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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

Fiona is wandering round the boarding house, aimlessly. She goes to the 'phone and hesitatingly picks up the receiver. Just as she's about to dial, there's a ring on the doorbell - it's Jill. Fiona asks her, "What do you want?" and Jill tells her that she had nowhere else to go. Fiona asks about Jill's friends, but Jill explains that she's broken up with Wayne and has spent the last two nights sleeping in the car. Fiona says, "Oh, I see." Jill says she wouldn't have come, but she's run out of money. Fiona asks how serious it is with Wayne, and Jill tells her that it's bad - but she did try to stop the men bulldozing Fiona's land. Fiona says she'd rather not discuss that. She tells Jill that she can use the bathroom to clean herself up. Jill enters the room, and Fiona tells her that she knows where the towels are. Although she sounds harsh, Fiona does have a pitying look on her face.

Patricia is sitting at the dining table, staring into space, when John offers her coffee, or a drink. She declines both. John puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her that it must have been pretty terrible, but at least she can say she did the right thing. He adds that he's never been through anything like that, but he realises it must be hard to lose a friend. Patricia says James was more than a friend. John tells Patricia that she should lie down, but Patricia says there's something she's been putting off. "I have to do it."

Fiona pours a stiff drink as Patricia sits on her couch. Fiona points out that Patricia must have known it was coming, but Patricia says it was so sudden, and she was more concerned with James' comfort. Fiona says Wayne didn't even hint when she 'phoned, but Patricia reiterates that they didn't know. Fiona suggests that it's convenient for Patricia, as James never found out what she's really like. Patricia replies that they should act in a dignified manner until after the funeral, and then they need never see each other again. Fiona says that's fine by her. Patricia gets up to leave, saying she has a meeting with the Managing Director of James' company and the undertaker, who's arranging the funeral in Melbourne. Patricia leaves as Jill emerges from another of Fiona's rooms. She remarks that she thought she heard voices, and Fiona tells her that it was Patricia. She tells Jill that a good friend died and she has to go to Melbourne for the funeral, so Jill might as well use the bedsit while she's away. She goes off to tell Bunty and Thel that she'll be away for a few days. Jill asks if she can use the 'phone, and Fiona agrees that it's OK.

At Dural, Hal Mason, the MD of Ramberg Industries, tells John that he'll take James' personal effects with him in his car, and the medical equipment can be taken away later. The 'phone rings - it's Jill, who tells John that she doesn't know what to do. John sympathises, but says he's busy, and he promises to call back later. Mr. Mason says he has to go and see Patricia and the undertaker, and when he has gone, Prue tells John that she has him to herself. John comments that he doesn't understand what Mason was doing there - he's his MD, but where's the connection with James Sheppard? He asks Prue if she had heard of James, as it was her contacts who got him the job. Prue says, "No, not really." John asks Prue if she's told him everything, and Prue again says no, not really. She then reveals that Patricia was the contact. John stands up angrily, and Prue tells him not to get mad, as they just wanted him to do well. John says he won't say anything to Patricia now, as she's upset, but he does want to know what's going on.

In Melbourne, Noel tells Beryl, Kevin and Lynn that the other man involved in the crime was senior to him, and he went along with it because his wife was pregnant, and they needed the money. He adds that his wife wasn't much older than Lynn. He explains that when they were found out, he and his boss had a fight, and he ended up striking him, resulting in him ending up on a charge of assault. Noel says he's sorry he didn't say anything earlier - he just wanted to get back to living a normal life. Kevin points out that Bill only got into trouble because of an accident, and Noel agrees that it's not much different - except he knew that what he was doing was wrong. Lynn still looks suspicious, but Kevin asks if it's alright for him to go ahead with his story, and Noel agrees. He says he'll tell Kevin anything he wants to know. Lynn doesn't look happy, but on the way home, Kevin tells her to give Noel a go. Lynn says he gives her the creeps, and she doesn't believe a word he says. Kevin snidely remarks that he bets Lynn got really excited when she thought she'd found something on Noel. Lynn denies it. Kevin tells his wife that Noel deserves a break, and Lynn says she knows, but she just can't trust him. She says Noel is going to mean trouble, and she hopes Kevin will wake up to him before it's too late...

While John is out, Prue takes the opportunity to talk to Patricia. Patricia asks what the problem is, and Prue admits that John has found out about the job. Patricia remarks that John hasn't said anything, so he obviously doesn't think it's that important. Prue says she had to tell him, as she didn't think it fair that she got all the blame. Patricia says she hopes John doesn't resign on principle - "That would be a waste of both our efforts - wouldn't it..."

