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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

David is lying on the floor of the Palmer house, doing some exercises to help him recover from his accident, when Kevin comes in and tells him he looks dumb! David tells his son to shut up! There's a knock at the door, and Kevin goes to answer it. The visitor is Patricia. She and Kevin exchange reasonably cordial greetings, and Kevin tells her that David is in the lounge. She goes in, sees David on the floor, and remarks, "Charming!" David explains that the physio got him doing it. He asks Patricia how Sydney was, but she just replies, "Business is business." She adds that she made sure she kept out of Fiona's way, and David tells her that she makes 'Fiona' sound like a dirty word. Patricia says she can't help it, but David tells her that Fiona is a friend of the family - she's going to be Davey's Godmother, and he likes her, too.

At the boarding house, Fiona shows Beryl some bonds she's bought for Davey as a Christening present, and Beryl remarks on how Fiona is really becoming a businesswoman. Fiona says she'll buy an extra present on the way to the airport. Beryl asks when the flight is, and Fiona replies that it's at 2pm, so she'll go there straight after the funeral. She suddenly realises that she might have upset Beryl by saying that, but Beryl just remarks that it's funny that it's the funeral today and the Christening tomorrow. Fiona asks Beryl when she's going to come down, and Beryl replies that it'll be tomorrow, as she couldn't face it today.

Patricia and Lynn discuss the Christening, and Patricia talks about how Angela managed to disgrace herself at hers! Davey starts crying, and Lynn goes off to see to him, leaving Patricia to get stuck into the dishes. David laughs when he sees her washing up, and Patricia humourously tells him that Charlie always said it didn't do a lot for your hands! She adds that at least at James' house, she can use the dishwasher. David sighs, and Patricia tells him that they have to talk about it. She then tells him that she wants him to move into the South Yarra house with her, but David asks her why she can't move in with him. Patricia replies that the South Yarra house is more suitable, particularly as they'll be doing a lot of entertaining through Ramberg and Southern Freight. David, though, makes it clear that he has other ideas. He tells Patricia that he gets his trucker's licence back tomorrow, and he's going back on the road and buying his own truck with the money from the bank. He says he's not cut out for social occasions, and he doesn't like doing a desk job. He adds that he's contacted the depot, and they've rostered him on in the morning. Patricia says, "If that's what you want, " but she tells him that he can't have it all his own way, as they have to give and take. She says he has his truck, but she has the house. She tells David that the Palmer house is Beryl's house, and it's full of her. She says she wants her and David to start again, in a place of their own - and it would be a good opportunity to help Kevin and Lynn, by selling the house and splitting the money between them and Beryl so that they can get a place of their own. She reminds him: "Give and take." David says it could work, and he agrees to think about it - but he adds that it'll be hard parting with the place. Patricia tells him it'll be easy if he's reasonable.

Rob is about to leave for work, and he asks Angela for a kiss. He then asks her when she's going to get the results of her tests, and Angela replies that her appointment's at 11am. Rob tells her it'll be alright, and he adds that there was no need to get so het-up last night. Angela says she was just upset that Rob wouldn't accept that he could be at fault. Rob, though, says they just need to get started: when the house is full of screaming Keegans, Angela will wonder why she worried!

At Dural, Rosie asks Paul who's going to be at the funeral, and Paul replies that it'll be business people mainly, as Lindy's not flying over. Rosie asks him to keep an eye on Beryl. Changing the subject, she then tells him that he could have knocked her down with a feather when he told her about him and Gayle. She tells him that Gayle couldn't be happier. Gayle herself comes into the room and tells Paul to have a nice time - adding that he knows what she means. They go out into the hall, where Gayle kisses Paul. Realising that Rosie can't see them, they then kiss more passionately, and Paul leaves. Gayle shuts the door, smiling happily.

Patricia tells Angela that David is just pulling the wool over his own eyes. She tells her daughter that he's like Gordon was when he came back from Woombai. Angela remarks that money doesn't necessarily make you happier, but Patricia tells her that that's Rob talking. She then brings up the subject of David's return to the road, and says she'll be able to talk him round once he moves into the South Yarra property. Angela asks her mother if she loves David, and Patricia replies, "Of course." Angela tells her to let David be, then, accusing her of trying to ruin his life. She says she knows Patricia thinks she's doing the right thing, but she's not, and she adds that, if Patricia wants someone to agree with her, she should talk to Charlie. Patricia says Angela is right, and adds that it's always better to be honest with each other.

Kevin is struggling to get to grips with calculus, telling Lynn that his exam's next week. Lynn asks him what he thinks about David's plan to sell the place and share the money with them, but Kevin replies that Patricia sucked him in. Lynn remarks that it's a nice thought, but Kevin says Patricia probably sold it to David as doing them a favour. Lynn says she doesn't think Patricia is as bad as Kevin thinks. She asks Kevin what he's going to do, but Kevin says that, unless Beryl comes back, there's nothing he can do.

