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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Janice knocks again and yells, "Wayne! Open the door! I've got a visitor for you." Wayne mutters, "Go away." He doesn't notice as someone walks into the lounge room through the kitchen door and says in a child's voice, "Hello, Wayne!" It's Tick! Wayne is just about to put the pills in his mouth, but he spins round to look at Tick as the boy adds, "You've really got to put a lock on that kitchen window! Anyone could get in!" Wayne stares at him and mouths, "Tick! What are you doing here?" Janice keeps hammering on the front door as Tick replies, "Come to stay for a couple of weeks." Wayne, looking surprised but pleased, says, "Yeah?" Tick adds, "If you want me." Wayne, tipping the pills back in the bottle, smiles, "Course I do. Come here!" Tick walks over to him and Wayne picks him up, lovingly, as Janice yells, "Wayne Hamilton, if you don't open this door, I'll kick it down!" Wayne looks at Tick and muses, "Think I'd better open it!" He heads out into the hallway, still holding Tick, and opens the door. Janice walks in and mutters, "You certainly took your time." Wayne indicates Tick and says warmly, "I suppose this was your idea?" Janice nods, "He was very eager to see you again. I didn't think you'd mind." Wayne assures her, "Of course not - he's welcome to stay any time he wants." Janice adds, "You'll have to put up with him for a fortnight, you know." Wayne just smiles, "I think I'll cope!" He then asks, "You want to come in for a cup of coffee or anything?" Janice, however, tells him, "Sorry - I have to rush." She opens the door again as Wayne says sincerely, "Janice... thanks."

A short time later, Wayne and Tick emerge from the kitchen, Wayne holding a tray of soft drinks and a plate of biscuits. Tick is telling Wayne about a cat called Tarzan that lives in the house with his foster parents. They sit down and Tick picks up a biscuit. He puts it in his mouth - and then pulls it out distastefully, murmuring as he does so, "It's stale." Wayne takes a bite of a biscuit and nods weakly, "You're right. I'm sorry, mate: I haven't been shopping for a while. We'll get some more later." Tick then picks up the bottle of pills from the coffee table and asks, "What's this?" Wayne replies quickly, "Just aspirin - I had a bit of a headache earlier." Changing the subject, he then asks, "How do you like it with the Carters?" Tick just shrugs, "They're OK." Wayne comments, "I reckon you've grown a couple of inches. They must be feeding you well." Tick laughs, "Except for the Brussels Sprouts!" Wayne then asks, "How you getting on at school?" Tick tells him, "I'm the best at Maths." Wayne smiles, "Good for you! I suppose they have computers?" Tick replies, "Only little ones." Wayne goes on, "And they gave you a couple of weeks off because you're ahead of the rest..." Tick, however, explains, "It's school holidays. Most of the kids are on a camping trip." Wayne says in surprise, "You gave that up to come here?" Tick nods, "Yeah." Wayne tells him, "I'm afraid it won't be as exciting - but we'll do our best." There's silence for a few moments before Tick says, "Sorry about Susan." Wayne looks down sadly and murmurs, "Yeah. There's not much you can say, is there?" Tick asks, "You alright?" Wayne smiles, "I'm glad you're here, kiddo."

Alison is serving up lunch to Greg and Sarah on the patio outside Charlie's. She sits down as she tells them, "The important thing is that you give yourself time to think before you rush into anything." She then places an envelope on the table and adds, "This might come in handy." Sarah opens it and finds a cheque inside. She gasps, "We can't accept all this." Alison tells her, "I insist." Greg adds quickly, "We accept!" Sarah warns, "Greg..." Alison, however, tells them, "Go shopping. See the sights. It's my treat: I want you to have a good time." Sarah assures her, "We will. Thankyou. But I came here to find my mother; I don't feel like spending too much time on sightseeing tours." Greg tells her, "Relax. I want to find mum too, but after ten years what's a few days?" Sarah insists, "I at least want to make a start. After leaving home and being told I can never go back, I don't feel quite so calm as you." Alison looks at them in surprise and says, "You saying Phyllis cut you off?" Greg retorts, "At the neck. It was swift and painless. After we dropped the initial bomb, there was an almighty row where Phyllis said if we leave, that was it. Naturally, I could take it all in my stride; as far as I'm concerned, the feeling's mutual. For Sarah, it's been a pretty big decision." Alison remarks, "What sort of woman would do that? She must be an ogre." Greg nods, "You said it." Alison then tells him and Sarah, "You won't regret moving up here; I promise you." Sarah replies, "I won't if I can find my mother." Greg assures her, "We will - but let's spend a couple of days getting to know the place; I wouldn't have a clue where to start at the moment." Alison tells him, "I've got a Private Investigator on the job. So far he's drawn a blank, but when he does get a lead you'll be the first to know." Greg looks at Sarah and declares, "There! We're on the trail already." Alison adds, "After all the trauma in Melbourne, I think you deserve a break." She then adds, "I have to go out for a while, so make yourselves at home." With that, she stands up and heads inside, leaving Greg to comment to Sarah, "The water looks good; let's go for a swim."

