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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Chris Sheil

Pamela is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's, staring intently at a framed photo of Alison...

At the restaurant, Nick comments to Alison, "You're a bit young for unexplained hot flushes!" Alison glares at him. He murmurs, "Sorry." Alison tells him, "It's ridiculous. I feel like someone's watching me; like they hate me."

Pamela continues to stare at the photo of Alison. She then places the right index finger against Alison's left cheek in the photo.

At the restaurant, Alison slaps her hand suddenly to her left cheek. She gasps to Nick, "God, I feel idiotic." She then stands up quickly and adds, "I'm just going to get some fresh air."

A while later, Nick and Alison are standing by the front door at Charlie's. Alison is saying, "I really am sorry." Nick smiles, "You're only forgiven if you make up for it tomorrow!" Alison tells him, "Call me." Nick asks, "You think I won't?" Alison just shrugs, "After my carry-on tonight, I'm not sure." Nick assures her, "It takes more than a woozy about bad vibrations to put me off." Pamela is still sitting in the lounge room, still with the photo in her lap. She listens as Alison says to Nick, "So, now you're left alone with nothing to do at nine o'clock." Nick muses, "I'll delve into my little black book!" He then adds more seriously, "I've got some work I can do at the office. I'll talk to you tomorrow." At the door, he gives Alison a kiss. He then turns and goes. Alison closes the door behind him. She goes to head off to her room - but glances into the lounge room as she passes - to find Pamela just putting the photo of Alison down on the coffee table. Pamela gives her sister an evil grin. Alison stares at her and then dashes off to her room. As soon as she's gone, Pamela picks up her keys and heads out. A few seconds later, Alison walks back into the lounge room, but finds it empty. She picks up the photo and stares at it thoughtfully.

Nick is sitting behind his desk when the door to his office opens and Pamela walks in. He stands up and smiles, "Just dropped-by on the off-chance?" Pamela tells him, "I heard you and Alison come home." Nick explains, "Alison had a turn at the restaurant." Pamela nods, "I know." Nick asks in surprise, "She told you?" Pamela shakes her head and replies, "No." Nick realises, "Then it was you. Why?" Pamela tells him, "She was with you; I wasn't." Nick says curtly, "What if I asked you to leave?" Pamela just smiles, "You won't!" Nick remarks, "You seem pretty sure of yourself." Pamela tells him, "I know when someone wants me." Nick asks, "And I do?" Pamela just smiles at him, flirtatiously...

The next morning, Alison is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, staring out at the garden. After a few seconds, she heads over to the 'phone, picks it up and starts dialling.

Debbie is downing a cup of coffee in the kitchen at Beryl's. She then turns to head out to the front door - to find Michelle coming towards her, wearing a pair of blue and white striped pyjamas. Debbie stares at her and says, "Did I miss something? When did the pyjama party start?!" Michelle explains, "We didn't finish studying until late last night, and Craig let me use the back bedroom. I hope you don't mind." Debbie smiles, "Of course not! Why did he give you those, though?" She indicates the pyjamas before adding, "You could've had one of my nighties." Michelle explains, "He didn't want to wake you up by going through your drawers. Besides, I think they're--" Debbie interrupts and laughs, "They're hideous, that's what they are!" Michelle, however, tells her, "I was going to say 'fabulously sexy'!" Debbie comments, "Maybe if you've got the bottoms!" She then adds, "I've got to go; I'm running late." She goes to head for the door again - but bumps into Craig as she does so. He asks, "You going already?" Debbie, however, retorts, "Already? I'm as late as hell. I've got to stop in at Caroline and Doug's too." Craig asks in surprise, "Why?" Debbie, however, says, "I can't tell you now; I'll tell you tonight." With that, she gives him a smoochy kiss. Michelle stares at them, clearly envious. Debbie then heads out. Michelle looks at Craig and says, "Hungry?" Craig nods, "Starving." Michelle tells him, "You go and have a shower and I'll make breakfast." Craig assures her, "You don't have to." Michelle, however, insists, "I want to. Now, off you go." Craig smiles, "Thanks! Never look a gift-horse in the mouth!" With that, he turns and heads off to shower, leaving Michelle with a hint of a devious smile on her face...

