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    Written by: Greg Hadrick   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Russell Webb

Andy growls at Fiona, "I knew you'd carry on." Fiona just retorts, "I mean what I say, Andy. You couldn't raise a five-dollar loan, let alone a human being. And where has she been for the last couple of days, huh? Don't tell me she's just been dumped in your room." Andy growls, "No, she's come to the gym with me." Fiona says coldly, "I can just imagine the sort of attention she gets there." Craig chips in, "Give him a break, Fiona." Fiona, however, retorts, "Him? It's her." She indicates Madonna, going on, "She's the one who needs the break." Andy snaps, "And I am trying to see she gets it. If I had've turned my back, Fiona, and you'd found out I was a dad, you would've said I was being irresponsible. And because I do want custody of her, you're saying I'm too irresponsible to get it. What do you expect from me?" Fiona retorts, "I've given up expecting honesty. Why didn't someone tell me she was here?" Andy growls, "Why do you think?" Craig chips in, "We were trying to avoid any fights, that's all." Andy demands of Fiona, "Are you going to give me half a chance to prove that I can do it, or are you going to keep on digging the knife in?" Fiona stares at him. She then warns, "You'd better just give it your best, Andy, that's all I can say - because I'll be watching, and the very first sign of negligence, I'll--" She breaks off, shakes her head and storms into her room. When she's gone, Andy murmurs at Craig, "Thanks for backing me up." With that, he heads off outside.

Charlie is sitting in her garden, watching Greg as he waters some plants. He indicates one and asks, "Does this one have a name too?" Charlie replies, "Of course, darling - they all do. That one is Victoria." Greg muses, "Victoria! I can see it, now - she looks like a Victoria!" Charlie indicates other plants, saying, "This one is Penelope and this is Elizabeth." Greg remarks, "All girls, eh?" Charlie smiles, "Of course, darling - you won't find me--" She breaks off suddenly, her face dropping. Greg looks at her and asks in concern, "What?" Charlie murmurs, "Nothing." Greg suggests, "Encouraging promiscuity?!" He then asks, "Do you want to hear a joke? It's about oral contraception." Charlie looks down at Isabella and says, "Close your ears, darling!" She then turns back to Greg who tells her, "I asked a girl if she wanted to spend the night with me, and she said, 'No'." Charlie looks at him blankly. She then trills with laughter as the punchline sinks in and she muses, "Very clever. You should do the club circuits, darling." Greg tells her, however, "Actually, getting a band together and hitting the pub scene was more my idea - just for a couple of months at least, and then a world tour..." Charlie chuckles, "And who's going to finance this? Alison isn't Howard Hughes, you know!" Greg insists, "I will. It's high time I got off the ground and did something by myself. If you want to make a mark in life, you've got to get off the ground sometime."

Wayne and Sarah are standing in the hallway at Dural, kissing passionately. When they pull apart, Wayne asks softly, "Anyone next door guessed anything yet?" Sarah murmurs, "Not yet. They're starting to wonder - Greg especially. And just between you and me, I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. I want to tell him. I want to tell everyone. I feel like putting an ad in the paper and letting the whole world know!" Wayne says quickly, "Steady on!" Sarah, however, asks, "Why should I? We're in love, aren't we?" Wayne just tells her, "Wait a few more days - 'til I tell you the time's right, OK?" They start kissing again - just as the front door opens and Todd comes in. Wayne and Sarah pull apart quickly and Wayne says awkwardly, "G'day, Todd. Didn't expect you home quite so early." Todd replies, "Sorry to barge in. Bit embarrassing all round..." Wayne looks at Sarah. He then comments to Todd, "Cat's out of the bag now, isn't it? The fact is Sarah and I have been seeing quite a bit of each other. If you could keep it to yourself, it would be much appreciated. The main thing is we don't want Alison finding out. You know what she's like." Todd nods bitterly, "I know what she's like alright. As far as I'm concerned, mum's the word. And best of luck: I hope you two can manage a happy ending." Wayne says quickly, "Don't give up. You and Charlie will too; I can feel it." Todd just nods glumly and walks off.

