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    Written by: Tony Sheldon   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

A while later, Wayne is coming downstairs with packed bags. He goes to the telephone and dials a number, telling Barbara, who's standing nearby, that he'll pay for it. Barbara tells him to keep his money; he'll need it. Wayne gets through to Patricia and asks her if she and Stephen are still looking for a front man for their company. Stephen is sitting on the settee at Toorak as Patricia remarks that she thought Wayne wasn't interested. Wayne snaps that he's changed his mind, and he asks if there's anything wrong with that. Patricia looks delighted and says, "No." She adds that she's glad he's decided to join them. Wayne says there's one condition: he wants to move into the Sydney apartment - tonight. Patricia says she thinks Jill's still there, and Wayne tells her to tell her to get out, then. Patricia says that if that's what Wayne wants... She asks if anything's wrong, but Wayne snaps that everything's fine. He tells Patricia that she and Stephen should work out what they want to do and give him a call when they're ready. He adds that Patricia should tell Jill to be out of the flat in half an hour. He slams the 'phone down. At Toorak, Patricia remarks to Stephen that that was Wayne at his charming best. Stephen asks what made him change his mind, but Patricia says she didn't ask - she's given up trying to figure out how his mind works; the main thing is, he's on their side. Stephen asks if he's coming back to Melbourne, but Patricia replies that he isn't; he wants to move into the Sydney apartment, so she has to play wicked landlady and toss Jill out into the snow. She mockingly says, "Oh, I get all the glamourous jobs!" Stephen laughs, and then looks thoughtful.

Fiona returns to the Sydney apartment with a couple of bottles, and says she's just found the most marvellous bottle shop down the road - everything's on special! She asks Brian who Jill's talking to on the 'phone. Brian says it's Patricia - and he doesn't think it's very good news. At that moment, Jill hangs up and Fiona asks what Patricia wanted. Jill replies that they've been asked to leave, as Wayne wants to move in. Fiona points out that Jill was told that the place was hers until Stephen's mother arrived. Jill explains that it was Wayne's idea - Patricia sounded very sorry. Fiona sourly says, "I'll bet she did." She then says they'll just have to have their party somewhere else, and she suggests they move into a motel for the night, blow all their money on room service and then move up to Woombai in the morning. Brian looks at Jill. Fiona says it's her shout. Jill says she doesn't think it's a good idea that they come to Woombai with Terry around. Brian adds that he's got a job lined up on the south cost, as he thinks it's best that the immigration people see he's been working - and he'd like Jill with him. Fiona's face drops, but she says, "Of course. I was being selfish." Jill assures her that she wasn't; if things were different, they'd come with her like a shot, but she just wants to get away from everything. She adds that the only thing she can really be sure about is that she loves Brian, and now she's got him back, she wants to be with him. Fiona asks if she can come and visit, and Jill laughs that she'd be cranky if Fiona didn't. She points out that she is going to have Fiona's grandchild! She puts her arm around Fiona, who laughs that Jill's not going to get rid of her that easily; as soon as Brian's job is finished, she's going to get them up to Woombai one way or another! Brian smiles and suggests they get out before Wayne arrives. Fiona tells them to pick up the goodies and they can make tracks for the motel. Jill asks what about Snuffles - animals aren't allowed in hotel rooms. She picks the cat up, and Brian suggests that they could leave her there and pick her up in the morning. Jill says she supposes so. She looks at Snuffles and tells her that, if Wayne lays a hand on her, she's to make a run for it! Fiona says there's a motel down the road which seems very nice - they can't miss it. She tells Brian and Jill to go and book some rooms, and she'll catch up later on. Jill asks her if she's not coming, and Fiona replies that she'd like to stay behind and have a few words with Wayne, as they've got some unfinished business...