A short time later, Greg drives into the pool. Sarah is wandering around the edge, looking glum. Greg looks across at her and sighs, "What is it? I know twins are supposed to be psychic, but I can't pick this one!" Sarah asks him, "Do you think we've done the right thing?" Greg replies, "What, leaving home? Yes I do." He climbs out of the pool as he carries on, "I know you copped most of the flak from Phyllis - and even dad - but it's the best thing you could've done: apart from finding mum, you've finally got a chance to live your own life... make your own decisions." Sarah asks warily, "What's going to happen? What are we going to do here? I don't like Phyllis any more than you, but at least I knew where I was at home." Greg retorts, "And where was that? In a prison, that's where. This is freedom; it's an adventure; it's living!" Sarah just mutters, "Is it living?" Greg tells her, "You've got to grab your chances when they come." Sarah sighs, "The arguments were bad enough, but the worst thing was thinking you were quite happy to go off and leave me there by myself." Greg insists, "I wouldn't've done that." Sarah points out, "You said you would. That's what finally made me change my mind: I couldn't stand the thought of being alone back there." Greg admits, "I've got a confession to make: if it had come to the crunch, I would've stayed." Sarah glares at him and snaps, "You lied to me." Greg insists, "It was the only way I could make you leave. I wasn't going to stand around and watch you get stuck in Phyllis's routines, never able to break out." Sarah snaps, "You couldn't trust me to make up my own mind?" Greg retorts, "Frankly, no." Sarah glares at him. She then gives him a shove and pushes him back into the pool! Greg surfaces and demands, "What was that for?" Sarah snaps, "To remind you that you're not my big brother. We're exactly the same age, remember?" Greg just smiles, "Looks like Sydney's working already: lady's finally coming out of her shell!"

Alison is standing with Michael in his room at the mansion, saying, "So you can imagine my surprise when I found myself face-to-face with Pamela's children: suddenly I'm 'Aunty Alison'!" Michael comments, "They're twins, aren't they?" Alison nods, "Greg and Sarah. They're nice kids, having a rotten time at home. When I invited them to stay with me in Sydney, they jumped at the chance. They're over at Charlie's now." Michael asks, "Pamela know?" Alison shrugs, "I didn't have a chance to tell her." Michael gives her an inquisitive look. The two of them sit down at the table as Alison goes on, "Haven't you heard? She's taken off with Nick. No one seems to know where." Michael, looking surprised, murmurs, "No, I hadn't heard, actually. That's hardly surprising: Nick never tells me anything." He then asks, "How do you feel about it?" Alison retorts, "As far as I'm concerned he's welcome to her - although how long they'll last is anybody's guess: your brother's track record with fidelity is... well..." Michael suggests, "Atrocious?!" Alison nods, "Absolutely!" She then continues, "It started me thinking: I don't know whether to tell the twins about Pamela or not. Naturally they'd want to stay with her - assuming she tells them where she is - but I think it would be a big mistake: what they need now is stability, and I doubt whether Nick's going to be a model father." Michael muses, "I'm sure he wouldn't." Alison then tells him, "There's something else: I'm probably letting my imagination run away with me, but do you remember how Nick used to enjoy playing Pamela off against me?" Michael nods his head. Alison carries on, "Sarah's a very attractive girl. With mother and daughter under the same roof, what if he goes for the quinella? I know it's a perverse thought--" Michael interrupts, however, and tells her, "No, you're right. That's just the sort of thing he'd go for." Alison suggests, "I think we should try and protect her, don't you think? I think we don't mention Pamela at all at the moment." Michael replies, "Sounds sensible." Alison smiles, "Good. Glad we agree. Now the only other person I have to warn is Charlie." Michael comments, "Isn't she at a health farm?" Alison replies, "Yes, thank goodness. She's a wonderful friend, but keeping secrets is not her forte..."

