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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

In the lounge at Dural, Patricia gives orders to the wedding barman. Rob comes in with Kevin and Lynn, having completed their tour of the house. Kevin asks Patricia how she is, and Patricia holds out her hand, which Kevin reluctantly shakes. Rob says he'd better go and get his glad rags on, and Kevin offers to help him. When she's left alone with Patricia, Lynn excuses her husband's behaviour by saying, "He's a bit - you know..." Patricia says she understands. She asks Lynn how Beryl was when they left Melbourne, and Lynn replies that she was fine. Patricia remarks that it was strange that Beryl didn't come on the same 'plane, but Lynn just says her mother-in-law wasn't feeling too good. Patricia says she hopes the change of wedding venue didn't cause any bother, and Lynn replies that she's sure Beryl didn't mind.

Beryl is wheeled into a room at the hospital, and she gets into bed. A nurse tells her that the doctor is on his way. Beryl asks Susan what David will think, but Susan tells her mother that that should be the least of her worries. Beryl says she hopes her baby's alright, and the nurse says she's sure it is.

Patricia gives David and John their buttonholes, and David remarks that there's no sign of Beryl or Susan. Fiona tells him to stop worrying, but David decides to wait outside, anyway. Paul knocks on the door of the study and Jill answers it. He tells her that he has Angela's bouquet, and Jill tells him to take it in, as she has to go and get ready. When Angela sees Paul, though, she snaps at him, asking him why he didn't give the bouquet to Jill. Paul explains that she disappeared, but Angela has a go at him about him promising not to get in her way. Paul says it's not intentional, but Angela tells him that he should have resigned when he said he was going to, and she asks him why he didn't. Paul tells her not to get upset. Angela goes to snatch the bouquet, but Paul grabs her wrist as she lunges out, and gives her the flowers calmly. He softly says he'll get out of the way. As Paul leaves the room, Angela looks worried. Paul goes out into the hall, where he sees Patricia, and tells her that she ought to have a word with her daughter as she's upset. Patricia asks what's wrong, but Paul just tells her to talk to her. Patricia goes into the study and asks Angela what's wrong. Angela simply replies, "Can't go through with it." Patricia tells her that she knows it's a big day, and she realises the whole romance has come about very quickly, so nerves are understandable, but Angela says it's not nerves. Patricia asks if it's something she's said or done, but Angela says it isn't. Patricia remarks that she saw Paul in the hall, and he seemed upset. Angela comments that he's always around, which causes Patricia to ask what he did, but Angela says it wasn't him - it's Rob - "It's all just Rob." She tells her mother that she thinks it would be a mistake, but an annoyed Patricia replies that her daughter's going to need a pretty good reason to call the wedding off, or they're all going to look very silly. Angela says she doesn't care, but Patricia asks if she's supposed to humiliate herself by saying she's sorry, but Rob's not right for her daughter. Changing her tune, Angela says it's not Rob, which causes Patricia to sarcastically says she's sure he'll be pleased. She asks how Rob will feel, but Angela says she can't help it. Patricia says she might have known her daughter would pull this again. Angela says, "What?" and so Patricia reminds her about the failed relationship with Simon Armstrong. Angela says it's not the same, but Patricia replies that she thinks her daughter gets pleasure from putting people close to her through the mill. She asks if she should get the guests and tell them the wedding's off, but say they can have the champagne anyway. She tells Angela that if all she wanted was a party, she should have said so in the first place. A sullen Angela comes to her senses and says she's just being silly, and she'll go and get ready. Patricia says, "Nerves, right?" Angela reluctantly replies, "Nerves."

In the lounge, Rob is saying to John that he doesn't know many of the guests. John suggests the groom should go outside, but Rob says there's no rush. John's surprised at how calm Rob is, and so Rob explains that he has the best girl, they love each other, and they're getting married in seventeen minutes and forty-five seconds, so what is there to be nervous about? Fiona joins in the conversation, asking if there's any sign of Beryl and Susan, but John says it doesn't seem like it. Turning to the other assembled guests, he then announces, "Folks, it's about time."

At the hospital, the doctor invites Susan back into Beryl's room. He tells Beryl that she has hypertension, and it can be treated, but she's in danger of miscarrying. He tells her to relax, and Beryl agrees to do everything she can, but says, "I don't want to lose my baby." She asks Susan to ring David and get him to come back, as it'll be easier with him there - "I'll be OK knowing David's coming."