A short time later, the front door opens and Wayne comes in, carrying a suitcase and suit. He closes the door and then spots Fiona sitting on the settee, stroking Snuffles. He asks her what she's doing there. Fiona smiles and says she came to visit some friends, but they were evicted. Wayne asks if Fiona stayed behind to give him a hard time, and Fiona agrees that that's about it. Wayne tells her that if she's come to gloat about Gordon throwing him out, she's wasting her time. Fiona says it must be tough to lose your meal ticket. Wayne snaps that he doesn't need Gordy, as he clinched a deal today that's going to make him a fortune. Fiona asks what sort of deal, but Wayne snaps that her time's up, and he tells her to leave. Fiona remarks that Wayne hasn't thought through his story yet. She stands up and Wayne asks about the cat. Fiona says Jill will collect her in the morning, and she suggests that it might be better if he's out. Wayne asks her if she thinks Jill might change her mind and come back to him, but, in reply, Fiona tells him that he really does live in a dream world. She asks him what makes him think anybody could care less about him. She adds that the only reason she stayed behind was to tell him that she'd be calling Rosie tonight. Wayne asks what about, and Fiona tells him that Rosie is always interested to hear what he's been up to, and she thinks it's about time she did. Horrified at what he's hearing, Wayne asks Fiona what he's going to tell her, and Fiona replies, "Everything. Every sordid detail." Wayne cries that Fiona can't do it, but Fiona tells him to try and stop her. She adds that he's not going to have one friend left; after all those years of making other people's lives a misery, he's going to pay. She goes. Wayne looks stony-faced, and he slams his drink down on the bar.

Amanda enters the kitchen at The Terrace and asks if Rob's home. Lynn says he's upstairs. Amanda says she's worked out what to do about him: she's not going to let him go up-north - she'll come out with it and tell him how she feels and give him reasons to stay. Lynn says she doesn't think it's that simple, but Amanda replies that the only reason Rob threw in his job and is going away is because he wants attention; he's not getting it from his wife, so it's up to her. Lynn looks surprised. She tells Amanda that she doesn't know how Rob will feel about it, but she wishes her luck. She goes off to see to Davey, and sees Rob coming downstairs. She tells him that he has to talk to Amanda. Rob replies that he said he would. Lynn tells him that she's in the kitchen waiting for him, but Rob says he has to get to the depot, as he's late. Lynn tells him that Amanda thinks she can talk him into staying, and he'll have to talk to her sooner or later; he knows how she feels. Rob asks Lynn if she can't say something to her. Lynn replies that she's said her bit - it's up to him now. Rob asks what makes Amanda think he'd stay in Melbourne. Lynn tells him to ask her! Rob sighs and says he'll talk to her later. He goes into the kitchen.

Angela and John arrive at the Palmers', John carrying Angela's bags. Angela says she'd better set up a meeting to discuss the restaurant, and John asks her if she means with Rob. Angela says it can be with him or Phillipe - whoever's looking after the books. John tells her that he wishes she'd change her mind, and Angela asks what about. John says about getting back with Rob - she knows it's what they both want. He tells Angela to at least talk to Rob about it. Angela says that, if he's home, she'll talk to him about the accounts, but there's nothing else to discuss. John angrily tells Angela that it's her life. He walks off to the bedroom. Angela goes to the 'phone, and looks thoughtful.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Amanda asks Rob what time he'll be back. Rob replies that it'll probably be about lunchtime - he has a few things to fix up at the depot, so he'll probably see her later on. The 'phone starts ringing. Amanda asks Rob when he's going up-north, but Rob says he doesn't know - it's up to John. Phillipe asks Amanda to get the phone. When Amanda answers it, Angela asks to speak to Rob. Amanda looks round to where Rob is in the hall, fetching his jacket, but she tells Angela that he's out. Angela asks when he'll be back, but Amanda replies that he didn't say. Angela explains that she wanted to look through the accounts, and she asks if she can come over in fifteen minutes. Amanda agrees. Rob is standing in the doorway, doing up his jacket as she hangs up. He asks who it was, but Amanda says it was someone for Kevin. Rob says he thought it might have been the boss, as he's running late. He goes. Phillipe looks at Amanda and asks her what she's thinking. Amanda says, "Nothing special," but she smiles to herself...