It's evening-time. Alison is standing with an apron-wearing Gordon in the kitchen at Beryl's, asking, "Isn't there one of these spare engines anywhere in Australia?" Gordon replies, "No. They come from America and that's where we have to get it from. There's no other way round it." Alison asks, "Any idea how much it's going to cost?" Gordon sighs, "A small fortune, as far as I can estimate." Alison mutters, "That's wonderful." Gordon puts a casserole dish in the oven. Alison looks at it and asks, "What is that stuff?" Gordon tells her, "Beef casserole. Beryl made it last night. I thought a few vegetables on the side might improve the flavour." Alison asks, "Where's Beryl tonight?" Gordon explains, "Delivering freshly-ironed shirts." Alison remarks, "So you've been delegated chef for the evening, have you?" Gordon replies, "Not officially - but either I reheated something or I starved!" Alison says suddenly, "Listen - why don't you stop now, take off your apron and treat yourself to a night out? What do you say?" Gordon looks at her. He then replies, "No. Thankyou all the same, but no." Alison presses, "We can find somewhere nice... relax... share a glass or two of fine wine..." Gordon asks, "And what is Beryl going to say?" Alison shrugs, "Who'd tell her?" Gordon retorts, "I would. I'm not in the habit of lying to my wife. Besides, I love her too much - and to put the icing on the cake, you're not exactly her favourite person at the moment. So I think I'll just stay at home and have a nice, quiet, early night." Alison muses, "Oh well - if you prefer a second-hand stew to five-star cuisine, that's that, I suppose. I guess I'll see you at the office tomorrow." Gordon nods, "Bright and early - the insurance officers are arriving at nine."

The next morning, Alison is walking across the airfield with a suited guy, asking, "Have the assessors finished checking over the engine?" The man nods hesitantly, "Yes, yes, they have." Alison goes on, "I trust you agree the damage is beyond repair. We will need a replacement." Gordon joins them as the man nods, "Yes, most definitely; no one's arguing about that." Gordon says good morning to the insurance man. He then turns to Alison and says, "Word just came through from America - a quote for the new engine, including delivery. We have to fly it here, of course; the fleet can't be down one 'plane for the three months it takes to ship it here." The insurance guy chips in suddenly, "Mr. Hamilton... Miss. Carr... it's always hard to know how to put this, but based on the report from our assessors, the unfortunate problem is... well, to be blunt: as I think you both probably know, your engine failure was no accident. Therefore your claim is not valid. I'm sorry." Alison mouths, "Not valid..." Gordon demands, "What do you mean 'it wasn't an accident'?" The man hands him a file and says, "The details are in there. In short, there's overwhelming evidence to suggest that somebody dropped a screwdriver into your engine. It was perfectly alright otherwise." Alison snaps, "Are you suggesting that we sabotaged our own engine?" The man replies, "Not necessarily." Alison goes on angrily, "Why on earth should we? The one we're getting's exactly the same; there was nothing wrong with the old one. All we're getting out of this is one big headache. We write out massive premium cheques every three months and what do we get in return? A modern-day Yellowbeard hiding behind a screwdriver." Gordon says to the insurance guy, "Excuse me. Alison..." Alison, however, snaps at him, "What are you being so damned nice for?" She then turns back to the insurance guy and warns coldly, "You'll pay for that engine, my friend. We might end up in the High Court, but you'll pay for every last cent of it." The insurance guy just retorts, "Take some advice, Miss. Carr: consult a lawyer first, because going to the High Court will cost you eighteen months and roughly the same amount of money - and when it's all over, you'll still be short one engine. Good morning." With that, he turns and walks off. Alison stands there and sighs heavily.

