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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

John and Angela carry some plates into the kitchen at The Terrace and John asks his sister if Beryl has said anything to her, yet. Angela says she hasn't, but at that moment, Beryl comes in and closes the door behind her. She tells the twins that she was going to wait until everyone had gone, but she might as well get started. She then continues that David has gone to stay with Doug and Rosie; he said he needed a holiday but he's really fed up with way they've been treating him. Angela indignantly asks what she's done. Beryl tells her that the only time she thinks of David is when she has a problem. Angela says that's not true, but Beryl asks her how many times she rings him - and how many times does she come to see him when she's down in Melbourne? Angela looks sheepish as Beryl asks her if she ever once made time to listen to David's problems. She turns to John and tells him that, because David finds it hard to express his feelings, John may think he doesn't have any, but after he left him, it hurt. John snaps that he wasn't going to say he believed David about the letter when he didn't. Angela, looking surprised, asks, "What letter?" Beryl tells her that Patricia had a letter which proved that Martin Healy commited suicide, but she destroyed it rather than going to the police. John tells Angela that that's what Margaret says; Patricia told him that it was just a story Margaret cooked up to cause trouble. Looking furious, Beryl yells that, if Martin took the time to write to his children, John cannot say he would not write to the woman he was going to marry - and no one can tell her that Patricia wouldn't use that letter against David; they know Patricia hates him - and yet they're willing to accept her word without once checking to see if she's telling the truth. John asks how they could check it out. Beryl retorts that there must be a way - and if this family meant anything to him, he would have found it. She continues that David has his faults, but he's a good man and he's always done his best for them and the other kids, and he doesn't deserve the treatment they're dishing out to him; and if they carry on the way they are, she'll disown the lot of them. She snaps at them to get back to the party. Angela starts to say, "Beryl..." but Beryl tells her to go on - she's had her say; it's up to them what they do about it. She stands there looking upset as the twins leave. Out in the hallway, John says to Angela that he doesn't think he could take any more of that.

Sometime later, John and Angela are heading up the driveway towards Toorak, in John's car. Angela suggests that they could arrange to see Margaret, but John points out that there's no way they could tell if she's telling the truth or not. Angela insists that Beryl is right; to be fair, they have to find out who's right; they owe David that.

As John and Angela stand on the porch at Toorak, Paul opens the door. Angela looks amazed to see him, and asks what he's doing there. She hugs him as he tells her that it's a surprise visit. John, looking annoyed at Paul's presence, tells Angela that he'll catch up with her later. He walks off, and Paul and Angela head into the lounge room. Paul tells Angela that he has some good news: he didn't want to tell her 'til he'd checked it out, but he's found a way round having to wait years to adopt. Angela, looking stunned, hugs him in delight. Paul continues that his solicitor helped him find a way round the adoption agencies: they find an unmarried mother who doesn't want to keep her child, then, for the right amount of money, get her to put his name down as the father. Angela's look of happiness changes to one of shock as she tells Paul that you can't just take someone else's child. Paul replies that his solicitor assures him that it's 100% legal. Angela, though, insists that children are not just something you can buy and sell. Paul tells her that it would be giving an unwanted child a good home, but Angela says she still doesn't think it's right - and she's surprised he even suggested it. Paul points out that there's still the proper way - but she's not to complain to him if it takes years to find a child.

At Woombai, Gordon tells Wayne that Fiona's solicitor 'phoned and said there was no death certificate; he missed out on all the excitement! Wayne smiles as Jill says they couldn't believe it when they heard. Fiona, who's still looking slightly stunned, says she's not the crazy lady they all thought she was! Jill, looking guilty, says she's sorry, and Gordon adds that he and Barbara owe her an apology too. Fiona says she knows how it must have looked. She then turns to Wayne and says she can't tell him how glad she is that he bought that album. Wayne replies that he's glad, too! Fiona says she hopes the courier hurries up with the contracts. Barbara, looking concerned, tells Fiona that she wishes she wouldn't rush into anything. A look of annoyance crosses Wayne's face as Barbara continues that Scott is a grown man - it may be too late for her to come back into his life. Wayne snaps, "Talk about a wet blanket." He then continues that he thinks Fiona should find him and then play it by ear. Fiona smiles and comments that this is a red letter day: she and Wayne agreeing on something! Jill tells Fiona that she's just so happy for her - she must be thrilled. Fiona sadly says she never thought her grandparents... Gordon interrupts and tells her that they probably thought they were doing the right thing. Fiona says they never had the right to make that decision. She then cries out, "How could they give him away to somebody and then tell me he was dead...?" She adds that she never stopped loving Scott; when she finds him... somehow... she knows he'll love her, too. Barbara hugs her.

At the Hansens', Terry tells Freddy that he couldn't believe it when Hamilton offered him that job - he was sure the old battleaxe who runs the place had it in for him. Freddy remarks that he always said Terry was a lucky so-and-so! He asks how Terry's mum will take it, and Terry replies that she'll be sweet. Freddy then asks him when he'll hand in his notice at the garage, and Terry replies that it'll be as soon as they give him a start date; Freddy won't see him for dust. Freddy asks what's happening about Jill - she's still at the homestead isn't she? Terry says he'll stay right out of her way.

