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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

At Dural, John is on the 'phone to Beryl, and he tells her that he'll see her at ten o'clock tonight. When the call is over, he turns to Patricia and asks her if she's going to pop in to see David and Beryl, but Patricia just says she'll see how the time goes. She adds that she's going to be staying in James' house. There's an urgent knock on the front door - it's Prue, who tells John that she's heard he's going to Melbourne. John explains about the funeral and work, and says he was going to call from the airport. Prue remarks that she doesn't suppose John thought of asking her if she'd like to go. John admits that he didn't think she'd be interested, but Prue says she'd love to meet the Palmers. John says, "OK - you're on." He tells her to go home and pack. Coming downstairs, Patricia asks John what brought that on, and so John explains about Prue wanting to meet Beryl and David. Patricia asks John if he thinks they'll mind, but John says he's sure they won't, as there's stacks of room. He adds that Beryl's probably dying to meet Prue.

Beryl is vacuuming when David comes in. She tells him that John will be coming down because of work, and adds that she'd better make up his bed. David says he'll do it, and he tells his wife that he doesn't want her running after John. Beryl says she'll have to tell John about the pregnancy, and asks, "Why not?" She says she's feeling better now. She then tells David that, after he's made John's bed, he's to do Fiona's as well!

Jill enters the boarding house, but drops something on the way into her room. Fiona comes out of her room and notices Plan C walking around. She picks the cat up and starts stroking it. Jill re-emerges from her room and tells Fiona that she'll be out by the time she returns from Melbourne. Fiona notices the 'Saturday Night Fever' album that Jill dropped, and Jill says, "Present from John." Fiona hesitatingly says, "Yes... yeah." She tells Jill not to let Plan C go outside, and Jill replies, "I won't let her get hurt."

John pours himself a drink and sits down to look at the paper, when Angela comes in. John tells her to cheer up, but she says everyone at the stud is so depressed. John says they'll all find jobs soon, and he tells his sister that she will, too. He offers Angela a drink, but she declines, saying she's waiting for Rob, so they can go out and get sozzled together. John looks concerned. He closes the lounge door and says, "I want to talk to you about that," but Angela snaps that she's sick of hearing John badmouth Rob. John tells Angela that he cares about her, and wants her to find the right guy, but Angela says that sounds like her talking about Prue - she still thinks Prue is wrong for John, but it's his life. John says he'll butt-out, but it won't be easy. Angela says it'll be child's play compared with what he's in for in Melbourne, with Fiona there. John looks blank, and Angela realises that he hasn't been told. She says, "She's sueing us for breach of contract."

Patricia is looking at some medical equipment on a table in the hall when Rob comes in with some beers. He asks Patricia how long she'll be away, and Patricia says it'll be a few days. Rob says, "You won't be seeing Dave will you?" Patricia asks if Rob's asking or telling her, but Rob just says he wants Patricia to do the decent thing, as Beryl and David are happy, and Beryl is his sister. John storms out of the lounge and asks Patricia why she didn't say anything. Patricia tells her son that she didn't want him to feel that he had to take sides, and she also hoped Fiona might drop it. John asks why Fiona should, as she's set to make a killing. Patricia is relieved when she realises that John's not angry with her. John says Fiona must have known it was a misunderstanding, but Patricia says, "Try telling her that." John replies, "Oh, I will - don't worry."

In Melbourne, Fiona says the Hamiltons got the shock of their life when her solicitor rang them and said she was sueing. She adds that Patricia thought Gordon would talk her round. Beryl remarks that people like that think they can get away with murder. David comments that he never thought Pat would do something so low, but he just gets a glare from Beryl for his trouble! He adds that it's funny that John didn't say anything, and Fiona says Patricia's probably got him thinking that she's the Wicked Witch of the West. Beryl tells Fiona that she'll soon get a chance to talk to John. She then suggests Fiona should get some sleep, but Fiona says it's too early. She says, though, that she always feels better when she comes to Melbourne.

Rob pours beers for him and Angela, and they make smalltalk. Angela asks Rob how his day was, and Rob says he sold two cars and got his boss interested in the deal with Gordon! He suggests that they go out on the town and see what happens, but Angela says she wants to make a stop on the way. The 'stop' is at the boarding house, where they call in at Jill's room. Before Jill answers, Angela says to Rob, "Not a word." When Jill comes to the door, Angela says John told her that she's back. Jill says it won't be for long as Fiona doesn't want her there when she returns. Angela says she's sorry. She tells Jill to get dressed up, as they're going out, but Jill says she doesn't feel like it. Angela suggests that in that case, they could get a Chinese and eat in, but Jill says her place is in a mess. Realising that Jill isn't keen, they agree to give it a miss. Angela tells Rob that he doesn't have to look so pleased.

