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    Written by: Jennifer Walsh    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

A voice suddenly calls, "Wayne!" Wayne cries out, "Jill?" but when he looks round he sees it's Dee Morrell standing there. She asks him what he thinks he's doing: putting on a show for the passers-by? She adds that they'd love that - a body splattered all over the pavement. Wayne asks Dee if she doesn't think he means it. Dee ignores him and tells him to come away from the window. She then adds that, if he's going to end it all, he should have the decency to do it somewhere else. Wayne tells her to go to hell. Dee notices the empty scotch bottle on the table and realises what's been happening. She walks towards Wayne, who's still looking out of the window. She then grabs him and pulls him back into the room, telling him as she does so that there's always another answer. Wayne tells Dee that she doesn't understand, but Dee says she might. She leads him away from the window. Wayne turns and looks at her. Dee advises him that he needs a good strong cup of coffee and then he can tell her all about it.

A while later, Wayne has his coffee, which Dee says should make him feel better. She helps him sip it. She then asks him if he wants to talk now. When Wayne indicates that he doesn't, Dee takes his cup, puts it on the table and tells him that it would be best if he sleeps it off. She walks away, and Wayne immediately asks her where she's going. Dee replies that she's going to get some clean sheets, but Wayne weakly pleads, "No - please? Stay here?" Dee returns to the settee, and she tells Wayne that she'd be more help if he'd say what's troubling him. She adds that he can start anywhere. Wayne cries, "Nothing's ever gone right for me. She was the only good thing." Dee asks him who he means, and Wayne cries, "Jill - and I'll never... I'll never see her again."

At the Palmers', John opens a bottle of champagne, and a lot of it spills on the living room table! As he fills Rob and Angela's glasses, he jokes that he knew Beryl would have some somewhere! Rob suggests that they'd better replace it before Beryl finds it missing, but Angela says she won't mind, and John adds that of course she won't - she'll be pleased as punch that they're back together! Rob tells him that Beryl won't be as pleased as them! John says, "Cheers!" and everyone sips their drinks and agree that it's not a bad little drop! John tells Rob and Angela that he supposes he won't see much of them now that they're both going up-north. Rob says he reckons it's best to make a fresh start. Angela comments to John that she thought he was still coming with them, but John replies that he thinks it's best if it's just the two of them - he doesn't want to play gooseberry. He adds that he might join them later. They suddenly hear voices, and David and Beryl come in. Seeing the party going on, Beryl asks, "What on Earth?!" John explains that they're having a celebration. Beryl asks what's going on, and, indicating that fact that he and Angela are back together, Rob asks what it looks like! David remarks on Angela and Rob having finally woken up to themselves, and Beryl hugs her brother and says it's the best news she's had all day. She adds that she didn't even know anything was in the wind. Angela replies that neither did they until today! John pours more champagne, and Beryl tells him that, if they want more, there's one in the back of the 'fridge. John quickly asks her where she thinks this one came from! Everyone laughs, and John proposes a toast: "To Rob and Angie."

Lynn arrives at Toorak and tells Amanda that she should have seen Rob's face - he was so excited; once he'd made up his mind to go after Angela, there was no stopping him! Amanda smiles and says she didn't realise Angela meant so much to him. Looking worried, Lynn says she's sorry about this morning - charging in and calling Amanda a liar. Amanda replies that she's got over it. Lynn continues, though, that it was clumsy of her - she knows Amanda really cares about Rob. Amanda says she's the one who should apologise. Lynn asks if there are no hard feelings, and Amanda agrees. Lynn then says she'd better be going. Amanda suggests that she stay, as Kevin will be finished soon. Lynn, though, tells her that Phillipe is cooking dinner and trying to look after Davey at the same time! Amanda tells her that she'll see her tomorrow, then, and Lynn goes. As Amanda closes the front door, Stephen and Kevin emerge from the study, Kevin saying to Stephen that it's been really interesting. He tells him that he'll see him tomorrow, and then says the same to Amanda. Amanda, though, suggests that he could stay for a drink before he goes. Kevin says he should be getting home, but Amanda tells him that she's dying to know how his first day went. Kevin agrees to stay, and they go into the lounge room. Amanda starts pouring the drinks, and as she does so, she asks Kevin if her father is a terrible slave driver. Kevin jokes that he isn't compared to his father-in-law! He then adds that he thinks they're going to get on great! As Amanda puts ice in one of the glasses, she slyly says she's glad...

