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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Matt continues that he knows it seems drastic... John snaps that there's no way he's doing that to his sister. Matt tells him that he understands how he feels, and he knows it's morally wrong, but Angela needs help and John is the only one who can give it. John snaps that that doesn't say much for Matt, but Matt replies that Angela needs something, and it's up to him to see she has that jolt. John asks what Matt will do if Angela's memory doesn't come back. Matt tells him that if he and Angela make physical contact, her memory will come back. John looks at Matt in horror and then says he's not doing it. He storms off.

Outside, John bumps into Angela and Rosie, who are on the verandah, and he then walks off. Angela immediately asks Rosie what's going on, but Rosie replies that she can't say anything. Angela asks why, if John doesn't want to know her, he came there. Rosie repeats that she can't say anything. At that moment, Matt comes out and realises Angela has been trying to get information out of Rosie. He asks to have a talk with Angela inside, and, as he heads back in, says, "Good girl, Rosie."

In the living room, Matt tells Angela that he's had a chat to John, and he has a few problems. Angela says she could tell. Matt explains to her that she and John had problems in their marriage, and Angela needs to try to relate to him physically. Angela asks how. Matt replies that he's taking Fiona to the pictures this evening, and that will leave her and John together. Angela tells Matt that she wants to remember so much what she and John meant to each other.

Stephen is at Toorak, and Patricia remarks that it would have been more simple to 'phone. Stephen replies that he did try ringing her, but her 'phone has been disconnected. Patricia's face drops, and she goes to check it. The line is dead. She then tells Stephen that it's probably a technical fault, but Stephen replies that he spoke to the operator. Patricia snaps that she doesn't see why it's any of his business. Stephen replies that he knows Patricia is used to having money, but if she feels at a disadvantage with him, then she shouldn't worry about it - he's been broke too. He continues that people who've had money always seem to get it back somehow; he was left a fortune, and he blew it really quickly, but he realised he enjoyed it, and he made damn sure he soon got back on top - and he enjoys being wealthy. Patricia smiles at him, and when Stephen then suggests lunch, she agrees.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Doug remarks that it's a funny thing about the other suicide note mentioned in Adam's letter; where did it get to? Peter says he doesn't know, and Kevin warns his grandfather that it's not a good idea to talk about it. Rob comes in and suggests Doug might like to get back to see David. Doug agrees, adding that he'd better go and start packing, as he's heading back up-north tomorrow. Kevin asks Peter whether he wants to come back as well, but he replies that he won't be the best of company; seeing David would take him too close to the whole thing. He sadly says his dad must have been at rock bottom; he wishes he could have seen that.

Outside at Woombai, John tells Rosie that it would be better if he leaves, and he asks her to go inside and get Fiona to come out so that he can say goodbye. Realising that he doesn't want to see Angela, Rosie replies that the girl isn't inside; she's been out looking for him all day. She adds that it's a terrible business, and John agrees.

Inside, Fiona tells John that it's not a very good idea: if he goes, he'll be running away. John asks Fiona if she knows what's going on, and Fiona explains that Matt had a chat to her. John says the whole thing is sick. Fiona replies that she reacted in the same way when she first heard, but Matt has a very good track record, and she trusts his judgement. John appears to waver, and says he doesn't know... Fiona points out that it is for Angela. John tells her that she doesn't know what's been going on in his head. Fiona says she knows that, and she realises it would be the hardest decision ever - but he has to trust Matt - and if not him, trust her.

Outside, Matt climbs down from a horse, which is taken away by a stablehand. Fiona and John come over to him and John tells him that he'll go along with his idea - but he threatens Matt that if it goes wrong, he'll never let him forget it.

Patricia and Stephen arrive back at Toorak, and Patricia thanks Stephen for lunch, adding that it was nice to go to a restaurant where the waiters know your name. She then thanks him for a lovely afternoon, and Stephen replies, "Thankyou." Patricia asks him when he's flying out, and he'll replies that it'll be tonight - he's staying in Dural. Patricia says she meant when is he flying to London, and Stephen tells her that it'll be in a few days, after Gordon and Barbara's wedding. He adds that he wishes he didn't have to go now, having met Patricia... Patricia asks if he's always so direct with women, but Stephen says he isn't. He then continues that he's never been so immediately attracted to someone - Patricia is beautiful, quick-witted, strong-willed and a good challenge. Patricia remarks that he sure is one of the smoothest men she's ever met. Stephen thanks Patricia again and goes. Patricia stands there, smiling.

