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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Doug is hunting around the Palmer kitchen, and Beryl asks him what he's looking for. Doug replies that he's trying to find a lightbulb for the kids' room. Beryl announces that she's off to work. Doug says he'll go and fix the light. There's a knock at the front door, and Beryl answers it and lets John in. He asks if David's home, but Beryl tells him that David's on an Adelaide run. She adds that she knows what's been going on, so if John wants to talk... John tells her that he's decided to find his real father, and he's hoping David might be able to help him. Beryl suggests that he should ask Patricia, but John replies that she's in a mess. Beryl remarks that Patricia doesn't deserve John worrying about her. John admits that he might change his mind about her when he knows the full facts, but he can't just drop her. Doug comes in and asks why Patricia can't get her family to look after her. John explains that Patricia hasn't seen her family for years. He suddenly appears to have a brainwave, though, and says he should have thought of that before. He thanks Doug and rushes off.

Back at the South Yarra house, John 'phones Gordon, at Dural. He explains about Patricia not being very well, and how he thinks she's having a breakdown. Gordon asks if there's anything he can do, but John tells him about Susan being there for her. He then says he wants to contact Patricia's family, and he asks Gordon if he knows how he can get hold of them. Gordon, though, says he can't help, as Patricia never talked about her family, and he doesn't think she's seen them for years. He adds that he doesn't even know if her parents are still alive. John thanks him. Gordon asks how Angela is coping, and John replies that she's fine, he thinks.

Angela tells Rob that she wishes he didn't have to drive at night. Rob replies he has to take the jobs he can get, as the company isn't taking on any more drivers - he got in at just the right time. Angela tells him to make sure he takes his rests and to ensure he has the photos for Fiona. They hug and kiss.

At the boarding house, Kerry asks Fiona if she found out anything. Fiona tells her that the authorities will lock her up and throw away the key! She quickly adds that she's joking, and tells Kerry that the news isn't all bad. She explains that Kerry won't be able to keep claiming benefit, and is going to have to give back what she shouldn't have received. Kerry says she's spent most of it. Fiona suggests the dole, but Kerry isn't keen. Fiona then says that she knows somewhere where the rent's cheap, and where a tenant is needed: Jill's old room. Kerry doesn't appear very eager, and Fiona tells her that she knows how she must be feeling as she was once an unmarried mother herself, but two wonderful people helped her out, and it made all the difference. Kerry gives in, and accepts the help.

Gordon and Barbara return to Dural after a round of golf, and Rosie asks Barbara how the game went. Barbara replies that Gordon was out of practice. Gordon suggests to Barbara that she should ring home, but Barbara says she doesn't want Gayle to think she's breathing down her neck, and she adds that trust is everything. She then tells him not to worry so much about Ramberg, but Gordon says he has a mountain of paperwork to get through. Barbara asks him if there's anything else on his mind, and Gordon tells her about Patricia being seen by a doctor. He adds that he doesn't know whether she's really sick, or just likes to see people running after her. Barbara tells Gordon that it's OK by her if he wants to visit Patricia, but Gordon makes it clear that he doesn't, as he's got his work cut out trying to resolve Ramberg's problems.

Fiona gives Kerry the key to Jill's room and tells her that she hopes she'll be comfortable. Kerry asks if there's any word on Domine, and Fiona replies that the child is being well looked after. She adds that she misses her, too, and she tells Kerry about how she didn't want to give her up, so she can understand how Kerry felt. Kerry admits that there were times when she was glad Domine wasn't around, such as when she was job hunting, or when she wanted to go out, but the child was always in the background. Fiona says she appreciates Kerry wanting a life of her own. Kerry says, though, that now she has time to herself, she doesn't want to go out. Fiona remarks that they'll have to do something to get her back into circulation!

At the Palmer house, Angela tells Lynn that Domine can't sit still for five minutes! Kevin comes in, and Doug asks him to help him in the garden, but Kevin is reluctant. Angela and Lynn get ready to go out, but as she leaves the kitchen, Angela asks Kevin if he's heard from the tribunal yet. Doug pricks up his ears as Kevin replies that he won't know for another month yet. He tries to change the subject by offering Doug a hand after all, but Doug asks him what Angela meant about a tribuanal. Kevin replies that it's like a board which hears cases. Doug remarks that it sounds like Kevin has been up to something, and Kevin admits that he was caught cheating in his exams. Doug says he can't believe it! He asks how David and Beryl took it, and Kevin replies that they were fine, and he explains about David standing up for him. A horrified Doug storms off to the garden, telling Kevin that he doesn't want his help after all. Lynn then snaps at Kevin, asking him why he told his grandfather what happened. Kevin just says he wasn't going to lie. Lynn is furious, and marches out to the garden to tell Doug that she's put up with him so far, and she's managed to keep her mouth shut up 'til now, but she doesn't like the way he just spoke to Kevin. She adds that Kevin has been having a really hard time, and she tells Doug that, if he's just going to have a go at people, he may as well go home.