Sarah and Greg are sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's when Sarah suddenly hears a whimpering noise. The front door then bangs and Charlie's voice says, "Mummy's little sweetheart! Diddums misses mummy--" She breaks off as she walks into the lounge room and finds the twins sitting there. She stares at them and demands, "Who are you?" Greg retorts, "Who are you?" Charlie says pointedly, "I am Charlie Bartlett. I live here." The twins stand up quickly and Greg explains, "I'm Greg. This is Sarah. Alison's our aunt; she said we could stay." Charlie comments in surprise, "She's your aunt? Who did you say you were?" Greg replies, "Greg Hudson." Realisation dawns for Charlie and she totters over and gives Sarah a kiss as she exclaims, "Oh! You must be Pamela's children - the twins!" Sarah nods, "That's right!" Charlie beams, "How cute! Of course, you're welcome to stay here, but the only thing is it's just a teensy bit inconvenient this afternoon: I'm expecting someone." Greg looks at Sarah before replying, "Um... that's OK: we were going out anyway." Charlie smiles, "Super!" She then looks at a plate of chocolate cake that Greg is holding and exclaims, "Oooooooo! I haven't seen anything that tempting for ages! I've been locked up in a health farm and I'm simply dying for calories!" She then hands Isabella to Greg, adding, "Just a tick." She heads out of the room. When she's gone, Sarah hisses to Greg, "Yuck. She reminds me of the mob Phyllis used to impress." Greg just murmurs, "Not so loud. Feel like a bit of sightseeing then?" With that, he grabs Sarah's arm and leads her towards the front door. Charlie walks back as Greg tells her, "We're just going sightseeing." Charlie asks, "You sure you don't mind?" Greg says quickly, "No! Nice to meet you! See you later!" They head out as Charlie calls after them, "We'll have a proper chat later. I want to hear all about you!" She then closes the door and bites into a chocolate bar! A few seconds later, there's a thump on the door. Charlie opens it and Greg hands Isabella back to her!

Wayne is sitting at the dining table at Dural, an uneaten sandwich in front of him. Tick joins him and asks, "Like something else to eat?" Wayne, who's looking glum, murmurs, "No. Thanks." Tick then says eagerly, "I know: why don't we go sailing?" Wayne just murmurs, "Maybe tomorrow. Sorry, Tick - I'm not very good company right now." Tick asks, "What's up?" Wayne replies, "Nothing. I'm... just thinking about Susan. Why don't you have a go on the computer?" Tick insists, "I don't mind staying with you." Wayne, however, tells him, "No. It's alright. I'd rather be on my own for a while." Tick turns and heads towards the hallway, adding as he does so, "I think I might go outside first; wander round for a bit. See you soon." With that, he heads out.

A short time later, Tick is outside, wandering down the driveway, hitting the road with a long stick that he's holding. He stops in his tracks, suddenly, as he spots Greg and Sarah approaching. He quickly runs and hides behind a nearby tree and watches them. Greg is saying to Sarah, "There's a beach at Manly; we can catch a ferry from there." Tick pokes his head out carefully from behind the tree and stares at Sarah as she approaches. Looking impressed, he gasps to himself, "Wow!" He then steps out in front of the twins and says, "Hi! I'm Tick - mate of Wayne's. You know Wayne?" Greg replies, "No." Tick goes on, "You know Charlie, though?" Greg nods, "Yeah." Tick tells him, "She's a mate of mine too." Greg shrugs, "Great!" Tick then asks, "Where are you going?" Greg tells him, "Sightseeing. Probably catch a ferry... visit a few of the beaches." Tick says quickly, "I can show you around." Sarah asks, "Won't your mother want to know where you are?" Tick shrugs, "I'm staying with Wayne. He won't mind if I'm gone all day." Greg and Sarah look at each other. Greg then tells Tick, "OK! I'm Greg and this is my sister, Sarah." Tick probes, "Only your sister...?" Greg nods, "Yeah. Why?" Tick smiles, "No reason. Just wondering!"