A short time later, Debbie is sitting with Caroline in the lounge room at Caroline's. Caroline is saying, "Sounds like a great idea. I'll put it to Doug when he gets back." Debbie tells her, "Bill's a nice boss; I thought it would be good to drum up some business for him." Caroline says, "I know that Doug's been complaining about the costs of his transportation for his Talking T-shirt shipments; if your boss can come up with a better price, I'm sure he's probably got himself a job." Debbie smiles, "Great!" She then stands up and says, "I've got to go. Bill's gone to New Guinea for a few days. I'm in charge." Caroline exclaims, "But you've only just started!" Debbie laughs, "I know! It's called 'being thrown in at the deep end'!" The two of them head to the front door. As they do so, Caroline asks, "How's Craig doing at Tech?" Debbie smiles, "He's getting better all the time! And you know my friend Michelle?" Caroline recalls, "The one that Craig can't stand?" Debbie, however, explains, "No, that's just it! He's come round: they're getting on really well, now. It's great!" Caroline muses, "Fine - just as long as they don't get on too well..." Debbie stares at her. Caroline says quickly, "Just teasing!" Debbie tells her, "I've got no worries there. Michelle's a bit slow off the mark when it comes to boys; she wouldn't have even thought about Craig that way."

Craig is sitting at the kitchen table at Beryl's. Michelle places a plate of pancakes in front of him and he smiles, "Talk about spoilt!" Michelle tells him, "You deserve it." Craig starts buttering the top pancake as he adds, "You're going to make someone a perfect wife one of these days." Michelle's face drops slightly as she murmurs, "Someone..."

Caroline is talking on the 'phone in her kitchen. She's saying, "Are you alright?... Well you don't sound it... Alright, alright, I'll believe you. Call me if you need anything at all, OK?... OK. Bye." She hangs up as Doug walks in with a box of groceries. She tells him, "Susan." Doug asks, "How is she, now?" Caroline sighs, "She sounds completely out of it." Doug asks in surprise, "Drugs?" Caroline explains, "Pills of some kind or other." Doug murmurs, "You make your bed, you lie in it." Caroline exclaims in annoyance, "Doug!" Doug, however, retorts, "She's behaving like a selfish neurotic. She caused a lot of her own problems. I'm sorry, but that's the way I see it." Caroline tells him curtly, "That shouldn't stop you from wanting to help her." Doug asks, "Did I say it would? All I'm saying is that I can't go 'oo' and 'ahh' and 'poor Susan' anymore. She needs a good kick in the behind - and if she's into pills to help her get through, she needs an even harder kick: they don't solve anything." Caroline muses, "You're all heart!" Changing the subject, she then says, "I'd better think about getting ready for my meeting with Damien." Doug asks in surprise, "What meeting?" Caroline sighs, "I love the way you hang on my every word! I told you last night: I'm signing the contract this morning." Doug mutters, "Oh. Right. Damien Creepface is going to be there, is he?" Caroline warns, "Doug... There is nothing wrong with Damien." Doug retorts, "If you're into oil slicks, that is. Wring him out, you'd solve the world's energy crisis!" He then offers, "I'll come too, if you like." Caroline replies quickly, "There's no need." Doug, however, insists, "I'd like to. I smell fish when I'm around Damien. Wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him. No, I'll look after your interests." Caroline sighs, "OK - but no trouble." Doug says innocently, "Me?!" Caroline gives him a look!

