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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

At The Terrace, Rob is preparing some food, and he comments that he doesn't know why he's still hungry, but he is! Phillipe points out that it's a while since dinner, but Rob says he really gutsed himself. Charlie comments, "You and the rest of the place!" She tells Rob that he looks dreadfully tired, and she suggests he go upstairs and let her and Phillipe finish off. Rob says he's OK, but Charlie assures him that she doesn't mind. Looking at Phillipe, and flirting outrageously, she says she has nothing to rush home for. Rob then tells Charlie that she could do him a favour: Angie was uptight when he left; she might appreciate an ear to bash. Charlie says she's always got John, and Rob says he knows, but it's not same as a woman - and she's only just met Amanda. Phillipe agrees and says Charlie is so generous. Charlie replies that she can be very generous! Phillipe says he knows, and he adds that he looks forward to seeing her again - there'll always be a special table for her. As Charlies leaves, she says, "Ciao, darling!"

At Toorak, Charlie asks what Amanda means when she says Angela's not there - she came home specially to talk to her. Amanda tells her that Angela and John have gone to Sydney. Charlie asks what for, but Amanda says she doesn't know. Charlie says she supposes it's for the the launching. She adds that at least Patricia will be pleased. Amanda smiles and says, "I bet she will..." Charlie then says, "Oh dear..." Amanda looks at her, and Charlie explains that she left the most gorgeous Frenchman to come there - he's most terribly keen on her! She explains that it's the chef at the restaurant, and Amanda asks her if she has a booking for tomorrow. Charlie asks her how she guessed! She then says it's time to turn in. Amanda says she thought Charlie would be going to the launch tomorrow, but Charlie replies that she 'phoned Patricia to say she can't make it - "Sex before friendship, darling!" Amanda looks bemused. She asks Charlie if she'd like some company for lunch tomorrow. Charlie says, "Alright, then." She asks Amanda why the change of heart, as she wasn't very interested today. Amanda, though, says they'll talk in the morning - she's interested in what's on TV at the moment. She tells Charlie not to worry about it. Charlie wishes Amanda, "Nighty night!"

Stephen welcomes John and Angela to the Sydney apartment, and Patricia delightedly says, "What a lovely surprise." The twins enter, stern-faced. Patricia kisses Angela, but Angela's expression remains unmoving, and Patricia asks what's wrong. John and Angela stand next to each other by the bar, and John says, "We've got a few things to sort out." Patricia remarks that it sounds serious, and Angela says it is. John then says they know about the letter that Patricia burnt - the one that could have cleared David. Looking taken aback, Patricia quickly recovers her composure and tells them that of course they do - she thought that was all sorted out. John says they did, too - until they actually checked it - and now they've got proof that Patricia did it. Patricia asks what kind of proof, and Angela replies that they talked to Paul and to Margaret, and both their stories contain so many similarities that it just has to be true. Patricia snaps that Paul and Margaret make a great pair of unbiased witnesses. Stephen suggests that they sit down and talk reasonably, but John snaps that there's nothing to talk about. He tells Patricia that he and Angela have given her the benefit of the doubt so often - they've bent over backwards because they loved her - but not anymore. Patricia starts to say "You can't try me..." but John carries on that the worst thing is, they hurt a hell of a lot of people by doing it - hurt them to keep Patricia happy. He starts to add, "You're nothing but a two-faced..." but Stephen angrily yells, "John!" He snaps that this is his house, and John's not speak to his wife like that. Patricia says John will regret it soon enough, and she demands that he give her one piece of solid evidence apart from the stories of two people who don't even like her. John says, "How did you know Angie was at Woombai?" Patricia looks surprised. John continues, "When Paul took her there after the suicide, how did you know she was there?" Patricia replies that she guessed - she rang the reception place and bluffed it out. John snaps that she didn't - he rang the reception and spoke to both the girls there. He tells Patricia that he really wanted to believe she wouldn't do a thing like that. Patricia draws on the cigarette she's just lit and John says, "Look at you - you're packing it." He snaps, "Tell the truth for once in your life: you burnt it, didn't you." Patricia is stony-faced. John snaps that she was prepared to let David rot in jail to keep him and Angela on a string. Patricia says there are two sides to this, but John says that's all they wanted to know. He tells Angela to come on. Patricia asks where they're going. John snaps that there's nothing more to say. Patricia says of course there is, but Angela tells her that they can't forget it. John says that, as far as they're concerned, Patricia doesn't exist anymore. Patricia cries, "Just let me explain - you can't just walk out." They do leave, though. Stephen holds Patricia as she shakes and says," Stephen, they can't do this to me... they can't..."

