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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Russell Webb

A car pulls up at the airfield in Melbourne and Alison climbs out. Beryl is standing nearby, wearing her flying gear, and Alison muses, "Well! If it isn't everyone's favourite housewife! Here to keep an eye on Gordon, are we?" Beryl retorts, "No, we are not." Alison smiles, "I thought you might be frightened some dolly-bird was chatting him up." Beryl muses, "Then obviously it isn't you, is it?" Alison just grins, "Who knows?" Beryl tells her, "Alison, you can't bait me. For your information, Gordon and I have never been happier." Alison muses, "Let's hear it for the nuclear family!" She then asks, "What are you doing out here, anyway?" Beryl explains, "I'm having flying lessons." Alison bursts out laughing and asks, "With or without broomstick?!" She then adds, "Sad, when you think about it, the lengths you'll go to hang on to Gordon." Beryl tells her, "I'm doing this for me." Alison comments, "I see - you're making yourself more interesting by taking flying lessons. I doubt whether you could fly a kite, let alone an aircraft." Beryl just taunts, "Watch me." Alison, however, retorts, "No thanks - I've got more important things to do." As she goes to head towards the offices, she adds, "By the way: if you're using my aircraft, try not to crash on take-off!"

Gordon is talking on the 'phone in the office, asking, "When did he check out?... Did he leave a forwarding address?... None at all?... I see. Thankyou for your trouble. Bye." He hangs up, looking worried. Alison walks in and smiles, "Good morning." Gordon, however, tells her, "It isn't, I'm afraid." Alison asks in surprise, "Why, what's wrong?" Gordon replies, "Out with the old and in with the new." He hands her an envelope, asking as he does so, "Ever heard of Seaboard Investments?" Alison replies, "No." Gordon tells her, "They're our new partners. Doug and Bill have sold out." Alison stares at him in shock as he continues, "That letter arrived from Doug this morning. I've been trying to call him in America all day to find out what the hell is happening, but nobody seems to know where he is." Alison asks sharply, "When did the transfer take place?" Gordon shrugs, "Who knows? But it's done. Apparently Doug ran out of ready cash and that offer came along at the right time." Alison demands, "And what's Bill's excuse?" Gordon shrugs, "You tell me." Looking furious, Alison snaps, "They've got a damned hide. Those shares aren't worth zilch without all the money I've been sinking into the business. They could at least have talked to me before selling out." Gordon doesn't respond. Alison then asks more calmly, "You been in touch with the insurance company about the engine?" Gordon nods, "The claim went in yesterday." Alison asks, "Any trouble?" Gordon replies, "No - it seems straightforward enough." Alison murmurs, "That's something." She then mouths, "Seaboard Investments... where on earth did they spring from?" Gordon tells her, "Out of the woodwork, it seems." Alison says, "I think we should check them out; don't you agree?" Gordon nods, "I couldn't agree more."

In Sydney, Wayne is standing with Fiona in her room at the mansion, saying, "I have something you might be interested in." He's holding a file. Fiona says warily, "I might be interested in?" Wayne admits, "Well... both of us." Fiona sits down as she asks, "What's in the file?" Wayne explains, "A newspaper clipping. Todd showed me the photographs from the escort agency and something clicked. Took me ages to find it, but what do you think?" The newspaper clipping is from a social column. It contains a photo of Alison standing next to Mandy. Fiona looks at it and asks, "Where was this taken?" Wayne tells her, "A trade fair a couple of months ago. Hamilton Industries had a stand. The young lady, I believe, was working as a promotional hostess. It's obvious Alison knows her. I think we've found the corner pieces to the jigsaw." Fiona points out, "If it was Alison who set up Todd." Wayne probes, "And you believe it was..." Fiona admits, "I wouldn't put it past her - and it makes a lot more sense to use a girl like this than one from an agency; it's much less traceable." Wayne tells her, "Exactly what I was thinking." Fiona then asks, "Have you shown this to Todd, just to see if this was the girl in question?" Wayne replies, "No." Fiona asks, "Why not?" Wayne tells her, "Emotionally, he's at rock-bottom; I don't think he could cope with another false lead, if that's what it is. I thought you might like to check it out." Fiona chuckles, "You're out to do more good deeds than Prince Valiant, lately, aren't you?!" Wayne just says sincerely, "Todd's a friend. I want him and Charlie to be happy. And if it works out, it might go towards--" Fiona interrupts and suggests, "Making up for some of your more nasty efforts, huh?" Wayne murmurs, "If that's the way you want to put it." Fiona looks at him and comments, "Maybe you have turned over a new leaf - again." Wayne insists, "I have - believe me." Fiona just muses, "Oh yes, I believe you. Where do we start?"