Alison is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's when Michael walks in through the french windows, wearing just his trunks and holding a towel. He smiles, "I needed that!" Alison asks, "Good swim?" Michael nods, "Great. I was boiling." He starts dressing as Alison comments, "What did we do before swimming pools came along?!" Michael asks her, "Have you ever looked down over Sydney from the 'plane, as you're coming in to land? All those tiny little squares of chlorinated water? Talk about Pool City!" Alison muses, "God, it was the ultimate suburban status symbol in the early-Seventies: Mr. and Mrs. Average knew they'd made it when the in-ground was dropped into the big hole in their back yard!" Michael remarks in surprise, "You make it sound like a dirty word!" Alison asks blankly, "What?" Michael tells her, "'Average'." Alison sits down as she explains, "I grew up the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Average. I always swore I'd raise myself above that level." Michael comments, "It doesn't mean you have to look down on those that didn't." Alison smiles, "My lecture for the day, is it?!" Michael, changing the subject quickly, says, "So, what did you want to see me about?" Alison replies, "Nick." Michael asks, "What about him?" Alison explains hesitantly, "I'm getting in deeper than I thought I would - and I think he's capable of hurting me." Michael asks, "What's that got to do with me?" Alison replies, "You're his brother. I was wondering... does he ever talk about his women?" Michael, however, tells her, "Nick and I - well, you should know - we're not that close." Alison points out, "You still talk to him. I thought he might have let something drop." Michael shrugs, "No. Anyone in particular you're worried about?" Alison nods, "Yes. Pamela." Michael exclaims, "Your sister? You think Nick might be seeing her behind your back?" Alison replies, "Maybe. Has he ever said anything about it?" Michael says, "I remember him commenting on her once - about how attractive she is - but she's an ex-con--" He breaks off quickly and adds, "I'm sorry; I don't mean that as a put-down, but it's Nick: he's a snob: unless she gave him one hell of a come-on, I don't think he'd even look at her. Nick's a creep, and those sort of things matter to him, even if he says they don't. I don't suppose I should be saying this to you, but don't waste your time on him." Alison, however, sighs, "I can't help it. It's chemistry." Michael muses, "Oh well... good luck! You'll need it." Alison comments, "So you're pretty sure he wouldn't go for Pamela?" Michael replies, "I don't think he'd go for her - but then the one thing I've learned about Nick over the years: you can't predict him." Alison sits there, looking worried.

Nick and Pamela are sitting in a restaurant. Nick comments to Pamela, "You don't like Alison very much, do you?" Pamela, who's looking at the menu, just says, "Eggs Benedict." Nick smiles, "Appropriate!" Pamela asks in surprise, "Why?" Nick explains, "Benedict Arnold: famous American traitor." Pamela asks, "Is that how you see me? As a traitor?" Nick points out, "Alison's been very good to you." Pamela, however, retorts, "Alison has done what she thought was necessary to ease her conscience. It's got nothing to do with me personally. We're two of a kind - so don't credit her with all the fine motives and me with all the devious ones." Nick smiles, "You're both fascinating!" Pamela comments, "You find the whole situation fascinating. Two women chasing after you, the psychic links..." Nick adds quickly, "The sex!" Pamela grins, "Not to mention the sex!" Nick smiles, "You're right: it's very exciting." Pamela goes on, "It's going to be interesting to see who wins: me or Alison." Nick says quickly, "Or me. I'm my own man. I'm not about to be used as first prize in a competition between the two of you." Pamela just must muses, "Really?!" She then asks with a grin, "So what do you get if you win?" Nick just smiles, "You'll have to wait and find out, won't you!" He then adds, "Eggs Benedict too, I think!"

Caroline and Doug arrive back at Caroline's. As they head into the lounge room, Doug snaps, "I still don't understand what you're making a big deal about." Caroline snaps back, "Don't you? It was my meeting, my contract, my negotiation. The way you kept butting in, anyone would've thought you'd written the novel." Doug insists, "I was only looking after your interests." Caroline snaps, "I don't see how telling Damien he's as slippery as an oil spill is looking after my interests. He's my publicist, for God's sake." Doug retorts, "I'm your husband." Caroline growls, "Don't remind me..." Doug puts his arms around her and says, "You don't mean that." Caroline, however, snaps, "It's no joke, Doug." Doug insists, "He'll calm down." Caroline retorts, "If you're lucky." Doug snaps, "I was only showing some business sense." Caroline, however, says coldly, "Do you know what you were showing? You weren't showing business sense; you were showing good old-fashioned jealousy, that's what you were showing. You felt threatened by me being around Damien because you thought that he was going to make a line for me and you thought that I was going to let him. Do you know how that makes me feel? Cheap. That's how it makes me feel." She then growls, "I'm going out." Doug sighs, "Caroline..." Caroline just turns to him and snaps, "Don't stop me - because if you do stop me, I'm going to throw anything I can lay my hands on!" With that, she storms out.

