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    Written by: Christine McCourt    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Wayne Cameron

Jill fails to catch Angela (she is still only half-dressed, so doesn't want to go outside!) She orders Wayne to leave, but first asks him why he did it. Wayne says he wanted to see the look on Angela's face. When Wayne has gone, Jill goes to see Fiona. The two of them end up walking the streets of Sydney, trying to find Angela, and decide to split up. Jill says, "I'll kill Wayne!", to which Fiona replies, "Yeah, well not in the bedsit!"

Patricia is alone with Gordon, and she tells her husband that it won't be too bad, just the two of them again. Gordon reminisces about how he first saw Patricia sitting on the step at Fiona's boarding house. He says he smiled at her, but she ignored him. However, a couple of months later, they had fallen in love. Patricia says she and Angela haven't given Gordon a great deal, but Gordon says, "It'll do me."

Fiona finds a drunken Angela with some bloke - Angela apologises for not getting the eggs! Fiona goes back to the boarding house and decides to go to bed. Before she does, she tells Jill that a pick-up isn't the last thing in the world, even for Angela. In the middle of the night, Angela creeps into the boarding house, gets her bag and sneaks off again, taking a last look round before walking out the front door. The next morning, Jill wakes Fiona and tells her that Angela has gone, and has taken her things.

As Patricia and Wayne have breakfast, someone starts impatiently ringing the Hamiltons' front door bell. Wayne answers. It's Fiona, who has come to see Gordon, although she wants to speak to Patricia first. Patricia quickly gets rid of Wayne, saying it's none of his business. Patricia asks if Fiona has seen Angela. Fiona tells Patricia to calm down, saying she doesn't know where Angela is right now, but adding that she was staying at the boarding house. However, Fiona tells Patricia that, in her opinion, Angela is not alright. She tells Patricia about how Angela found Jill with a boyfriend - Patricia wants to know why this would upset Angela, but Fiona doesn't elaborate. Fiona says Patricia was too selfish to tell Angela the truth about John. She says she's fed up with lying, and is going to tell Angela the truth. Patricia says she's kept quiet for the sake of Gordon, David and David's wife, and asks what right Fiona has to lay down the law. Fiona says she's a busybody! She says that, twenty years ago, she saw a man's life fall apart as Patricia became Gordon's housemaid. Fiona asks if Gordon knows Patricia lied to him. She reminds Patricia that she told Gordon she was a poor deserted wife with a baby. She then says that Angela and John aren't babies now, and adds that what Patricia does will make a difference. The blazing row ends when Fiona says, "You tell her or I do - it's as simple as that!"

At the Palmers', John is getting ready for his job interview. He doesn't want to wear a tie, but eventually relents. David says Mr. Bates is impressed by that sort of thing, and tells his son it won't kill him. David drives John to the warehouse, where John is subjected to wolfwhistles by the male workers there! He gets the job.

Back home, David, John and Kevin play golf in the garden, but David ends up hitting a golf ball through Victor Hardy's window! When John goes indoors, he tells Kevin he's feeling a bit down, and flat, but then he decides to ring Fiona, who says she's glad to hear John's voice. John asks after Angela. Fiona says, "She's fine - I think," but adds that she hasn't seen her recently. She tells John that Angela's a survivor.

Patricia is getting ready to go out (she tells Gordon she's going 'shopping'). Gordon says he's had a very good offer for Woombai. He says he needs the money, but... Patricia says it's up to Gordon.

Angela is sitting at a table outside a cafe. As a waitress brings her a drink, she walks off without paying. When she is challenged about this, she gives the bemused waitress a fairly high-currency note, and doesn't wait for the change. Angela goes to a 'phone box and rings Gordon. She sobs, "Oh daddy, please help me." Gordon goes and gets her. Angela says she can't go home as she feels so bad. Gordon says everyone is out at the moment, and she relents.

At Dural, Gordon tells Angela that he loves her very much. He tells her that when she was small and she hurt herself, he could cheer her up by giving her chocolate or a piggyback. He says he can't wave a magic wand now, but if he can help her, he wishes she would let him. Angela says she's been so stupid, and everyone hates her. She says she can't even run away properly. Angela tells Gordon that she went to see John and even he doesn't love her. She says John understands her - she can feel it. She says everything is so wrong, and she doesn't understand what happened in Melbourne - "Everything is my fault." Gordon eventually calls the doctor, who gives Angela a shot. The doctor says he's calmed Angela down, and asks Gordon if his daughter has had any shocks. Gordon says, "It's a build-up of things." The doctor tells Angela to go to bed. As he guides his patient upstairs, Patricia walks in and Gordon tells her of how Angela 'phoned, saying she needed help. Patricia says something dreadful must have happened, and Gordon tells her it had something to do with Melbourne. However, Patricia says that's ridiculous - Angela hardly knew John, and besides, girls get jilted all the time. She then suggests that perhaps her daughter could do with a holiday. Gordon says Angela needs to sort out her feelings for John.

Later, Patricia rings Fiona. Fiona tells Patricia that she's wasting time, but Patricia wants Fiona to get John up from Melbourne. Patricia says she's thought about what Fiona said, and has decided to tell Angela the truth, but she thinks John should be there. Fiona says she thinks Patricia's doing the right thing. Patricia says she doesn't care what Fiona thinks - she reiterates her request for Fiona to get John there, and says she'll cover the cost.


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