Michael is in his room next door when there's a knock on the door and Fiona comes in. Michael tells her, "I'm just about to go out." Fiona asks, "Where to?" Michael explains, "Movies. There's a couple I want to catch before they finish; I'm planning a filmic binge today." Fiona murmurs, "That's a pity." Looking surprised, Michael asks, "Why's it a pity?" Fiona replies, "Well... I thought you might be going to a medical trade fair; I understand there is one on in town at the moment." Looking surprised, Michael asks, "How on earth did you know about that?!" Fiona just smiles, "I've got my sources!" Michael comments, "You sound like a member of the Secret Service!" Fiona nods, "Yep! How would you like to become a member too? Of course, it means you would have to miss out on your movie." Michael says, "Keep talking." Fiona shows him the newspaper clipping and goes on, "You see this girl standing next to Alison? Well, I understand that she sometimes acts as a hostess at trade fairs, and I was wondering if you'd like to try and find her for me - and Wayne." Michael queries dubiously, "Wayne?" Fiona smiles, "Yep! Surprise, surprise! I believe that he is, finally, trying to become a decent human being!" Michael gives her a doubtful look.

Wayne is putting golf balls into a glass on the lounge room floor at Dural. There's suddenly a knock on the front door. He goes to answer it - to find Mandy standing there. Looking horrified, he demands, "What the hell are you doing here?" Mandy just smiles, "Yes, thanks, I will come in." Wayne pulls her inside and slams the door shut. He then snaps, "Are you crazy? What if Todd was home? You'd've ruined the whole plan." Mandy just tells him, "I have ruined it, sweetheart. You can keep the money; the deal is off." Wayne pulls her into the lounge room and growls, "Would you mind telling me why the deal's off?" Mandy shrugs, "Sure - but don't bother trying to change my mind." Wayne snarls, "Just tell me." Mandy says, "I've done some checking on Alison Carr. She's a tough lady." Wayne growls, "You don't want to believe everything you hear." Mandy insists, "I don't - but I believe what I hear about Ms. Carr, and I, for one, have no intention of crossing her path." Wayne points out curtly, "You're assuming she's going to find out what we're up to." Mandy nods, "That's right - because if she does, I'm a dead duck." Wayne demands, "What about the money I'm paying you?" Mandy just retorts, "$5000? Wouldn't even buy me a decent funeral." Wayne glares at her and says icily, "Mandy, you are worrying about nothing; she's not going to find out." Mandy demands, "Says who?" Wayne retorts, "I do." Mandy pushes, "You're one hundred per cent sure about that, are you?" Wayne declares, "Absolutely positive." Mandy, however, tells him, "Sorry. Not good enough. Like I said, the deal's off. It was good knowing you." With that, she goes to walk out. Wayne snarls, "Mandy..." Mandy just turns to him and says, "Bye bye, Wayne." Wayne threatens, "You walk out that door and it'll be bye-bye Mandy. You think Alison's tough, then don't try me. You're wrong: the deal's not off. You pull out now and you'll spend the next three years sitting behind bars." Mandy asks nervously, "Is that a threat?" Wayne just snarls, "You've been on the wrong side of the law enough times to know damn well it is. A 'phone call to the cops is all it'll take." Mandy doesn't respond. Wayne then starts stroking her cheek as he says, "I gather you've changed your mind - but just in case you're still thinking of pulling out, think carefully: I wouldn't want you to make the wrong decision..."

