that girl in hand. Looking thoughtful, she then asks Wayne what he thinks of Amanda. Wayne replies that he thinks she's a spoilt little brat. Dee asks if he doesn't think she's attractive. Wayne says she's cute, but he adds that she needs someone to bring her into line. Dee asks, "Like who?" Wayne says certainly not him!

Kevin arrives back at the Terrace. Lynn immediately runs downstairs and tells him that she's been ringing everywhere trying to find him. Kevin snaps that she didn't try hard enough. He then adds that he hopes she and Phillipe enjoyed having the place to themselves. Lynn ignores this and asks Kevin if he was OK last night - did he find somewhere to sleep? Kevin replies that he wasn't lonely, if that's what she means... Lynn, looking shocked, says he spent the night with Amanda. She then starts to yell that, after all that self-righteous garbage... Kevin interrupts and snaps that at least he's being honest about it; he's not sneaking around behind anyone's back. Lynn yells that neither is she. Phillipe, who's sitting at a table in the dining area, suddenly snaps at them to stop. Lynn says to Kevin that she's telling the truth - why doesn't he believe her? Kevin snaps that he'll pick up his things after work and then he'll move back in with his parents tonight. Lynn asks him if he can't see that Amanda is getting exactly what she wants. Kevin asks her what she means. Lynn replies that Amanda is trying to make trouble for them. Kevin asks if she made it up about her and Phillipe. Lynn admits that she didn't, but then quickly adds that nothing is going on anymore. Kevin, though, snaps that that's all he needs to know; he's not going to stick around and have her make a mug of him; if she wants him back, she can get rid of Phillipe and admit that she's in the wrong. He runs upstairs. Lynn turns to Phillipe and cries, "What have I done?" Phillipe tells her that she has nothing to feel guilty about - Kevin was very stupid getting involved with Amanda; he's made a big mistake...

John is in Terry's room at the hospital at Woombai, and Terry asks where Lisa is. John replies that she's sketching some designs for a client. Terry remarks that she always was good at drawing. John laughs that he reckons she has more money than they'll ever see! Terry smiles and says he's glad she's back home. John tells him that he doesn't think she's come back to stay, but Terry says Lisa reckoned she had to prove herself and now she's ready to settle down; maybe open up a little dress shop or something. John looks worried, but Terry warms to his theme, saying suddenly that he wishes he'd thought of that six years ago - maybe then she wouldn't have run out on him. Looking surprised, John asks what happened. Terry, seemingly surprised that John doesn't know, tells him that he promised Lisa that when she turned 17, they would get engaged - so, like an idiot, he rocked up on her 17th birthday with a ring, but her parents met him at the door; she'd written a letter saying she didn't want to get tied down until she'd had a chance to prove herself. He bitterly adds that he wouldn't have thought being his wife was such a terrible prospect, before continuing that she was just a kid then; they're old enough to know what they really want now. Looking uncomfortable, John changes the subject and says he has to pick up some parts for a tractor. Terry tells him that he hasn't said what he thinks of Lisa - isn't she the greatest-looking chick? John sighs.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Amanda tells Phillipe that she doesn't know what all the fuss is about - she thought he'd be pleased. Phillipe asks what for, and Amanda tells him that, with Kevin out of the way, there's nothing to stop him and Lynn getting together. Phillipe asks her if she's admitting that Kevin stayed with her last night, and Amanda replies that of course he did - he didn't need much convincing. Phillipe tells her that he just wanted to hear it from her. He then puts his hand in his pocket and takes out an envelope, which he hands to Amanda. Amanda asks what it is, and Phillipe tells her that it's severance pay: she's fired. Amanda, looking surprised, says she hates to leave them in a bind now that Beryl's gone, but Lynn comes in at that moment and cooly tells her that they'll manage. She then asks Amanda why she did it, adding that she thought they were friends. Amanda retorts that they were - but now Lynn knows how she felt when she ruined things for her with Rob. Lynn snaps at her not to be so stupid: she never had a chance with him in the first place. Amanda ignores this and snaps that Lynn deserves everything she got, so she shouldn't start whinging now. She then adds that if Lynn says anything to Kevin, she'll just deny it. As she heads out, she snaps that she can't say it's been nice knowing her. She goes, and Phillipe immediately comments that someone needs to put her over their lap and give her a good spanking. Lynn bitterly says the same goes for Kevin - they both need to grow up.

Kevin arrives at the Palmers', and as he does so, Tony comes out from the kitchen. Kevin asks where David is, and Tony replies that he's getting the truck serviced. Kevin asks Tony what he's doing there, and Tony explains that he's waiting by the 'phone in case any jobs come in - he and David are partners now. Kevin snaps that it says sounds like a cushy job, but Tony says he only does it when he's not working on the truck. At that moment, David comes in and he immediately says it took Kevin long enough to get there; Lynn said he was on his way over last night. Kevin asks his father if they can have a talk by themselves. David asks Tony to get him a beer, and Tony goes into the kitchen. Kevin then tells David that he was talking to Beryl about moving back home, but she said to talk to him. David asks what happened, and Kevin replies that he and Lynn are busting up. He adds that he can find somewhere else if Tony is there, but David says Tony is just helping him - he's not staying. He tells his son that Beryl will be glad to have him back. Kevin thanks him, saying he didn't know how David would feel. The two men shake hands and Kevin tells David that he'll see him later.

In the hallway at Toorak, Dee asks Amanda if she intends seeing Kevin again. Amanda says she'll only see him when he comes to work; now that Lynn knows, there's no point playing up to him. Dee snaps that she gained nothing from the whole exercise, but Amanda retorts that she knocked Lynn off her high horse. Dee points out that she also lost her job, but Amanda snaps that she's only been unemployed for two hours. Dee asks if it's general knowledge that Amanda was involved in the break up, but Amanda says it isn't - it depends who you ask. Dee comments that a little character-building won't hurt, and she tells Amanda to go into the lounge room, as it's time for a talk. Wayne is sitting on the settee as they head in, and he sarcastically asks how the happy homewrecker is. Amanda sits down next to him. Dee tells the two of them that she has a proposition to put to them, and after what's happened, it should make it all the more palatable. Wayne and Amanda look at each other. Dee continues that they may not realise it, but the two of them have a great deal in common: a lifestyle they can't afford... families who don't allow them to be financially independent...; in other words, they're spoilt little brats. Amanda asks what going on. Dee asks them how they'd like to never have to worry about money ever again. Wayne humourously asks who they have to kill! Dee ignores this and says, "You're going to get married - to each other." Wayne and Amanda look at each other in shock.


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