At Woombai, Fiona is on the 'phone to Rosie, and she tells her that she's a lifesaver; she feels a lot happier about leaving Jill now that she knows Rosie will be around. She hangs up and Jill asks Fiona if she's lining up a chaperone for her. Fiona retorts that Rosie is the only one Wayne will really take any notice of. Jill, looking annoyed, says she wishes Fiona would give Wayne a go - she owes it to him after what he did. Fiona replies that, for Jill's sake, she wishes she could like him. She then continues that, when she comes back, she'll really make an effort - she promises. They hug. Wayne comes in at that moment and announces that the contract has arrived. Fiona replies that it's about time - she just can't wait to get away!

At Toorak, Angela asks John if he's seen Paul, but he says he hasn't. He asks Angela if she's had any thoughts about Margaret, but Angela replies that Paul dropped a bit of a bombshell on her so she hasn't had time to think about it. At that moment, Paul comes in and John leaves them to it. Angela tells Paul that she's really grateful for what he's trying to do, but she'd rather put it on hold. Paul agrees, but asks Angela to do him one small favour: tell Rob that she's not going to any more counselling sessions; every time she sees him, it upsets her; if she'd been in a better mood when she came back, he might have had a better chance. Angela, though, snaps that it's not Rob - it's Beryl: she said some awful things about Patricia. Paul asks, "What?" Angela says it doesn't matter, but this prompts Paul to tell Angela that there are a lot of things he's never told her, as he didn't want to come between her and her mother. Angela asks what he means.

John wanders into Amanda's quarters and asks her if she wants some company. She's in the middle of painting her nails, and she replies that she'd love some company, as she's bored to tears. John remarks that it must be tough having to get through a whole day without a fistful of credit cards! He sits down and, seeing the look on his face, Amanda asks him what's wrong: didn't he enjoy the party at The Terrace? John glumly says, "Not much." Amanda suggests that he could always fly up to Sydney tomorrow for Stephen's business launch - she's sure he'd enjoy mixing with all the suits and their blue-rinsed wives! At that moment, Angela calls out to John and asks if he's got a minute. She comes in and John asks what's up. Angela replies that she knows how they can prove whether Patricia is telling the truth or not.

A short time later, in the lounge room. John asks Paul why they should believe him. Paul retorts that they don't have to take his word - they can talk to Margaret. John asks how they can know that they didn't make up the whole thing between them. Paul replies that he hasn't been in touch with Margaret since she was arrested - John can contact the prison if he doesn't believe him. Angela, remaining calm, tells Paul to go on. Paul explains that the whole thing started when Patricia found out that Martin and Margaret had an affair; it was years ago but she was furious and she decided to get back at them: she was going to make Margaret so used to money that it would hurt her when she kicked her out... John interrupts to tell Paul to come off it, but Paul ignores this and continues that Patricia was going to jilt Martin on their wedding day, but Margaret found out and told him. Angela chips in that that was the last straw - Martin had already lost his children. Paul goes on that Margaret blamed Patricia for driving Martin to suicide - that's why she tried to make it look like murder; she thought she could make a good case against Patricia; in Margaret's mind, Patricia as good as murdered Martin. John asks what that's got to do with the letter. Paul replies that Margaret helped him get Angela away to Woombai and refused point blank to tell Patricia where he'd taken her; not long after, though, Margaret caved in and told her; she'd never have said anything unless she'd been forced to; he reckons Patricia used the letter to put the screws on her. Angela tells John that it makes sense. Paul asks John how else Patricia would have got to Margaret, and he asks him to remember that this is the same woman who wanted to frame Patricia for murder. He tells John to talk to Margaret; if their stories tally, it's proof: proof there was a letter and proof that Patricia destroyed it. John, looking incredulous, says he'll ask if he can see Margaret straight away. He goes to make the call. Amanda is standing in the hallway as he does so, and she hears John thanking the person at the other end of the 'phone. John tells Angela that they can see Margaret straight away. Paul says he'll stay at Toorak. As they head out, Angela asks John what they'll do if it's true. John replies that they'll cross that bridge when they come to it. They go out, leaving Amanda, who is hiding out of the others' site, looking puzzled.

At Woombai, Gordon is on the 'phone to Stephen, and he tells him that he'll see him tomorrow. Wayne says he wishes they didn't have to leave straight away, as he's got some good ideas for the place: someone to look after the machinery, for example, as Fiona wastes a lot of money on repair men. Gordon says he'll talk to Alan next time he's up there, but Wayne tells him that he's already sounded Alan out and they've got their eye on someone perfect for the job: a guy by the name of Terry Hansen. Gordon smiles and tells Wayne to put him on. Jill comes in and tells Gordon that Barbara said she's ready when he is. Gordon asks Jill if she's sure she's not coming, but Jill says she won't: if John turned up, there could be trouble. Gordon heads out to the car. Alone with Jill, Wayne tells her that he's going to miss her. Jill replies that she'll miss him, too. Wayne tells her to take care. Jill replies that there's not much chance of any trouble now that Fiona has lined up Doug and Rosie to look after her!