Alison is sitting behind the desk at the offices of Sanders Air Charter. Gordon is standing in front of her. She asks him, "Does the insurance cover actually getting the engine out here from America?" Gordon nods, "The replacement, delivery and installation." Alison muses, "Then we can be sure of paying the earth in premiums next year." The door to the office opens suddenly and Beryl walks in. Gordon beams, "Here she is: Amelia Earhart!" Alison comments quickly, "Don't say that, Gordon: Amelia crashed somewhere out in the Pacific. Don't want that happening to Beryl...!" Gordon assures her, "Only joking!" He then asks Beryl, "Good lesson?" Beryl smiles, "You'd be very, very proud of me: I made three three perfect touchdowns." Alison muses, "Not on the same landing, I hope!" She the then tells Gordon, "I think it's an excellent idea she has flying lessons: gets her out of the house." Gordon replies, "I'm all for her 'getting out of the house', as you say, but I'd be far happier if she did something a little less dangerous!" The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Gordon goes to answer it, commenting as he does so, "It could be news of Seaboard Investments." He picks up and says, "Sanders Air Charter... Yes, we do have a flying school." While he's talking, Beryl asks Alison slyly, "What's happened to your acid tongue? Is it because of Gordon?" Alison just replies dismissively, "I'm sorry, what are you babbling about?" Beryl retorts, "You're wasting your time if you're trying to make me feel insecure." Alison shrugs, "I'm sorry; I wasn't aware I was trying to make you feel insecure." She then adds, "I've got work to do. Gordon and I have got masses of paperwork to get through before the end of the day." Beryl gives her a smile!

Sometime later, Beryl is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Caroline's. As Caroline serves up some tea things, she remarks, "I don't know how you restrained yourself; I would've given the woman a good left hook!" Beryl muses, "I wasn't far off it, believe me! For five years I've been telling myself not to let Alison get under my skin; she's not worth it. You think I would've learnt by now, wouldn't you!" She then changes the subject and says, "I don't want to put you out and I don't want to make you late for your doctor's appointment." Caroline, however, assures her, "You won't. I'm not due there 'til two o'clock." She then adds in a worried tone, "I do hope these tests are going to be alright." Beryl assures her, "Of course they will." There's silence. Beryl says eventually, "Look at the two of us! Me going on about Alison and you worried about your tests... If we don't stop it, we'll drive ourselves silly!" Caroline doesn't respond. Beryl tells her, "You'll be fine - you and your baby." Caroline says in a worried tone, "I hope so, Beryl. Since I've decided to go ahead, I've thrown my whole being into it. I'm really looking forward to being a mum again."

At the mansion, Fiona is watching through the window of her room as Michael walks up the path outside. She then opens the door to her room just as Michael is about to knock on it. He almost falls inside! Fiona asks quickly, "Was she there?" Michael replies, "No." Fiona's face drops. Michael goes on, "She left before I arrived - but one of the girls working there recognised her from the photo." Fiona beams, "Bingo!" Michael adds, "She also has a job, part-time, working as a waitress at a club in the city - so I thought you and I - in the interests of Todd and Charlie's love life - might go clubbing. Interested?" Fiona grins, "You'd better believe it!" She then adds warmly, "You've done very well, darling!" Michael laughs, "007, eat your heart out!" He then asks, "Do we talk to Mandy tonight?" Fiona, however, replies, "No. Let's wait until after she finishes work, then we'll follow her and see where she lives." Michael grins, "Hot on the trail at long last." Fiona smiles, "Fingers crossed!"

It's nighttime. People are dancing in a smoke-filled club in Sydney. Lights are flashing and music is playing loudly. Michael and Fiona walk in. As they look around, Michael remarks grimly, "Not one of your more-classy joints, is it?" Fiona comments, "I can't see Mandy." Michael suggests, "Maybe she hasn't started; it's still pretty early." Fiona tells him, "I'll go and ask someone. I'll be back soon." With that, she heads over to the bar. Michael sits down at a table. He looks around again - and catches the eye of a middle-aged woman, smoking a cigarette. He smiles at her. He then realises to his horror that the woman is actually a man! Fiona joins him again. She tells him, "She left this afternoon. She doesn't work here anymore." Michael says quickly, "Good. Let's go." As the two of them head out, Michael says, "Hey... this Mandy... are you sure she's a woman? I mean a real woman?" Fiona nods, "Yes, of course. Why?" Michael replies grimly, "I'll tell you when we get outside!"