Wayne and Dee are sitting at the kitchen table in the Morrell apartment, and Wayne is saying that, after that, he tried to talk to her and make her understand, but she just looked at him. He adds that did it all for her. Dee points out that maybe she doesn't see it that way. Wayne says that that's why life doesn't seem worth it. Dee, though, tells him that, even when life is at its blackest, she can assure him that death looks worse. Wayne asks her if she thinks so, and Dee replies that she knows so - she's been close to it herself lately; it sounds corny, but just another sunrise can look beautiful if you weren't expecting to see it. She smiles and tells Wayne that it's time for him to have a sleep. Wayne agrees, and the two of them walk into the lounge room, towards the bedrooms. Dee tells Wayne not to worry - she'll still be there in the morning. Wayne says, "Thankyou - for everything." He walks to the bedroom, but as he does so, Dee looks worried. She goes to the 'phone and dials a number. Barbara answers, and when she hears who's calling, she sternly asks her mother what she's doing out of the convalescent home. Dee snaps that she had enough of them; now she's at the apartment and she thinks Barbara and Gordon had better get over there straight away. Barbara sternly says, "Something wrong?" Dee replies that Gordon needs to know that she's just had to talk that son of his out of killing himself.

Barbara arrives at the apartment on her own and tells Dee that she's sorry, but there was no way she could convince Gordon; wild horses wouldn't drag him over there. Dee says that surely under the circumstances... Barbara replies that Wayne specialises in emotional blackmail: it won't wash. Dee snaps that Wayne wasn't bluffing, but Barbara tells her that there's no way she'll convince Gordon of that. Dee says that, if she hadn't turned up when she did, the boy would be dead. Barbara asks where he is now, and Dee explains that he's asleep. She adds that he was also drunk. Barbara harrumphs! Dee says Wayne needs the comfort of his own family. Barbara asks her if Wayne's told her what's happened over the last few days. Dee laughs, and asks if Barbara's talking about those little schemes to get Jill to marry him. Barbara snaps that it's no laughing matter. She adds that Gordon's the last person Wayne will want to see when he wakes up. Dee incredulously says, "His own father?" Barbara tells her mother that, whatever Wayne has told her about Jill, there's far more to it. She then says she thinks it's time Dee heard the whole story...

At Toorak, Amanda offers Kevin another drink, but he declines, telling her that if he has any more, she'll never get rid of him! Amanda says that might not be so bad! She tells Kevin that she's glad her father took him on. Kevin says today went alright, and Amanda replies that she always knew he could do the job - that's why she said he should apply in the first place. Kevin tells Amanda that he has a lot to thank her for, so if there's anything he can do for her... Amanda says she'll see what she can dream up. Stephen comes in and remarks on Kevin still being there. Kevin says he's on his way, and he puts his drink down. Amanda angrily tells her father that they were having a private talk. Kevin thanks her for the drink and he and Amanda head towards the front door, leaving Stephen looking worried,

At the Palmers', Angela is sitting at the kitchen table, peeling potatoes, while David gets a beer out of the 'fridge. She tells him that dinner will be ready soon, but David asks what's wrong with celebrating?! When it's suggested that he'll end up with a spare tyre, David jokingly says, "Women!" Beryl joins Angela in the kitchen, and David leaves. Angela asks Beryl if she got through to Kevin, but Beryl says he's not home - although Lynn was as thrilled as everyone else. Angela says she doesn't know how lucky she is, getting Rob back; she nearly wrecked it for both of them. Beryl tells her that there's no point looking over her shoulder. Angela says she's been selfish, and she wonders if that's why she left him in the first place - it wasn't her anymore, but 'Angela and Rob'; maybe she thought it would be different with Paul - suddenly, they had to do everything together. Beryl replies that that's what relationships are all about: sharing. Angela says she realises that now. Beryl says the main thing is that they're back together.

At The Terrace, Kevin is hearing all about the reunion over dinner, and Lynn tells him that Beryl reckons John is taking all the credit for getting them back together! Kevin tells Phillipe that dinner is great. Phillipe, though, curtly says that five more minutes and it would have been ruined. Kevin says he made it back just in time. Phillipe, looking suspicious, says, "Yeah, just..." Lynn asks Kevin if he's going to be late back every night, but Kevin says no - he just stayed back to have a drink with Amanda, as she wanted to hear how it went with her father. Lynn asks how Amanda is, and Kevin replies that she's alright. Lynn then explains about the run-in that she and Amanda had this morning, telling him that Amanda tried to play a sneaky trick on Angela. Kevin asks what sort of sneaky trick, and Lynn explains about Amanda trying to make Angela think Rob was really interested in her, meaning there was no point in Angela and Rob trying to patch things up. Kevin remarks that Amanda didn't say anything to him. Phillipe chips in that she was probably ashamed. Lynn says she's sure it was just a spur-of-the-moment thing: she went round and talked to her, and she seemed alright. Phillipe points out that, with Amanda, he thinks Lynn would know if she was mad at her. Lynn points out that Amanda practically got Kevin the job; she could have him fired if she wanted. Kevin says Amanda's not the type to bear a grudge.