A grey kitten is crawling along on top of a pile of boxes which have labels saying 'Mungo's Mango Juice' on them. Debbie is laughing as she picks up the kitten and says to Caroline, "You think you've got troubles? I've got all these boxes here of mango juice, and I haven't got a clue where they're meant to go to; and I've got these two little orphans--" she indicates the kitten she's holding; Caroline is holding another one "--who were meant to be picked up today, but can't be picked up until tomorrow; and I've got this guy called Max ringing me every half hour, wanting to know where his pistachio nuts have gone to!" Caroline bursts out laughing! The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Debbie picks it up. She then mouths to Caroline, "Guess who!" Returning to the 'phone, she says, "I don't know how many times I have to tell you: I don't have any record of your shipment; you'll have to wait until Bill gets back. I don't think you should call again because there's nothing else I can do for you... Bye!" With that, she hangs up. She then exclaims to Caroline, "I'm going crazy!" Caroline muses, "Glad to see someone else's life is as chaotic as mine!" The two of them start fussing over the kittens. Caroline then sighs, "The trouble with cats is they're too damned independent - like my husband." Debbie rolls her eyes and asks, "What's Doug been up to now?" Caroline tells her, "He's suddenly an expert on contract law. I had to sign my publicity contract for my new novel this morning; Doug insisted on being there. Things went off to a bad start when Damien refused to foot the bill for him to go on a promotional tour with me. Doug thinks Damien has ulterior motives." Debbie frowns in surprise, "Has he?" Caroline muses, "He'll get a nasty shock if he has: I'm a married woman!" Debbie asks, "Why doesn't Doug just pay his own fare and go anyway?" Caroline explains, "He can't afford it - and he's too proud to take the money from me." She then adds, "I was thinking, though: I could possibly do everyone a favour - including your boss." Debbie looks at her. Caroline goes on, "If I could convince Damien that it would do my woman-of-the-world image a lot of good if I arrived by chartered 'plane, I could hire one of your boss's executive jobs, then Doug and I could go at the publisher's expense and do it in style. Jackie Collins eat your heart out! Have you got the fees there?" Debbie nods, "Yeah, somewhere." The 'phone starts ringing again suddenly and Debbie sighs, "If that is Max again, I'll scream!" She heads over to answer it, commenting to Caroline as she does so, "You're pretty crafty." Caroline muses, "Anything to keep the peace!" Debbie smiles, "I think you two like fighting; you do it enough!" Caroline, however, grins, "It's not the fighting that's good, it's the making-up afterwards. You and Craig should try it sometime!"

Alison opens the front door at Charlie's to find Nick standing on the step. She says to him coolly, "I thought you might have called by now." She heads back into the lounge room, leaving Nick standing there. Stepping inside, he muses, "'Beaut to see you, Nick. Why don't you come in?'" He closes the door and joins Alison in the lounge room. She tells him, "I'm sorry; I'm still a bit on edge." Nick comments, "So it seems. Is it the same as last night or what?" Alison replies, "No, no, it's different." Nick asks, "How different?" Alison starts to say, "It's... er... Help yourself to a drink, if you want." Nick, however, says, "I'm fine. Are you trying to change the subject or something? Because if you are, it's my job to stop people from avoiding their feelings. I know all the tricks, so whatever it is, spit it out." Alison mutters, "It's not easy for me to say. I'm working up to it, alright?" Nick nods, "Take your time." Alison wanders over to the french windows. She leans against them as she says, "It's been a long time since any man's been in a position to hurt me. The last one was David Palmer, and that was because I was silly enough to let old feelings get the better of me again. But with you, they're new feelings and I'm scared and I'm vulnerable and I just wish I could go with them, but I don't think I'd trust you enough." Nick asks, "Is that it?" Alison nods, "Yes. I just want to know one thing: the truth. I don't open up easily; I guess I just want the reassurance you're not going to make me sorry I opened up to you." Nick looks into her eyes and says sincerely, "You can trust me. Believe me..."

