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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

As Angela and Rob get back to Susan's, Angela tells Rob there's nothing he can do, and she adds that he shouldn't get hung up about it. Rob says he's not hung up. Angela asks what the problem is, then, and Rob replies that it's work - he's sick of flogging junk. Angela points out to him that he's never stayed in a job he hated before, but Rob replies that he's never had a wife before. Angela suggests he should find something else, and, to her surprise, he tells her that he has applied for a couple of others. Angela remarks on him not having mentioned this, and Rob says there was no point, as he didn't get them. Deciding to cheer her husband up, Angela tells Rob that she wasn't going to say anything yet, but she's asked John to see if Southern Freight can take him on. Rob points out that he doesn't have a trucker's licence, but Angela tells him he can get one. Rob, though, is concerned that the pay won't be as good as he's getting at the car yard. He tells Angela that he needs every cent before their kids come along - plus he promised Gordon that he'd look after her. Angela tells Rob that he's stubborn. Rob says he knows, but he's going to stay where he is until he can find something else with the same, or better, pay.

David tells Kevin that they should clear the air, but Kevin says he's not going to buy into it anymore. David tells his son that he still loves Beryl, but he can't live on his own for the rest of his life. Kevin asks whether Hal Mason's death will make a difference to things, but David says it won't. He decides to come clean, and admits to Kevin that Beryl was planning to go overseas with Mason. He then assures his son that he and Patricia won't make a decision about their future until they're absolutely sure of where they're going. He tells Kevin that he used to think of Patricia as Kevin thinks of Lynn now, and those feelings never entirely go away. Kevin asks his father if he loves Patricia. David says it's not the same as it used to be, but he does still feel there's something there. Kevin tells his father that he won't make waves. David says Gordon treated Patricia very badly. Kevin says he'll try and be nice to her.

Gayle and Paul get back to the flat, and Paul calls Rosie's name, but there's no answer. Gayle says she must still be at the nursing home. Paul tells Gayle that he should never have let it happen, as it makes him no better than Wayne. Gayle says it was different with Wayne, as he had been drinking. She tells Paul that she never wanted to come to Sydney, but, if she hadn't, then they wouldn't have met and none of this would have happened. Paul just stands there, looking upset. Rosie comes in and tells them that dinner is waiting. Gayle tells her grandmother about her and Paul going for a ride on Paul's bike, and having a good time. She asks Rosie not to be mad, and Rosie replies that she knows she has no worries with Paul. An anguished look comes over Paul's face. He tells the women that he has some papers to read, and he leaves. Rosie shuts the door behind him, and comments to Gayle that he must still be upset over Mr. Mason. Gayle says she thinks she cheered him up a bit.

Paul goes into the lounge at Dural, where Gordon is sitting. Gordon remarks that it's the board meeting tomorrow, and he tells Paul not to let it get to him. Paul says the only reason he'll be there is to tell the board that he's getting out, as it's not his scene. Gordon says he knows Mason is preying on Paul's mind, but he tells him not to make a hasty decision. Paul, though, says it's not just that - "Today I..." He stands up and walks over to the bar, before continuing: "Today I decided to pack my bags and disappear - I just know that I have to get out."

The next morning, Gordon tells Rosie that he's worried about Paul, as he's talking about taking off, and he wouldn't listen to sense. Rosie remarks that it would be a pity to see him go. Gordon says he enjoys having him there. Rosie says Wayne is upset that Gordon isn't talking to him, but Gordon replies that he doesn't really think Wayne feels anything very deeply. He adds that Wayne seems to have wormed his way back into Rosie's good books, and Rosie replies that, although she won't forget what he did for a long time, Wayne does need someone. She tells Gordon, "He needs you." Gordon, though, says Wayne doesn't give a damn for him. Rosie points out that he's Wayne's father, but Gordon says he doesn't like to be reminded of the fact. He adds that it's funny how Wayne turned out so much like Patricia, but Rosie just says, "Whose fault's that?" She reminds Gordon that Wayne is his and Nancy's son. Gordon admits that he neglected Wayne when he was young, but he tells Rosie that it's too late for them to become close now. Rosie stands up, saying she'll go and prepare breakfast for the others. Gayle comes in from the kitchen and Paul comes in from the hall. Gayle smiles at him, but Paul more-or-less ignores her.

As Paul is tucking into bacon and eggs a while later, Gordon tells him that he knows he originally came to Dural because of Patricia, but he shouldn't feel he has to move out just because she has. Paul, though, says he doesn't feel that way. He tells Gordon that he feels at home, but he's still going to leave as soon as a replacement for Hal Mason is appointed and has had time to settle in. Gordon says it's good that Paul's giving it a bit more time, and Paul replies that he realises he has responsibilities - it's just that he's not cut out for them. He tells Gordon that he was supposed to rely on Patricia and Fiona for help, but they can't agree on anything, and Hal Mason was supposed to give him business advice... Gordon tells Paul that he needs to appoint a new MD as soon as possible, and it has to be someone he can trust. He goes on to suggest the manager of the Melbourne branch might be suitable, but Paul replies that he wouldn't be any good in the long term. Gordon offers to give Paul any advice he might need. Paul thanks him for everything he's done.