Doug, Kevin and Rob arrive back at the Palmers' to find the house empty. As they pile in, Beryl comes out of the bedroom, quickly adjusting her dress! When David emerges a few seconds later, Doug asks him if he was having a snooze! David asks how Peter is, and Doug admits that he put his foot in it with him. Rob explains that Peter is feeling bad about his father's suicide. David then asks how Tony is going at the coffee shop. Doug looks uncomfortable, and explains about how Tony turned up late. David asks whether Doug knocked Tony back, and Doug admits that he did. David snaps that it's hard for Tony. He starts getting his things together to go out, causing Doug to remark that David only just got there. David says he's got to go, to offer Tony the job again. Rob, Kevin and Doug go into the kitchen, leaving Beryl to ask David why he's going after a kid he barely knows. David replies that he wants to stop him doing anything stupid. He adds that he wouldn't go if it wasn't important.

Sometime later, David's car pulls in at the side of a road and David gets out. He approaches Tony, who's hanging around with two of his mates. Tony introduces David to his mates, and David tells Tony that he called to see him: if he still wants the job, it's his. Tony's mates immediately start making fun of him for wanting a job, and Tony hurriedly replies that he really just dropped in at the coffee shop to see Beryl and thank her for the stuff she brought in for him. Realising he's put his foot in it, David asks for a word with Tony, who asks him if he's got something on. David says he might have. The two of them walk over to David's car, and Tony tells David he's glad he got off. David comments that it's a shame Tony couldn't say that in front of his mates. He then continues that the offer of the job still applies. He gives Tony the Palmers' address and tells him to drop round for a meal. He then tells him to keep his nose clean, and Tony thanks him for coming round.

At Toorak, Patricia is looking at the note that has accompanied a second bunch of flowers. This time, the note says, 'Expect to get these every day. Stephen Morrell.'. Patricia smiles, happily. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Patricia looks at it in surprise. She tentatively answers it and Stephen comes on and asks if the flowers have arrived yet. Patricia asks him how he got through, and he replies that he got her 'phone fixed up so that he can ring her from London. He adds that he'll see her in a few weeks.

Angela and John are having dinner at Woombai, and Angela remarks that Rosie is a good cook. She then offers John some more vegetables before remarking that it's funny how they've ben left by themselves. John bitterly says, "You reckon?" The tension in the air is palpable as Angela tells John that she looked for him today. John explains that he was in town. Angela asks why, and John replies that he had things to do. He then asks Angela if she went for a ride, and she says she did, and it was good. She then says it seems funny, knowing who John is and feeling tongue-tied. John mutters agreement.

David, Rob, Doug, Kevin and Beryl are all in the kitchen at the Palmers', but Rob and Kevin quickly head out, Rob saying goodbye to Doug as he does so. Doug also then starts to head off to continue his packing. As he's about to leave the room, David tells him that he'll give him a lift in the morning, but Doug replies that it's not necessary. David then apologises for snapping at his father earlier. Doug indignantly says he didn't know how much Tony needed the job, and the two men shake hands. Doug says he'll be ready to leave at 7am, and he leaves the room. Alone with David, Beryl tells him that she's glad he said that. David explains that he was in a cell with Tony for three weeks, and they got to be friends; he'd have gone round the bend if it hadn't been for Tony. He continues that Tony is a great kid who hasn't had a decent go - he feels responsible for him; he doesn't know why, but he wants to give him a second chance.

John and Angela are now sitting on the settee, and Angela says she's getting better every day. She tells John about how she saw a tractor earlier, and recalled a memory of the same tractor from when she was ten. John says that's good. Angela continues that it's so awkward, not remembering things - she wants to prove to John that what she felt for Paul doesn't mean a thing now - she loves him. John sighs and tells Angela that she could be feeling something she felt a long time ago. He moves closer to her and asks her if she remembers riding a horse across a paddock and falling off. Angela says she doesn't really. John explains that he came to see her in hospital and he met her mother; he then came to her house and they found they had a kind of bond. Angela says she wishes she could remember. John tells her that they then found out something. Angela asks what. John replies that they found out they loved each other - but in a completely different way. Angela tell him that she doesn't understand. John replies that they loved each other because they didn't understand... He kisses her on the cheek. Angela then moves and kisses John on the lips. John murmurs, "Oh, Angie..." Angie has a look of horror upon her face, though, as realisation starts to dawn. She says, "Oh my god... John." She stands up and runs out, leaving John looking worried.


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