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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

John pushes Angela away and tells her that he isn't her husband. Angela looks at Matt for reassurance and asks why John's not telling her the truth. Matt replies that John's doing exactly what he told him to do - he doesn't want her to rush things. Turning to John, Matt asks if he and Angela can have a minute, and John, as he leaves the room, mutters that he hopes Matt knows what he's doing. When they're alone, Angela tells Matt that she's never been more positive about anything. Matt says he's going to have a quick word with John, and he heads off, leaving Angela looking worried.

Outside, on the verandah, John angrily asks Matt why he didn't tell Angela. Matt replies that he's wondering why Angela is mistaking John for Rob. John sarcastically points out that Matt is the one with the years of study and the degrees. Matt persists that he's concerned about why Angela is mistaking her brother for her husband, but John takes this the wrong way and accuses Matt of spreading muck where none exists. Matt heads back inside. As he does so, Fiona's car pulls up nearby.

Back in the living room, Angela tells Matt that he's got to tell her if she's right. Matt asks Angela why she thinks she is, and Angela replies that the second she saw John, the feelings came flooding back; she's been in love with him for a long time. Matt tells her that there are many forms of love, but Angela replies that this is love that she could only feel for a husband. Matt comments, "Or lover?" Angela reluctantly agrees, but then adds that Paul told her that they'd been lovers for a long time - but she doesn't feel anywhere near as strongly about him as she does about John. Having heard this, Matt tells Angela that John is her husband, but he asks her to have a rest before she sees him again. Angela reluctantly goes to lie down, saying as she does so that it's a relief to know that she's not completely round the twist. Matt looks worried.

Outside, John says to Matt that he hopes he's brought Angela to her senses. Matt asks John to take it easy with Angela, but John snaps that she'll just get worse if he gets dragged into Matt's game. He announces that he's going to move his stuff into the men's quarters, and he storms off. Matt is left with Fiona, who tells him that there's a lot he should know.

Inside, Fiona tells Matt that both kids went through hell - they were so much in love, and to find out they were twins... Matt asks how they coped, and Fiona replies that it was a battle. She asks Matt if there's any risk in his approach. Matt tells her that Angela has lost her memory of that time and it's put her back to square one. Fiona says Angela has to be told, but Matt says no: if the situation plays itself out properly, it could be the trigger to restore Angela's memory - but he needs John's co-operation. He asks Fiona to keep Paul out of the way.

At Toorak, Patricia leans on the table in the living room as she bends over to take off one of her shoes, which appears to be causing her pain. As she does this, a man's voice says, "Mrs. Hamilton?" Patricia turns round in shock and sees a man standing in the doorway. She immediately snaps at him, asking who the hell he is. He replies that he has a key, and adds that he wasn't expecting anyone to be there. Patricia snaps that she wasn't expecting any unescorted tours of the place. The man cooly remarks that it's amazing what you can get away with when you turn up in a Rolls... Patricia ignores this and suggests to him that he makes a proper appointment. The man replies that Gordon was right: he warned him about getting on her bad side. Patricia, surprised at this, snaps at the man to ask who he is. He replies that he's Stephen Morrell - Barbara's brother.

Peter and Doug are in the kitchen at The Terrace, and Peter is counting the day's takings. Doug tells him to count out Angela's share separately. As they stand there, Tony appears in the kitchen doorway, giving them both a start. Doug tells him that they're closed, but Tony just replies that he was looking for Beryl. Doug replies that she's not in today, and asks if he can help. Tony explains that Dave sent him, and Doug recalls who the boy is. Tony asks if there's work or not. Before he answers, Doug suggests to Peter that he take the money upstairs to count. He then turns back to Tony and tells him there are no jobs at the moment. Tony says Dave must have got his wires crossed, and he goes.

Patricia and Stephen come downstairs at Toorak, and Stephen remarks that the place is very sound. He thanks Patricia for bothering, and Patricia sarcastically replies that she can't have him running back to Barbara and saying what a terrible saleswoman she was. Stephen remarks that he's surprised Patricia stayed on, with most of her furniture gone. Patricia hastily explains that she's had most of her stuff move to her new penthouse. Stephen smiles and replies that Gordon told him she had to sell all her furniture. Patricia looks annoyed. Stephen continues that Gordon also told him his side of his break-up from Patricia; how about she tells him her side over dinner? Patricia snaps that she's not in the habit of telling people her life story. She continues that she'll expect a call from the agent first thing in the morning. Stephen goes, leaving Patricia smiling to herself...

