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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

John knocks on the door, but there's just silence. He knocks again, and he then hears a woman inside impatiently say, "I'm coming." She opens the door, and John introduces himself. He asks the woman if she's Margaret Dunne, and when she confirms that she is, he tells her, "I'm your sister's son - Patricia's." Margaret looks somewhat taken aback as John goes on to explain that Patricia is sick, and he'd like her to see her. Margaret says she hasn't seen Patricia in years, and so John tells her about Patricia having a breakdown. He asks Margaret if Patricia's parents are around, but is told that they died three years ago. Margaret tells John that he's wasting his time, as she doesn't want to see Patricia. She adds that she hasn't seen her in twenty years, and doesn't care what happens to her. John starts trying to persuade her, but Margaret tells him that if he doesn't go away, she'll call the police.

At Jill's, John tells Jill that he made a mistake. Jill points out to him that it must have been quite a shock for Margaret to be confronted by him telling her that the sister she hasn't seen for twenty years has had a breakdown. John admits that it was stupid to mention the breakdown. Jill tries to change the subject by asking what they're going to do tonight, and she suggests the movies. John agrees that it sounds like a good idea. Jill tells him to sit down and relax - she'll make dinner, and they should still be able to catch the late show. John jokes, "Bossy, aren't you!"

Patricia is sitting on the settee at the South Yarra house when Susan comes in with some flowers. Patricia asks if they're from John, and, after a minor pause, Susan says they are. Patricia says it's nice of him, and adds that he's very good to her. Susan suggests to Patricia that she go back to bed, but Patricia says she brought some papers and photos down from Sydney, and now she can't find them. Susan offers to help her look later. Patricia decides to go upstairs. The 'phone rings, and Susan answers it. The caller is Beryl, who comments that she hasn't heard from her daughter in a while. Susan replies that she's been busy. Beryl asks if Patricia could be putting it on, but Susan assures her that it's for real, adding that Patricia is right off the planet, although that's partly the effect of the pills. Beryl asks what symptoms there are, and Susan replies that Patricia is vague, and she keeps forgetting things - for example, she received some flowers from Bill, but Patricia kept asking if they were from John, so she eventually just said they were. Beryl asks Susan if she can make sense of anything Patricia is saying, but Susan says she can't. She adds, though, that John seems keen to work it out. She tells Beryl that she'll have to call back later, as Patricia needs settling. The call ends. Upstairs, Patricia is sitting on her bed, looking through some papers when Susan comes in. The papers are the ones she was searching for. Susan tells Patricia to get into bed, but Patricia says she doesn't want to, yet. Susan leaves her to it. Patricia continues going through the papers until she suddenly comes across a photo. It's a black and white shot of a man in an RAF uniform.

A truck reverses into the depot, and David gets out. One of the depot workers comes over to him and tells him that the new rosters are on the noticeboard. He also tells David that there's a message for him: he's to call in at Jill's for breakfast if he gets back in time. He adds that it's important.

At Jill's, John tells David that he wanted to hear it from him, not from Patricia. David says he doesn't want to be dragged into it. John says he hopes David doesn't mind him looking for his real father. David just says it's tough knowing that he's not John's father anymore, but he knows that they're mates now, and that won't change whoever the other bloke is. Jill tells David that John was the only person at the movies who wasn't laughing last night. She then says she has an interview, and she goes off to get ready. David says he can understand why Margaret was like she was. He tells John that, before he and Angela were born, Patricia and Margaret were very close. He used to tell Patricia that she should get in touch with her sister, but she always refused, so he can understand if Margaret's bitter after twenty years.

Plan C is lying on one of the armchairs in the Palmer house. Beryl hears David tooting the horn in his truck as he pulls up outside, and she goes to the front door. He comes in and tells Beryl about the talk he's just had at Jill's. Beryl asks David how he feels, but David just says he'll have to go along with it. He goes to sit down, and Beryl hurriedly stops him squashing Plan C! She tells David that she missed him, and they hug.

Rosie tells Gordon that it's none of her business, but he could have stopped Wayne going. Gordon tells Rosie that she's right - it is none of her business. He quickly apologises, but Rosie says she wishes he'd apologise to Wayne, too. She adds that he'll always be her favourite - except for Gayle. She also points out to Gordon that Wayne was right about him and Paul. Gordon admits that it's a terrible thing for a father to say, but Paul is the perfect son he never had. He tells Rosie that he doesn't even like Wayne, let alone love him. Rosie says she hopes that, wherever Nancy may be, she doesn't hear Gordon saying that.

Wayne stands and looks upwards. He then picks up his bags and walks towards the front door of the South Yarra house.