John calls round at Susan's to tell Rob that he and Angela have a surprise for him, but Rob replies that, if it's about truck driving, Angela's already told him. Angela explains that she revealed the plans last night. John says he hopes it isn't because of Patricia's involvement in the business, but Rob assures him it isn't, telling him the real problem is the money. He thanks John for his trouble, and leaves. Angela tells John she's sorry - she should have asked Rob first. She says she doesn't know what's got into him lately - she wishes he just wanted to buy a small flat, but he's got his heart set on a house. She tells John that it would be different if she was pregnant - but she's not. John tells her there's plenty of time, but Angela doesn't look convinced.

Susan and David sit at the table in the Palmer kitchen, and David tells his daughter that he's glad he's seeing more of her. Kevin comes in, looking for a school book, and Lynn, who is standing by the stove, tells him it's probably in the bedroom. Kevin goes to look for it again, and Lynn turns to Susan and David and says she's really worried about Kevin's study. David, though, tells her that Kevin has always had a good brain. Lynn goes off to get Davey ready to go shopping, leaving David to say to Susan that she hasn't really said much about how she feels about what he told the rest of the family last night. Susan says that was because she didn't want to upset Kevin, but she tells her father that she just wants him to be happy. She asks, though, whether he's thought of the practicalities of his relationship with Patricia. David asks her what she means, and Susan points out the very different lifestyles he and Patricia have led. David says they can sort it out as they go along, but Susan says she can't see Patricia being just a housewife. She asks where they're going to live. David says he imagined they'll live at the Palmer house. Susan, though, says she thinks Patricia might have other ideas. She tells David that he and Patricia will both have to compromise.

Paul calls at Fiona's, but finds Jill there on her own, Fiona having gone out shopping. Paul says he wanted to talk to her. Jill tells him she won't be long, but Paul then tells Jill that she might be better, as she's had a fair amount to do with Gayle. He tells Jill, "I've done something fairly terrible." He goes on to explain about the bike ride, and how he felt miserable, and how Gayle tried to cheer him up... Jill quickly realises what he's trying to say. Paul says he doesn't know how it happened, but now Gayle thinks it's a big romance, and he doesn't feel that way about her. Jill snaps that she credited Paul with more intelligence, and she asks him what he's thinking of doing. When Paul says he's going to leave, Jill sarcastically yells that that's terrific. She tells him that Gayle might act tough, but she's been kicked around for much of her life. Paul says Gayle misunderstood, but Jill snaps that he's just like another version of Wayne. Paul says he's not like that. Jill points out that it will be a kick in the guts for Rosie, too. Paul says he just wants to do what's right, and Jill tells him to have it out with Gayle - "...but do it properly."

Rob gets home and Susan asks him how his day was. Rob replies, "Same as usual." He notices that Susan is looking at some letters, and Susan explains that they're from Bill. She says she wishes she could see him more than once a week, but at least he's not ignoring her, anymore. Rob tells her he admires her for hanging on in there. He asks where Angela is, and Susan says she's out. She then gives Rob a letter, and remarks that it looks as if it's from an old flame. Rob looks at the return address and sees the name Kerry Mitchell on there. He looks slightly taken aback, but recovers his composure to tell Susan that it's a girlfriend from three years ago - and she was a looker! He opens the letter and takes out a sheet of paper and a polaroid photo. As he reads the letter, a shocked look comes over his face. Susan asks him what his ex wants, but Rob says she's just dropping him a line.

Gayle is staring at the rose on the table when there's a knock at the door and Paul comes in. Gayle snaps that if he's thinking of shooting through, he can go to hell. Paul tells Gayle that it's not her he wants to get away from, but his business worries. He assures Gayle that he won't walk away from her. He then asks her what she wants from the two of them, and Gayle replies that she wants him to go around with her, as it felt so good at the restaurant when people thought he was her boyfriend. Paul tells Gayle that she can do better than him, but Gayle replies, "You've got to be kidding!" Paul says they've got to tell Rosie what's going on, so they don't have to sneak around. They kiss, and Gayle says, "Oh, Paul, I love you so much."

At the Palmer house, John asks David if he's sure he wants to return to trucking, and David says he is, although he adds that Patricia isn't too keen. John says his mother will just have to wear it. David tells his son about what Susan said earlier about him and Patricia having to sort things out. John tells his father to make sure he sticks to his guns.

Rob folds up a letter he's written, and then signs a cheque. He puts both in an envelope and seals it. He suddenly hears the front door slam, and stuffs the envelope, and the letter he received from Kerry, into his jacket pocket. Angela comes in, and Rob asks her where she's been. She tells him that she went to see the doctor. Rob asks why, and Angela replies that she wanted to see if she's OK to have kids. Rob asks her why she shouldn't be, and Angela replies that she probably is - it's just that nothing's happened yet. She then tells Rob that the doctor wants to see him as well, and so she's made an appointment for him. Rob assures his wife that there's nothing wrong with him, but Angela puts that down to Rob being macho, and tells him that the appointment is tomorrow lunchtime. Rob tells her to cancel it, as he's OK. Angela asks him how he knows, and Rob replies that he just does. He then says he's going to the shops, and leaves. Outside the front door, he takes the letter from Kerry out of his jacket, opens it and looks at the polaroid photo, which is of a small child...


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