A while later, Patricia is sitting at the table in the living room, drinking a cup of coffee, and Stephen tells her that he thinks she could do with something extra in there; he takes the coffee to the bar and pours in a shot of brandy. He then tells his wife that he's sure John and Angela will calm down - he's patched up enough rows with his mother over the years. He gives Patricia her alcoholic coffee and jokes that it's an instant pair of rose-coloured glasses. Patricia, though, snaps at him to stop being so damn cheery. Stephen suggests that she fly back to Melbourne, and he'll make excuses; after what's happaned, she can hardly be expected to be a charming hostess. Patricia pauses, and then says she has to manage it for him. She adds that, besides, Barbara and Gordon will have heard what happened, and she's not giving them the pleasure of knowing how she feels. Stephen tells her not to start getting paranoid. Patricia says she'll be fine - she tells Stephen to go to his meetings, and by the time he gets back, she'll be a million dollars. Stephen asks her if she's sure. Patricia says she is. Stephen tells her that he loves her, and to keep her chin up. Patricia just sits there. Stephen walks to the lounge room, picks up his briefcase, looks back and goes. Patricia sips her alcoholic coffee and then drinks the rest of it in one go. Her gaze moves to the bottle on the bar...

Doug is sitting in the garden outside the house in Queensland when Rosie comes out and says breakfast's on. Doug says that's beaut. Rosie tells him that they're all set to leave, once they get things sorted out with David. Doug says he's a bit worried about that - maybe they should put off going up to Woombai; after all, it's family first. Rosie points out that she promised Fiona that she'd keep an eye on Jill - it's too late now. Doug comments David sounds in a pretty bad way, but Rosie suggests that he might have cheered up by the time he gets there.

David is driving his truck with Tony in the passenger seat. Tony suddenly spots two female hitchhikers thumbing a lift at the side of the road, and he suggests to David that they pick them up. David says it would be too much of a squeeze, but Tony asks who's complaining - he's not married! David drives past the girls, though, and one of them, who looked at him and Tony as the truck went past, remarks to the other that they looked cute! The truck suddenly pulls up further up the road, and the two girls run to the cab, where Tony tells them that they're in luck!

Patricia is reclining on the settee in the Morrell apartment, drinking. The bottle that was on the bar is now standing on the coffee table, nearly empty and next to a full ashtray. Patricia puts her empty glass on the table and goes to pour another drink. She knocks both the bottle and the glass on the floor, though. She groans slightly and then lies back.

David's truck pulls up at Doug's house. Doug emerges from the house with packed cases, telling Rosie that he'll see David and let him know they're just off to Woombai. David comes round the back of the house and Doug tells him that he was waiting to see him. Tony and the girls then come round the corner as well, and Doug looks surprised. Tony introduces them as Jan and Michelle, and David explains that the girls were low on money, and he said they could pitch their tent in the backyard. Jan tells Doug that he has a nice son - they've have been really stuck if he hadn't come along.