Sometime later, Wayne is standing in the lounge room at Dural, exclaiming, "Quit?" Fiona and Michael are standing by the bar. Fiona replies, "So I was told." Wayne suggests, "Maybe she's the type of girl who gives up a job every second day?" Fiona muses, "Could be." Wayne adds, "But you're not going to stop looking for her?" Fiona insists, "Oh no. I'll keep on snooping around, see what little snippets of information I can pick up. I might even go back to the club; see if anybody else knows her there." Wayne comments, "I don't think that's a good idea." He clarifies quickly, "Not tracking Mandy down, but going back to the club. The way you described it, it sounds like a pretty nasty joint." Michael tells him, "It is. Some very strange people hang out there!" Wayne says, "In that case, I'll go." Fiona replies, "Let us know if you find anything." Wayne nods, "I will." He starts escorting Fiona and Michael to the front door. As they head out there, Michael says, "A word of warning: whatever you do, don't ask the girl in the glittery dress for a dance." Wayne asks blankly, "Why not?" Michael explains, "She might want to lead!" With that, he and Fiona head out. Wayne closes the door behind them and then marches over to the hallway 'phone. He picks it up and dials a number, looking annoyed. When the call is answered, he says, "Mick, it's Wayne Hamilton. I've got a job for you. I want you to find someone A.S.A.P."

Caroline is sitting with Gordon and Beryl at the dining table at Beryl's. Gordon comments to her, "It's good to see you looking so well." Caroline smiles, "I feel well." Beryl asks, "Did you get a good report from the doctor?" Caroline replies, "He said I was the picture of health." Beryl asks, "When do you get the results of the tests?" Caroline tells her, "Tomorrow - though I do feel in myself that everything's going to plan. I even bought myself a maternity dress!" Gordon comments, "You're not ready to wear that yet!" Beryl stands up and starts clearing away dinner plates. As she does so, she asks, "Do you want cheesecake for dessert?" Gordon smiles, "My favourite!" Caroline, however, says, "None for me, please, Beryl." Gordon remarks, "I thought you were eating for two." Caroline points out, "I still have to watch my weight." Beryl presses, "Just a little bit?" Caroline gives in and smiles, "Oh alright!" Beryl heads off to the kitchen, leaving Gordon to ask Caroline, "Are you glad you decided to have the baby, now?" Caroline says in reply, "I've got a lot to thank you for, Gordon, haven't I?" Gordon points out, "You made the decision." Caroline replies, "Yes, but you made me see sense; you talked me into it." She goes on, "You must have thought I was very heartless, wanting to have an abortion. I was confused; angry. Doug had left me. I felt so alone; I was scared." Gordon asks, "And you're not now?" Caroline replies, "Just a bit - but I'll manage. I'll never forget what you did for me, Gordon. Beryl's very lucky to have you. You make a wonderful couple. You're both very lucky."

A while later, Caroline is about to sit down on the couch in her lounge room when there's a knock on the front door. She heads out to answer it - and finds Alison standing there. Looking surprised, Caroline says, "Hello." Alison heads inside and into the lounge room. Caroline murmurs pointedly, "Come in..." She then asks, "What can I do for you?" Alison replies, "I just thought I'd pop by; say hello while I was in Melbourne." Caroline nods, "I heard you were down - Beryl told me." Alison muses, "Yes, the eyes and ears of the world..." Caroline retorts, "I wouldn't say that." Alison says quickly, "I'm sorry - I didn't mean it to come out like that. I'm not here to cause trouble; actually, I wanted to say how sorry I was to hear you and Doug are splitting up." Caroline just muses, "Well, we have, so there's nothing anybody can do about it." Alison tells her, "Try and forget." Caroline, however, replies, "I doubt I'll be able to do that: I'm pregnant." Alison, looking shocked, gasps, "My God..." Caroline tells her, "I'm not that unhappy about it." Alison, however, retorts, "Why not? You're getting a raw deal: you marry Doug, he takes all your money away from you, then he gets you pregnant and shoots through. How can you be happy about it?" Caroline says tersely, "By doing my best to think about the baby and not the father. Anyway, he didn't shoot through because I was pregnant; he doesn't even know." Alison presses, "You are going to tell him?" Caroline retorts, "No." Alison demands, "Why not? It's his responsibility. You can sue him for maintenance. You can't let him get away with it." Caroline sighs, "Please, Alison, I don't want to talk about it. It's taken me long enough to pull myself together after I found out that I was going to have the baby. I don't want you sending me back to square one. I don't need Doug - and I can manage quite well without going on some man-hating rampage. I can do without your advice, so just lay off. And while we're at it, lay off Beryl, as well. She's my friend - and neither of us wants you poking your nose in where it doesn't belong." Alison looks at her and asks tersely, "Are you quite finished?" Caroline retorts, "No. Please leave. You know where the front door is." Alison stands up and tells her, "I wasn't planning on staying. Frankly, I never enjoy the company of losers - especially one who doesn't have the guts to fight back when someone's done the dirty on her. You're a sad case, Caroline." With that, she heads out, leaving Caroline looking annoyed.

