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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

John is 'lumbered' with reading the telegrams, which, he tells the seated guests, makes him recall those he had to read out at Kevin's wedding. He says that he has one more telegram to read out, which is to Rob from 'The Used Ones.' Rob puts his hand over his face, and John announces that he is supposed to sing it, but he decides to give that one a miss when a chorus of "No"s ripples through the crowd! He eventually reads out the telegram, which is from Rob's colleagues at the car yard, and he then hands over to the MC, Wayne. Wayne stands up and announces that his next duty is to introduce the father of the bride. He says he knows people aren't sure which father it will be, but he asks Gordon to step forward. The guests clap. Gordon says he knows he's not Angela's natural father, but David has let him make the speech for both of them, and he'd like to thank him for that. There's another ripple of applause.

Susan sits by Beryl's bed, stroking her mother's cheek. The doctor comes in and calls Susan outside, where he tells her that he wants to keep Beryl in for another day, under sedation. Susan says Beryl would be better if David was there, and she can't understand why he isn't, as he should have got the message. She asks if she can make another interstate call, and she goes and dials the Hamiltons' number. At Dural, the 'phone rings, but there is noone inside to hear it...

Gordon concludes his speech by saying it's been a delight and privilege to bring Angela up, and he's pleased and confident with her choice of husband. There's another round of applause and Wayne then stands up and proposes a toast to the bride and groom. All the guests stand up and toast the happy couple before sitting down again. Wayne then asks Rob and Angela if they can stand for the bridal waltz. The two of them move into the space in the garden and gaze into each other's eyes as they dance. Both have broad smiles on their faces. Patricia and David also step up to dance, and they are soon joined by John and Jill, Bob and Aileen and various other guests. While this is going on, Barbara approaches Gordon and sits down next to him. She tells him that she's been thinking, and she's come to the conclusion that she feels out of place with Patricia around. She tells Gordon that it isn't fair on him or her, so she's going to go to Melbourne to visit some relatives. She says she's not happy that Patricia's around, but she can accept it. Gordon tells Barbara that he's been terribly unfair to her, but Barbara suggests that they should just give everyone something to really talk about when she's gone. She stands up to lead Gordon to the dance floor.

Sometime later, Patricia is inside, seeing some guests out, when Barbara also heads towards the front door. Patricia makes a comment about Barbara going at last, and so Barbara reveals that she's really leaving - not just Dural, but Sydney as well. Patricia suggests that their 'talk' must have done some good, but, in reply, Barbara tells Patricia that she's a very sad woman. She says Gordon will never forget about her, but she's leaving him to be with Patricia not in defeat, but because she doesn't want him to be hurt any more. Patricia sarcastically comments that that's very noble, but Barbara replies that at least she knows the meaning of the word. Angela joins them and sees Barbara leaving. As she walks out of the door, Barbara calls back, "Oh - lovely party." Patricia looks annoyed.

Kevin and Jill have sneaked away from the main gathering to siphon petrol from the wedding car into Jill's bomb! Jill says she hopes Lynn's not going to be looking for her husband, but Kevin says his wife is having a superb time, and won't even notice he's gone.

Inside, Wayne tells Patricia that she'd better go back outside as dessert's about to be served. Patricia tells Wayne that his lack of manners during the speeches had been noticed, but Wayne replies that he didn't think she'd care. Patricia says she's not keen on the marriage, but if she doesn't go along with it, she risks Angela deciding to leave for Melbourne. She adds that at least this will keep her in Sydney until she has the Palmers out of her system. Wayne points out that Angela could still leave, but Patricia says it's unlikely. Wayne asks Patricia what plan she has up her sleeve now, but doesn't get an answer because David comes downstairs, having packed to return home. He tells Patricia that he tried ringing both his house and Susan's, but there was no answer. Patricia says there's bound to be an explanation. David asks her to ask Rob and Angela to come inside, as he has something important to see them about.

Kevin tells a drunk Jill that champagne tastes a lot better than petrol! Jill replies that he might not say that if he'd had some of the champagne she's had in her time! Kevin says he supposes there'll be a lot more on the menu now that Fiona is rolling in it, and they joke about Fiona buying her own vineyard! Lynn finally locates her husband and tells him and Jill that dessert is about to be served, which prompts Kevin to remark on the famous pavlova! Jill thanks him for his help, and pours herself another glass of champagne. Lynn tells Kevin that a week ago, she would have been jealous if she'd caught him with a pretty girl, but Kevin asks in reply, "Who?!" Lynn says she'll tell Jill that he said that, and Kevin jokes, "Don't you dare!"

In the lounge, David tells Angela and Rob that he hates running off, but he hopes they understand. He gives them a present - a cheque for $300 - which he explains isn't a lot, but he hopes it helps. Angela thanks him. Patricia and Wayne look on disapprovingly and Patricia suddenly asks everyone to hold on a minute. She leaves the room. Angela asks David if he got a flight OK, and David says it leaves in two hours. Patricia comes back and says she was going to wait until later, but this seems like as good a time as any - and she gives Angela a piece of paper. She tells her daughter that it's only a receipt, but she and Rob are now the proud owners of the piece of land that they were keen on. Rob looks really pleased, and Patricia tells him that, with what he's saving, and with David's money as well, he and Angela will soon be hiring an architect so that they can build their own place.