A short time later, Tony and the girls are pitching the tent. Rosie joins Doug and they both watch. Doug says it's not right, but Rosie says it's harmless enough fun. Doug says David's left Beryl down there to fend for herself while he carries on with a couple of floozies. Rosie tells her husband that lunch is ready, and Doug goes over to the others. David remarks that his father looks miserable, but Doug says he's fine. He tells David that lunch is on, and he adds that he's putting off the trip to Woombai. David asks his father if he's keeping an eye on him, but Doug indignantly says it's nothing like that. David tells his father that he's subtle as a sledgehammer! He thanks Doug for his concern, but says there isn't a day goes by that he doesn't think about Beryl. Doug says that, where a man's concerned, he can get carried away with young floozies. David says he's alright, and he suggests Doug and Rosie go today, and he and Tony can follow tomorrow. Doug asks if he means to Woombai. David tells his father that he wants to spend some time with him, and Woombai is as good a place as any. Doug replies that he likes the sound of that - but perhaps David's place is with his family. In reply, though, David says it might sound lousy, but the way he feels now, he couldn't care less if he never saw Melbourne again. He goes to head inside.

At The Terrace, Charlie introduces Amanda to Kevin and Lynn, and explains that Amanda has to bring some money into the household, and doesn't know what's hit her! She tells Lynn that Amanda is interested in modelling, and she suggests they sit and have a chat while she lets Phillipe know they're there. Lynn asks Amanda about her interest in modelling, and Amanda replies, "You have to do something." Lynn looks shocked. She, Kevin and Amanda go and sit down, and Amanda remarks that it's a nice little place they've got - and she's heard a lot about the chef! Lynn asks what Amanda wants to know about modelling, but Amanda says, "Nothing!" She explains that that was just what she told Charlie. She goes on to say that John told her about his family and about how Kevin and Lynn hate her stepmother, so she thought that, if she's going to make friends down there, it might as well be with people she has something in common with. Kevin and Lynn look at each other.

Patricia sips a cup of coffee and complains that it's hot. Stephen orders her to drink it. Patricia meekly slurs that she didn't mean to get drunk - she just wanted to steady her nerves. She asks Stephen not to be angry with her, but Stephen asks why he shouldn't be - he thought Patricia was the strong woman he wanted her to be. Patricia says she's been through a terrible ordeal. Stephen says he's sorry, but she knows how important today is to him. Patricia says she can still do it - she knows she can. Stephen, though, says he's not risking it. The doorbell rings, and Stephen says it'll be the caterers. He tells Patricia that they'll get her to her room. Patricia slurs her words as she says, "Mustn't let the caterers see the boss's wife is drunk, must we?" Stephen snaps that she's too damn right they mustn't. Patricia staggers to her room.

Amanda tells Kevin and Lynn that they should have seen the look on John's face - if he did catch up with Patricia, she bets he almost killed her. Kevin worriedly says, "Hell!" He asks Amanda if she talked to Stephen this morning, but Amanda says she didn't - she's not exactly popular at the moment. Kevin wonders if John has been in contact with Beryl, and asks if he should call her. Lynn, though, says he shouldn't, as it's between John and Beryl. Kevin says he supposes. He continues that, maybe it sounds nasty, but it couldn't have happened to a nicer lady! Amanda says he'll get no arguments from her! She adds that they're not to tell Charlie, as the last thing she's in the mood for is her taking Patricia's side. She tells Kevin and Lynn that it's great to talk to people who feel the same as she does. Charlie joins them at that moment, with Phillipe in tow. She introduces him to Amanda, who is very obviously attracted to him; she stares at him intently. Phillipe kisses her hand as Charlie reminds Amanda that she said he was gorgeous! Amanda flirts as she says, "Very pleased to meet you, Phillipe." Phillipe says the pleasure is all his. Charlie looks at him, disappointedly.