A while later, in the office, Alison is talking on the 'phone, saying curtly, "Yes, yes, I understand perfectly. Thankyou." She hangs up sharply. She then tells Gordon, "There is nothing we can do. Absolutely nothing. They're covered everywhere." Gordon comments, "We'll have to pay for the engine somehow; the company's going to go under otherwise." Alison snaps, "I'm well aware of that, Gordon. I'm also aware of our bank statement: the bottom line wasn't very long." Gordon suggests, "We could possibly raise a loan using the 'plane itself as collateral." Alison retorts dismissively, "Oh what, and put ourselves further into debt? One bad day... one more lousy accident and I may as well throw myself under a bus." Gordon insists, "I am merely throwing up possible solutions." Alison retorts, "If you can't think of any in which we don't sink into a further financial quagmire, don't bother." She then mutters, "Who put a screwdriver in that engine? That's what I'd like to know." There's suddenly a noise at the door and Doug walks in. He smiles, "Morning all!" Alison stares at him and growls, "If it isn't Judas Iscariot. You certainly knew when to sell, didn't you?" Gordon warns her, "It wasn't Doug's fault." Doug looks at him and asks blankly, "What wasn't?" Alison says to him coolly, "It is courteous to let your partners know who you're selling to when you sell, sometimes - but oh no, not Mr. Fastbuck Fletcher." Doug retorts, "I needed the money, Alison. I was getting pretty desperate - and if you've ever been desperate--" Alison interrupts him and snaps, "What do you mean 'ever'? Look at these." She points to her forehead and goes on angrily, "What are these? Wrinkles - and they're not from old age, I can tell you that." Doug turns to Gordon and asks, "What happened?" Gordon explains, "The insurance company say that the engine that blew-up was sabotaged. They're refusing to replace it." Doug exclaims, "Sabotaged?" Gordon nods, "With a screwdriver, apparently. God knows how it got there. He's the only one who does." Alison then demands, "Who did you sell to, Doug?" Gordon adds, "I've been trying to contact their head man, but, strangely enough, there doesn't appear to be one." Doug just retorts, "Don't look at me - I arranged it through my broker. The cheque was made out by some company with a weird name... Zaphod Proprietary Limited or something." Gordon nods, "It's a shelf company. My accountant told me that the funds were paid in by a series of parent companies, which were in turn owned by a series of unit trusts which appear impossible to trace." Alison suggests to Doug curtly, "Maybe your broker's behind it?" Doug shrugs, "Could be, I suppose. I'd better go and have a talk to him; see what I can find out." With that, he heads off again. When he's gone, Gordon asks Alison, "Will you be OK by yourself for a minute?" Alison mutters, "Oh, sure. What else can go wrong? I might just pick a beam to hang the noose from..."

Gordon follows Doug outside. He catches up with him and says, "Doug... I'd like to explain about Caroline; not telling you that she was pregnant. I wanted to, and I knew you'd be happy about it, but she was dead against it." Doug nods, "Yeah. Well. I'm going to find her, Gordon - even if it means sleeping at the airport. I've lost that lady so many times, and every time I get her back I blow it again. Not this time. I've learnt my lesson good and proper. Fastbuck Fletcher is hanging up his chequebook. The no-risk easy-going guy that Caroline wants is just the sort of guy she's going to get."

Sarah is brushing her hair, looking in the mirror in the lounge room at Charlie's. Greg walks in and teases, "Hang on - there's still one hair out of place!" He then asks more seriously, "Are you going to work today or spending the day with your new paramour?" Sarah retorts, "Work - but he's talked me into popping-in on the way home." Greg comments, "Lives close-by, does he?" Sarah replies, "Yes... well, relatively. It's on the Wayne--; way... Hell..." Greg stares at her as she murmurs, "Bit of a slip, wasn't it?" She then pleads, "Please don't tell anyone. Please? Keep it to yourself - at least for the time being." Charlie walks in suddenly and trills, "Good morning, darlings! Glorious day, isn't it? Makes one glad to be alive!" Sarah muses, "It would be if I didn't have to go to work! See you both later." With that, she heads out. Charlie sits down and asks Greg, "What time you leaving today?" Greg retorts, "I'm not. I went to a party a couple of nights ago and I met this girl who writes the little poems that go inside birthday cards. She said they're always looking for people and all I had to do was get a few examples together and drop one in." Charlie asks, "Does it pay well?" Greg nods, "Better than signwriting - and it'll give me a chance to use my imagination, too. So - if you want to help me write a few poems..." He sits down as Charlie smiles, "Certainly, darling! You know me: try anything once!" Greg picks up a pad and muses, "'There once was a man from Peru...'!"

Fiona is pinning up a notice on the board in the hallway at the mansion when Craig and Andy - who's carrying Madonna - head towards her, on their way out. Fiona smiles at them, "Where are you two going?" Andy replies, "We're off to the gym." Fiona asks warily, "What about Madonna?" Andy insists, "She'll be OK. Craig can look after her while I can't. It's all perfectly safe." Fiona says quickly, "Why don't you leave her here with me? I'll look after her." Andy, however, retorts, "No way. She'll be fine, Fiona." Fiona stares at him and mutters, "Stubborn!" She then turns and heads back into her room. Left alone with Andy, Craig warns, "Don't antagonise her, mate." Andy, however, retorts, "If I left Madonna with her today, within two weeks she would be a full-time nurse. That's exactly what I don't want. I want to look after my daughter. I'm going to prove I can do it."