At the boarding house, Fiona gives Mr. Mason a drink and asks what she can do for him. Mason explains that he's handling James' funeral arrangements, and he's going to provide Fiona's flight to Melbourne. Fiona says she's made arrangements, but Mason says it's an open return, so she can stay on until after the reading of the will. Fiona says she didn't realise she was expected to stay for the reading of the will. Mason says, "Oh yes, Mrs. Thompson - it's most important."

Charlie tells Patricia to calm down, but Patricia says that if John resigns from his job, he could go off on his own, or return to Melbourne. She adds that she hadn't counted on Prue blowing it quite so soon. John comes in and announces that he's going upstairs to pack. An alarmed Patricia queries this, but is relieved when John tells her that he's going to Melbourne to meet the staff and attend James' funeral. He then remarks that he supposes Prue has spoken to Patricia, and Patricia admits that she has. John says he's going to go to Melbourne, but he's not happy about the job. He goes upstairs to change, and when he returns, he tells Patricia that he believes what Prue told him - he wasn't impressed, but he didn't raise it because of James. Patricia says John got the interview because of her, not the job. John accepts this, but comments that he's done pretty well pretty quickly. Patricia tells John that James was a businessman, and he gave instructions that John was to get no special treatment, but if he showed promise, he was to be given the opportunity to develop it. John tells Patricia that he doesn't want her interfering, as he doesn't know how much of what he gets is down to her, and how much is down to what he does. Patricia says Hal Mason is the MD, and he's not going to put his reputation on the line just to please her. She adds that John could have a very good future in the company. John says he does like the job - and the money - and he supposes he should apologise, but it's difficult to adjust - it was the way he was brought up. He says it's been good to see how the other half lives, but Patricia says he is part of the other half, now. John says he'd like to think he's a little bit of both, as it's the only way you really learn. Patricia says, "Yes - yes, I guess it is." She adds that she was only trying to help - it's all she's ever done. She tells John that she needs him, and when he understood her earlier, she was very grateful to have him with her.

Beryl picks up a glass of water containing a tablet for a headache. David comes in and she tells him that it's Noel again. David asks what about him?

Kevin is typing with one finger as Lynn watches. She eventually says she can't stand it any longer, and she offers to take over. Kevin tells her that she's not much better, but Lynn says she has at least had typing classes. There's a knock at the door, which Kevin answers. It's David, who tells his son that he's got to get his priorities right - having an ex-convict accused of violent crime living in the house with Lynn, who's scared, isn't on. Kevin remarks that David and Vic Hardy make a great pair, but David just says he hopes Lynn will listen to sense, as he doesn't want her in the house alone with Noel. He also says he doesn't want Noel near the Palmer house - or he'll flatten him. Later, Beryl pays a visit to Susan's and finds Lynn by herself. Lynn tells her that Kevin will stick up for Noel for sure now. Beryl says she wonders if the newspaper report was over-exaggerating, saying, "Us pregnant ladies do tend to take things too seriously." Lynn suddenly realises what Beryl is hinting, and she tells her it's wonderful. Beryl admits that she's thrilled, and she didn't say anything before because they thought there might be problems. Lynn asks how David feels, and Beryl tells her that he's happy as well - they didn't plan it, but it's the best thing that could happen.

Patricia tells Mr. Mason that she's already made arrangements to get to Melbourne, but Mason tells her to bill Ramberg Industries, adding that she and Fiona were so good to James that it's the least they can do. He reminds Patricia that she'll need to hang around for the reading of the will. Patricia asks if James' grandson is going to be at the funeral, but Mason says no - Paul is a bit of an unusual boy, a bit of a mystery all round. Patricia asks Mason if he's met Paul, and Mason says he did once, but he thinks Paul has gone off the rails since then. Mason then asks Patricia if James talked to her about Paul, and Patricia says she thinks James was worried about Paul handling his inheritance. When Mason has gone, Patricia tells Charlie that she doesn't trust him as far as she can throw him. Charlie says James must have set Patricia and Fiona up to protect Paul's interests, so he must have left the two women something as an incentive. Patricia rhetorically asks if it's enough to keep the Hamiltons solvent, but Charlie says anything is better than nothing. Patricia says James was shrewd - "I get the feeling that whatever is in his will is going to mean my troubles with Fiona are just beginning..."


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