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    Written by: Christine McCourt    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

Kevin wants breakfast in his bedroom, and, when he hurries out of the kitchen, Beryl tells him to make sure he eats it. Beryl asks John if he can include Susan in some of the things he does with Angela. John says he isn't happy at the way Susan treated Angela, but he agrees to Beryl's request - although he says that he's going to the movies after work with a girl from the depot. Beryl says, "You don't waste any time, do you?!" In his bedroom, Kevin is writing to Lynn. Beryl comes in and tells him that Lynn will get sick of hearing from him. Angela gets all dressed-up for her first day at work, and Beryl tells her she looks nice. Angela asks Beryl for directions to her new office. Beryl suggests the tram and bus, and Kevin offers to draw a map on the way to the tram stop. While they are out walking, Kevin tells Angela about Lynn. Angela offers Kevin the money to go to Tasmania to see his girlfriend, but he turns her down, saying he's made a deal with David. The tram pulls up nearby and Angela trips as she runs for it. She bursts out laughing!

At Woombai, Patricia sits on the verandah as Gordon gets out of a jeep. Patricia says she's had a lovely morning, and tells Gordon that Rosie has the tea ready. Inside, Gordon tells Rosie that her scones are very nice. Rosie is quite rude to Patricia, making a comment about a city girl not even being able to milk a goat! When she leaves the room, Patricia comments to Gordon that Rosie hasn't changed - she still hates her. Gordon tells his wife that she should be used to it by now. Patricia tells Gordon that Rosie thinks she is a jumped-up gold digger, and he thinks she's the world's worst mother. "I can't win, can I?" Patricia goes outside and milks a goat as Gordon and Rosie watch! She gives the bucket of milk to Rosie and says, "Not bad for a city girl, huh?" Rosie replies, "She's been in the sun too long if you ask me!"

At Dural, Jackie Ingleton meets with Wayne. He tells her that he wishes he wasn't going away. Jackie says, "So do I." Wayne goes and gets the picture of Woombai from Gordon's study. He shows Jackie and says the property won't look like that when the miners get through. Jackie says Woombai is lovely, but Wayne just says, "So's money." He then gives her a present - a pair of diamond earrings...

Patricia is sorting out the junk at Woombai. She comments to Gordon that Rosie doesn't seem to be upset by the sale, and Gordon reveals that he hasn't yet told Rosie what's happening. He says Woombai has been her home for over 30 years, and he doesn't want to hurt her. Patricia immediately calls Rosie and says Gordon has something important to tell her. An annoyed Gordon tells Rosie that they've had a lot of good times, but he has money problems, and he has to sell. Rosie says, "Well, it looks like I'll be packing my bags, then." Gordon tells Rosie that he'll try to persuade the new owner to keep her on, and says that, if he can't, Rosie can come to Sydney to work for the Hamiltons. Rosie remarks that Patricia wouldn't like that and adds, "I'm a tough old bird - I'll sort something out."

That evening, Angela tells Kevin she made it to work OK, and says she was let off early - "I think the boss fancies me!" She gives Kevin a letter with a Tasmania postmark. He takes it to his room, reads it, smiles happily and then sits down, looking thoughtful. John runs into the house - he has come home to change before taking Cathy (who is outside waiting for him) to the cinema. When Beryl tells Angela that John has a date, Angela looks disappointed. She tries to rope Kevin into making up a foursome, but when he declines, she decides she'll go along anyway with John and Cathy. John doesn't look happy!

As Rosie furiously beats a rug, Wayne pulls up in his car. Rosie goes and hugs him, and says she's pleased to see him. Wayne tells Rosie that he knows how she feels - the thought of Woombai leaving the family... Rosie tells Wayne that he's still her favourite person. Wayne says he's not Gordon's. Rosie says she wishes Nancy was still alive, saying she was so much better for Gordon than Patricia. Indoors, Patricia tells Gordon that she's been bending over backwards since they arrived at Woombai, but Gordon is furious at his wife for deliberately going out of her way to hurt Rosie by forcing him to tell her about the sale. Gordon tells Patricia that Rosie can come and work for them in Sydney. Patricia says it'll never work, but she promises to think about it. Later, Patricia sees Rosie cleaning an ornamental clock. Patricia asks if it was the one that Rosie gave Gordon and Nancy when they married. She tells Rosie that she can keep the clock and then asks if Rosie will move to Sydney when Woombai is sold. Rosie indignantly says that all her friends are there and she doesn't want to move. Patricia snidely says, "Yes, that's very sensible, Rosie."

After his date ends, John has a go at Angela for continually putting Cathy down and saying she was boring. Kevin wants to speak to Angela - he has flight details for Tasmania and wants to know if he can still borrow some money. Angela agrees to lend him $50. The next day, Kevin gives Beryl a huge hug before he heads off to school.

Gordon and Wayne are both up early, and both say they couldn't sleep. Wayne says he spent most of the night thinking about Woombai, Rosie and selling to a stranger. Wayne says he wants to prove he isn't a dead loss by buying Woombai, running it and showing he can make something of himself. Gordon tells Wayne that he has already had a very good offer but says he'll think about it. Gordon then says that if Wayne can't raise the money, the first sale will go through. Patricia is sceptical that Wayne can make a success of Woombai, but Gordon wants to give his son a chance. Gordon makes it clear to Patricia that he is still angry that she lied to him for twenty years.

In Melbourne, Beryl is about to clean Kevin's bedroom when she spots a note with 'To Mum' written on it. Meanwhile, Kevin is at the airport, about to board a flight to Tasmania. As Beryl reads the note, she mutters, "Oh, you silly boy." She then reads Lynn's letter, which is with the note, and looks very disappointed.


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