A short time later, Wayne is sitting at Patricia's bedside, and he tells her that, seeing as he's not wanted up there, he thought he'd come down and help her out. He adds that he'll be able to help her with all her business problems, although he's sure that Ramberg's the last thing on her mind at the moment. Patricia suddenly realises that John and Wayne don't get on, and she pleads with Wayne not to upset her son, as she doesn't want him leaving. Wayne assures her that he and John get on like a house on fire, now. Downstairs, John is just coming in, and he thanks Susan for calling him. Susan says that, from what she's heard, Wayne isn't the sort of person they want around. John is just about to go upstairs when Wayne comes down, saying he thought he heard John's voice. John asks Wayne what he's doing there, and Wayne replies that he was booted out of the house in Sydney and he thought he'd come down to help. John tells Wayne that Patricia doesn't need his help. Wayne, though, says Patricia likes him being there, and he tells John that there's nothing he can do about it. He adds that he's going to unpack, and then get some sleep. As he walks off, he snidely tells John that it's good to see him again.

Jill is at the Palmer house, cuddling Plan C. Beryl asks her if she's had any luck with the caretaker, but Jill says she hasn't. Beryl assures her that Plan C is happy where she is, and she adds that it gives Doug something else to moan about besides them! Jill says Rosie used to complain about Plan C when she went to Woombai, but she grew to like her in the end. Beryl remarks that Rosie and Doug make a good pair! Jill announces that she has to go, as John's coming over. Beryl says John will be glad that she's got the job, and adds that it's just a pity the two of them will be in opposition. Jill wonders who'd have thought that she and Beryl would be working across the road from each other!

John is at Jill's, and he has written a note, which he leaves on the table: 'Don't be mad. Am going to have another go at Margaret Dunne. Would've been lovely company anyway. Love, John xx'. He stands, looks at the note for a few seconds, and sighs.

Wayne 'phones Dural, and Rosie answers. When she hears who it is, she tells Wayne that she was worried about him. Wayne explains about staying with Patricia. Although she doesn't like it, Rosie comments that at least he has a roof over his head. Wayne then asks Rosie for a favour: can she tell Gordon to forward his pay, as he didn't stop to collect it before he came down. Rosie agrees to do this. The call ends, and Susan remarks to Wayne that she thought he was getting some sleep. Wayne replies that he had a few loose ends to tie up first.

John knocks at Margaret Dunne's front door, and takes a few steps back down the path. Margaret suddenly comes round the corner, and sees John standing there. John hurriedly says he doesn't want to make trouble - he just wants to talk. Margaret tells him that she's thought about things a lot since yesterday, and she agrees to talk to him.

Patricia is sitting on the settee. Susan remarks that she thought she was in bed, but Patricia says she wasn't tired, although she's beginning to feel it now. Susan notices the photo on the coffee table, and remarks on the good looking man in it. Patricia gets up to go to bed, and tells Susan to throw the photos and papers out. An astonished Susan says she'll put them back where she found them.

John and Margaret pull up outside the South Yarra house and get out of the car. Margaret comments, "She has done well for herself, hasn't she." They go inside, and John says he'll look for Susan. He leaves Margaret to glance around the house, but she then hears raised voices as Susan accuses John of wanting to upset his mother. They are still rowing when they walk into the lounge, and John quickly cools things by introducing Susan and Margaret to each other. Margaret remarks on Susan being concerned, and Susan replies that she doesn't want Patricia upset. John tells Margaret that he'll take her upstairs, but Margaret says she'd like to see Patricia alone. John agrees, and gives her directions to Patricia's room. Margaret goes upstairs. Susan asks John how he found her, and John replies that it was through David. Susan asks when Patricia last saw her sister, and John says it was 21 years ago. He assures Susan that he wouldn't have done any of this if it wasn't necessary.

Margaret stands, looking at Patricia, who is asleep. She turns over and opens her eyes. She does a double take as she sees her visitor, and she finally whispers, "Oh, Margaret." Margaret tells Patricia that her son tracked her down, as he's very concerned about her. Patricia says she hasn't been well. Margaret says John pestered her to come and pay at least one visit. Patricia says she wouldn't blame Margaret if she didn't care. She adds that she's often thought of getting in touch, but Margaret looks disbelieving. Patricia asks, "Mummy and Daddy?" Margaret replies, "They're dead." Patricia asks if her parents ever spoke of her, but Margaret shakes her head. She then tells Patricia that the main reason she came is because John has been asking her for information about his real father, and she wants to know if she should tell him anything. Patricia becomes alarmed, and snaps about him finding out. Margaret says John just knows David isn't his father. Patricia tells her sister that she mustn't say anything, as John mustn't find out about Martin. She adds that if John sees him, he'll find out about that night, and what she planned to do. She hysterically tells Margaret that she doesn't want to lose her children. Margaret promises that she won't say anything about Martin. Patricia asks, "Or about the dance?" Margaret assures her, "Or about the dance." Patricia thanks her. Margaret says that's all she came for. Patricia starts to say, "I thought...", but Margaret points out to her that it's been 21 years... Patricia asks Margaret again to promise not to say anything to John. Margaret says, "If John finds his father, it won't be though me - I promise." She goes, leaving Patricia sitting in bed, looking upset.


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