A cab pulls up outside The Terrace and Angela gets out. She goes inside and heads into the dining area, where she asks Amanda where everyone is. Amanda explains that Phillipe is in the ktichen and Lynn is upstairs, with Davey. She tells Angela to pull up a chair. She then asks her how long she's back for, and Angela replies that she's heading back this afternoon. Amanda says she hopes Angela doesn't mind her asking, and Angela asks why should she? Amanda replies that some women can be very possessive, and she's glad to see Angela's not the jealous type. Looking surprised, Angela asks Amanda what she's talking about, and Amanda replies that she's talking about Rob, of course - she thought that was why Angela's there. She adds that Angela must have guessed, when she saw them at Wayne's wedding. As Angela's face drops, Amanda pretends to realise she's made a mistake in saying that, and she 'apologises' for putting her foot in it. Angela glumly says she figured something was going on, and Amanda tells her that it was pretty obvious, the way they were carrying on - but Rob insisted she went with him. She adds, "Poor Rob. Hates being without me." She tells Angela that that's why they're going up-north - it's impossible to have a relationship when he spends half his life in his truck." Angela looks upset, but also thoughtful. Amanda continues that she and Rob will have a real home all of their own. She tells Angela that Rob and John will settle up there, and she'll meet them in a month or so. Angela quietly says, "Sounds perfect." Lynn, who has come downstairs and is standing in the doorway, suddenly says, "But none of it's true." Amanda and Angela look at her. Lynn explains that she saw Angela arrive when she was upstairs. She tells her that Amanda is giving her a pack of lies - Rob doesn't even know she's alive. Amanda snaps that Lynn has no right to barge in, but Lynn points out that she lives there. She tells Angela that Rob loves her, but he's the only one who doesn't seem to know it; as far as he's concerned, there's no one else. Angela looks thoughtful

Amanda storms into Toorak, where Stephen is working, and she tells him that she wants him to fire Kevin. Stephen says he's only just hired him. He asks how Kevin upset her, and Amanda replies that it's his stupid wife: if she hadn't stuck her nose in, she could have talked Rob out of going up-north, and everyone would have been happy, but she's such a goody goody, she had to humiliate her in front of Angela. Stephen, looking bemused, says he hasn't got the faintest idea what Amanda's talking about! Amanda says they have to teach her a lesson: give Kevin the chop and let them starve. Stephen tells his daughter that he's not going to fire an employee because she has a grudge against his wife. Amanda says, "But she's ruined everything." Stephen, though, tells Amanda to stop acting like a child, and he suggests that, if she had any sense, she'd forget Rob Keegan, as he's sure Rob isn't interested in getting involved with someone like her. Amanda asks why not, and Stephen tells her that she's a spoiled little girl with too much to say. He adds that he doesn't want to hear another word about Kevin and Lynn. He walks out, and as he goes, Amanda snaps, "Don't help me, then. I'll get back at Lynn somehow."

Angela goes into the kitchen at The Terrace and tells Phillipe that it looks like they did the right thing putting him in charge: according to the books, they've made a profit every week for the last month! Lynn comes in and asks Angela if she's going. Angela says she'd better be heading off. Lynn tells her that Rob will be home in a couple of hours, and she asks if she shouldn't stay and talk. Angela says, "No." Lynn tells her that they can all learn from their mistakes - she and Kevin did. She pleads with Angela to give it another chance, but Angela says she can't, as she's hurt him too much; she wouldn't know where to start. She goes. Lynn sighs.

At the Palmers', Angela puts her bags on the lounge room table. John tells her that running away won't solve anything, but Angela just asks why everyone's so interested in what she does, all of a sudden. John points out that they care about her. He tells her that she's making a big mistake, but Angela asks if she should go to Rob on her knees and beg forgiveness. John says she wouldn't have to do that. Angela says she would - she knows how she felt when she thought Amanda was having an affair with him; Rob must have felt ten times worse when he found out about Paul. John points out that that's over, but Angela says she still doesn't deserve to be forgiven. She picks up her bags and John asks her what time her flight is. Angela replies that she's going to try to get a standby ticket on the next flight out. John asks her if she still loves Rob, and Angela replies that of course she does; that's why she's leaving, as he's better off without her. She goes. John looks thoughtful.

At The Terrace, Lynn is on the 'phone, and she tells John that Rob's not there. John asks her to get Rob to 'phone him as soon as he comes back. He adds that it's really urgent, and Lynn asks what's wrong. John tells her that Angela is getting the next flight to Sydney - she's already left for the airport. Lynn suddenly sees Rob coming in the front door, and she tells John to wait a second. She calls to Rob and tells him John is on the 'phone. She then wishes John good luck. Rob comes to the 'phone and asks John what he can do for him. John says, "You can get out to the airport and try to save your marriage." Rob asks him what he means, and John tells him that Angela still loves him but reckons he won't take her back. He adds that, if Rob doesn't stop her from flying back to Sydney, he'll probably never see her again. Surprised, Rob says he didn't even know she was in town. John replies that she won't be for long, if Rob doesn't make up his mind. He adds that this is Rob's last chance, so he mustn't blow it. Rob looks thoughtful.