At the Morrell apartment, Barbara opens the door to two guests, Alice and Michael Daniels, who apologise for being late. Alice tells Barbara that she looks well, and Barbara replies that she's fully recovered. Alice remarks that she thought Patricia would be doing the honours, and so Barbara explains that she's feeling under the weather. Elsewhere in the room, Gordon and Wayne talk, and Wayne says it's going well. He adds that, from what Stephen said, they're lucky it wasn't a disaster. Gordon remarks that it's not like Patricia to go to pieces like that. Wayne comments that only her twins could do it to her. He asks how they were when Gordon left Dural, and Gordon replies that they were still upset, but they knew it was the only thing to do - cutting her off - and it was the right thing to do. Wayne says more fool them for burying their heads in the sand for so long. Stephen is talking to Michael, and Alice and Barbara follow them to the bar, where Stephen serves them with drinks. Michael tells Stephen that they'll talk again later, and adds that it was nice meeting him. They walk off to talk to Gordon, leaving Barbara to warn Stephen to watch Michael, as he's one of the biggest conmen in the business! Stephen asks what Alice is like, and Barbara replies that they don't call her 'scalpel tongue' for nothing! Stephen thanks his sister for taking Patricia's place. Barbara replies that he knows how she feels about Patricia, but you can't kick someone when they're down. At that moment, Patricia staggers from her bedroom, and, looking horrified, Stephen mutters, "Oh my God." Patricia slurs, "Hello, darling." Stephen walks over to her, and she tells him that she was feeling so much better that she thought she'd come and join everybody. Stephen tells her to come and sit down, and he helps her to the settee. Patricia slurs that she feels like Cinderella arriving at the ball! She looks round the room and slurs that it's nice to see everyone there, but she'd better go and sit down. Gordon murmurs to Alice and Michael that Patricia has a virus. Alice tells Gordon that he's a gentleman to the end, but she doesn't know of any virus that retails at around $10 a bottle! Wayne looks at his father.

As Amanda and Charlie return to Toorak, Amanda snaps that she wishes Charlie would stop carrying-on. Charlie says she isn't - she's just telling Amanda the way things are. Amanda tells Charlie that she doesn't own him. Charlie retorts that Phillipe is very attracted to her, and she doesn't need Amanda making goo-goo eyes. Amanda laughs and says that sounds like something from a 1930s movie! Charlie snaps to Amanda to listen to her: Phillipe is too sophisticated for Amanda, so leave him alone and find a boy of her own age. Amanda replies that she thinks he's very cute and she's going to get him, and nothing Charlie can say will stop her. She adds that Charlie's problem is she doesn't know how to grow old with dignity...

Patricia is slurring to Alice that she and Stephen are incredibly happy, but they got the evil eye from Barbara when they got back. She continues that she'll always remember when she was trying to break into the 'set' - she was too 'nouveau' for Barbara; Barbara used to make out that she was doing Patricia a favour by going to her house. Concerned, Stephen asks Michael to excuse him, as he has to see Patricia. He tells her that he thinks she should lie down again. Patricia slurs that she's fine, and she tells Alice that it's the pills she's taking - they make her groggy, and Stephen was worried about how she'd cope. Stephen takes her arm in order to guide her to her room, but Patricia tells him that he's hurting her. Stephen asks Alice to excuse them, and he tells Patricia that she's making a fool of herself. Patricia snaps that she's not, and Stephen tells her to keep her voice down. He guides her towards the bedroom and says they'll talk about it in there. Patricia says she doesn't know why he's so angry with her - she's trying to do the right thing: she's talking to Alice, and Michael is very influential. Stephen says he knows, and he tells Patricia that she should lie down, as she's not looking very well. Patricia stops and looks round the room, and realises that there's an embarrassed silence. She suddenly starts to break down, and sobs, "I'm not pulling it off, am I?" Stephen tells her that it's become very embarrassing for everybody. Patricia cries "Oh no..." Stephen whispers, "So let's get you to bed, eh?" Patricia, though, ignores this, and decides to address the party. In a faltering voice, she says, "I'm really sorry if I've behaved badly. I don't normally drink like this. It's just that I've had this terrible shock... My children have..." Stephen holds her. She continues, "...See... My children, John and Angela, have..." She then bursts into tears, and cries, "Oh God... they hate me..." She begins to crumple onto the floor, crying, "My children hate me." Stephen helps her onto the floor, where she lies, sobbing uncontrollably.


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