In Melbourne, the doctor notices Susan sitting in the corridor at the hospital, and he tells her to go home and rest. Susan says she doesn't like leaving Beryl, but the doctor suggests she should go home and get some rest. Susan agrees that it makes sense, and adds that she can collect a few things from the Palmer house, and try ringing Sydney again.

Kevin tells David to give Beryl his love, and David tells Kevin and Lynn to enjoy themselves. Kevin says he feels guilty about not going back. David says he'd better get going, and he goes to get into the taxi, but he is stopped by Angela, who runs up and gives him a couple of pieces of wedding cake and pavlova for Beryl. David says it will mean a lot to her. He tells Angela and Rob to stay in touch, and they assure him that they will. Angela thanks David again and hugs him, telling him that she thinks he's a great dad. David finally gets in his cab, which drives off. Kevin and Lynn head back to the party.

In the lounge, Fiona tells Gordon that she hoped this might be a day for burying hatchets, but Gordon replies that all the champagne in the world won't make him change his mind about her. Fiona says she hoped he'd understand about her buying Woombai, and Gordon replies that he can excuse her for doing that, but he won't forget the lies she told him about what went on between Patricia and James Sheppard.

John notices Di Miller in the lounge and thanks her for saving his neck. Di tells John that he needs to separate his personal and work lives, and she warns him that Hal Mason doesn't fool around when he gives out warnings. John says he's glad he has someone on his side, and Di replies that it's nice to have someone genuine around the place. Kevin comes in and asks John to help him fix up the wedding car. Di follows them outside.

Lynn, Aileen and Rosie are in the hall, and Aileen tells Rosie that she really knows how to run a house. Lynn and Aileen both make it clear that they're impressed by Rosie's work. Rosie says she'll miss having Rob around, and Aileen says she feels the same, although she's used to him coming and going. She then adds that she's worried about Beryl, and hopes she's alright. Lynn comments that it was a good job the wedding plans were changed, otherwise Beryl would be in a real panic if she was feeling off-colour. Rosie agrees that she hopes Beryl's alright, and she tells Aileen that she has a daughter to be proud of. Lynn says Beryl is probably just having 'one of those days' - she gets them as well, and knows what it's like being pregnant.

In the study, Rob helps Angela dress and he tells her that she looks fantastic - as good as the first day he clapped eyes on her. He comments that he never saw his wedding being such a hou-haa, but adds that it's good to see David and Gordon getting on so well. He tells Angela that she's the best girl in the world, and says, "God, I'm lucky." Angela says they've been through a lot, but they made it - "We're both lucky."

In the hall, Di asks Rosie about a call she heard was waiting for her, and Rosie tells her that it's Hal Mason, and Patricia's currently talking to him. As she hands the 'phone over, Patricia tells Di that she's asked Hal to come along for a drink.

Outside, Rob and Angela walk along the line of guests, saying goodbye. They hug, kiss or shake hands with Fiona, Kevin and Lynn, Aileen - who Angela refers to as 'mum' and who tells Rob that she's very proud - and Bob. When Angela gets to Paul, she ignores him, and walks straight past, to where Gordon and Patricia are standing. Patricia tells her daughter to have a wonderful time, and John then takes his sister to one side to ask her if she's happy. Angela replies that she is. John tells her to look after herself, and Angela says she will. Rob joins them and, as he gets into the car, he remarks that he's surprised there are no cans attached to it. He and Angela sit down inside, the door's shut, and the car drives off - with a banner attached to the back, saying, "Follow this car - Just Married - Might need a tow"!

As Susan tries to find things at Beryl's, the 'phone rings - it's Rosie, who says she's glad she got through. She tells Susan that David tried to call, but he didn't get any answer, and Susan replies that that's funny, because she told Patricia that they'd be at the hospital. Rosie remarks that Patricia never said anything about a hospital, and so Susan explains that the line was bad. Patricia walks past Rosie, and the housekeeper gives her a very suspicious look. Patricia walks up to Paul, and asks to talk to him. They go into the study where Patricia says she knows what's behind it now. Paul says he doesn't know what she means, but Patricia tells him she's talking about him and Angela. Paul says he's sorry - it's just one of those things which happened as soon as they saw each other. Patricia asks Paul if Angela encouraged him, but Paul says she didn't. Patricia tells Paul that he obviously can't stay on, and he can either leave today or work out the week. Paul says there's a lot of clearing up to do, so he might as well stay and help.

In the hall, Rosie is offering Hal Mason some cake when Paul and Patricia leave the study. He immediately asks Patricia what's going on, and Patricia queries, "Paul?" Mason asks what Paul's doing there, and so Patricia explains that he's Paul Clark, the gardener. Mason tells Patricia that he doesn't know what game he's playing at, but " just went half way round the world trying to find him - that's Paul Sheppard." Patricia looks astounded.


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