In Queensland, Doug and Rosie are tending the garden at Doug's house, and Doug tells Rosie that she shouldn't have said they'd go to Woombai without asking him first. Rosie says she thought he'd be pleased. Doug, though, says he's got the bowls final next week - and he can't leave the garden. He then adds that he doesn't feel like gallivanting around the countryside - he's happy there with her! Rosie smiles and tells Doug not to try getting around her! Doug tells her that she didn't mind it on their honeymoon. Rosie asks, "What honeymoon?!" She then reminds Doug that they got married at the local church and came straight back there! Doug points out that she said she didn't mind, and Rosie agrees that she didn't then - but it's different now that she's got the chance to have a nice holiday. Doug indignantly asks why women always have to have the last word! Rosie tells him that it's because men are so stubborn! She smiles and says she's glad they're going to Woombai; that's where he proposed. Doug smiles and tells Rosie that it was the best day's work he ever did!

Fiona has filled up her car with petrol at the garage, and Freddy goes to get her change. Hearing Fiona's voice, Terry comes out from under the car he was working on, and he goes to speak to her. As soon as she sees him, though, she gets into her car. Terry walks over and starts to thank her for getting him a job, but Fiona snaps that she's not interested in anything he has to say. She starts the car and roars off. Freddy comes out from the store and asks what got into her. Terry says he doesn't know, but he's wondering if it's going to be worth working for her; if that's the way she's going to treat him, what's the point? Freddy comments that he thought Wayne had said everything was OK. Terry suggests that maybe he'll go and confront him about it; see what's going on...

Terry arrives at Woombai and, finding the front door open, walks in. Jill hears a voice calling out and she replies that she's in the shower. Terry wanders into the lounge room, whistling and looking at various things on the coffee table. He also spots the photo album and is just starting to leaf through it when Jill comes in, wearing just her dressing gown. Terry tells her that the door was open, but, looking terrified, Jill snaps that he's got two minutes to get out or she'll call the police. Terry retorts that he's not there to hassle her - honest; he just came to see Wayne about the job he offered him. Jill asks, "What job"? Terry tells her that Wayne said he and his father are buying back into the property and needed someone to look after the machinery. Jill snaps that there's no way Wayne would give him a job. She then adds that she knows what he's there for. Looking angry, Terry asks Jill what she takes him for, but Jill asks what he reckons. Terry retorts that he knows he did the wrong thing the other day and he feels real bad - but at the time, he thought she was a pro... Jill snaps that she doesn't give a damn what he thought. Terry continues that, when she pushed him back, he thought he wasn't as good as the blokes at the riding school, so he thought 'what the heck' - as long as he paid for it... Jill angrily asks him if that gives him the right to do what he likes. Terry tells her that he'd be the first man to lay into any bloke who attacked a decent woman - honest. Jill snaps, "I don't believe you." Terry snaps that she can believe what she likes - but he's not going to apologise ever again. Jill puts her hand on the 'phone and says she's going to call the police, but Terry grabs her and asks what he has to say to get through to her. Jill looks terrified. He lets her go, but tells her that, if she's going to call the cops, then call them - he can't wait to hear what she's going to tell them. Jill doesn't move. Terry asks where Wayne is, and Jill replies that he's in Sydney. Terry tells her that, when he calls, tell him that he saw Mrs. Thompson today and she's still carrying on like there's a bad smell whenever he's around - so he wants to know what's going on about this job - and if Wayne is playing games, tell him to watch it when he gets back...

At Toorak, Amanda tells Paul that she won't take 'no' for an answer - she's got the Martinis all mixed. Paul asks if she isn't a bit young for Martinis, but Amanda insists that she isn't. The go into Amanda's quarters, and Amanda tells Paul to put a record on. Paul says he's expecting Angela and John back. He then suggests that she could get a job behind a bar, and Amanda says she might have to - thanks to her wicked stepmother; she's sure Patricia talked her father into getting her to cut up her credit cards. She then asks Paul what's going on, as she listened at the door earlier but only heard something about seeing Patricia's sister. At that moment, though, they hear a car pull up outside, and Paul asks Amanda to excuse him. He goes to open the front door, and as soon as he does, Angela tells him that his story checked out, right down to the last detail. Amanda says she wishes someone would tell her what's going on, but John tells her to ask Paul. He then snaps that it must feel good for Paul to know he's finally nailed Patricia. He storms into the lounge room, saying he'll arrange the tickets, and Angela tells Paul that she thinks it hit John pretty hard. Amanda follows John into the lounge but makes to leave again when he sees her. John slams the 'phone receiver down, unable to get through, and he tells Amanda to come in and he'll tell her all the gory details; after all, they have to share the house with his mother so it's only fair that she finds out what sort of person Patricia is. He continues that he just found out that Patricia drove Martin to suicide; she kept his farewell letter to keep his father in jail. Amanda looks shocked and she tells John that she doesn't know what to say. John asks what can you say about a woman like that? He then adds, "She's my mother. Telling you, Mandy, way I feel now, I'd like to kill the bitch."


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