Alison arrives back at Charlie's and calls, "Charlie?" Charlie calls back, "In here, darling!" Alison joins her in the lounge room. Charlie is standing in the middle of the room and she asks, "What do you think?" She shows off her new figure. Alison just says, "Very nice. Have you seen Greg and Sarah?" Charlie stares at her and exclaims, "Do you realise the blood, sweat and tears I've gone through to reach my optimum figure potential and all I get from you is 'very nice'?" Alison sighs, "I'm sorry, Charlie. I have just traipsed all the way up to the health farm to warn you about the twins." Charlie, sitting down, mutters, "So you should. I got quite a shock to find out they were my welcome-home committee." Alison sits down as she snaps, "Damn. What did you say to them?" Charlie just shrugs, "Oh. All the right things." Alison demands, "Where are they now?" Charlie tells her, "They decided to leave - about ten minutes ago." Alison growls, "Just after you'd had a little chat, I suppose." Charlie smiles, "Yes! They're adorable, aren't they!" Alison, however, mutters, "Well done, Charlie. Once again you've put your mouth into gear while your brain was still in neutral!" Charlie stares at her and gasps, "What have I done?" Alison just retorts, "That's typical: no idea when you've put your foot into it." Charlie exclaims, "Honestly, Alison, I don't know why you are being so beastly." Alison retorts, "Because you have just ruined all my plans, you empty-headed bigmouth." At that moment, a well-built guy in his twenties walks in, holding a bowl of salad. He looks at Alison before saying to Charlie, "Who's she? Do you want me to throw her out?" Alison just looks at Charlie and muses pointedly, "All blood, sweat and tears, eh?" She walks out of the room. Charlie calls after her, "You don't understand! Todd's not just light entertainment; he's my fiancé!" Alison appears back in the doorway, a look of astonishment on her face!

Michael is standing in the hallway at the mansion, looking at the noticeboard outside Fiona's room, when Janice comes in through the front door. He smiles, "Hi, Janice! How did it go with Tick?" Janice replies, "Wayne was certainly thrilled to see him. It should work, I think. I would ring up and check, but one thing I've learnt in social work: you should never start acting like Big Brother!" Michael tells her, "I think it was a masterstroke. If anyone can figure out a way to cheer up Wayne, it's Tick!"

Sarah and Greg are sailing along on the Manly ferry. Tick is telling the two of them about the history of the Sydney landmarks. Greg looks across the water and remarks, "What a great skyline." Tick tells him, "You can get a great view from the top of Centre Point. You can see as far as the Blue Mountains on a clear day." Greg smiles, "We'll put it on the list!" He looks at Sarah and smiles.

Charlie is sitting in her lounge room, exclaiming, "As if I'd ever say the wrong thing! How could you possibly think it?" Alison, sitting next to her, replies, "My apologies. I simply assumed, when you said they'd gone, that you'd given the game away." Charlie mocks, "Such faith! And you're my best friend! I've half a mind to be quite offended over this!" Alison says, "I was wrong; I admit it. Where are they now, anyway?" Charlie explains, "They've gone sightseeing. They'll be gone all afternoon, I expect." Alison tells her, "Good. Now look, there's something else you should--" She breaks off as Todd walks in, suddenly, with a tray of tea things. Charlie looks round at him and beams, "Oh Todd, darling, you are a treasure!" Todd puts down the tray and then takes Charlie's hands in his own, saying warmly, "Camomile this time. Helps you relax." Alison rolls her eyes, looking sickened at the slushiness! She clears her throat pointedly. Charlie takes the hint! She says to Todd, "Why don't you go to the gym and have a workout? You've spent quite long enough fussing over me." Todd asks, "You sure you'll be alright?" Charlie coos, "As long as you promise to hurry back!" They then kiss on the lips. Alison rolls her eyes again! Todd tells Charlie, "See you in couple of hours." With that, he heads out of the room, leaving Charlie to smile at Alison, "Isn't he a dream?!" Alison just sighs, "God, Charlie, when are you going to wake up?" Charlie, however, retorts, "You can be as cynical as you like, but I know this is the real thing. Ever since the first day, when he showed me up to my room. It was so romantic! He was so brave, too: he even smuggled me up little forbidden goodies!" Alison teases, "How brave!" Charlie retorts, "You can scoff, but he's madly in love and so am I and that's all that matters. Now, what were you going to tell me about the twins?" Alison explains, "I want you to help me keep them busy. They must never know the truth." Charlie asks, "Which truth are we talking about?" Alison replies, "The fact that Pamela stayed with us. I've already warned Michael in case he drops in. Wayne shouldn't be any problem: he's in the doldrums at the moment; hasn't been out of the house for days." Charlie just shrugs, "Fine, fine! I don't know why we're going to all this bother, but I'll play along." Alison tells her, "I've got a private detective doing a final report for me. The twin are going to learn the tragic news that their mother has passed away - and eventually Greg and Sarah will be all mine..."

