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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Wayne Cameron

John arrives at the boarding house to a great welcome from Fiona. He tells her that David doesn't know what's happening as he's away on a job. Fiona says she hopes John has good news to take back to his father. John asks Fiona if she thinks Angela knowing will make a difference, but Fiona can't really give an answer, so she just says, "They'll be waiting for us."

At Dural, Patricia is smoking nervously. She overhears Gordon telling Wayne that there's something big Patricia has to tell them. John arrives, and Wayne says he hopes there's no bad feelings over him dobbing John in to the police. John tells Wayne that, as things turned out, he did him a favour. John then sees Gordon helping Angela down the stairs. She sees John and goes and hugs him. Everyone then makes their way into the lounge. When everyone is assembled, a very nervous-looking Patricia goes into the lounge and welcomes John. She then apologises for the Agatha Christie manner, and says she isn't looking forward to saying this. She tells the gathering that she thought she'd always be able to keep what she's about to say to herself. She says it affects everyone there, but Angela most of all - she adds that she should have told Angela earlier, then says that not even Gordon knows, at which point she turns to her husband and says, "I'm sorry, darling." Patricia then says she let Gordon think she only had one child, but Angela has a brother - a twin brother - John...

John and Angela walk in the Hamiltons' grounds and Angela says she still doesn't believe it. John tells her she'll love it when she gets used to it. Angela says it explains a lot of things. Indoors, Gordon wants to know why Patricia didn't tell him earlier. Patricia says Gordon wouldn't have taken her to Woombai to look after Wayne if he'd known she had two children, and adds that she was surprised Gordon even wanted her with one child in tow. She says she wasn't going to throw her chance away, and says that, by the time they married, it was too late to tell Gordon the truth. Patricia says she hated David when she left him, and didn't want to raise her son to turn out just like him. Gordon makes it clear that he can't understand how, when John turned up, Patricia didn't give a damn about him.

Wayne goes and sees Jill and tells her the hot gossip. Jill finally realises why Fiona was so keen to split John and Angela up. She tells Wayne that she still hasn't forgiven him for the other night, and asks why he felt he had to let Angela know he was there. Wayne says he didn't want to sneak around. He tells Jill he can't go home with everything going on at the moment, and he tries to get Jill to go out with him again. He then gives her a present - a pair of diamond earrings. He tells her to get on her gladrags as he's taking her to a restaurant, but Jill says they can do that later - and she won't need earrings for what she has in mind...

Angela says to John, "All those things you put us through to keep mummy happy." John says he's sorry, but it's over now. He then tells Angela about his new job, but Angela says she thought he was staying in Sydney. John says he needs to show his father he can make something of himself. Angela says that, in that case, she'll go to Melbourne with John. John initially tries to put her off, but finally accepts that it may be the best course of action.

Gordon is in his study, staring at a photo of Woombai, when Patricia walks in. She says she accepts she owes John something, but adds that they can't possibly ask him into the house - she wouldn't be able to cope, and John probably wouldn't come anyway. Patricia says they should find out if there's something that John really wants to do, and help him financially. Gordon says, "Buy him off?" but Patricia says she can't be maternal now. John and Angela walk in, and John tells Gordon and Patricia that he's going back to Melbourne and Angela's going with him, to meet her father. Gordon says he understands. Angela then says that, if she can help it, she won't be coming back. A short while later, a taxi arrives. Gordon tells John to look after Angela. Angela tells her father that she's done some rotten things, but she'll change. Gordon says, "We'll miss you." Angela then walks out of the house, totally ignoring Patricia.

Jill and Wayne go to a funfair, where they have a great time. Wayne comments on how the roller coaster rides probably reflect things at home right now. Wayne says Patricia was going to ask John to stay - he accepts he won't be the golden-haired boy any more, and it doesn't worry him.

Gordon tells Patricia that he has decided to sell Woombai, and he's going up there to sort things out. He asks Patricia if she would like to go with him, and she accepts his invitation. Gordon says he'll arrange their rooms. Wayne arrives home and Patricia tells him about John, Angela and Woombai. Wayne is surprised that 'Gordy' would ever sell the property.

Fiona is playing cards with her friends, when Jill walks in and shows off her earrings. Fiona tells Jill that John sends his love, and adds, "All's well that ends well." Jill says she wanted to speak to Angela to set the record straight about Wayne, but Fiona says it's probably forgotten.

Kevin and David are talking in the Palmer house - they are getting along well until Kevin mentions that he's saving up his money to go and visit Lynn. David says he could see Kevin making the same mistake as his father, but then relents slightly, and tells Kevin to see how much he can save, then he'll see. John walks in and tells Kevin to make himself scarce. John tells David that he met girl called Angela in Sydney - and her mother, Patricia. John says he knows they are his real mother and sister, and he tells David that he has brought Angela back to meet him. David says he thought he'd never see either of them again, but he wants to see his daughter. John says Angela wants to see her real father more than anything - he goes off to collect her from her hotel, leaving David to tidy the house, looking slightly stunned.

Gordon tells Patricia he's leaving at six o'clock, as Rosie's expecting them. He says they'll stay two or three days at the most. Patricia asks Gordon if he's selling Woombai because of her. She says it wasn't easy admitting what she did, but it's done now, and she asks if Gordon can't meet her halfway, for the family. Gordon says they can kiss the 'family' goodbye, but adds that there may be hope for him and Patricia.

David asks Kevin if he's worried about John's news, but Kevin says he thinks it's great. John and Angela pull up in a taxi. John asks his sister if she's OK, and she nods. They go into the house, where Kevin and David are waiting. David goes to take Angela's hand, but she runs up to him and hugs him fondly.


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