Wayne answers the 'phone and asks Patricia where David is. She says he's outside, but she offers to take the call while someone looks for him. She tells Susan that she's not sure where David is. Susan says that Beryl is in hospital, and she's terribly sick. Upon hearing this, Patricia starts to pretend that there's a bad line, and when Susan says that Beryl wants David back in Melbourne, Patricia makes out that she can't hear the message very well. She hangs up just before David comes in, and, explaining that there was a 'bad line', tells him that Beryl's not coming. She informs him that Susan said Beryl was off-colour, which causes David to reply that he might have known his wife would pull that. Patricia tells him that he's wanted back in Melbourne straight away, and David says he'd better call back, but Patricia says she felt there was just a lot of panic, although the line was so bad that it was too hard to tell. David thinks about it, and decides that the wedding won't take too long. Patricia tells him that Gordon could take over from him, but it would be silly for just a couple of hours. Angela suddenly emerges from the study and David tells her she looks beautiful - "...good enough to be married."

In the lounge, Paul picks up a chess piece from the set on the table. Patricia comes in at that moment and asks him what he's doing. She tells him to remember who he is, and then asks what went on between him and Angela. Paul explains that he just took the bouquet in, and so Patricia asks him what he said. Paul says, "Nothing." - all he did was tell her about the mix-up with the florist. Patricia asks what Angela said, and Paul says she lost her temper with him. He adds that he thinks she was nervous. Patricia suggests they leave it at that, then, and she tells him to go outside. The doorbell rings, and Rosie rushes to answer it - it's Barbara. Patricia joins them and tells the new arrival that she thought she might have changed her mind, but Barbara replies that she thought it only polite that she came. Rosie tells her that they'll have a lot of friends there, but Patricia snidely comments that there'll only be a few. Rosie goes outside, leaving Barbara to tell Patricia that there's only one friend she's really interested in, but Patricia replies that if Barbara's thinking of getting her claws into Gordon, she can think again. Barbara asks Patricia if she thinks everyone's as devious as she is, but Patricia says she's not that generous - she always makes sure she wins, and today she has her entire family with her - including Gordon - and he loves her, and he's going to stay with her, and there's nothing Barbara can do about it. Barbara replies that she's not going to lower herself to her hostess's level. She tells Patricia that Gordon is a human being, and a very fine one at that, and the way Patricia manipulates him is demeaning to them both. Patricia says she knows what she wants and she always gets it. She suggests they go outside.

In the garden, the vicar asks Rob and John to take their positions. Elsewhere, photos of the bride are being taken. Aileen asks Kevin where Beryl is, and Kevin suggests that she may be stuck at the airport.

Indoors, Rosie tells Paul to hurry up. Paul says he has some clearing-up to do, but Rosie tells him to get a move on.

David leads Angela up the aisle, to where the vicar is standing. She takes Rob's hand in hers. The vicar begins to conduct the service as Patricia and Gordon, Bob and Aileen, David and Paul all watch. Angela says her vows as she and Rob stare into each other's eyes. Patricia smiles and Rosie wipes her eye. David also smiles proudly. The vicar finally declares Rob and Angela man and wife, and tells Rob that he can kiss the bride. Rob and Angela kiss.

A short while later, Patricia remarks to Gordon that it was a lovely ceremony. She walks over to the marquee, asking Aileen on the way to make sure that she doesn't get confetti on the lawn. Gordon tells Barbara that he's glad she came, and Barbara remarks that Angela looks charming. Gordon says it was a nice ceremony, but Barbara suddenly asks if he'll excuse her, and she walks off, leaving Gordon looking puzzled. Patricia tells David that she feels very proud. She adds that she's decided to change the seating so that she'll have Gordon on one side, and David on the other, seeing as Beryl isn't coming. David says he can't stop worrying about his wife, but Patricia tells him that, if it had been serious, he would have heard by now. Fiona overhears the conversation and looks concerned.

In Melbourne, Beryl asks Susan if she's heard from David. Susan reminds her mother that David would have to get to the airport, then catch a flight and then get to the hospital... Beryl says she needs her husband, but Susan tells her to close her eyes and rest. She leaves the room and, as she closes the door, the doctor notices her and tells her to buck up. Susan says she's worried, but the doctor reminds her that she's a professional nurse, and she should be used to things like this. Susan says it's different when the problem's with your own mother. She tells the doctor that Beryl is uptight because David hasn't shown up. The doctor says he'll have a look at her.

David tries ringing home, but there's no answer. Patricia tells him that he's needed for the photos. In the lounge, Fiona picks up her handbag. Paul comes in and remarks that there are a lot of people around. Fiona agrees. She says she's had a look in the marquee, and she's been put right over the other side from the couple. Paul says all this isn't really his scene, but Fiona tells him that he's got to come, because he's sitting next to her, and she needs his support. She says to Paul that if only Patricia knew who it was that Fiona was sitting next to...

The photos are being taken out in the garden, firstly of the whole wedding party, and then of Rob, Angela, Patricia, David, Bob and Aileen. As Patricia and David smile at each other in Sydney, the doctor is saying to Beryl in Melbourne, "I'm very sorry, Mrs. Palmer - we did all we could." Beryl cries, "I want my baby." As she lies in bed, sobbing gently, she asks where David is...


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