Debbie is clearing away some files at the office of Sanders Air Charter. She then picks up the two kittens. One of them is on top of one of the boxes of mango juice. As she walks away from the box, she hears it making a strange gurgling noise, and she mouths to herself, "Indigestion!" A few seconds later, the box explodes, sending mango juice all over the office! Debbie stares at it and sighs, "Oh no.." She then turns and heads out!

A while later, Debbie is sitting with Craig and the two kittens on the couch in the lounge room at Beryl's. She comments, "It'll probably be all caked and dried on the floor in the morning, but I don't care; I just couldn't face it tonight." Craig remarks, "They'd fermented?" Debbie nods, "They must have. It was like a mango juice fountain. It was everywhere!" She then sighs wearily and says, "I wish I hadn't've asked Caroline and Doug to dinner now." Craig tells her, "I'll help." Debbie adds, "At least they won't be coming for another hour or so." Craig grins, "Lots we can do in an hour...!" They start kissing. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, though. It's repeated, and Craig sighs, "I'd better see who it is." Debbie tells him, "Whoever it is, get rid of them; I want some time alone with you." Craig stands up and heads for the door. A few seconds later, Debbie hears Michelle's voice saying, "Hi, I was just passing. I hope I'm not interrupting anything." Debbie's face drops. Craig tells Michelle, "No. Come on in." Debbie mutters to herself, "Go away, Michelle..."

Doug is sitting in the lounge room at Caroline's, reading the newspaper. Caroline walks in suddenly, wearing a bright pink dress. She says to Doug, "Zip me?" Doug stands up and does up the zip at the back of her dress, grinning as he does so, "My pleasure!" Caroline then turns to him and says, "I told Debbie this afternoon that the best part about arguing was making up. Do you agree with that?" Doug just grins, "Want another argument?!" They then kiss and Doug tells Caroline, "I love you, Mrs. Fletcher." Caroline replies, "And I love you too... er, what's your name again?!"

Sometime later, Doug, Caroline, Debbie, Craig and Michelle are all sitting around the dinner table at Beryl's. Debbie is looking glum as Doug tells a story. When he's finished, she stands up and says, "Coffee everyone?" There are various nods and murmurs of, "Yes, thanks," and, "No, thankyou." Doug then tells Debbie, "The meal was delicious too, Deb." Craig says quickly, "Michelle helped. She's a top cook." Debbie's face falls again. Doug looks at Michelle and says, "Thanks to you, too, then." Michelle insists, "Deb did most of it." Caroline asks Debbie in concern, "Are you OK? You look a bit tired." Debbie murmurs, "I've just had a big day. Coffee won't be long." She heads off to the kitchen. Caroline sits at the table, looking worried about her. After a few seconds, she heads into the kitchen. She asks Debbie, "You OK?" Debbie smiles, "Of course I am." She pauses before then sighing, "No. I hate myself for it, but... Michelle's my friend; I shouldn't be feeling like this." Caroline asks, "How are you feeling?" Debbie explains, "She just seems to be round here all the time. Craig and I have no time alone; it's like every time I turn around, she's there. I don't know... she's a nice girl... I'm just selfish." Caroline, however, retorts, "Nice girl, my foot. You're too trusting. I've been watching your 'friend' all through dinner. Believe me, I know the signs: little Miss. Plain is out to get Craig all to herself. She's all set to break you two up. Now, what are you going to do about it?" Debbie stands there looking worried.


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