Beryl and Doug are in the kitchen, and Beryl remarks that she heard she missed some fireworks. Doug says he doesn't know what she means! He then tells Beryl that in his day, cheating was one of the lowest things a man could do. Beryl tells Doug that neither of them really understand the pressure of the final year at school anymore, although she adds that she probably appreciates it more than he does. She tells Doug about the problems Kevin has had since she blamed David for her losing the baby, and since she moved to Sydney. Doug asks how he was supposed to know. Beryl says they don't talk about it, but she explains that Kevin and Lynn were the meat in the sandwich, Kevin made a mistake, but he's very sorry, and very ashamed. She tells Doug that Kevin's in the lounge if he wants to say anything. Doug asks, "Lynn?" Beryl replies that Lynn is in the bedroom with Davey. Doug duly goes into the lounge and humbly admits to Kevin that he said too much, earlier. Kevin says it doesn't matter. Doug comments that he could still do with a hand in the garden. Kevin agrees to help.

Gayle tells Barbara that she's finished polishing the silver. She asks if she can go early, as she wants to go with Rosie to see her Aunty May at the nursing home. Barbara agrees. Gayle says goodbye to Millstone and heads off. A short while later, she's walking along the road, when she turns round and finds Millstone a short distance behind! She tells him to go home, but he doesn't move!

When Gayle gets back to Dural, Rosie remarks on her being home early, and Gayle explains about going to see May. She then tells Rosie about Millstone being outside, having followed her. Rosie tells her granddaughter to give Barbara a call, and arrange to take her back. Wayne comes in, and snaps about the stupid mutt outside. He goes into the lounge where Gordon is working, and Gordon tells him that the Queensland division has gone under. Wayne replies that he could have helped, as he had a meal with a client a couple of days ago who might have been able to provide finance. Gordon asks Wayne why he didn't say anything, and Wayne points out that he tried, but neither Gordon or Paul were interested. Gordon says his head could roll over this, and he tells Wayne that he's placed a large part of the company in jeopardy. He says he can't believe Wayne let personal feelings get in the way of doing what's best for Ramberg. Wayne casually remarks that it's too late now, but Gordon tells him that it's not too late to give him his marching orders. He tells Wayne to report to the office in the morning to pick up his pay, and then get out and never set foot in Ramberg again. Wayne storms out of the lounge and into the hall, where Rosie tells him that Gordon will calm down, but Wayne just snaps that he's getting out, as he's had a gutful.

Barbara arrives at Dural and Rosie tells her that Gordon and Wayne have had an awful run-in, and Wayne's got the sack and is leaving home. She asks Barbara to talk to Gordon, but Barbara says she can't interfere with business. Rosie pleads with her to say something, and Barbara eventually agrees to see what she can do. She goes inside. A few minutes later, Gordon tells her that she's wasting her breath, and says he's glad Wayne's going. Wayne comes in and tells Barbara not to stick up for him, as he and Gordon are sick of each other. He tells Gordon that he's never been able to please him ever since Paul showed up - he's never been wanted there. He threatens Gordon that he and Paul will be sorry.

Outside, as Wayne gets ready to drive off, Rosie asks him if he really has to go, but Wayne just says, "Yes." Rosie asks him where he's going, but Wayne says he doesn't know, yet. Rosie tells him to write, and Wayne says he will - but only to her. He drives off, leaving Rosie looking upset.

Rob calls at Fiona's and she drags him into her room, joking, "Surprise me, next time!" She tells him that she has news, and says she'll swap it for Rob's photos. Rob gets the pictures out, and, after looking at them, Fiona says Domine's gorgeous. Rob asks Fiona what her news is, and Fiona tells him about Kerry running into a few problems, and how she's taken Jill's old room at the boarding house. She explains about how she didn't want Kerry to get the wind up, and to feel guilty by seeing him, which is why she dragged him in like that. She tells Rob that Kerry knows Domine is better off with him and Angela. Rob says he'll have a beer and head off, but Fiona says she wants all the gossip before he does leave.

Beryl interrupts Doug and Kevin in the garden to tell Doug that John's inside, and would like a word. Doug goes inside and asks John what he wants. John tells him that, with Patricia being sick, he wants to contact her parents, and he thought Doug might know where they lived. Doug asks why he should rack his brains for her, but John just says it would be saving him some hassle. Doug says he doesn't know if Patricia's parents are even still alive, as they were quite elderly twenty years ago. He thinks, and then tells John that Patricia had a sister who was a different kettle of fish. John asks him if he can remember her name. Doug ponders, "Margery... Margaret - Margaret Dunne." John says she might even live in the same house. Doug recalls that the house was in Hawthorn Way. John says he'll look up the name in the 'phone book. Doug points out that Margaret might have married, and adds that it's a lot of bother to go to. John says he has to talk to someone.

John pulls up outside a house. He gets out of his car, clutching the piece of paper on which the address is written, looks at the house, and starts walking towards the front door...


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