Angela is sitting in the airport, looking sad. The departure board displays the flight to Sydney. Rob runs up an escalator. Angela moves towards the departure gate as Rob runs around, looking for her. He runs past a bar and then suddenly spots his wife. He runs towards her and calls, "Angie - wait - gotta talk to you." He runs over to her and tells her that she was going to leave without saying goodbye. Angela replies that she went to The Terrace but he wasn't there. She asks him what he's doing at the airport, and Rob replies that he's there to stop her. He adds that he doesn't care if he has to hijack the 'plane; he's not going to let her leave again. Angela says she has to go, but Rob asks her what's waiting for her in Sydney. He pleads with her not to leave him again. Angela tells him that she doesn't want to hurt him again, but Rob says it'll hurt more if she gets on the 'plane. He asks if they can't give it another try. Angela thinks, then throws herself into Rob's arms. They hug and Angela tells Rob that she loves him. She says, "I'll try, I really will." They hug tightly. Rob happily says, "Don't ever leave me again."

At the Morrell apartment, Wayne is sitting, bleary-eyed, staring into space, dressed in his pyjamas and dressing gown. There's a knock at the door, but he ignores it. The person knocks again, and Jill then lets herself in. She looks surprised to see Wayne there, but explains that she knocked, and has come to pick up Snuffles. She calls for the cat. Wayne just sits there. Jill asks him if he's alright. Wayne, looking very depressed, replies that she won't even talk to him - he's rung five times but she won't take his calls. Jill asks who he means, and Wayne says, "Rosie." He says he didn't think Fiona would go through with it. Jill points out to him that he hurt her very badly, but Wayne snaps that she didn't have to tell Rosie. Jill tells Wayne that it serves him right. She then sits down next to him and tells him that not everyone hates him; she doesn't. Wayne tells her that she ought to, and Jill says she knows! She tells Wayne that he really is the strangest man! Snuffles miaows, and Jill goes up to pick her up, but Wayne says, "Please - don't go." Jill says Brian is waiting downstairs. Wayne cries that he doesn't know what to do - he feels he's going crazy. Jill tells him that he'll be alright, but Wayne says he's scared of being alone. Jill looks at him, pitifully. She says she's sorry, but she has to go. Wayne asks her if he'll see her again. Jill replies, "Probably not." She picks up Snuffles, takes a final look at Wayne, and walks out. Wayne looks depressed. He glances at the bar, stands up and walks over to it. He picks up a full bottle of scotch and pours himself a large drink. He then takes a long sip and sighs heavily.

The 'phone rings at Toorak. Patricia answers it and hears STD pips. Wayne then comes on and slurs, " are you?" Patricia says she's fine. Wayne asks if he's taking her away from anything, and Patricia replies that she was about to go out with Charlie. She asks Wayne if he's phoning from the apartment, and Wayne slurs that he thinks so. He adds that it's a very tasteful place to live in. Patricia remarks that she gathers he's already found the drinks cabinet. Wayne slurs, "Yeah." He then says he wishes he had something to do - that's why he's calling. He asks Patricia if she misses him, but Patricia points out that they only saw each other yesterday. Wayne goes to pour himself another drink, and slurs, "That's right - we talked over shady business deals together." The scotch misses the glass, and Wayne slurs, "Oh hang on, made a mess." He puts the phone down on the bar and picks up a cloth. Patricia looks bemused. She listens as Wayne tries to clean up, but when he doesn't come back on after a few seconds, she hangs up. Wayne picks the 'phone up again and slurs, "The phone's all wet, but I'll have the whole place dry-cleaned in the morning." He suddenly realises there's no one there, and he slurs, "Mother?" Looking increasingly upset, he cries, "Mum? Don't leave me... Everybody leaves me..." He starts crying. He puts the 'phone down and sobs, "I don't wanna be alone." He staggers into the middle of the room and looks at the window. He walks towards it and pulls back the blind. He then opens the window and looks down to the main road, several storeys below. He's still crying as he stares down and contemplates his future...


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