A short time later, Todd is standing in the reception area at the gym as Andy places Madonna in her crib on the table in the corner. Andy says to Todd, "You don't mind, mate, do you? She hardly ever cries and she sleeps most of the day." Todd nods, "It's fine by me." Craig joins them and Andy adds, "One of us will be here most of the time in case she does play up. I'm sure she won't." With that, he heads off to get changed. Todd bends down to Madonna and smiles, "G'day, little girl! How you doing?" He looks at Madonna, sitting there happily, and then stands up again, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Charlie is sitting on the couch in her lounge room, listening as Greg recites, "'To someone true and kind, Someone I love all day long, To the one forever in my mind, These few words say Happy Birthday.'" He then sighs, "Still not right, is it?" Charlie smiles weakly. She then suggests, "How about 'To a man for ever kind, Whom I loved more than words can say, These words in my heart's blood are signed--'" Greg interrupts and completes, "'I love you. Happy Birthday!' Great!" He starts to write the words down as Charlie sits there, looking upset. As he does so, though, he muses, "I don't know if they'll go for things like 'heart's blood'; it sounds a bit sophisticated. How about 'These words by your wife are signed'? No, that's terrible. Forget that!" He doesn't notice as tears begin to well-up in Charlie's eyes. He goes on cheerfully, "What we need's another stanza, I reckon. Something upbeat; upmarket. 'A bright and happy future.' Yeah. What rhymes with 'future'?" Charlie sits there, staring into space. Greg then stands up and declares, "I know: I've got it! Listen to this: 'My heart is broken, Please give me a suture, Here's wishing us both a bright and happy future!" He bursts out laughing. Charlie suddenly lets out a large sob. Greg looks at her in concern and says, "Charlie... Oh God, I'm sorry. I didn't..." He sits down and puts his arms around her. She bursts into tears.

Baby Madonna is lying in her crib on the table at the gym. Craig is sitting on the couch next to her, writing in a pad. Andy joins them and asks Craig, "How is she, eh?" Craig smiles, "Hardly a peep." Andy then asks, "Who you writing to? Craig explains, "Deb. She can't wait to see me!" Andy comments, "You should be due to head off on that courier run soon, eh?" Craig nods, "Counting the days, mate." He then announces, "I'm going back to Melbourne - tomorrow - to get things organised." Andy, looking disappointed, murmurs, "Right." He then says, "Listen - would you mind popping down to the deli and grab me a carton of milk, please?" Craig, standing up, nods, "Sure." He tears his letter out of the pad and takes it with him, leaving the rest of the pad on the table. When he's gone, Andy picks up a pen and the pad and starts writing a letter. It begins 'Dear Mr. Elliott'...

Michael, Fiona and Wayne are all sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion. Michael offers Wayne a scone, but he declines, saying, "No thanks. I'm on a diet." Changing the subject, Fiona asks, "Did you go back to the club last night?" Wayne nods, "Yes. Good news, too - it seems Mandy does this quite regularly: quits, walks out, then shuffles back a couple of days later, cap in hand, wanting her old job back. The waiter I was talking to said that you can just about set your watch by it." Fiona remarks, "That's something. Do you know when it's going to--" Wayne interrupts and says quickly, "Tonight. Apparently, she's been in touch and word is it'll be tonight." Michael sighs, "I can't go; I'm on call." Fiona insists, "That's OK - I can handle it." Wayne asks, "Are you sure? You know what that place is like." Fiona just repeats, "I said I can handle it." Wayne muses, "Good. Well, looks as though things might be going the way we want them to. Let's hope so..."

Alison is standing in the office at the airfield, muttering, "There must be some way we can find these people. Doug's broker has to know something." Gordon points out, "He may not." Alison retorts, "They own 30% of this company. They're in this mess just as much as we are and you're telling me there's no way I can talk to them?" Gordon, however, tells her warily, "Strictly speaking, they're not quite in the mess that you are." Alison stares at him and demands, "Why is it suddenly 'me' and not 'we'?" Gordon replies nervously, "Um, well, the shares that they bought from Doug they bought under limited liability - which means that they're not obliged to bail us out; or, to be more accurate, as you're the sole company guarantor, to bail you out." Alison continues to stare at him as he clarifies, "It's like... if you had a hundred shares in BHP and they registered a loss of a billion, your share value would suffer, but nobody could ask you to fork out to cover the loss." Alison asks, "Exactly how limited, in this case, is their liability." Gordon starts to say, "It's only a token amount; you can hardly expect--" Alison interrupts and demands, "What are they liable for, Gordon?" Gordon mumbles, "I believe it's $15." Alison stares at him. She then says coolly, "Our company is in debt for half a million dollars and you're telling me that I, personally, am left with a bill for roughly $499,985?" Gordon nods hesitantly, "Roughly... yes." Alison stands there, open-mouthed. She then gasps in shock, "I don't believe this is happening to me."