At Toorak, Amanda asks her father how Kevin went on his first day, and Stephen replies that he did OK. Amanda then asks him if he thinks Kevin will work out. Stephen says he'll find out over the next couple of weeks, he supposes. He asks why the interest, but Amanda says she's just curious. Stephen suspiciously asks her if she's up to something, but Amanda assures him that she isn't, adding that Kevin's a friend. Stephen asks her why she was grilling him before, and Amanda replies that she's been giving Kevin tips about how to get round his boss! Stephen says he hopes Kevin appreciated it, seeing as, this morning, she wanted him to sack Kevin on the spot. Amanda tells her father that she got carried away, but it's all blown over now. Stephen, apparently disbelieving, says, "Has it..?"

At the Morrell apartment, Dee says to Barbara, "And that's it?" Barbara asks if that isn't enough. Dee replies that she's spent the last half hour hearing about all the terrible things Wayne has done; personally she thinks everybody's being far too hard on him - Gordon kicking him out... Barbara asks Dee what she would have done. She adds that Wayne has hurt too many people with his scheming. Dee asks who doesn't try to make things go their own way? Barbara snaps that she might have known Dee would take Wayne's side - neither of them has a scrap of conscience. Dee tells her daughter that pretending the world is full of saints won't get you very far either - everybody's out for number one. Barbara says not everyone, and Dee immediately replies that that's the sort of sanctimonious remark she'd expect from Barbara. She adds that she remembers a time when Barbara put herself first, and she remembers what it caused, so Barbara shouldn't come holier-than-thou with her. Barbara angrily stands and says she might have known Dee would bring that up. She tells her mother that there's no point in continuing the conversation. She walks to the door, and Dee cries, "Barbara, no. Barbara." Barbara goes, though, leaving Dee looking upset.

At the Palmers', John, Rob, Angela, Beryl and David are all standing in the lounge room, where David and Beryl are talking about their skiing holiday, and what a good time they had. Rob eventually interjects to say he doesn't want to be a party pooper, but it's time they headed off. Angela agrees with him. Rob says they can save their goodbyes until tomorrow. They go to the front door, and John asks them what time they're heading off. Rob says it'll be about seven. Angela says she still has to pack! John says he'll see them tomorrow, and they go. In the lounge room, Beryl says she'll leave the stuff and wash it in the morning. John decides to watch some TV, and he sits down to look at the guide. In the kitchen, David tells Beryl that he's glad Rob and Angela got back together. Beryl says it's one bit of upset they missed out on, and David says, "For a change." Beryl tells him that she's glad, actually - she's tired of being involved in other people's problems. David jokingly asks her where her fighting spirit is! Beryl replies that she has him, the house and the odd holiday here and there; that will do her. David says the same goes for him. He goes and asks John if there's anything on TV, but John says there's nothing much, so he'll just read a book. David and Beryl head off to bed.

Sometime later, John has fallen asleep on the couch, but his sleep is restless. The book he was reading has fallen on the floor. He's dreaming about Angela running in the field - the same dream he had before he knew who she was...

Angela and Rob kiss at The Terrace, and head upstairs.

It's the middle of the night, and the Palmer 'phone suddenly starts ringing. John rouses, but David is quickly out of bed to answer it. It appears that he recognises the caller, as he asks them where they're ringing from, and he then asks what happened. He eventually says he's sorry, but he doesn't think there's anything he can do. He adds that all hell would break loose if Beryl finds out. After listening for a few seconds, he then says, "Alright." He adds that, with any luck, Beryl will still be asleep when he gets back. He hangs up. John, half-asleep, asks if that was the 'phone. David tells him to go back to sleep. He turns the lights off and heads back to his and Beryl's bedroom. A short while later, he sneaks out of the house, closing the front door quietly behind him.