On the 'phone, Gordon says that's terrific. At the other end, Stephen tells him that he's already made an offer. He adds that there are lots of renovations to be done, and Gordon explains that Patricia was in the process of renovating the place when she took ill. Stephen remarks that he wondered why she lived in a poky little corner of the house. Gordon tells him that he's glad he could put Stephen onto a good thing. Stephen replies that he's not half as glad as he is...

Rob, Peter and Kevin put a table down in the dining area at The Terrace, the table having been fixed after being broken. They start talking about Tony, but at that moment, the 'phone rings and Rob goes to answer it. He then calls out to Peter that it's for him - from Paris. Peter realises that it must be Adam, and he excitedly goes to talk to him. Adam says he and their gran have just got back from their tour. Peter asks him if he received his messages. Adam says he did - and the letter from Martin was waiting for him as well. Peter asks what letter? Adam tells his brother that he's sorry, but Peter, looking dumbfounded, asks him what he means. Adam replies, "Deciding to do away with himself." Peter looks shocked, and asks him what he's talking about. Adam replies, "Dad's suicide; what do you reckon?"

Later, at the Palmers', everyone is trying to tell Beryl things at once. Kevin explains to her about Adam going to the French police with the letter as soon as he came off the 'phone to Peter; the French police then telexed a copy of the letter to the Australian CIB, and a copy has also been lodged with the Australian Consulate in Paris. Rob chips in that, once the evidence can be verified, David's appeal can be set in motion. He then adds that the appeal will probably be in the morning!

At Toorak, Patricia puts down on the table a bunch of flowers that have just been delivered. She reads the card, which says, 'Please find a receipt for holding deposit on the house. Next stop... please. Stephen Morrell.'. Patricia smiles.

At Woombai, Matt tells John that he's glad John has finally agreed to have a chat. He continues that John could play a big part in getting Angela back on her feet. John says he doesn't see how lying will do any good. Fiona comes into the room at that point and tells John that she's just had a 'phone call and some evidence has come to the fore that puts David in the clear. A broad smile spreads across John's face and he says that's terrific! Fiona adds that Beryl said he's not to worry about not believing him. Matt suggests to John that they finish their chat in the morning, but John says he'd rather not finish it at all. Matt heads out. John turns back to Fiona and asks who did kill Martin. Fiona tenderly replies that a letter has turned up making it clear he killed himself.

The Terrace is virtually in darkness when Rob comes in. He puts the lights on and finds Peter sitting on his own in the dining area. He sits down next to him and says the situation can't be easy. Peter replies that it's worse knowing that his father hated himself; it means he drove him to it.

The next morning, Beryl is doing some cooking at the Palmers' when Kevin comes in. He tells his mother that she has nothing to worry about; he then tells her to think how he'll feel when Lynn comes home - it's been three months since he saw her. He then adds that at least he's got Vic on his side this time. Doug comes into the kitchen and asks if everyone's ready. Beryl says she's not going to the hearing as she'd rather wait at home. Kevin and Doug go out.

Sometime later, Kevin and David pull up outside the Palmers', Doug having made his way to look after the coffee shop. They get out and Kevin remarks to his father that the house must look good. David replies, "You said it!" and jokes that the windows haven't got bars! He goes in on his own.

Beryl is looking through the window, and as she sees David coming up the path, she takes a deep breath. David comes into the lounge room, all smiles, and the two of them hug tightly. David tells Beryl that that feels good. They then kiss passionately.

John is sitting on a fence in the grounds at Woombai when Matt comes over and tells him that Angela has gone for a ride, so now would be a good time to finish their talk. He walks off again. John sits on the fence for a few more seconds and then jumps down and follows Matt.

Inside, John says he's been thinking about the fact that he's not co-operating - he finds Matt's ideas strange, but if Fiona reckons he's OK, he'll hear him out. Matt replies that he isn't asking for anything more. He then continues that Angela is piecing together aspects from her past, but she's forgotten everything from when she was a teenager onwards. John asks why Matt can't tell her the truth straight out. Matt replies that he thinks they can use a shock to her system to restore her full memory: her subconscious knows John's her brother, and if John can put enough pressure on her to bring this to her conscious, they should have her. He adds that Angela needs something to jolt her back to reality. John asks if there are any dangers, and Matt replies that there always are. John reluctantly asks what he has to do. Matt tells him, "You're her husband. Act like it."


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