Craig and Andy are sitting in the corner of the reception area at the gym, Andy feeding Madonna from a bottle. Wayne and Todd emerge from the main room and head to the reception desk, Wayne telling Todd as they do so, "I shouldn't really be saying anything." Todd asks, "What?" Wayne says, "I found out Fiona's tracked down the little mystery woman. She works in some club. Apparently Fiona's going to roll up there tonight to see what gives. The trouble is, she's talking about going on her own. I just thought... it's probably not the best club in town. If she gets out of her depth..." Todd says quickly, "Go no further. I'm going with her." He then calls across the room, "Andy, do you mind taking my class for an hour or so, mate?" Andy nods, "No worries." Todd then turns back to Wayne and goes on, "I'd better go and talk to her. I appreciate you letting me know about this." Wayne tells him, "I just hope it's not a wild-goose chase." With that, Todd heads out, leaving Wayne standing there, a smug grin on his face...

A short time later, Todd is standing with Fiona in her room at the mansion as she asks in surprise, "Who told you?" Todd replies, "Wayne. He's worried about you - and so am I. There's no way you're going to that club on your own. Who knows what sort of sleaze-pit it might be. I'm just as involved as you are, so even if it is a false lead, I'm coming with you." Fiona nods, "Alright." She then adds, "If this does come off, I want the biggest piece of wedding cake there is!" Changing the subject, she asks, "Are you going straight back to the gym?" Todd nods, "Yeah." Fiona asks, "Is Andy still there with Madonna?" Todd nods his head. Fiona tells him, "I'm coming back with you. You know, I wouldn't trust that boy with a baby if my life depended on it."

At the gym, Craig is sitting in the reception area, putting his letter to Debbie into an envelope. Madonna is lying in her crib on the table, but they're otherwise alone. A young man emerges suddenly from the changing rooms and Craig says quickly, "Hey, mate, have you got a minute? I just want to post this. Can you look after the baby for me? Thanks." With that, he heads out, leaving the young man without an opportunity to respond. He stands there, staring at Madonna. A young woman emerges from the gym suddenly. She smiles at the young man and then heads outside. The man watches her go. A few seconds later, he turns to Madonna and says, "Look, he won't be a minute OK. In 16 years' time you'll understand!" With that, he dashes out after the woman - just as Fiona and Todd walk in to find Madonna left all on her own. Fiona dashes over to her and sympathises, "You poor little..." She then turns to Todd and mutters, "What did I say? The whole idea was stupid right from the very beginning." Andy emerges from the main room suddenly and Fiona demands, "This is how you look after the child, is it?" Andy exclaims, "What?" Fiona retorts, "We walked in here and Madonna is here all alone, not a soul around." Andy asks, "Where's Craig?" Fiona shrugs, "He's not here." Andy retorts, "He's supposed to be." Fiona just snaps, "Don't fob it off onto Craig. You asked for a chance and I gave you one. The fact of the matter is you're not fit to raise a child and I, for one, intend to do something about it."

It's nighttime. Music is blaring out at the club in Sydney and people are dancing. Todd is standing with Fiona. He comments, "If we have to order anything, we should ask for a side-serving of disinfectant. What a dive!" They approach a table, Fiona chuckling as they do so, "I don't think I'll be making any enquiries without becoming a member!" Todd says in concern, "Not scared, are you?" Fiona just laughs, "Oh, my darling, I've been in a lot worse establishments than this - and survived!" They sit down at a table and Todd comments, "I was hoping you'd be pleased I was here to look after you!" Fiona insists, "I am - but let me do the talking, OK?" A waitress walks over to them and says, "OK - what will it be?" Fiona replies, "We haven't made up our minds. I was wondering if Mandy was here this evening." The waitress comments, "You know her, do you?" Fiona nods, "Yeah. Do you think we could see her for a moment?" The waitress replies, "Yeah, sure. Hang on a tick." She walks off. Fiona looks at Todd and says, "Fingers crossed. We've got our foot in the door - and now we are about to follow..."


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