A short time later, Beryl is talking on the 'phone in her lounge room, saying, "I hope you told here where to go... Good for you... Of course you're still upset. Just block out what she said." In her lounge room, Caroline sighs, "That's easy to say. She called me one of life's losers - and she's right: two failed marriages, countless failed love affairs and no money..." Beryl points out, "But you've got friends; friends who love you. If anyone's a loser, it's Alison - she hasn't got a friend in the world except Charlie. She's darn lucky to have her; she's the only one who'll put up with her." Caroline murmurs, "She just got to me, that's all. All that negative talk... it was the last thing I needed." Beryl declares, "Exactly. You've got better things to do - like getting a good night's sleep before you get those test results tomorrow morning. Am I right?... I'm glad you agree." She then goes on, "Why don't you go to bed right now? Have a glass of hot milk first; it'll help you to sleep." Caroline nods, "Alright. Sorry to have 'phoned you so late... I will. Thanks for listening. Bye." With that, she hangs up. She has a grim expression on her face.

It's the next morning. Wayne pushes Mandy up against the wall of a dingy corridor, holding his hand under her chin, and snarls, "You think I wouldn't track you down? There's no way out, Mandy. You're in - and that's all there is to it. Now, you do as you're told. Understood?" Mandy nods at him, looking frightened. Wayne goes on, "The first thing you do is get your job back." Mandy starts to say, "What if they won't--" Wayne just interrupts and snaps, "Whatever it takes, Mandy, do it. Someone's coming looking for you and I want you here when she does." Mandy asks, "What's her name?" Wayne tells her, "Fiona Thompson - and you play dumb when she starts asking questions." Mandy nods at him. Wayne then slowly releases his grip and goes to walk away. Mandy asks suddenly, "What's your connection with Alison Carr?" Wayne growls, "None of your business." Mandy adds, "You must really hate her." Wayne takes a step forward again and says coldly, "She only has one friend left in this world. By the time you and I are finished with her, she won't even have her..."

Alison is talking on the 'phone in the office at Sanders Air Charter, saying curtly, "Oh good. Do let me know when you've decided to process the claim, will you? Good." With that, she slams the 'phone down and curses, "Insurance companies. Come the revolution, they'll be the first to go." Gordon, who's working at the desk behind her, comments, "I don't know why you're getting so upset." Alison retorts, "I want some action. They're 'reviewing' the claim, they said." Gordon remarks, "That's the standard practice with all insurance offices. Besides, it takes time; I don't imagine ours is the only claim sitting on their desk." Alison sighs, "Oh I suppose so. There's no point in getting impatient; it's not going to get me anywhere. The truth of the matter is I want to get back to Sydney: there are a couple of things up there I want to keep my eye on at the moment." Gordon insists, "Then go, go, go! All the paperwork's been done on the claim; I'll 'phone you as soon as there's any word." Alison, however, tells him, "No, no, there's too much at stake down here. I'll wait until we actually get the money." Gordon muses, "You must be wishing you never got involved with the airline." Alison, however, smiles, "No. It's too much like old times, you and me working together. I enjoy it." Gordon tells her, "I'm pleased." Alison insists, "I mean it. You and I have been through some bad times together, but our friendship means something to me; certainly a lot more then money. We'll muddle through this mess together. You'll see!"

Caroline and Beryl are walking slowly into the lounge room at Beryl's. Caroline is saying in a sad voice, "They always blame the mother, don't they? 'What did she want to have a baby for at her age? She was only asking for trouble.'" Beryl looks at her in concern and says, "Caroline... What's happened? What trouble?" The two of them sit down and Caroline cries, "I should never even have told anyone I was pregnant." Beryl presses, "What happened at the doctor's? What's the result of the tests?" Caroline shakes her head slightly and murmurs, "It's all gone dreadfully wrong, Beryl. It's all a terrible mistake." She then explains, "They said that if I went ahead and had my baby, it will be born handicapped."


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