Greg and Sarah are back on the ferry. Greg is commenting, "Not a bad little town!" Sarah, who has a new dress on, remarks, "Bit expensive, though." Greg just shrugs, "What's money? You look great. Very, er, chic!" Sarah takes a plastic bag containing her old clothes and dumps it in a rubbish bin on the deck. Greg tells her, "We're going to make it here, you know?" Sarah just shrugs, "Maybe." Tick joins them, holding ice creams, and asks Sarah, "Which do you prefer: vanilla or chocolate?" Sarah smiles, "You shouldn't have." Tick insists, "It's nothing." Sarah then says, "Chocolate, please." Tick hands over her ice cream and gives the vanilla one to Greg. Sarah then asks him, "Where's yours?" Tick shows her a packet of white sweets and replies, "I've got these, instead. It's all I want - honest." Sarah holds out her ice cream and smiles, "Have a lick of this!" Tick gets stuck in!

Janice emerges from the kitchen in Fiona's room at the mansion and comments to Michael, who's tidying up some tea things on the coffee table, "I wish Fiona didn't make such scrumptious cakes. I'm so full and it's nearly dinner time." Michael tells her, "I'll make some scrambled eggs; they're nice and light." The door to the room opens suddenly and Charlie sticks her head in, smiling, "Hello, darlings!" She then looks around and says in a disappointed tone, "Oh. Is Fiona in?" Michael replies, "Afraid you just missed her." Charlie sighs, "Oh, what a pity." She heads back out to the hallway, where Todd is standing, and tells him, "She's not there." Todd asks, "What about them?" He indicates Fiona's room, adding, "Are they friends?" Charlie smiles, "Of course." Todd says, "Well tell them." With that, Charlie opens the door again. Taking Todd by the hand, she leads him into the room and smiles at Janice and Michael, "Sorry to barge in, darlings, but I want you to meet a friend of mine. Todd Buckley... Janice Reid and Michael Benson." Michael shakes Todd's hand. Charlie then announces, "We're engaged!" A look of shock crosses Janice's face. Michael exclaims, "That's great! Congratulations!" Charlie shows off her engagement ring. Janice says, "Very nice. Congratulations." Michael asks, "How did you meet?" Todd explains, "At the health farm. I help with the exercise program. Charlie was a star performer; we hit it off right from the start." Janice asks in surprise, "You only met a few days ago?" Charlie declares, "Twelve days, eight hours and thirty-six and a half minutes ago! It's been a wonderful whirlwind romance! He was my knight in shining armour! I don't know how I would've survived up there without him." Todd clarifies, "She's talking about the little goodies I smuggled into her!" Charlie smiles at him, "Tonight, though, we are going to eat as much as we like!" Turning back to Janice and Michael, she adds, "We're going to a simply gorgeous little place in the Hawkesbury. We are going to be naughty after all that dieting!" Todd suggests to her, "We'd better make tracks." Charlie smiles at Janice and Michael, "Make sure you tell Fiona when she gets back!" With that, she and Todd back head out. Michael turns to Janice and comments, "How about that, eh?!" Janice growls, "I don't like him. He's after her money; did you see the engagement ring?" Michael replies, "Not really." Janice mutters, "It wasn't worth much." Michael muses, "I didn't know you were a jeweller!" Janice snaps, "He's half her age and they met less than a fortnight ago. Speaks for itself, doesn't it?" Michael remarks, "So you think she's got Buckley's, huh?" Janice snaps, "No - I think Buckley's got her - well and truly!"

Greg and Sarah poke their heads round the doorway of Charlie's lounge room and Greg asks Alison - who's sitting on the couch - "Alright to come in?" Alison smiles, "It's alright - I won't bite!" Greg explains, "Charlie wanted the place to herself before." Alison tells him, "I'm sorry about that; she wasn't expected home for another couple of days." Sarah shows off her new dress before she and Greg sit down. He tells Alison, "We spent every cent we had!" Alison, reaching into her handbag, comments, "Looks like you'll need a top-up." Greg, however, insists, "Put it away. Even old Greg Hudson has to draw the line somewhere." Alison ignores him, saying, "You're here because I invited you and living expenses are part of the deal." She hands over some cash and Greg takes it, reluctantly.

Wayne is dozing on the couch in the lounge room at Dural when Tick runs in and gives him a shove to wake him up. He says eagerly, "Wayne, wake up! I've got some news!" Wayne stirs and asks tiredly, "What's up?" Tick beams, "I've got a girlfriend. She's fantastic! I'm going to marry her!"


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