After the funeral, Beryl tells Fiona that the minister's words were nice. They see Paul, and Fiona asks him for a lift. Paul goes to get the car. Beryl says she was surprised that Patricia wasn't there, and Fiona replies that Mason isn't much use to her now he's dead. She quickly apologises for this remark, explaining that Patricia brings out the worst in her. Beryl says the last funeral she went to was Stevie Ryan's, but at least his mother cared for him - today, not one person cried - not even her. Fiona asks what she should tell the kids about where Beryl is, but Beryl replies that Fiona just shouldn't get their hopes up, as she doesn't know what she wants yet.

John arrives at the South Yarra house, and Patricia thanks him for making it. John asks her why she's not at the funeral, but Patricia says she couldn't stand the hypocrisy. John says he wonders if Di was there, but Patricia replies that she heard Di had moved to Queensland. As Patricia pours some wine, John notices that there are three glasses set out, and Patricia explains that David is at the physio, but will be joining them. She tells John that they're going to stop David making a very big mistake...

Rob pops home to see how Angela got on, but she tells him that her appointment was postponed due to an emergency, so it's not until 2pm now. Rob tells her she'll be alright. Angela asks him if, if she can't have kids, will he feel the same about her, and Rob replies that she'll have to try harder than that to get rid of him! He goes to make a 'phone call, telling Angela that he's ringing David with a query about an engine problem. He does call the Palmer house, but when Lynn answers, he asks her when Fiona's due to arrive. Having ascertained this, he then asks Lynn to tell Fiona that he'll be dropping over later, as he needs to speak to her about a personal matter. He asks Lynn if she and Kevin can make themselves scarce as well, and Lynn replies, "Sure." The call ends, and Kevin asks Lynn what it was all about. Lynn says she hasn't a clue! At Susan's, Angela remarks that the call was over quickly, but Rob tells her that David wasn't in.

John snaps that David's not the sort to hide something like that, but Patricia replies that there's always a first time. John says he thought David had accepted him as his boss, but Patricia points out that as soon as John was put in charge, David decided to go back on the road. She says she'd be happy if she thought David was doing it for the right reasons, but it may not make him happy. John says he's been helping his father because he thought he'd be happy on the road, but Patricia replies that David is doing well where he is. She asks John to subtly talk to David. The front door shuts, and, realising that David has arrived, John agrees.

Later, having finished dinner, David says he's as full as goog! Patricia remarks on the strange expression, but then goes to get coffee, leaving John alone with his father. John brings up the subject of whether David doesn't like him being his boss, and asks if that's why he's going back on the road, but David says that of course that's not the reason. John says he can get a transfer, but David says he wants to go back on the road because that's what he likes. John tells him that that's not what Patricia said, but David replies that he's going back on the road whatever Pat says.

Fiona looks at the photo Rob gives her, and repeats what he told her about the girl being three years old. Rob tells her that the child's name is Domine. Fiona says he can't be sure the child is his, but Rob says Kerry's not the sort of girl who would lie. Fiona asks him when he met Kerry, and Rob explains that he was bumming around in a one-horse town. There wasn't much to do in the evenings, and when he met Kerry, they spent a few months hanging around, but then he moved on. He then says he wonders why she hasn't made contact before, as she's always had his address, but Fiona tells him that it's probably down to pride. Rob asks Fiona when she's going back to Sydney, and Fiona replies that it'll be tomorrow night. She realises Rob wants her to look Kerry up, and she asks him what he wants her to say. Rob says he's already sent some money, so check that she received it, and see how things stand. Fiona asks if it was wise to send money without even being sure it was his child, but Rob says all the details fit. He adds that he might have another problem: Angela is worried that she can't have kids, and if that's the case, how's he going to tell her about Domine?

Jill and Paul are out for a walk, and Jill tells Paul that he was supposed to let Gayle down gently, not get her hopes up. Paul says Gayle is a nice kid, and he's not tied up, and he thought he'd sort the problem out by being nice to her. Jill points out that Gayle thinks he's her boyfriend. Paul says he can handle it, but Jill reminds him that Gayle is dreaming about being Mrs. Paul Sheppard. She tells him that being a good samaritan is one thing, but being a martyr is another.

Gayle is practicing her typing in the flat when Rosie buzzes through to tell her that she's heard Paul's car turning up. Paul enters Dural and Rosie asks him about the funeral. Paul asks her if he can have a word about Gayle, but at that moment, Gayle comes in and tells him that she did really well in typing and shorthand tests today. She gives Paul some sheets of paper, but he notices there's no shorthand there, so Gayle goes to find it. Rosie tells Paul that her granddaughter couldn't be happier. She asks Paul what he wanted to speak to her about, but Paul says, "Nothing."

Rob gets home and says he's tired. Angela stands up with her back to Rob, who says, "You've heard?" Angela quietly says, "I can't have children." She runs to her husband and hugs him, sobbing, "Oh, Rob..."


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