Beryl hears John's car pulling up outside, and she looks out the window. David joins her and notices Prue. Beryl immediately tells her husband to give the girl a go. They go outside and John tells Beryl that Prue has been breaking her neck to meet her. Inside, Beryl tells Prue to take a seat, and Prue says John's doing terribly well. John explains that they had their own car and an expense account for this trip, but Beryl remarks that she thinks expense accounts are a waste of money. David goes to get some beers, leaving Beryl to tell John that he should have let them know Prue was coming. She then tells Prue that she hopes she doesn't mind sharing. Prue looks surprised, until Beryl tells her that she'll be in with Fiona. She adds that Fiona will talk to John first thing in the morning. John asks Prue what she thinks, and Prue replies, "Like Angela said, it's completely different to the Sydney scene..."

Angela and Rob get in late, and Angela is tipsy. They go into the lounge, where Rob says it's been a great night. They end up hugging and kissing, until Rob pulls away. Angela tells him not to stop, but Rob says he'd rather watch TV. He tells Angela that they'll be sorry tomorrow if they go ahead. He says Angela's a decent girl, and he respects her for it, so she doesn't have to change for him. Angela asks Rob what makes him think she's a decent girl, and Rob says, "I know you are." Angela looks disappointed.

The next morning, John is out for a run in Melbourne, while Beryl cooks a fried breakfast at home. Prue sits in the kitchen and tells Beryl that it's terribly fattening - she adds that she can offer Beryl a diet, but David comes in and says, "No diets - I like my women nice and cuddly." John gets home and Beryl tells him to hurry up in the shower, as others are waiting. Prue comments that it must be awful having just one bathroom. She leaves the kitchen, and Beryl tells David that everything Prue says rubs her up the wrong way. She adds that she doesn't know what John sees in her. David tells Beryl that she's only angry because Prue called her fat. He asks her whether she'll tell John about the baby, but Beryl says it doesn't seem to be the right time. She adds that she wishes he hadn't brought Prue. As Fiona emerges from her bedroom, she bumps into John. She tells him that she has to talk to him, but John virtually ignores her. They go into the kitchen, where Beryl tells Fiona that John has a car she can use, but John says, "I'll be taking my mother to the funeral." He tells Fiona that she'd better arrange her own transport. Fiona remarks that she thought Patricia would get to John, and Beryl asks John to let Fiona give her side of things. John says Fiona's only doing it to clear her debts, but Fiona asks him if he really thinks she's doing any of this because of the money. John says he doesn't see what else it could be. He heads off to pick up Patricia, leaving Fiona to remark to Beryl, "At least I know where I stand." Beryl says she never thought she'd hear John speak to Fiona like that, especially after all she's done for him. She also remarks on the fact that he called Patricia, 'my mother'. Fiona says he only did that to get a rise from her, but Beryl says it came naturally - he's changing. She tells Fiona that she should have told him about the grave being bulldozed, but Fiona shakes her head and says, "I didn't get a chance." Beryl says she'll get David to take Fiona to the funeral. Fiona looks upset, but then slaps her hands on the table and announces that they're not going to let Patricia take John away from them. Beryl replies, "Not on your life."

At James' property, Hal Mason offers Patricia some water. Patricia says she's glad the funeral is over. Mason comments on the lovely old house. Fiona comes in, and Patricia says she had the staff set everything up in the house because it's cosier. Fiona asks how long it will be until the will reading, and is told it'll be about an hour. She is also told that the will is a very complicated document, and the Sydney lawyers must have put in a lot of work to get it completed in time. Fiona is suspicious, and asks if it's a new will. She is told that it was drawn up just before James' death. Looking at Patricia, Fiona says, "I wonder why he suddenly decided he needed a new will." Patricia says, "I wouldn't have any idea." Fiona just stares at her.

Beryl yells to John that he should listen to Fiona, but John says he's not in the mood. He adds that Beryl didn't give Patricia a chance to defend herself, but Beryl says she knows she can trust Fiona. John says he knows he can trust Patricia. He adds that he doesn't want to fight, and they'll have to agree to disagree. David comes in and, noticing that John looks shell-shocked, asks if his son is reeling from what Beryl's just told him. Beryl says that wasn't what they were talking about, and David realises he's put his foot in it. Beryl tells John that she's going to have a baby. John delightedly says, "You're kidding!" and he runs and hugs her.

Everyone takes their seats at the reading of the will. The executor, Mr. Brook, says the will is long and complicated, but he'll begin by giving the gist of it. He says there are three main beneficiaries - Paul inherits the bulk of the fortune, and Patricia and Fiona have been asked to cooperate to safeguard his interests until he's 23. If they accept this, Fiona will receive a considerable sum. Patricia will get James' house, and, after Paul, she's the major beneficiary. Brook says, "You've just become a very wealthy woman, Mrs. Hamilton." Fiona looks at Patricia, but Patricia just takes a sip of her drink, and her face remains expressionless.


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