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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

Angela is on the 'phone, arranging a job interview. She says she wants to make it in the afternoon, telling David that she wants to meet Beryl this morning, but David says they can leave Beryl a note. Angela tells the person on the 'phone that her name is Angela Palmer. When David asks her about this, she says it saves a lot of explaining.

David is just about to drive Angela to her interview when Beryl and Susan arrive home. David mutters, "That's all I need!" He introduces Angela to Beryl - they both say they're nervous about meeting each other. When Susan approaches them, Angela just says, "Hi... bye..." and rushes off with David. Indoors, Susan tells Beryl that she thinks Angela is thoughtless, but Beryl says it was David's fault, as he dragged Angela off. She says she thinks Angela has a nice smile. She tells sourpuss Susan to give her new sister a go.

Wayne tells Fiona that he still can't see why she won't sell. He asks her how she'd feel if he bought the property off her, but she still says no. He then tells Fiona that he has a business partner who he has told about the water deal, and his partner doesn't like it. When Jill asks what Wayne means, Fiona tells her that her property next to Woombai has an Artesian water source, but Woombai itself, hasn't. Gordon's father and Fiona's grandfather did a deal and built a pipeline between the two properties. After Fiona's grandparents died, she was left the property and struck a harder bargain. She tells Wayne that that was how Gordon met Patricia - he used to go up to the property a lot to sort out the deal. Fiona told Gordon he could have the water if he managed the property and Fiona got the profits. She says there has been a slump in recent years, though. Wayne tells Fiona that his partner, Brian Ingleton, warned him about relying on the whims of a little old lady for water. Jill bursts out laughing! Fiona tells Wayne to get Ingleton on the 'phone and invite him for lunch, so he and the 'little old lady' can chat!

While preparing the lunch, Fiona tells Jill that you should always get those sort of people on your own territory to get the best price. She says she isn't going to sell, but does want a better deal - "My water for his money." Jill says Wayne didn't think Ingleton would go for that, but Fiona says, "Leave it to me, kiddo."

At Dural, Wayne tells Brian Ingleton that Fiona's a vain old chook, saying that, if you flatter her, she'll eat out of your hands. Ingleton asks why Wayne spun the story about the little old lady. Wayne replies that Fiona's a sucker for someone like Brian - flatter her and she'll sign on the line in ten minutes.

Fiona gets all dressed up. When Wayne and Ingleton arrive, Jill answers the door and invites them in. Fiona has already prepared drinks for them - a special concoction for an afternoon of business and pleasure. When Ingleton takes a sip, he recognises the liquid as water - Fiona tells him it's Chateau Reservoir!

Beryl gets impatient waiting for David and Angela to return. She tells Susan that she's sure there's a good reason why they're taking so long. Eventually, David returns alone, saying the company are going to 'phone Angela back later, and she's gone shopping. Susan is shocked that Angela could treat her and Beryl so badly - she virtually ignored them before, and now she's gone shopping. Susan storms out of the room. David can't understand what's going on, so Beryl tells him that she had to make lots of excuses to Susan to stop her snapping earlier. They had spent all day building up to meeting Angela, and she wasn't there. It was bad enough that she'd gone to the interview, but shopping as well? Angela arrives home shortly afterwards, with presents for everyone. She has a plant for Beryl, who thanks her fondly. She has bought some flash new clothes for David, who is somewhat embarrassed to wear them. Beryl says she'll have to spruce herself up, but David says, "You'll do me."

As Brian Ingleton tries to charm Fiona, he can't understand her attitude. Fiona tells him that they are both pig-headed. Ingleton offers to up the price by another $10,000, but Fiona won't go for it. Back at Dural, Ingleton tells Wayne that he needs to become a better judge of character. Ingleton says he couldn't put something over on Fiona if he tried. He suggests Wayne goes up to Woombai to work on his father, while he himself continues with Fiona.

Fiona tells Jill that Ingleton's offer was tempting, and adds that she could do with the money. Wayne rings Jill, calling her his 'spunky monkey'! He tries to get Jill to persuade Fiona, and says that, without the water, Ingleton won't buy Woombai. Wayne tells Jill that he's going to Woombai for a few days. Shortly after, he tells Ingleton that he'll pick Jackie up at 7pm. Ingleton asks what's going on between Wayne and Jill. Wayne says, "Nothing much."

Angela gives Kevin a frisbee, and he goes out in the garden to play with it. Beryl quietly tells David that Angela seems very nice, and David is pleased that his wife feels this way. He goes to join Kevin in the garden, leaving Beryl and Angela alone. Beryl says that this must be different to what Angela's used to, but Angela says she likes it. Beryl says they'll get used to each other.

As David, Kevin, Beryl and Angela play with the frisbee in the garden, Susan thanks John for the letter he wrote to the newspaper. John asks his sister if she's met Susan. She sourly replies, "Yes, this morning," as she watches events in the garden from the kitchen window. Beryl comes in and tries to get her to go out, but she refuses. Beryl says she doesn't need anyone to take sides for her. She tells Susan that there's a present for her, but Susan doesn't want it. Beryl says she doesn't want Susan's nonsense to spoil the good time everyone's having. Beryl goes back outside, and the 'phone rings. Susan answers, and sounds very annoyed when she hears someone asking to speak to Angela Palmer. She goes and gets her, though.

While Angela is on the 'phone, Susan picks up her present. Angela tells her she's got the job, and is starting at 9am the next day as a receptionist at an advertising agency. Susan asks what right Angela has to use the name Palmer when she's only been there for two days. Angela responds that she'll call herself whatever she likes. Susan begins to lay into Angela, telling her she thinks she can come in and start running the place, and get everyone presents to buy them off. Susan asks Angela who the hell she thinks she is. Susan says Beryl doesn't want Angela there, and she tells her to go back to Sydney. Beryl overhears this, though, and orders Susan to get out, or she'll hit her. Beryl sits down with Angela and comforts her. Angela says she didn't want to cause any trouble, but Beryl tells her that Susan is a very confused young girl at the moment. Beryl says she told Susan she was worried about Angela living with them, and Susan must have blown it out of proportion. She adds that it didn't help this morning when Angela hurried off, and then went shopping. Angela says she just wanted everything to work out. She tells Beryl that she got the job and starts tomorrow. Beryl fondly says, "Good on you, love."


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