Dee puts a cup of coffee on the lounge room table at the Morrell apartment. Wayne comes out from his bedroom and asks what time it is. Dee replies that it'll soon be dawn, and she adds that Wayne had eleven hours' sleep. Wayne realises that he'll see the sunrise. Dee tells him that he will if he wants to. Wayne says he does.

David arrives back home, at dawn, and takes off his jacket. John is still asleep on the couch. Beryl emerges from the bedroom, and David quickly tells 'sleepyhead' John to wake up. Beryl asks David what he's doing up and dressed, and David replies that he couldn't sleep. He then points to John and says he's been there all night. Beryl tells David that he and John are as mad as each other! She goes to make some tea.

A while later, John, David and Beryl are having breakfast, and John says he's stiff as a board! David yawns, and Beryl says it's beyond her as to why they can't organise themselves a proper night's sleep! David says it must be all the excitement fom yesterday. John tells David that he should have sent him to bed after that 'phone call, but David asks, "What phone call?" John looks surprised and asks David if he wasn't on the 'phone during the night. David tells John that he must have been dreaming. He adds that he came in once and told John to go to bed. John says he doesn't remember! A car horn sounds outside, and Beryl says it must be Rob and Angela. She and John leave the kitchen. David, still sitting at the table, looks guilty. He eventually gets up and goes outside...

Outside, Angela says she'll write as soon as they've got an address. Beryl tells her to look after Rob. David asks if they're stopping off at Sydney on their way north, and Rob says they are - to say goodbye to Barbara and Gordon, and to pick up the rest of Angela's stuff. John tells him to let them know how the job goes. Rob tells John to think more about coming up. Beryl looks at her brother and tells him that she'll miss that silly grin of his! She hugs him, and David hugs Angela. Angela then looks at John and says she wishes he was coming with them. John tells her that she'll be alright. Angela says it's so far away, but John reminds her that there's the telephone! He then tells her about having that dream again last night - about the girl on the horse. They hug, and John tells Angela that he'll always be with her. Angela says she knows. John tells her that, if she needs him, he'll be there. Angela says the same goes for her. She kisses him on the cheek. They go over to the car, and Angela gets in the passenger side. John tells her to look after herself. Rob says, "Bye," and he and Angela drive off. David and Beryl wave. David suddenly hears the 'phone ringing in the house, and says he'll get it.

Inside, David tells the caller that it's a bit awkward ringing him there. The caller, a woman, says she doesn't want to make trouble; if he'd rather she didn't... David tells her that it's alright. The woman says she's so grateful - she doesn't know what she'd have done without him. David tells her that he'll come and see her as much as he can when he can get away. The woman says she'd appreciate it. David says it's nothing. He then says he has to go. Beryl comes in and asks who it was. David tells her that it was someone about a job; nothing definite - they're going to phone back. Beryl walks off, smiling.

Wayne is eating breakfast, and Dee remarks that at least last night's incident hasn't dulled his appetite. Wayne tells her, "Last night was last night." Dee looks at him and says she'll tell him something: if he'd come out of that room this morning, as hangdog as when he went into it, she'd have pushed him out of the window herself! Wayne smiles. Dee tells him that she likes his ability to bounce back. Wayne replies that she's the only one who does. Dee remarks that it seems like he delights in deceiving people to get what he wants; she pours some tea and explains about Barbara dropping in last night. Wayne says he likes having things the way he wants them. Dee asks Wayne if he rearranges what doesn't suit him, and Wayne says he does; he adds that it doesn't always work out, though. Dee tells him that he probably tries too hard. She adds that he's not to worry about it - she's done things ten times worse than he's even thought of to get what she wants. Wayne says he thought that mother - Patricia - might have been a bit more sympathetic. Dee says, "She wasn't?" Wayne explains about ringing her last night, when he was... and how she hung up on him. Dee sourly says that's about her level. Wayne says it's a different story when she wants something. He then tells Dee that Patricia hates her. Dee says it's something she'll have to live with, she supposes. Wayne suddenly decides that he doesn't see why he should help Patricia at Dee's expense. Dee asks him what he means, and Wayne replies that he owes Dee a lot: talking sense last night, and looking after him. Dee says she doesn't mind. Wayne ignores this, and tells her that Patricia and Stephen have got a little scheme: they're going to rake off as much of her money as they can lay their hands on. Dee is stony-faced as she asks Wayne how he knows that. Wayne replies, "Oh, I know. They're going to do it via a dummy company. They want me to front it for them." Dee looks suprised but thoughtful.


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